Wuhu College Student Dies On New Year’s Eve

Wuhu College Student Dies On New Year's Eve

In the early hours of the morning on New Year’s day a female college student brought to a hotel across the street from her university by two male classmates fell off the building to her death. Ms. Chen, the deceased, Mr. Ji and Mr. Wu were celebrating the new year around 2:44 AM, the three entered their hotel, Mr. Wu threw Ms. Chen on his back and together with Mr. Ji they entered their room. Around 5 AM Mr. Wu discovered that Ms. Chen had fallen to her death. The Wuhu city public office has issued an announcement, that the female student was definitely severly drunk when she fell to her death. The top netizen comment reads “Do you believe it? Do you believe it? Do you believe it???”

Source: Netease

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  • low dignity bitch died worthlessly!
    when i was in uni, almost all girl i lived with were virgins, everyday they studied so hard, even harder than in high school.

    • Foreign Devil

      what a boring life!

    • Alex Dương

      Come on, have respect for the dead.

    • Jahar

      Listen to the way you talk. You think you’re better? Because your classmates waited longer to have sex?

    • Just because you lived with virgins , doesn’t mean you’re not a scumbag who doesn’t have respect for the dead, and it sure doesn’t matter after you die, because guess what – worms chew on all dead people the same