Wuhan Female Bus Driver Violently Beaten By Passengers

This happened a week ago, 2008 September 12, on the #519 bus in Wuhan. However, this news report video (6:01) was only uploaded onto the internet yesterday:

Video on Youku.

1:04 – The on-bus recording begins in the video. Two Northeastern girls and two northeastern guys get on the Wuhan bus. Supposedly, an argument begins because they complained about why the bus took so long. The Wuhan driver said there was a lot of traffic.

1:18 – Suddenly, one of the Northeastern men wearing a white shirt hits the driver.

1:24 – The Northeastern young man wearing the pink shirt begins kicking the driver in the face (~1:24), while the guy in white holds her head by her hair.

2:52 – The news anchorman says he does not know if the two girls were related to the incident, but they also had a Northeastern accent. Apparently, the girls later said something about Wuhan people’s characters and that they only know how to bully “wai di ren.” He angrily said that the girls saying this after such violence was “simply a fart (bullshit).”

3:16 – The news anchorman continues, saying this is not an issue of people from elsewhere vs native people, it is an issue of whether or not you are a person at all.  He calls the attackers “beasts.”

Within hours of being uploaded, Chinese people already posted thousands of comments.

Another well-known bus driver beating happened in 2006, also in Wuhan, on bus #561. Here is the video:

Video on Youku.

That time, the male bus driver was attacked because of a disagreement or misunderstanding over 1 RMB of fare with three boarding passengers. The on-bus video recording begins at ~0:27. The passenger begins attacking at ~1:25.

After punching and kicking the driver, the attackers opened the bus door, and got off (~2:45).  Suddenly, they started throwing rocks and bricks through the windows of the bus (~3:07). The entire time, none of the 28 passengers called the police or tried to help. They only got off the bus when they could. Many people also critcized them for doing nothing.

The majority of the comments regarding the latest video on the internet forums like Mop, QQ, or KDS (which usually does not think very highly of “wai di ren”) condemn the violent attackers. Here are some of the comments on the Youku video page:

Motherfuckers, need to use human flesh search engines to find them, and kick their asses!

Can an anchor person, when anchoring, also tell someone off? Character, character, you are not qualified to say anything.

Now I see that not only do Southern people discriminate against Northeastern people, even a well-known television channel will also discriminate against us Northeastern people. No matter what northeastern people do, we are always wrong, always without character. Everything Northeastern people have done for this country, you all can overlook and dismiss. Forget it, this is hopeless. Next time someone motherfucking starts something with us Northeastern people, I will fucking beat them to death, beat to death these people who are always saying how only they have character.  Forget reasoning with these people. They now motherfucking all look down upon the Northeasterners. Do not blame us Northeastern people for being ruthless and heartless. It is you guys who forced Northeasterners to be this way!

Beasts, do you have any humanity? How can you attack someone like that? Just one woman, and you are two big men!!!
If others beat up your mom, your wife, your little sister, how would you feel?
Beasts, you two do not deserve to live, and should just be executed, you guys do not even have any human compassion.

Things like this always have their reasons. These two guys definitely are a little abnormal, but why are Wuhan drivers getting hit so often. This also should be examined. Why are they getting beat up? Do their faces simply say “beat me?”

Admittedly, attacking people is not right. But sometimes when I go somewhere else I also feel that the attitudes of the public bus drivers there really are not very good. When they see outsiders, they basically ignore them. Even when it is just to ask directions, they are too lazy to tell you.

Wuhan public transportation drivers got beat. Serves them right.

Wuhan people themselves should also reflect a bit. I stayed in Wuhan for a few years also, Wuhan really is not much, always thinking they are infalliable, thinking they are special. Anyone who has rode Wuhan public transportation knows, so many drivers have no human touch, though there are still a few who are pretty good. This hitting people admittedly is wrong, but have we considered how the driver was? Wuhan people, reflect upon yourselves, do not always think you guys are always so great.

Northeastern people are all pigs.

Today’s public transportation drivers’ attitudes are not acceptable, as if the passengers all owe them something, not the least bit courteous. Getting hit, one also has areas they must review! It is not as if others are hitting you for no reason! Although hitting people is over the line, if the driver had handled things properly, this kind of tragedy could have been avoided.

I support what the anchor said, these people living in this world is simply unnecessary.  愤怒

That was a little too vicious, was it not? Brothers teaching these women a lesson is right, but they hit a little too heavily. See, she got beat to tears, who told her to have such a bad attitude?

At the time, my friend was also on the bus. After seeing the news, she called to tell me that female bus driver said that girl was a whore/prostitute. Even if she really is a whore/prostitute, I do not think you should say that. These days, being insulted is worse than being hit!

In the video, at ~1:12, you can see the bus driver saying something to the Northeastern girl and the girl responding strongly. Then the video cuts to the bus driver being hit.

Thugs should be punished, but public transporation drivers these days also do not have high characters, many often yelling at passengers. That anchor’s character should also not be flattered.

Really losing face for northeastern people, so little self-respect. Northeastern men do not hit women~!~!~!

Indeed, those who hit people are not right, but this incident also was not explained clearly! Look at how the public transportation driver was at the beginning, who could see that and not be angry? Why hit her, what was her attitude? The media just jumped over it…only showing the parts that would make anyone angry.

Who was wrong to who can be left to the law…I only think the two girls that were with those two guys are rather good looking…rather pretty…northeastern women…are all rather gorgeous! Heh heh~

Drivers should also pay attention to their character! If you think passengers are all like sheep, you will eventually encounter a wolf!

Northeastern people’s tempers are indeed a little violent, but still you cannot treat a middle-aged woman with this kind of violence, even this is too shameful for Northeastern people~! If they dared to be this way in the Northeast, they would have been beaten to death~! Two men without class + two women without class = scum without class~! Definitely do not say you guys come from the Northeast~!

I see the event as not being that simple. From when the driver was sitting to when she was standing there was an edit. I could not understand what the female driver was saying the whole time. Let us avoid saying what kind of people those two guys are are, there must be a reason why those two guys started hitting her~~ Why not broadcast the whole thing and let the viewer see what was going on? Hitting people is wrong, but without someting to make them really angry, I do not think most men would hit a woman without reason. I really want to hear what that female driver said. Actually, it is not just Wuhan, most cities are the same, most public transportation drivers and fare collectors do not have the right service character.

If I was on the bus and did not stab those two guys a few times, then I was not raised by humans. I despise those other passengers. You can all just watch two men hitting a woman!!!

After being arrested, the Northeastern attackers were still very angry and said they would get revenge on the female bus driver. That is why in the second part of the news video a lot of Wuhan drivers are being interviewed after they wrote letters demanding that the police ensure their safety and harshly punish the attackers.


Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.


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