Work-Shy Officials Suspended After Luxury Holiday Exposed

Couples getaway

Couples getaway

Two officials have been suspended and are facing investigation after a netizen posted pictures of them on a luxury holiday during work time to BBS Tianya. Fenghuang County Health Office chief Li Ming and subordinate County Hospital Vice President He Shuxiang had a 2 day beach holiday in Sanya, staying at a 3569 RMB/night top-class hotel, and then continued in the “Eastern Hawaii” of Hailing when they should have been liaising with locals as part of “The Mass Line” party policy events. Netizens lamented the waste of taxpayer money, and joked it’s the poster who will be investigated.

Source: Netease

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  • Bman

    I wonder what makes a Chinese hotel worth 3600 a night?
    Seems they didn’t need meetings on party policy either. They already had party officialdom all figured out -_-

    • Amused

      Its 3600 a night, sure, but you can put money on the AC not working properly.

      • Jahar

        Other “services” will be working just fine.