Japanese Otaku Fawn Over Chinese Female Manga Artist

"Zi Bu Yu" original manga by young Chinese artist Xia Da aka April.
"Zi Bu Yu" original manga by young Chinese artist Xia Da aka April.

"Zi By Yu" original manga by young Chinese artist Xia Da (aka April)

From NetEase:

Chinese manga artist beauty becomes popular in Japan, quickly wins over otaku

Summary: Recently, a Chinese female cartoon/anime artist named Xia Da, owing to her delicate and refined drawing style and her refreshingly bright appearance, has become the love of Japanese otaku and known as “China’s cutest female anime artist”. Recently, with the manga she created 《子不语》 [“Zi Bu Yu”] officially entering Japan, it became the only domestic original manga to have become domestically popular and then enter Japan’s top manga magazine.

Born April 4, 1981, Xia Da’s pen name is “April”. Her comic appeared in the Japanese manga magazine “Ultra Jump“. Here is her picture:

Xia Da aka April, popular Chinese manga artist.

Comments from NetEase:


Really pretty.


Too pretty, too cute, marry me!


Hehe, why is it that all I see is “pretty girl + Japan”?


As long as it is a pretty girl, NetEase’s perverts will definitely come out in full force.
NetEase’s Second Law.


Why is it popular in Japan?
Becase Japan is full of perverts?


Is there going to be a “Xia Da Gate” incident later?


I swear, if NetEase does not close the comments, I will never come to NetEase ever again! Simply a bunch of animals!!!


Perverted Japanese pigs definitely like this type of female character. I hope there won’t be a day where we see her being tormented in a pornographic film!!!


It is still too early to tell if she’ll become an artist. This so-called pretty girl is just a child. Our [Chinese] people need less self-consoling and more clear heads.


The look she has in those photographs is like my wife 10 years ago…too bad my wife now has also become a stereotypical gossipy and nagging middle-aged woman.


Japanese high school schoolgirl uniforms cannot simply be worn, especially by such a pretty Chinese girl. It’s better to leave it to Japanese high school schoolgirls. The implications attached to Japanese high school schoolgirl uniforms these days are not so good.


Supported by a perverted people, this girl is so sad/pitiable.


I faint, doesn’t look like born in 1981 no matter how I look at her.


Xia Da, not bad, being able to do what one likes to do, pretty fortunate.


Truly pretty, but you must not go to Japan and end up filming that “thing” [porn]!!!

Popular Chinese manga artist Xia Da aka April.

Cute girls. chinaSMACK personals.


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