Wrong-Way Benz Driver Pushes Over Cop, Tears His Pants

Wrong-Way Benz Driver Pushes Over Cop, Tears His Pants

A young female Mercedes driver who was pulled over by a Nanjing traffic cop for driving the wrong way down a road ended up pushing him over and tearing his pants in an attempt to get back her confiscated driver’s license. Assistant Police Officer Kong Qiulong stopped Ms. Hu after seeing other vehicles slowing down to drive round the Benz, and on passing her license to co-worker Constable Wang was met with the sudden attack. Wang called for backup after dragging the 1993-born Anhui woman off Kong, who had put the license in his pocket to prevent her snatching it. Many netizens sympathized with traffic cops.
Source: Netease

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  • Doge Wallace

    Straighten these young punks out, Xi Dada!

  • Jahar

    Netizens sympathized with the cops? Is saying that really necessary? I highly doubt anyone would sympathize with the aggressor. Although I don’t quite get the feeling that confiscating her license is following procedure.

  • 白色纯棉小裤裤

    I wish this stupid cunt did this in America so she can get a bullet in her head.

    • mr.wiener

      Tazed until she lit up like a christmas tree, but unlikely to be shot outright.

      • jin

        Unless it was a black man.

  • Davidmed77

    She resisted arrest and assaulted an officer. Benz or not hold her accountable for her crimes. Communism is that all are equal. China should ditch the Communism with Chinese qualities crap. It makes it look like Chinese qualities means money equals immunity.

    • David

      Yes, that is exactly what it means. Do you live in China?

  • I have no sympathy for this person because where I begrudgingly reside (USA fck yeah!) this woman would have been “lit up” by tasers, beaten and repeatedly shot for such outlandish behavior. After all, in my “exceptional” country a person has been charged for bleeding on the uniforms of cops after being beaten. Moreover, Sandra Bland was recently abused, jailed and committed suicide for not using her blinkers after being pulled over and provoked by a moronic cop.

    • David

      You forgot to take your medication today troll.

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