Workers Give Government Award for Uselessness, Arrested by Police

Workers Give Government Award for Uselessness, Arrested by Police

Earlier this year, a group of construction workers in Pingdingshan went to the Human Resources and Public Security branches of the local government to ask for help settling a long-standing dispute over unpaid wages. When after several months the dispute had still not been resolved, the group returned to the two branches and presented them with large red and gold flags that said “Award for Uselessness”. That evening, several of the men were arrested by local police, and detained for 10 days. One top-rated netizen comment sarcastically said “Actually they are extremely efficient, they said they were going to arrest them and the men were arrested immediately.”

Source: Netease

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  • mr.wiener

    Sarcasm is not appreciated the powers that be.

  • bujiebuke

    LMAO, is that a white dude holding the right side of the banner?! Manufacturing jobs have gotten so atrocious that people are now working in mainland China. Thanks Obama! (that’s sarcasm if anyone didn’t get it)

    • Jahar

      He’s clearly not white. Either you need to get your eyes checked, or you are just to stupid to know the difference.

      How exactly have manufacturing jobs gotten atrocious? You’ve clearly never had one, or you wouldn’t say such a thing.

      There have always been people working in mainland China. It’s where most Chinese people work. you can’t figure that out? With the little piggy face from that terrible movie, and a Chinese name written in pinyin(LOL), I’d think you would know that Chinese people are people too. That’s such a racist thing to say.

      • bujiebuke

        The guy with the glasses making a pose? Yeah, he has facial features of a white dude, especially at this resolution.

        I clearly wrote I was being sarcastic, but I’m not surprised that you didn’t see it. People like you have trained your lizard brain to selectively read whatever it is that will fit their conclusions.

        • Jahar

          Yes, I know you said it was sarcasm, but I wasn’t talking about the truthfulness of the statement, I was pointing out how poorly written it is. You can’t understand that? Come here, and I will prepare an English lesson just for you. It seems your English teacher didn’t know what he was doing.

          You really can’t tell that guy is Chinese? Also, why are you defending this? You said it was “clearly sarcastic,” so there’s nothing to defend.

          • bujiebuke

            Come here, and I will prepare an English lesson just for you.

            Where is “here” and what type of vaccines do I need to inject myself with before going to your country?


            Yes, I know you said it was sarcasm, but I wasn’t talking about the truthfulness of the statement, I was pointing out how poorly written it is.

            You know that I can just browse up and look at what you wrote, which had nothing to do with my writing.

          • Jahar

            I have no idea what you are talking about. No one said that looking at what I wrote has anything to do with your writing.

          • bujiebuke

            You said that you were criticizing my English (writing) in my first post but your initial response make no mention of it. I wrote only 3 fucking sentences and you only managed to read 2. This is evidence that you selectively read what I wrote to fit whatever conclusions that’s in that walnut-sized head of yours.

            This is really pathetic Jahar, even for you. I’m not the one who’s claiming to be an English teacher, it’s you. It really has been difficult to figure out the meaning of your words in the past, which is why I’m surprised you claimed to be teaching English. I know that Chinese standards for English teachers are low, but I didn’t know they’d just lower the bar to the ground and let every idiot who can utter an English word in.

            You reek as one of those talentless individuals who can barley form a complete thought but decided to “teach English” in China for the hell of it despite the clear lack of competency. You’ve failed in whatever goals you attempted to achieve and now your back in your dump country ranting about how terrible the locals were. You’ve stained this site with your shitty thoughts long enough and it’s time someone called you out.

        • donscarletti

          Looks very Chinese. In fact, if humans ever need suspecies defined, he could be the type specimen for h. sapien sinencis (donsc. 2015).

          • bujiebuke

            I agree the guy on the left looks Chinese, but the guy on the right? Maybe I’ve been away from China too long.

          • Bman

            bujiebukkake…making friends everywhere he goes :)

            Anyway, I’m here to inform you you’re BOTH wrong. The guy on the right is obviously Ray Charles. You know…he’s got the glasses?

          • bujiebuke

            I wonder if Ray Charles ever went to China…

            Yes, this seems like a great avenue to make life-long friends >.>

  • tomoe723

    I remember my friends back in college publishing some comics in the school’s paper criticizing administration’s bad practices. Funny thing is, the week before, the paper published an article directly pointing out the admin’s corruption on school tuition fee increases, and the admin’s response was to ban any writing against them.

    So the graphic artist had this ridiculous idea of making a comic strip about it from the student’s scenario. The admin couldn’t do anything about it though because it wasn’t about them, rather it was making fun of the plight of the students because of the tuition fee increases. It was funny as hell, insane plights of some students came to light. One comics was depicting a student practicing abstinence (fasting) as religious piety because tuition was getting more expensive.

  • Vance

    Well, the “free speech” column has yet to be checked off in the opening up checklist.

    • donscarletti


      Americans boast about having the freedom walk right up to the White House and criticize President Obama without reprisal!

      But Chinese also have the right to walk right up the the gates of Zhongnanhai and criticize Mr Obama without reprisal!

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