Writers of Homoerotic Novel Website Mostly 20-Year-Old Girls

Fujoshi girl reading yaoi boys love novel.

Fujoshi girl reading yaoi boys love novel.

From NetEase:

Man launches pornographic novel website, most writers are girls around 20 years old

27-year-old man Wang Ming created a “male homosexual romance novel website”, disseminating around 1200 works of fiction featuring male homoerotic love. Through investigations, the approximately 30-person “behind-the-scenes writing team” is a group of girls around the age of 20, distributed across Guangzhou, Shanghai, and other cities throughout China. According to some contracted authors, the remuneration for their work is very little, only 90 yuan for some works, and that writing the novels is more for the pursuit of their interests and writing dreams.

Yaoi aka boys love.

Comments from NetEase:

橙汁end雪碧 [网易广东省汕头市网友]:

Only the ones written by women are good, the ones written by men, most are just a bunch of “ah ah ah ah, oh oh oh oh” plus … ellipses. Extremely tedious. The content in the ones written by women are relatively richer.

贫道s [网易广东省深圳市网友]:

So deceiving, a bunch of novels describing gay men written by women!

时光长河 [网易天津市网友]:

These days, “rotten women” [women or girls who like “boys love“] are really scary.

阿拉的爷爷 [网易香港网友]:

In order to write good male homosexual novels, these girls must’ve had their assholes penetrated quite a lot, right?


Women just hide it really well…only ghosts would believe women don’t want sex/are horny…

网易广东省东莞市手机网友 [将撸管进行到底]:

Actually, there are also really beautiful pornographic/romance novels. A lot of them have really good writing. When I read a novel with detailed and abundant descriptions/imagery, it can stay with you for a long time!

miling19620 [网易湖北省武汉市网友]:

Sigh, the police always have a good solved case ratio with these kinds of cases. If I may meekly ask: Has the Nanjing killer been caught yet? Didn’t you guys say you guys were on his tail?

山顶上人 [网易浙江省网友]:

A bunch of girls without relationship experience writing about male homosexual relationships, this… haha…


Whatever pretty girls write, it can be dog shit and I’ll still read it…

遭遇花无缺 [网易广西柳州市网友]:

This website is really niu, look at the stats:
Baidu results: 235,000. Google results: 182,000. Baidu traffic 18,261, which is equivalent to 18,261 hits/visits, so niu, this person’s skill is really high.

Rotten girls. Personals @ chinaSMACK.

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Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • Jeff

    I’d do them! sofa asses

    • terroir

      That’s the strangest metaphor for anonymous gay sex I’ve ever heard, but hey, the “glory” is “wholly” yours.

    • jeffli

      Jeff is on the sofa waiting for his chunky hunky to walk in the door for service while a bunch of female debutantes meticulously record every nuance , every muscle ripple and every bead of sweat running down his back!

      hey buddy the sofa is for sitting on!
      get your legs out of the air!

  • terroir

    “Young girls” who are “twenty years-old”? Maybe they’ll grow out of it when they become “women”; you know, when they’re 40.

    Now. Make me sandwiches.

    • Gay Azn Boi

      Who are you to judge?

      • terroir

        Seems like someone already has done that for me. My comment come pre-equipped with “quotation mark” that spell out the sarcasm for you.

        To get right to the underlying theme of this article: 20 year-old females aren’t responsible enough to be in control of their own sexualty and thus are called “腐女”, and as they aren’t responsible they are further described as “girls” and not “women” who have rights — like taking a half day off on “International Women’s Day” (3/8) to go shopping with all the other 三八‘s.

        Quotation marks: because my character is so “steely”, I can be as “ironic” as I wants to be.

        • Ray

          “Nice” opinion on whats being responsible and in control of their own sexuality.

  • 平凡人

    What do gals know about homosexual guys? They have not met real man.

    • coala banana

      for you using the “real men” as an argument is questionable. To have a fruitful discussion people must first agree on what a “real men” is. Since i doubt that it will happen and the understanding would differ so much, we should just leave it at that.

      “What do gals know about homosexual guys?”

      why is that important ? are you gay and think gals don’t know anything about gays ? even this would be true, why is it important (for you)?

      i guess its about fantasies, own or others, theory or experience, who really cares. Since you don’t know any of the writers personally, why you care about their intentions ? If you want the “real deal” then nothing can match personal experience and knowledge on the subject.

      Either way, gay or no gay, men or women, you should care less about intentions of the writers, and more about yourself, and question why you asked this question in the first place ?

      Don’t know much about gays, but i guess that most are born that way, and a smaller percentage became gay or developed gay fantasies. That girls, even they might not know shit about gay love, write about it, is nothing unusual.

      From your point of view they just do it cause they never met a real men (you) ???


      • terroir

        Please keep fighting you two. In the engaging tussle in which one gets the advantage and mounts the other, jockeying for position, groaning as you grapple, hard sinews coiling together like taut ropes ready to spring forth at any moment that nestle in the few soft shallows of the musculature of man, you two may just kiss.

        • 平凡人

          Why bother to even reply him?

          • terroir

            …said 平凡人,his back already glistening with a fine sheen of translucent sweat, the brisk air teeming with a misting of salt and water as the two struggled for dominance.

            Arms locked in a hateful embrace as a primal intent courses through their fiery souls, seeking out weakness in order to pierce it with savage ferocity of blood and beast. Fated to his flesh, one of the souls sweetly yields.

            “Don’t …. reply,” said 平凡人, his strength giving out. “Just … keep… moving… your hips…”

          • lonetrey

            LMAOOOOOO Terroir

      • mankouzanghua

        so then why do you care so much about PFR’s intentions and whether he is gay. fantasizing about him behind you with your pants around your ankles, balls slapping your ass and all that? otherwise why is it important (for you)? as you say, If you want the “real deal” then nothing can match personal experience and knowledge on the subject.

    • Gay Azn Boi

      Every girl wants a gay best friend :p

      • mr. wiener

        True dat, a lot of “fag hags” about [using quotation marks to be ironic, but my irony goes down like lead].
        Lots of girls want a GBF as they are seen as “safe” ,ie: not trying to slip one to her all the time and having similar interests. This last one is a fallacy ,as not all gay guys are into shopping and girly stuff [proportionaly] F’instance most of the gay guys I know are rugby players and would rather discus the game than interior design :)
        Just remember, Gay means happy!

      • jeffli

        most women like to watch “nice” gay porn,
        Gay Azn Boi teres a chance for you to become a film star!
        do some web cam service for these young girls, that ought to tickle them!

        also a show with a couple of “pandas” should send them round the bend these girlies right arm will end up looking like “hellboys”
        go get ’em tiger! or dragon or Pheonix or what ever you identify yourself.
        power to ya! rainbows and all!

    • Gay Azn Boi

      “They have not met real man.”

      Hmm…..let me go suck a cock. Then I’ll be a real man :)

    • spiff

      they’re not suppose to be “real”, it’s a fantasy.

  • Kukorica Jancsi

    Sharing the sofa with my 腐女 sibs…

    • Kukorica Jancsi

      Shit, showed 0 comments. Oh well, wooden bench for me.

      Anyway, why is this news? All you gotta do to know this “girls write slash” stuff is look at fandom … any fandom

  • eattot

    no interest in gays…but i do like to read porn stories…especially rape and lolita type…and with handsome guys…the most famous one online is 白洁, a shanghai girl read it for money latter got catched.i also like 穿越之我是还珠格格……哈哈哈哈!

    • DRaY

      You sound like the kind of girl who would a guy rape you, as long as he was handsome… Am I right?

      • coala banana

        and why you care about the answer ?

        she just said she likes to read about it, and likes when handsome guys are involved.

        you said:

        “You sound like the kind of girl who would a guy rape you, as long as he was handsome… Am I right?”

        that makes you sound like a real life rapist (an ugly looking one), one can imagine that this would be the first question to the victim right before the rape, cause she dared to defend herself and refused to have sex with you !

        eattot speaks her mind, thats cool, not many women or men do that now a days. The question is, has the fact that she mentioned rape fantasies, gave some of the males here a hard on ? or some motivation to have again sex with their own partners ? maybe even think about it while having sex with their real partner ? who would have the balls to tell their partner about it ? and who could handle when their GF/wives would have the same fantasies ?

        yeah, guessed so….a bunch of inferior feeling, humble, politically correct bunch of pussies who would like to play but couldn’t handle the truth….


        • mr. wiener

          Maybe she has rape fantasies about tying men down and hearing them wimper as she enters them from behind with a a strap-on made from carved sperm whale bone……No hang on, that would probably be Hongjian:
          ” You’re a dirty little Americunt aren’t you?….Take it all like a mensch!…You love it don’t you!!”

          • coala banana

            could be, and you just made me confused for a second, so i re-read her post. She mentioned lolita, so it would be a weird picture to imagine a lolita school girl raping a handsome bodybuilder with a strap-on…..not that it would surprise me that such things exist in real life, …..but i would have no problem to picture HongJian dressed as a lolita schoolgirl tying up CaptWed and rape him with a strap-on up his but hole……

            just judge by contents of peoples posts…

    • terroir

      More story titles please. I want to read what eattot reads.

    • coala banana

      you are not alone, many girls i met (would even claim most) have at least some rape fantasies. They might never execute them in public, but playing rape scenes during sex is very common all over the world. Guess to which extension it goes depends on the desire to live it out or play it in one mind to get horny….

      funny you mentioned handsome guys, which could mean that you are not disgusted by let it happen as long as the rapist is handsome enough…other women’s rape fantasies are with ugly ones, makes them somehow even more horny….

      regarding gays, they aren’t my cup of tea either, but to each his own i guess, leaves more women to chose from for the rest of us. But its also nothing unusual that women/girls fantasies about men/boys having sex with each others…we know that most men like to see 2 lesbians, so it isn’t far fetched that women might enjoy it too, just the other way around, or same way, or whatever….as long as its healthy and people do it out of ones own free will and have fun doing it, and are old enough, then let them lick and fuck whoever they want….

      • notorious

        rape fantasies? Oy! Men call them rape fantasies but they’re not. See, women seldom fantasize about a big fat slob with canker spots around his mouth, and big oozing herpes on his dick, bursting into her laundry room, ripping her panties off, throwing her across the laundry table and entering her from behind while she pants frantically. No. What you term “rape fantasy” is just a fantasy of sex with a stranger.

        A handsome stranger. Some blue collar worker with rippling muscles and buttons missing from his shirt who comes to house to clean the carpet while the husband is out, throws her on the couch, rips her stockings off and has his way with her. That’s not a rape fantasy either. It’s sex with a stranger fantasy.

        I’ve never had such fantasies :o/

        • coala banana

          again generalizing all women ?

          you never had such fantasies ? does that mean that no women have such fantasies ? while i never felt the desire to go on my knees to suck someone else’s cock, does that mean that no other men would do it to think about it ?

          I brought many women to the point to talk about their fantasies and desires, or uncovered them during sex….many women have rape fantasies, even most wouldn’t go so far to execute them in real life, they still fantasy about it during the sexual act. Some imagine being raped by a bunch of negroes, even they pretty much found them disgusting in real life. Its a fantasy, nothing else, its a tool to get horny or more horny, all kind of means are used by the human brain to reach an orgasm and there are many fetiches out there to chose from. While a muscle boy might make you wet in your fantasies, another women would prefer to fantasy about the ugly guy…remember its just to make horny and to have an orgasm, right after she might feel disgusted about her nasty mind and the way she is, but that doesn’t mean she would anyone ugly like that close to her in real life.

          Your claims that you have sucked mens cocks on public toilettes and fucked someone in a bus, might be true, but does that gives you enough experience to know what all other women feel and desire ?

          There are plenty of women who wants to be called all kind of names (whore, bitch, slut….) during sex, or like to talk about fantasies, does that make them all whores in real life ?

          You are just ONE women of many out there, thanks god the real world is more colorful then all women being and feeling like you, otherwise we would all just have our cocks sucked in a public toilette and have a doggy in a bus…..hope you get my point…

          if not, yeah, i know, you are not like that….your never had….you would never…..women are like this….blablabla….

          I should show you some of my own videos and pictures of women i had, to show you how (else) women can be…..might lead you to the conclusion that you now nothing yet about women. Damn, even I am still on discovery trips and there is still so much to learn about it….so please stop the BS generalizations…..they are NOT true….for you, yes, for others, NO !

          • notorious

            lmao where do you get this stuff about sucking cock. Do you just make it up? You are so ridiculous! And where did I insult and generalize all women? I’m simply pointing out that a fantasy about having sex with strangers is not the same as a fantasy about rape. Most women imagine sex with strangers but call it rape fantasies which is an in accurate term.

            And I think you are wrong, women don’t like being called sluts. Women don’t like being treated like whores. Even women who perform in porn movies hate what they do, and most of them end up doing cocaine to numb themselves.

          • Appalled@everything

            I absolutely agree with the blablabla bit of your post

        • mr. wiener

          You’ve “never had such fantasies”?!.
          Methinks the lady doth protest too much. You just described two quite convincing scenarios :)

          • notorious

            umm excuse me Mr. Weiner. I have never had such fantasies about the muscular pool boy busting into the shed as I change into my swimsuit, ripping my bikini off and fucking me against the wall. Whoever thinks of crap like that. Not me!

          • mr. wiener

            LOL :D

        • jeffli

          hey notorious is this true?
          “Your claims that you have sucked mens cocks on public toilettes and fucked someone in a bus”

          If so and you are over 21 can I have your number!?
          More power to ya!
          get the promiscuity out of the way while you are young then marry what you know you want!

          • notorious

            No, I think oral sex is gross. Sorry. But who knows if I will buck up and do it if i’m in a serious relationship with the right man. I haven’t thought that far ahead. But the thought of it repulses me.

            As for having sex in a public bathroom with my ex boyfriend. Yes.
            Did we do it on a double decker bus: yes.

    • eattot

      i also like to look japanese porn cartoon videos and books…
      when i was in university, i always went to rent porn cartoon books,even they store guy had not face to face me, hahahha, i am so shameless….

      • BlackSugarDaddy

        Hey eatton,I see you are a horny girl. How about you kneel down and beg me to cum in your face and lick off every drop of my male juice? you’ll feel happy, won’t you ?

        • coala banana

          here we go, a girl speaks her mind (we should all be thankful for that), and it doesn’t take long, and the pure minor fetish of “like to look japanese porn” is translated into “kneel down and beg me to…”….

          even she like to do that in her sex life (kneel down…..), does that mean that she would do it with you ?

          we need more women coming out of the closet, but your post isn’t helpful at all. I might be a fucker in eattot’s eyes, and even i am against censorship, but i think that YOU should at least apologize to her for your dumb comment….

          • mankouzanghua

            seems to me the internet equivalent of pulling out your penis in front of a female house guest and starting to play with it unsolicited, which you claim to do regularly.

            you’re inconsistent. all blackSugarDaddy is doing is testing to see what kind of response it would elicit, no?

          • coala banana

            i think there is a slight, but not unimportant difference, between me taking my cock out in my apartment in front of a girl in real life and have real sex afterwards, compared to directly insulting a girl where a “like to watch” porn was translated into “down on your knees and…..”

            I would assume they don’t know each other, so its insulting in my opinion. When he would really pulled the off in real life and is successful with that approach, then all power to him…..but as i said, they don’t know each other….

            he is testing ? why not a real test in real life and then come back to tell us about….it all can be done with manners….what he has done is not cool.

            It also wouldn’t be cool, if I would take out my cock and the girls would all run away, screaming and yelling, but since that is not the case, how this can be put in the same category….?

          • Little Wolf

            The word “penis” disturbs me.

          • notorious

            I don’t know why you are acting like some kind of hero now, CB when a few posts ago you accused me of “sucking cock” in a toilette! Something you inferred that was never posted! How is that any different from what he said?

            And if a guy pulled his genitals out unsolicited I would call the police.

            Doing such things to women is very disturbing and is borderline psychotic. If this results in having sex, the woman is probably under duress and likely feels used and ashamed after.

            I find such behavior quite repugnant.

          • mankouzanghua

            I’m not condoning either one, but I agree there’s a difference. Someone not interested in sex with you would (I posit) be less alarmed by a troll internet comment than by seeing your unsolicited cock antics.

          • mr. wiener

            How about :Beef bayonet, pork sword, trouser python, johnny todger, moisture seeking missile, frill necked lizard, snausage, dork, donk, wanton warrior, blue viened junket pumper, giggle stick,meat thermometer, schmeckel, baby maker, Russel the love muscle, skin flute , pink oboe, winky, main vein …..and of course the ever popular: wiener

          • Little Wolf

            weiner: You forgot “purple-headed yoghurt slinger”.

          • coala banana


            ok, you said you had sex on a toilette, so you just let, who ever it was, fuck you in one of your holes. you deny that it was your mouth, so it was either one or both of your 2 holes between the legs. Does that describe it technically correct ? Sorry about the misunderstanding, I didn’t know that you are so touchy about that.

            of course i see your point, since a girl which suck cock on a toilette must/should be considered a slut, and since you just had REAL SEX in a public toilette, you can’t be put into the same category, right….? Again sorry that i mixed up sucking and fucking, I really didn’t know that the difference is so important to you….I apologize !

            But again i found your post, interesting, you say:

            “And if a guy pulled his genitals out unsolicited I would call the police.”

            again you understand so less:-))) So, if this guy is in your eyes considered psychotic, what does makes the girl, which sucks his cock ?

            then you say:

            “If this results in having sex, the woman is probably under duress and likely feels used and ashamed after.”

            now you are getting closer to the truth. Roughly speaking, from my experience, just 3-4 out of 10 are shocked and go away, this leaves 6-7. Out of them the half grab the sausage, and the other half first hesitates, but when you grab their hand and lead the way to the magic stick, they right into the game…..what does tells us about this women ?

            now the more important part…out of the 3-4 which, lets say “disappeared”, 2 call again sooner or later in a time frame of 1-14 days, maybe cause they still can’t realize why and what happened. This 2 come back to “talk”, but me and them know what the real reason is (as a side note, they are the hottest of all the 8)….conclusion is , that out of 10 just 2 never call again and never come back. I would say its impossible to have a 100% success rate, but 80% is already very high considering the circumstances. Does that make 80% of all women, bitches ? No, they are all ladies in my eyes, but maybe the feeling to be treated like a bitch turns them on, or they are just curious and like to find out how far you and THEY can go…..its about discovering new horizons. Not everything has to be romantic and a pleasure, its about targets, goals and overcoming fears and things you would never had imagined….in this case the surprising factor shouldn’t be underestimated….

            now i understand that most men wouldn’t dare to do such things. It helps of course when you are good looking, but the main point is huge convincing self confidence and behavior, the right timing, and so on….

            now lets look at BSD, and his “down on your knees and….”. That would be cool, if its done in co-operation with the counterpart. I know some girls like it like that, I just don’t think its appropriate to tell it online to someone you don’t even know.

            Now that, could be considered a threat and a reason to call the police when executed in real life with someone you barley know. I don’t say it wouldn’t work. I just say its not cool, and i would guess my success rate going down to 10%, if i would talk like that on the first date. Lets say its something for the 4th or 5th date. When you start with such a speed, then, even you ARE successful, what you are supposed to do next ? A women must have the freedom and be provoked to develop fantasy and desire and in which way you execute that desire depends on the way and speed you is starting to feel curious and “itchy”.

            Its not about scaring someone, its about helping the women to overcome her fears and depressions…..and i know they all have them, more or less….

          • notorious

            Coala, I don’t know where you got that I had “sex on a toilette”. This is how I know you are likely a bald virgin who has only had sex with himself. Either that, or you have never in your sad life experienced sex as a couple or have known the intimacy of love.

            You make reference to me as a “slut” for being with my man who i was in a relationship with, the two of us disappearing into a bathroom having fun, making love and coming out happy after having made a good memory for ourselves, versus YOU whipping your genitals out and exposing yourself to some unsuspecting woman. You are so ridiculous you have imagined everything from fellatio to being on the toilette – anything to reduce the scenario to the woman being placed in a demeaning position as opposed to the couple being equals.

            You know what I believe? I believe you are pouncing on your unsuspecting female employees in China. If they want to keep their jobs, they had better service you. Is that what you’re doing? And you talk as if you are doing THEM a favor because in springing your disgusting two inch penis on them, you are helping them overcome fears and depression?

            Do you know how traumatizing that would be if a man just plopped his penis out to some woman? I would be appalled! No man should ever expose himself to a woman uninvited. your thoughts are sociopathic!

        • eattot

          fuck off! such an ugly ghost, never ever reply to my conmment again!

    • notorious

      Eattot, I do like the Japanese show Ouran High School Host Club. Have you ever watched it? Very cute show and they feature five (I think) archetypes that are to attract young girls. You have twincest lol, the two hitachi twins who pretend to have sexual interactions with each other in order to tittilate girls, the romantic pretty boy Tomake (sp?), the boy Lolita (the 17 year old who looks five) honey sempei, the sadistic controlling Keeyoya (I don’t know how to spell the name) , and then the strong silent one, Mori nozuka (can’t spell his name either), and then the girl who is pretending to be a boy, haruhi. One of the cutest shows I’ve ever saw.

      The show features the different types that girls like.

    • Sunshine

      What is 白洁? I read 穿越之我是还珠格格 a while ago。。。。 It was kind of funny and disturbing at the same time, but you get tired of all the sex scenes after a while because it’s so repetitive. 审美疲劳呵呵. I like your style. 有话直说。

  • staylost

    Only 90 yuan! That is a disgrace! Poor girls poor out their souls on paper and we don’t even give them enough to wipe their tears.

    The CPC should organize reward money for these girls who have given so much for the harmonious society! “Killing the wolves and building up the white maidens of society!”

  • Beluga

    This is the Chinese version of Fujoshi (Yaoi fan); Girls who likes boy’s or men’s (handsome) love but this is hardly far off from ancient China with books of men’s love (with ladies spying) or even for other cultures as well (Roman, Greek); it was also taken as a social norm b4 the advent of the indirect inquisitors in the 19th c.e.

    • see what i mean?!!! China and japan get the yaoi crap while americans get cool stuff like this

      • notorious

        ew. the big butt thing umm…

        • mr. wiener

          The horror……..the horror……

          Just kidding, Anyone got a link for Sir Mixalot?

          • notorious

            don’t get me wrong, i’m voluptious myself, but im sexy about it. those girls are just sloppy and fat. I admire their confidence though. The black girl just looks like a mess to me, that awful jerry curl hair cut and buck teeth. She sounds like a man, no gracefulness about her at all. I listened to maybe 30 seconds and had to turn her off. And the white woman next to her is just looking like a big glob of goo. white women are truly hideous when they gain weight.

        • i think they are average too, but my point is americans get all the lesbian porn while chinese end up with feminized gay boy porn due to western conspiracy to weaken China

          • notorious

            Themig, that could be true, right but who is drawing and creating that art? Asians right? So how could it be a western conspiracy?

  • Gay Azn Boi

    Does anyone know where I can find this “male homosexual romance novel website”?

    Btw, who thinks this is hot?


    • notorious

      Boi, that is kind of hot in a surreal kind of way.

  • Appalled@everything

    Love the Chinese poster’s comment – “So deceiving, a bunch of novels describing gay men written by women!”

    I also feel deceived whenever I read writing like Stephen King’s stuff. Like the novel ‘Christine’ I assumed was written by a demonic car, the novel ‘Cujo’ I believed written by a rabid dog, the novel ‘Firestarter’ I always thought to be written by a pyrokinetic little girl and shit I was ever shocked to learn that ‘Thinner’ was NOT written by a man cursed by a vengeful gypsy. Talked about gypped.

  • notorious

    I used to write fanfiction porn back in 2005 – 2008 LOL it was all star wars related. Don’t laugh. Some of it wazs really dirty. lol actually all of the stories on the site was dirty.

    Here’s one of the stories I wrote. It’s really corny and embarrassing but for the people who used to visit the site it was all about sex. These were “alternate universe” Star wars stories that were supposed to take place after Revenge of the Sith lol man i was such a nerd.

    Most of the stories on the site are the ones I wrote.


    • mr. wiener

      What about the imperial stormtroopers? Don’t thet ever get any dammit?

      • notorious

        yeah I did write a story where a storm trooper did get some love from vader’s girl but he killed him. that was in my story Vader’s New Love.


  • Hongjian

    Fucking Weeaboos.

    Fuck USA, Fuck Japan.

    • coala banana

      Hallo Schnuckelchen !

      seems like the chinese society gets closer to your ass raping dreams.

      Was ist bloss los mit der chinesischen Jugend, wenn schon 20 jährige Mädchen schwul-erotische Fantasien entwickeln ? Es sieht so aus als ob du deinem Traum näher kommst. Schnall schon mal deinen dildo um, CaptWed ist nicht weit, und vergesse die vaseline nicht, sonst tut es weh !

      • jeffli

        Cloaca Bananen!
        was machst du denn da? Ohne vaseline? Das geht doch nicht! halt mit dem schweinerei du alte drek sao hunds nierhli.!

        Es gibts nichts!

        Sein Fu:hrer sind augefarht!

        und immoglisches ausgezeichnet!
        Shuss! ;-)

  • Brett Hunan

    Fauna its like you are egging Coala Banana on…

    No, Im wrong. It doesnt matter what stories you post…. He will turn it into an invitation to rant about tenticle rape and “cock sucking” and anything else to do with using “cows for their milk”.

    BTW how popular was this post? You usually give statistics as to how many netizens posted over a certian time period. Is this article really csmack worthy?

    • notorious

      lol CB is only lashing out and trying to rationalize his deplorable objectifying opinions of women. Most of it teeters between nonsensical and hedonistic. I fear, CB is incapable of introspection, which could mean he may well suffer from Narcissistic Personality Disorder. You dont’ mind my bit of pop psychology, do ya, CB?

      • Brett Hunan

        dont think he minds. he is using cSMACK to write his 5th Phd psychology thesus or some bullshit….. Isnt that right?

      • Alex

        Or more simple than that. He’s just got MPS(the Magic Pussy Syndrome)

      • coala banana

        i don’t mind, and even enjoy it to read what you and others have to say….i know that narcissism has comes in healthy and unhealthy forms, which means that by mentioning “suffering” you tend to think that I suffer from an unhealthy form of NPD ? hmmmm…..even without Buddha we all should know that life IS “suffering”, so when we all are suffering, I would tend to claim that I suffer less then anyone else i have met so far.

        To diagnose me with NPD would mean i should show symptoms of selfishness, jealousy, ignorance, lacking of empathy and when criticized react with shame and anger….something like that…..

        so lets see:

        selfish ? damn, I share all the women with everyone else and don’t want them all for myself….

        jealous ? of what….I am definitely NOT a jealous person….

        ignorance ? in my open mind to see things how they really are and not how want them to be ?

        reacting with shame when rejected ? well, i am not often rejected, and take my dick out quite often….

        trouble keeping relationships ? damn, i never even try to keep a relation, remember, its just the milk i want, not the whole cow !

        no, it must be something else. But you know what surprises me once in a while. Its the fact that the people which really might have problems or are unhappy want to judge others and put them into categories.

        this reminds me of the religious folks, jesus freaks, which just can’t imagine that someone is walking around who don’t believe in baby jesus.

        I am a curious person and like to form my own opinion, and if necessary experiment a bit, which means that i never take things for granted.

        Example, became an atheist with 10. Never believed that religious crap anyway, but i though hey, you never know ?! Was told that heaven watches us, every step we are doing and everything we are thinking, everything in gods hands and we all will be judged after we die. Its either hell or paradise ?!

        When i was 10 i started my religious based sins, with throwing the bible on the floor and right after i did that i jumped bellow a table, cause it might be that god will hit me with a thunder (at least thats what i was told), but surprisingly nothing happened. I thought lets bring it to another level, so i made a pee right on it…again, nothing happened. Then i took it to the toilette and used it as toillete paper, but again nothing happened. I thought, fuck, they all lied to me. I executed some of this shit in front of the other children too, to show them that the adults all lied to us, just to found out they all ran away. So, to make a long story short, I denied all gods and saints and devils and ghost, and would pee on them anytime.

        However, since then, starting a couple of years later when the first women sucked on my 14 year old cock, more and more questions i had were answered by personal experience and with personal knowledge on many subjects, long before i became an academic. I was “blessed” with the ability to work in a very specialized field being a top expert and making a good bunch of money, house , cars, apartments and all the pussy i want. I consider life a journey, experience and knowledge, its a fight. Giving up to certain brain farts which like to slow me down ? No ! Living life in fear ? No ! Life is good, its exciting, its an adventure, mine will hopefully going on as long as i am alive. There are still so many things and superstitions and half truths to pee on. The “risks” are worth every single drop out of my 8 inch penis. How else one is suppose to discover and uncover if not by own personal practice and experience.

        Knowledge is overrated if its not a personal knowledge for the simple fact that its old, something from the past, based on someone else’s, its history…it might be true but its less important and less useful for the individual like me….

        and no i don’t write too much. I type with one hand while i play Mozart K545 with the left hand on my piano, at the same time i could calculate square roots out of any number between 1000 and 1.000.000…..i was told when i was 18 that not many people could do that. Is that useful ? No ! Does it saves time ? Sometimes ! Is it fun ? definitely (for me).

        That doesn’t make me better and more intelligent then others, its the other way around, it makes the people react in different ways, for some its a mystery, other feel offended, some which don’t know me think i talk crap and so on….i am cool with all of that. Kinda get used to it. While i can live with having just a handful make friends, the women seem to enjoy my company and the sexual pleasures which can be provoked by a crazy MF, like me…..call it whatever YOU want, I don’t give a rats ass. I was born with it, benefit from it everyday, and will die with it !

        I was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrom when i was 18, learned to live with it through the circumstances life has offered me…..in fact, looking at other humans, I wouldn’t want to be without it….

        • Brett Hunan

          OMG I really did laugh out loud at this post. So funny keep it up, but keep it shorter.

          • I honestly don’t even bother reading his whole comment anymore…

            It’s a comment, not a 10 page dissertation on how “I’m right and pure awesome”.

            I get to the second paragraph, I start skimming, see that he just keeps repeating himself while not making any consistent truth and then just scroll on down.

            If there was a coherent argument, I might read a bit more, but there’s not.

          • coala banana

            elijah, we both know that you read everything and liked each and every word !!!

            how is that tattoo healing ?

            I really applaud you ! why ? cause you are not the most handsome guy (to say it soft spoken) with questionable body structure, but you are still able to get a nice chick, I give you that my friend !

            But, you should ask yourself why is she with you ? I am sure you are convinced, that its your character and loving nature. From your posts you sound rather intolerant within your own “tolerance”…..and i think you have a rather weak personality, but hey as long as you have something to fuck, be happy man ! take care of her, cause i find it doubtful that a guy like you can have such “luck” a second time :-)

          • A GUY


            I don’t agree with Elijah very often but I feel the need to answer for him. He is better than you so he doesn’t feel the need to respond, but I think what you just wrote is disgusting. So let me say in no unclear terms.

            YOU ARE FULL OF SHIT.

        • junge, du hast echt einen schuss weg. mach` aber bitte so weiter.
          nach einem office-tag in shanghai unter dem motto “tiere suchen ein zuhause” gibt es nix besseres als deine und hongjians erguesse auf dieser spass-seite.

          • coala banana

            es freut mich das du spass hast. Es ist schon eine weile her das ich auf deutsch kommuniziert habe, aber immer wieder froh wenn sich deutsche Kollegen aus meiner Studienzeit aus Mainz, Heidelberg, Koblenz und Frankfurt melden, so das ich meine deutschkenntnisse aufrecht erhalten kann.

            das was ich schreibe ist wahr, ich versuche es nur ein wenig ironisch darzustellen, aber die Inhalte entsprechen Tatsachen. Ich habe leider nicht Regelmäßig zeit hier zu schreiben, aber englischkenntnisse, die natürlich in meinem fall zu wünschen übrig lasses, versuche ich damit zu verbessern….

            HongJian ist ok, und ich lese gerne was er zu sagen hat, trotz der bestialischen Gedanken, allerdings würde ich nicht soweit gehen ihn zum weihnachtsbraten zu mir nach hause einzuladen….

          • jeffli

            tiere sind geil!

          • mr. wiener

            Ze Germans are heir!
            I wonder how you could write erotica in German? It would be like getting instructions for a new stereo system or a something to marche around the bedroom to. I’m not saying English is perfect [far from it] , but if there be a language of love I’m wondering if it could ever be German.
            I’m a lingua-centric bigot, I know.

          • coala banana

            wiener….from all languages i know, german is the best. Its difficult, but in no other language things can be described so well, especially, like you mentioned, technical things…..

            Language of love would definitely be french in my opinion, followed by italian and spanish…..all other languages sound too rough, it doesn’t matter who speaks it …… mandarin and cantonese are interesting, but they are amongst the most backwards and underdeveloped ones. To confusing even for chinese people…..

            french is some cool shit….you can just say in french that you go to take a shit, and it would still sound romantic for an outsider, you can even insulting someone and it would sound like a chanson….wish i could speak it better, but its as bad as my english, but my good looks can compensate the imperfection !

          • wiener, even being a german i agree with you having a point here. there are definitely less harsh-sounding languages more suitable to get in the mood. however, for many german men a real turn-on are foreign girls speaking german with an accent. i wonder what a native english (or any other language than german) speaker would think about german with a french accent.

        • notorious

          Don’t go blaming your lack of intimacy issues and Narcissistic Personality Disorder Disorder on Asperger’s. My oldest son has Aspberger’s. And he is so loving a human being, with so much respect for women. He’ll do anything for me and everyone else and he has never acted out sexually. He’s very shy socially, which fits their personality type. You cannot have Aspberger’s pouncing on women with your penis.

          You are ignorant because you do not understand the impact your actions may have on a woman.
          You are a sociopath because you do not CARE about the impact your actions may have on women.

          When I was 12 a man snatched me from the street. I got away but not before he put his tongue in my mouth. I ran home because I was afraid he was going to catch me. You remind me of such men who don’t care about the impact they have when they spring themselves on women. I guess he was “helping me overcome my fears and depressions”.

          • coala banana

            diagnosed with 84.5 in universities in Cologne and Frankfurt. Furthermore send to Sidney Australia to the University of Sidney for further testings and was “diagnosed” (cause there isn’t an official diagnose for it yet) with an additional Savant Syndrome. Seems like some rare shit, at least thats what they told me…however, I am still invited once in a while (when my schedule allows it) to universities for talks and discussions with professors and their students, every 2 years or so…..

            I am negative surprised that even your son has aspergers, that you know so little about it, and the various forms of it. While i was the same as you son 25 years ago, my life has changed dramatically. Yes, I was bullied when i was young and up to date can’t develop true friendships with males. Somehow, I like women much more. I too am shy, but not shy when it comes to women. When i was 14 my small cock was sucked by a real women, maybe that has changed my life, I don’t know….up to date i can’t really read facial expressions, even it has become better, same with eye contact, I learned it when i was 20, up to then i refused it very much….

            I developed interests in ph-mathematics-physics and molecular structures and material research, was given several scholarships at Goethe University and worked off a stipendium at the Max Planck Institute, studied german and speak it perfect, same like 7 more languages, english excluded.

            However, i AM less emotional then others, but i guess thats a strength now a days, keeps things easier, so I can concentrate on the important issues in life…..

            Don’t know what to say about you being 12 years old and a men tried to…whatever. But i will explain you what i felt when i read it : nothing ! Not that i don’t give a shit (well in fact i really don’t do), cause i don’t know if its true…..but in case i would have witnessed it first hand, I would have come to your defense. However, you must learn to let go, cause its obvious that this and many more things from your past follow you until now…..whatever it is/was, learn to deal with it and use it to make yourself stronger. Its up to you, but don’t think others will pity for you……

            If its convenient for you to use me as the synonym for the guy who tried to force you into something, then i can’t hold you back. I can live with that. If you can talk yourself into believing it, go ahead, its convenient, easy, simple minded, yes, and not necessarily true, but hey, for most people on this planet, their understandings and opinions about life, fears, understanding of good and bad, beautiful and ugly, are based on convenience and laziness. It takes much more to really shock and surprise me….:-)….

  • Taikongren

    This is all from the Japanese manga stuff. I hate it; I think its really stupid. But this article is misleading and the posters here don’t understand this at all.

    The writers are self-publishing (and without sanction, of course). Just like the “communique” or whatever its called in Japan. They call this publishing “同仁“ which I think probably comes directly from Japanese. Its a semi-underground sub-culture associated with cosplay.

    My understanding…from what I have been told after asking a lot of people and conducting some actual market research… is that this is all by girls, for girls. Its not for gay guys. And its not really about sex (as others have pointed out…the writers probably don’t know much about real sex or real relationships). Its about an idealized feminine pretty boy who is sensitive, passionate, beautiful, and pursuing forbidden love. In short, its an emotional and sexual fantasy designed by/for girls who don’t like sex (or don’t believe in sex for the sake of enjoyment / eroticism) and who don’t like men, but who are not themselves homosexual.

    • Taikongren

      Sorry about above… I meant 同人 not 同仁

    • Ryo

      And not to ruin someone’s fantasy here, these girls are probably fugly, fat, or both…

    • notorious

      Taikongren you are absolutely right except for this part:

      “who don’t like sex (or don’t believe in sex for the sake of enjoyment / eroticism) and who don’t like men,”

      They like all those things but may be too young yet to have actual experience with it.

      • Taikongren

        “They like all those things but may be too young yet to have actual experience with it.”

        I respectfully disagree.

        腐女 Readers are in their late teens to twenties. That’s not too young to experience sex. But they prefer to not experience or engage in it and indulge in the fantasy provided by this genre. Which to me means that they don’t like to have real sex. Furthermore, the fact that their fantasy ideal is a man who is so feminine as to be a woman says to me that they don’t really like men. Not saying FuNv are homosexual. And I’m not saying that homosexual men are feminine (certainly gay men are usually not feminine in the manner depicted in these books).

        • A GUY

          I hate to disagree with everyone, but I have a different point of view on this.

          First off I will say that your assumptions about some of these women may be true. Some of them may be young and not ready for sex, some may be non sexual, and some may even be gay, but the assumption that no straight girl likes to have sex with a pretty boy or likes to watch gay romance is false. When I was young 12-16 I was often mistaken for a girl. I mean frat boys would hit on me. A-lot of girls did too. I have known women that liked to watch gay porn. (rare I know but they did) I have had girlfriends who like to dress me up in drag and get busy. The assumption that the way you view the opposite sex and your fantasies about them being the only valid ones is a mistake. People get their freaky all different kinds of ways. Don’t judge to quickly. As long as they aren’t hurting people (like flopping out the meatscicle to poor house guests) you should not judge.

          By the way I am straight. I like to look at men, but the thought of touching one in that way is just gross. I no longer look like a woman, I have a large build and look masculine (cute but masculine). I do not cross dress anymore because I have a son and it would mess with his head. I walk around and am respected as a man which I am and love being.

          • Taikongren

            “but the assumption that no straight girl likes to have sex with a pretty boy or likes to watch gay romance is false. ”

            I for one never said straight girls don’t like pretty boys or watch gay porn. But I think this genre of “literature”… this sub-culture of self-published books about pretty boy-on-boy action… is not really about or for homosexual men. It depicts homosexual sex only so far as the mating partners both having male equipment. Its about a sexual fantasy for girls which removes both girls and masculinity from the act of sex. This is a teenage chick-lit fetish genre for girls.

          • A GUY

            I know what it is. I am saying that you need to understand that this fantasy has it’s romantic side but also has different aspects. The root cause for the attraction or inception of this genre may have been an idealization of unsexualized romance between attractive men in order to experience romance unfettered by a woman’s own sense of purity being broken, but this often blossoms into a sexual fetish for effeminate or even gay men. We all develop differently. Seeing as most of these girls are reported to be 20 something, some may actually get off on this in a real sexual way. I’m just saying don’t assume you know exactly what they are thinking, or wanting.

          • Taikongren

            (replying to your last comment)

            You are right. I should not assume about this… There are many readers / fans out there who appreciate this genre in different ways.

            My views on this are generalizations, based on too many interviews with people at cosplay events (I was there doing market research). I mainly talked to the people selling the books, but not so many authors or readers or people interested in this genre outside of those events (I was not attending the events in order to understand this genre, but rather the cosplay subculture… the too groups intersect but are not the same)

  • Dr. Dust Cell


  • Appalled@everything

    Anyone want to discuss the strange noises in the sky being heard all over the world? anyone heard these noises first hand? anyone want to discuss it? My guess is tectonic plates shifting under the ground. Earthquakes aplenty are going on right now so it stands to reason.

    • Brett Hunan

      Havent heard or read anything about it. How long has this been going on?

      • Appalled@everything

        I am not really sure myself mate. I only learned about it today from my Dad. Apparently last year the phenomena really exploded all over the world. Youtube has thousands of videos now, if you search for ‘strange noises in the sky’ you will see what I mean. I’m watching a good one right now called “STRANGE NOISES WEIRD SOUNDS IN THE SKY 2011 BIG SUMMARY” and the one that I was shown which is the first I heard of this subject was called “CALAMITY UPON THE EARTH THREE MONTHS IN 2012” That video has some things in it which I have heard nothing about. But that’s life in China I suppose.

        • Brett Hunan

          The noises have been described as rumbling or “sonic boom”.

          Drones.. maybe?

          • mr. wiener

            It could be Dadawa’s lack of “gas control”.
            Just kidding, Will look it up, sounds interesting

          • jeffli

            Aaaah the spleen!

    • notorious

      we have it here in my state. These loud booms going off. I think we’re calling it the “Clinton Boom” and officials have been trying to figure out what it is.

    • Mercator

      anyone heard these noises first hand

      Well there’s your problem. It’s a load of YouTube crap for gullible people with small minds.

      • Appalled@everything

        speaking of small minds – dismissive much?

  • hooots

    Ok guys. Look at the dude to the far left of the Personals @ chinaSMACK link at the bottom.

    “Comes the evening, I’ll be thinking of ways to amuse myself…”

    hahaha too fitting for this article.

    • Brett Hunan

      Lol hooots youre still around? hows the weather down south?

  • Yuki

    Nice try girls!Those delicate,subtle feelings towards boys’ love can be only understood by our own kind =v= your works are resplendent and they deserve reading!!keep passing the torch! Let the light shine~

    • jeffli

      That was a nice post Yuki.
      you are so understanding, there should be more like you….

      but delicate? subtle?
      don’t you mean……… delicious and stubble
      as in unshaven boys love with well oiled bodies with the slight aroma of CK2BU and male pheromone soaked underwear after a sweaty work out at the Gym?
      licking each others salty armpits?

      • Appalled@everything

        and never, ever brushing their teeth

  • andywattbulb

    Not strange. Since a lot men like lesbians having sex so do women like gays having sex.
    ps: a girl that is 20 years old is not a girl.

    • coala banana

      based on her age and according to the law, probably not, but the mindset could tell a different story…..

    • Appalled@everything

      it is interesting for sure, that the age of consent is 14 in the P.R.C, yet young woman REALLY like to play the I am a young girl, a child, a little girl, a small child, only a child etc bit, groups of youths are usually always referred to as groups of children, despite their being in their twenties. As far as double standards go, for a country so different to Japan, Chinese really have no problem allowing their men to have sex with ‘children’.

  • Moonlight Girl

    Hasn’t anyone looked at the authors’ names of yaoi? They’re all women, writing for women. Although I do like to read it sometimes, I find the plot to be lacking, and the characters to be too simple. They don’t act like real people. I think that’s what annoys me. Honestly, I think it would be a little weird if guys would read this stuff, because that’s not who it’s intended for. I’m sure they’d find it a bit embarrassing. I haven’t touched fanfics…I think those would be even worse. I wouldn’t watch porn either. What can I say? I like pretty Asian guys. I like Korean pop music. I like Visual Kei. And if a guy can dress like a woman and actually confuse people, I like that too. Yaoi fits in there somehow, and for an occasional read, it can be entertaining.

    • jeffli

      Visual Kei is quite a turn-on, the imagery is enough to “bend” a straight guy! especially that dark colourful purples and mauves and blues and reds on black vampy goth thing.
      Had I seen that stuff years ago I’d be hunting ’em.

      kind of a surreal gothic sensuality juxtapositioned against a neoscifi steampunk manga kitsch.
      Oooh I’d like to tie one one up and see whats in their mind withalternating rewards of sensuality and punishment of pain.
      Where is my feather duster! I’m gonna
      give it to my black and purple “tickle me Emo” talking doll!
      *smack Ohhh ho ho hooo yes!

  • dim mak

    Girls write horrible fanfics, I can’t fap to this shit.

    Who wants to read MY gay Harry Potter stories? All starring Snape!

  • Foreign Devil

    Coala you are revealing too much. We get the full picture now that you are a mildly autistic (which basically means socially inept) physics nerd, idiot savant, but much heavier on the idiot side. Who was bullied as a child and has now become the internet bully and braggart. Sometimes less is more dude!

    • coala banana

      by now you should have realized that i don’t give a shit what others think about me. Most anyway think i am lying in my posts, so why should “revealing too much” make any difference ? People form their opinions based on whatever, who i am to judge that, and why i should be angry or happy about it ? There is nothing to gain from it and no price to win…..idiot, stupid, a dumb fuck, bragger or bully….with 10 i would feel hurt about it, but not during the last 30 years. I just like to say how things are about me, and how i feel about things around me. I just use truth (about myself) and observation (about others), when the outcome make others feel disgusted, when there are laughing or whining about it, then its not my problem. There are more important things in life then that. It just happens that i am obsessed with women and sex since i was 14, whats the big deal ? Maybe i would feel bad, if i knew that all this wasn’t true, if i had no money, no job, and i wouldn’t be good looking and self confident…I really don’t know, but since that is not the case, why care? Its fun to read comments and replies, its the sort of interaction i prefer with other males, cause part from that i try not to make too many male friends. I prefer the companion of females, cause i can fuck most of them too. Of course I could fuck males too, but its not my cup of tea….

  • typingfromwork

    Most fantasies about lesbians are produced and consumed by young men.

    It’s about target audience, people.