Women Give Their Daughters Dating Advice, Chinese Reactions

Be with someone who ACCEPTS your flaws.

From Sina Weibo:

英国报姐: On Buzz, several women were interviewed. They were asked, as people with experience, to leave their their daughters a piece of advice about love. Here I share it with everyone.

You should NEVER rely on someone else to make you happy. Make yourself happy.

If your friends + family don't like your significant other, hear them out! (They might just be right)

Find someone who thinks you're beautiful without makeup!

If you try to please EVERYONE, you'll never please YOURSELF.

Relationships may come and go but your family will ALWAYS be by your side!

If you don't take yourself seriously, nobody will.

Don't worry about dating. Just live your extraordinary life. Shine shine shine. You'll find each other in time.

After your first heart break, you might think your life is over, but it's SO not...someone much better will come along.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


If his family doesn’t like you, no matter how much he loves you, you’ll still seriously reconsider.


As for me, I think “you must know what kind of people his parents are, because once you marry into their family, your husband will be deeply influenced by his parents, and there will definitely be aspects you will love or not love. Your parents-in-law’s characters will really affect your marriage happiness index”!


What I read was instead the traumas these mothers have experienced before…


[汗] To summarize: Be yourself, love yourself, because no matter what there will still be family who loves you~ So we can see how screwed men are…


All of this is unnecessary to say, because did you listen to your mom in the past? One has be badly bruised before one will believe. For one to grow, one has to first be hurt.


I proposed to my girlfriend today. She said if I get 520 upvotes on my first microblog post, she’ll agree to marrying me! I hope you guys can support me, thanks! [good][good][good]


Girls absolutely must not fall out with her parents over a man. Without family love, how long could romantic love last, and how far can blind love go?


Was anyone like me and tried to read only the English to see if they could understand?


Always analyzing others clearly, but oneself living in confusion.


Have heard so much advice/good sense, but still live a miserable life.


I was with my ex-boyfriend for over a year and we ultimately broke up because his mom didn’t like me. Even though his mother had said she didn’t like me in the very first month when she met me, he never told me and it wasn’t until over half a year later that I found out, perhaps still hoping it could be changed. Later when we broke up, it was really devastating. So if his family doesn’t like you, you really need to decisively break it off!!!!!


The most important is that you can be yourself in front of him, your truest self.


See the truth through family. If he is meticulous in winning you over, you will not see his shortcomings, but if his family exhibits qualities that you particularly cannot tolerate, then you have to be careful, because you must not underestimate the power of inherited genes.


Everyone knows such advice and good sense, but when you encounter that person, all of this will be abandoned to the back of your head.


Whatever you say is all useless. Imparted wisdom is no substitute for personal experience. Find yourself a good husband, find your daughter a good father, so that she has a happy, warm, sweet, and harmonious family growing up, influenced by the harmonious relationship between her parents, and she’ll naturally have a good romantic relationship and a good marriage.


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