Xiamen Couple Breakup, Man Bills Woman 1,000,000 RMB, Goes to Court

Xiamen Couple Breakup, Man Bills Woman 100,000 RMB, Goes to Court

After a nasty breakup, one bitter lover is saying that he spent over 3 million RMB on his girlfriend during the 3 years that they were together. Wang Qing is claiming that his former girlfriend still owes him 1 million RMB, and has taken her to court in Xiamen. “I paid for all of her living expenses, took her traveling and bought her presents. During the time we lived together I spent at least 3 million RMB.” He said. One witty netizen said “He slept with her for 3 years, 300 RMB a day, they’re even.”

Source: Netease

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  • Super Bunny!

    must be so nice to be his gf, why she dumped him? coz he is too ugly, or find someone richer?

  • bujiebuke

    So this is all that’s left of ChinaSmack? Terse “Amanda” stories and comments from a deranged crazy women…

    • Alex Dương
      • bujiebuke

        The bees… yes I know…

        • Alex Dương


          I understand the frustration; one story every other week-ish is definitely a huge slowdown compared to “the old days.”

          • bujiebuke

            No worries. I’ve noticed that I’ve become slightly more productive at work since the slowdown. There’s always a silver lining I suppose.

        • Terrik
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          It does leave much to be desired.

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    • KamikaziPilot

      Especially true about the “deranged crazy woman” part. I’d also like to add “self hater, insecure and extremely racist” to describe her. Yeah that’s really what CS has come down to. Not sure how long it can last in this current format.

  • James

    well he needs to pay her for all the blowjobs she gave him then

  • mr.wiener

    Sometimes you have to work out if the screwing you are getting is worth the screwing you are getting.

  • Jahar

    “He slept with her for 3 years, 300 RMB a day, they’re even.” I don’t really see the wit in this.

  • I give up! I’m boycotting Chinasmack and will NOT post again unless we are given a reason to stick around.
    What is going on “Fauna”, Amanda, Alex, Kai, Weiner, ?
    Are you going to open up and share this with us or not?
    If this is what we are to expect going forward, I won’t waste my time coming here any more. these stores are awful

    • Dolph Grunt

      You’ll be back. :)