Xiamen Public Bus Fire and Arson Suspect Chen Shuizong

Xiamen public bus fire extinguished.

Below is a translation of various media reports, articles, and Chinese netizen comments over the past week regarding the June 7th Xiamen Public Bus Fire and arson suspect Chen Shuizong from major Chinese web portal Sina. These article were amongst the most read and commented “domestic news” articles on the website at time of translation. First, a video of the incident that has over 6.3 million views, and displayed as the #1 most viewed video of the past week…

On Youku:

Xiamen BRT Rapid Public Transit Had an Explosion Around 6:30pm on [June] 7th, Scene Extremely Frightening

Xiamen Public Bus Fire Has Already Resulted in 47 Deaths. At around 6:20pm on the 7th, a Fujian province Xiamen public bus suddenly caught fire during operating. 6:45pm, the fire was extinguished. General Secretary Xi Jinping, Premier Li Keqiang, and Central Political and Law Commission Secretary Meng Jianzhu issued important instructions. Ministry of Public Security Minister Guo Shengkun had a State Council working group rush to Xiamen to lead in the handling of the matter. At present, the reason for the fire is currently under investigation.

Commenting is currently not allowed on this Youku video.

Black smoke rising for a Xiamen public transportation bus on an elevated road.

On Sina:

Xiamen Public Bus Fire Preliminarily Determined to be a Serious Criminal Case

Xiamen Net – The Xiamen municipal government press office announced: Around 6:20 on the 7th, a Fujian province Xiamen city public bus suddenly caught fire during operation, causing a total of 47 deaths and 34 hospitalized for injuries. A State Council working group organized by the relevant department of the State Council, the departments of public security, criminal investigation, and fire-fighting of the Ministry of Public Security, and relevant experts arrived at Xiamen around 1am on the 8th, and are currently actively carrying their work. According to findings on scene by relevant experts working with the local Public Security Bureau, the tires of the public bus were normal, the fuel tank intact, that the accelerant found on the scene was tested to be gasoline, whereas the public bus uses a diesel engine, and therefore it could be ruled out that it was a safety accident [an accident caused by faulty manufacturing]. According to initial determinations, this is a serious criminal case, and the relevant circumstances are currently under investigation.

As it is understood, the State Council working group has already worked with the Fujian provincial committee and provincial government to mobilize the best medical care, researching and drawing up medical treatment plans for all of the wounded, carrying out medical treatment and nursing work. Simultaneously, according to the “one person one group” principle, they have established multiple small groups, actively carrying out the various aspects of handling the aftermath.

Comments on Sina:


This kind of vicious cases will increase, the [result of] accumulation of social problems, always looking for a way to erupt. Society is becoming more and more dangerous/vicious.


The result of the investigation will be that the suspect died in the fire, due to mental problems and wanting to take revenge on society. The dead cannot testify…


Killed 38 people, wounded over 30 people, just how much resentment of society did this involve! China, go [develop] slower, wait for your people. When economic development is too fast, and there is serious polarization, the people’s characters cannot keep up, and the most direct result is too much hostility and the build up of resentment into hate, and ultimately taking it out on society…


If it was taking revenge on society, wouldn’t this be too stupid? You could ask anyone on the street and they would happily tell you where the government [office] is, why involve the innocent city residents?


Such a simple thing still needs investigating? Stop embarrassing yourselves, everyone knows just with a look! That must’ve been done by some “temporary worker“… Just grab a few “temporary workers” and execute them! How much simpler it would be… After all, the people who do bad things in this society are all “temporary workers“… How “hard” it must be for those government officials, so busy with drinking tea, reading the newspaper, and bullying the ordinary common people during the day, and having to go to nightclubs and bars to “discuss work”… How busy they are, how could they have time to do these bad things…

Xiamen public bus fire extinguished.

On Sina:

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Xiamen Public Bus Fire Incident Has Identified a Suspect

Through the Xiamen police’s full investigation, the present “6·7” incident [June 7th] has already identified a suspect, with the break in the case moving the case along. From: Xiamen Municipal Public Security Bureau.

Surveillance video of Xiamen Public Bus Arson suspect Chen Shuizong.

On Sina:

Xiamen Public Bus Fire Criminal Suspect’s Family Say He Had Petitioned Over Cancellation of His Basic Living Allowance [Social Security/Welfare Payment]

Southern Daily (Reporter: Zhang Xuebin) – According to suspect Chen Shuizong’s second brother, his younger brother had previously collected “minimum living allowance” [a sort of welfare payment], but had it cancelled after leaving town to work, and his younger brother had petitioned authorities over this. The last time he saw his younger brother was yesterday afternoon [June 7th], where his younger brother did not exhibit any abnormal behavior at all, and had left the home on his own. This morning, a large number of police officer entered the Chen family home to search and investigate. The second brother says even now he doesn’t know if his younger brother is dead or alive.

The second brother claims his younger brother’s temperament isn’t bad, but would explode in anger sometimes. The brothers’ relationship is also not particularly harmonious.

Comments on Sina:


For the truly poor, the basic living allowance is his hope for survival!
Beasts would not understand the importance of this basic living allowance.


This basic living allowance is something provided for the families of neighborhood committees. Ordinary people should just bugger off.


This is the consequence of when government officials do not do what they are supposed to do. In the future, these kind of things will all happen to the government officials themselves.


Government officials too are led astray by prevailing practices. When the system is imperfect, it can never get on the right track.


Everyone share your thoughts. Nowadays, it is strange to see government officials (especially those with privilege, money, and power) out in public! Normally, aside from going on the news to publicize their work achievements, one very rarely sees their faces in life; Without exaggerating, current Chinese government officials long ago become completely separated from the masses [normal society]! When they face the masses’ interests, they abandon all shame and each and every one of them grab and seize like wolves and tigers! @China Youth Daily @Phoenix Online @Hong Kong Weipo

Xiamen public bus fire.

On Sina:

Xiamen Public Bus Arson Suspect Chen Shuizong Was Burned to Death On The Scene

The Xiamen Municipal Government Press Office announced: Through meticulous investigation by the Public Security Bureau, the Fujian province Xiamen city public bus arson that caused multiple deaths and injuries case has been solved. Criminal suspect Chen Shuizong was burned to death on the scene [of the fire].

After the case occurred, the person in charge of the Ministry of Public Security’s criminal investigations department as well as relevant experts accompanying the State Council working group that arrived in Xiamen on the early morning of the 8th immediately worked with the local Public Security Bureau in launching an investigation. Through on-site examinations, the investigation and identification of material evidence, and DNA comparisons, they ultimately identified the suspect.

Criminal suspect Chen Shuizong is a Xiamen local, and was born 1954. Through deep and meticulous police investigation and technological comparisons, as well as finding a suicide note in his home, it has been verified that a pessimistic, world-weary Chen Shuizong who felt life was not going his way vented his grievances by setting the fire.

Comments on Sina:

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The next Chen Shuizong, please don’t vent your anger on the innocent ordinary common people. Look at that grand and imposing government building. Go burn that. We’ll call you a martyr.


I’m reminded of Soviet poet Vladimir Mayakovsky words: “When society forces you into a corner, don’t forget that you have behind you a way out, which is to commit a crime, and remember that this is not shameful.” Every time I read that line, I always shiver with fear!


Although Chen Shuizong has been denounced and spurned, but this incident is the biggest thing he has done in his life, even if it is the final thing. If I too were one of the victims, I could understand him. In reality, the lowly people have too much helplessness. They are like snails bearing heavy burdens crawling with their heads down, suffering people rolling their eyes at them, and just who has sympathized with them before? They also have their own dreams, their own demands, but all they get is derision and anger. As long as they are people with self-respect, they certainly must be thinking of how to use even greater anger to take revenge on this society.


Of course it is the government’s responsibility! Singapore congressmen regularly visit the homes of the poor, to see what help they can provide, while China’s government officials would love nothing better than all the poor to just die off, that the rural countryside fade away, and all the backward areas all disappear!

中国的东倒西歪的老东西唐新伟 [新浪个人认证] [黑龙江哈尔滨]

Why was the bad guy so cruel and inhumanly angry?

A Xiamen Daily editorial criticizing public sympathy for bus arson suspect Chen Shuizong.

On Sina:

Xiamen Daily News: Completely Insane People Like Chen Shuizong Must Be Put to Death By Society

Xiamen Daily News Commentary/Editorial

Yesterday, Xiamen police released the primary evidence against the Xiaomen Public Bus arsonist Chen Shuizong. Comprehensive witness testimony, material evidence, technological identification, and other various investigation results irrefutably prove that Chen Shuizong is the culprit in this arson case.

It doesn’t matter what kind of motive he had, the completely crazed attack on public transportation and the taking of 46 innocent people’s lives, just what level of severely antisocial crime is that! What could not be endured! This kind of extreme act completely pierces through the bottom limit of humanity, something that society completely cannot tolerate, and should get the the most intense condemnation from the public!

However, alert, we have noticed that there exists noise in the streets. An extreme minority of netizens insist on summing up Chen Shuizong’s perverse criminal motivations as his personal life’s misfortune. There are also a few spectators who have connected Chen Shuizong’s sinister act with the so-called “injustice” that he suffered and have a sympathetic attitude. This kind of noise, even if it is of the extreme minority, contains a definite “danger”, neglecting objectively the severe societal harm that was caused by the act of arson, distracting from the nature of the legal problem, covering up the essence of social problems, and even more so misleading the people to give sympathy to this kind of extreme behavior. This kind of indiscriminate sympathy, in the end, is essentially a kind of evil, a “massacring” of the law’s sanctity, public sentiments, and social psychology.

Just think, had Chen Shuizong had just one shred of humanity, how could he have the heart to do such a thing to a public bus packed with passengers? If he still had the most basic conscience, how could he have taken his individual so-called grudge out on all of society? Before the incident, he calmly made preparations, picked the bus with the most passengers at the bus stop, deliberately intending to cause an even greater amount of casualties. With such behavior, how can anyone sympathize? Such behavior, is there even a shred of humanity left? From the moment he decided to take revenge on society, he stood opposite the public, which is to say he was a public enemy of the people!

Punishing the evil and holding up the good is everyone’s responsibility. the person responsible for the Xiamen Public Bus Arson clearly involves the evil characteristic of taking revenge on society. This kind of vengeful behavior cannot be forgiven and we express the strictest condemnation. In the face of this principle of right and wrong, even minority public opinion cannot have the least bit of erroneous judgement, otherwise it may severely mislead/misguide, encouraging certain people with hidden antisocial tendencies to commit crimes. If so, just what kind of situation will society be in then? Just what kind of state of affairs will every person be in? This is something that you, I, him, everyone will never approve of!

Those who play with fire must burn themselves. Chen Shuizong set a fire and was himself burned to death. In the hearts of the public, he will only forever be spurned and denounced.

Comments on Sina:

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Him not having any humanity is one aspect, but have you considered, who wants to die together with society [take others with them]? He went to apply for social insurance so many times. That desperation and hopelessness, is that not something government officials can understand? While condemning him for his inhumanity, does this society not have any blame? If we continue to ignore the needs of ordinary city residents, similar incidents will continue to happen.


What kind of logic is this? If you’re sick, you have to blame yourself, and can’t investigate the cause of the sickness? A person who has been marginalized and abandoned by society, was being forced into doing something desperate also something he came up with? I instead happen to think he is a normal person. He used his life to remind everyone the problem of power/privilege, but no one pays attention. Should he live like a dog?! The worst.


When has the law given him dignity so why should he give the law dignity?


Any society would have unreasonable isolated phenomenon, so even if you have an enormous grievance, just why should the other innocent 47 people accompany you in death?! 15 children who were taking the gaokao college entrance examination! Just who did they wrong!? Those people who for no reason express sympathy for this “Chen Shuizong” who is no better than an animal, other than trying to play to the gallery, do you have any basic conscience left at all? If it were up to me, this society simply should not allow people like “Chen Shuizong” to exist! They should be killed when discovered!


The level [of intelligence, thought] of the person who wrote this article is truly pathetic. He thinks he’s speaking for the government but is actually causing more problems than helping. We should bravely face these problems. Although what netizens are saying is not all correct, a lot of it is worth us thinking about. As a Xiamen’s print media, Xiamen Daily News should be broad-minded, and sincerely face everyone’s criticism. The masses’ eyes are clear, a few words are not going to fool everyone. Instead of screaming yourself hoarse, go all out. Less arguing about things that are unimportant like right and wrong and focus on the future, how to guard against [such incidents]. That is what is most important. That requires collecting opinions from everyone, and requires a lot of tolerance, regardless of what others say, focus on those that are rational, are reasonable, and be understanding of the emotional and sentimental. There is nothing that is perfect in this world, everything is constantly and continuously being improved. If it is about using the pain of loss or reminding everyone to cherish the beauty/good they have, then having this one lesson is enough. Everyone from this point on treat kindly those people around you (including the living people like Chen Shuizong), because it is treating kindly oneself.

Xiamen Public Bus arson suspect Chen Shuizong in old photo as security guard.

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  • I don’t know how people live with the guilt of doing something this awful to completely random, innocent people. Yeah, maybe you’re wronged by the government or society…but do you think that firebombing a bus full of random civilians is going to make it better?

    • Zappa Frank

      i don’t think that someone who do something like that could be “sane” and do not have any mental problem.. therefore maybe cannot feel guilty and may have acted under a raptus.. I sincerelly cannot think in any other explanation.

    • Germandude

      Out of a perpetrator’s eye, imagine your whole life you have been wronged. Fought as hard as you could to get a good education, a job that allows you to live a healthy life, a woman that you love and a home to live in. However, life has “cheated” you. All you got was poor education, health issues, no partner and no home, travelling around to find any job that allows you to survive today. The same guys that paid your salary last month don’t pay it for the next. However, everybody around you seems to be successfull. Fuck society! Teach them a lesson they won’t forget!

      I am not surprised that sth like this happens. Suicides, alone or while taking innocent with you as a kind of protest are common. And I am sure those will increase in China as well as in the west, simply because we are living in a shallow world where we care more about iPhones, cars, paychecks and our next holidays than for the ones next to us who are not that well off.

      Interesting to see is that especially in Europe, with high social welfare and a stable environment the amount of suicides are not significantly more/less than anywhere else in the world. We are fighting this problem of “cold societies” with sending those weirdos to shrinks. Fuck society!

      • I never said that it surprises me. I said I just don’t see how anyone could even feel like it’s an answer to any problem. Yeah, I am sitting here trying to imagine being wronged my whole life, but if I walked into a bus you’re on and burned you and everyone else in it alive…yeah, ok, problem solved. I really taught you a lesson, Germandude Society.

        • I believe its for satisfaction and vengeance more than solving problem.

          • at Ate Piranha:

            You can’t fight the system when the system is people.
            It’s like criticize food for being bad when its Soylent Green.

          • Parroting what someone said earlier, when a society is so dull to its problems, the only way to change anything is to have a horrific attack that will jolt people and usually unless you disrupt their daily lives, they won’t see beyond there Iphones and next meal.

        • Germandude

          I think we don’t need to discuss if such a “lesson” is in any way meaningful. However, leaving the world with a bang to get fame just once seems to be attractive for some people. One of my ex-classmates committed suicide. She was like “the weirdo” that nobody wanted to have contact with, because she was different (very silent, passive….boring?). It started with cutting her arms, missing many school lessons and her going into that whole gothic kind of thing. Years later, everything that was left was a report about her committing suicide and leaving a diary behind which explained her actions. At least for once, people couldn’t ignore.

          • I’m struggling to find out, from all of these replies, why I shouldn’t be appalled at this incident and see it as a “well it’s just a way to get noticed”. 47 deaths, dude. And the injured, I don’t know, but I bet there’s some disfiguring scars and psychological trauma there. Why, because some asshat didn’t know any proper ways to get noticed? Suicide and murder are for the weak.

          • Germandude

            Which shows that you are living in a healthy environment. I don’t think anybody here would qualify for giving a reasonable explanation for how it feels to go down that way. I am also shocked about the 47 deaths. But the mere fact that we are talking about this case suggest that the suicidals intentions might have played out.

          • the way I see it, a lonely suicide is sad and dramatic but it’s a call for attention never the less, mostly oriented to a few people in particular. However leaving this world blowing some shit up in anger and ruining other people’s lives along with it is definitely a call for thought and reconsideration, oriented to a larger audience. No lesson taught here, just a warning I suppose.

          • Nah, any time someone takes out their frustration on regular innocent civilians, I say fuck them and their plight. It makes me not want to consider a single damned thing the guy wanted in life, but rather focus on condolences for the families and loved ones of those that he just decided to burn to death or maim on the bus. Fuck that guy and his message.

      • Paul Schoe

        simply because we are living in a shallow world where we care more about iPhones, cars, paychecks and our next holidays than for the ones next to us who are not that well off.

        Well said!

      • …send them to shrinks so they can be re-inserted in society as the people they never wanted to be in the first place. well done western society.
        Marginalized by society in China + no success + No therapy = Burn something down to the ground and take some innocent cunts along with you. What else could he do ?

        These things happen more and more often and unfortunately it seems there’s no way to stop it.

    • loki

      “live with” well I am sure he didn’t “live with” the guilt long..

  • Probotector

    “…causing a total of 47 deaths and 34 hospitalized for injuries”

    So over 80 people were on that bus?! I know the Chinese like to cram ’em in, but Jesus… Tragedies waiting to happen.

    • Havoc

      Yeah, this is a massive issue that people seem to be ignoring. This guy lit up the bus with a carton of petrol and a lighter.

      I used to take the BRT every week to get to my university campus, and at every station, there’s at least 2 security guards at each point, generally one for each side of the track, and at most stops, there are 4. The job of these security folk are to make sure that everything is safe, but their job description has changed to: force as many people on the bus as possible. BRT Buses which are meant to have a limit of 47 people if I remember correctly.

      Also, to get on the BRT, he had to have walked at past at least 3 staff to get on the bus, whilst carrying enough petrol to immolate a fucking bus without one person pointing out that petrol is clearly not allowed on a high-speed bus.

      So many people are responsible ( via negligence or apathy) for these deaths that it actually makes me queasy.

      • Paul Schoe

        The comments on negligence or apathy are a bit unfair. First of all, these BRT busses are build for more then 55 persons. The busses are built to have more standing capacity then that is the case on the city busses. This is done particularly to deal with the flood of people during rush hour.

        Secondly, if you look at the pictures of this person, it is not as if he is carrying a petrol tank. He has a trolley with the standard red/white bag that is used daily by thousands of people in almost every Chinese city. As long as there is no instruction for the staff to have every person open their bags, you can’t blame them of negligence when somebody gets on board with a totally inconspicuous bag.

        Nevertheless the death-toll is enormous and devastating for the people concerned. But the focus should be on “what caused this“, rather then on blaming the staff of the BRT.

        • Mr Nightcat

          If you’ve been on the BRT like myself and the previous commentator, you’d know that 55 people is already somewhat crowded for a bus like that. The floor space on a Xiamen BRT bus is almost no different to a standard city bus. 80-90 people means crowded all the way to the windows, in such conditions it’s extremely difficult to move down the bus.

          • Paul Schoe

            If you travel during rush hour, then you know that those busses, even the double long ones, are packed to the max during that time. But it is no different then the mass transport in Japan, London or many other cities.

            Traveling packed in a bus on the high BRT line in Xiamen (where no other cars drive), is still safer then being packed in a bus on the streets with the other other traffic all aorund them. For public transport, I expect BRT to be one of the safer options.

            But you are right, I am happy that I wasn’t on that bus, because even if I had seen on time what that guy was doing, I would not have been able to do anything as, just like the others, I would have been stuck like a sardine in a small tin, where people might not even hear my voice before it was too late.

          • Jimney Cricket

            Yes but in those other countries they shower in the morning and use deodorant.

    • Jimney Cricket

      This whole story smells bad… Much like the smell on one of these overcrowded buses at 6:20pm…I have so many questions. If I was going to kill myself and take a lot of people with me, I’d do it on a regular bus (which is just as overcrowded) so when the bus exploded it would take out all those dumb assed BMW drivers who are causing the trafic jam we are currently in.

  • Probotector

    “General Secretary Xi Jinping, Premier Li Keqiang, and Central Political and Law Commission Secretary Meng Jianzhu issued important instructions.”

    What? Like “PUT THE FUCKING FIRE OUT!!!”?

    • filabusta

      Yeah I was thinking they probably didn’t lift a finger with this issue.

    • The Enlightened One

      Yes, but first it needed more investigation!

      Can’t have enough of that!

      • “After a thorough investigation by the overseeing committee, a report was issued in which scientists agree that 80% of participants polled said that “stopping” and “rolling” were important to them in times of fire.

        Rumors of a third component can not be confirmed at present time, but the findings of this preliminary report are expected to be published immediately.”

        • The Enlightened One

          Pending more investigation, more thorough, deep and meticulous investigation. Investigate it more hard!

          “The Xiamen Municipal Government Press Office announced: Through meticulous investigation by the Public Security Bureau, the Fujian province Xiamen city public bus arson that caused multiple deaths and injuries case has been solved. Criminal suspect Chen Shuizong was burned to death on the scene [of the fire].

          After the case occurred, the person
          in charge of the Ministry of Public Security’s criminal investigations department as well as relevant experts accompanying the State Council working group that arrived in Xiamen on the early morning of the 8th immediately worked with the local Public Security Bureau in launching aninvestigation. Through on-site examinations, the investigation and identification of material evidence, and DNA comparisons, they ultimately identified the suspect.

          Criminal suspect Chen Shuizong is a
          Xiamen local, and was born 1954. Through deep and meticulous police investigation and technological comparisons, as well as finding a suicide note in his home, it has been verified that a pessimistic, world-weary Chen Shuizong who felt life was not going his way vented his grievances by setting the fire.”

          Needs more investigation!

  • Probotector

    In this image, why have her shoes been blurred out? Is this China’s way of covering up counterfeit brands?

    • dongs

      Assuming you’re not joking: look at the other picture near it, the bottom is blurred out too. Often on TV here you’ll see blurred out logos of other TV stations they stole footage from.

      • Probotector

        Of course it’s a joke, I saw the picture next to it. However this one looked too priceless.

    • Because she has camel toes

      • eusebius

        I am truly amazed that someone with your intelligence is so driven by the desire to disgust and offend, and yet is so consistently unfunny.
        More shocking is that site moderators continue to allow your drivel to hijack their site and any meaningful comment or discussion.
        That you are so sick and shallow is tragic. That you wear this condition as a badge of pride is probably the funniest you’ll ever be. Get help.

        • mr.wiener

          Who pissed on your wheeties?

          • loki

            I did..

        • Yes. The trains will all run on time with the way you see the world.

          How about another rap on the knuckles, Moose-lini?

      • Dr Sun

        Chinese woman don’t have camel toes, they don’t wax or shave (thankfully) – well ok some prostitutes do I hear.

  • Mighty

    Is this recycled news? Didn’t this happen before?

    • YourSupremeCommander

      What ISN’T recycled news here?

    • iLL

      ya…ChinaSmack is like 5 days out of the loop on every internet story. Its like they get news before there was internet.

      • Paul Schoe

        Yes, but it is also understandable. ChinaSmack gives us a report of what is popular on the Internet, WITH comments from Chinese posters.

        Given that focus, news FIRST has to become popular, before it goes into the translation efforts of ChinaSmack. That takes a few days.

        ChinaSmack is NOT a news agency. And if they reported everything the moment it happened, then you would miss the comments made by Chinese, as those comments would then not have been made yet.

        • Mighty

          Thank you for that well defined purpose of CS.

          • Paul Schoe

            Mighty, you made me smile. You are way too familiar here not to have noticed that your Chinese Paper Home Delivery outpaces ChinaSmack.
            So I took it as some well appreciated British understated humor. :-)
            You get Chinese papers delivered in the UK?

          • The UK, eh? I always knew Mighty was a Tory

          • Mighty

            Haha… yes it was in humorous fun. But I’m in the States. There are locally printed Chinese papers that are sold at places of business (shops, coffee/bakery cafes, restaurants) and street vending machines but are also delivered via postal service.

          • Paul Schoe

            Sorry Whisker, apparently Mighty is not a Tory. But he seems to live in or near a Chinatown, so no lack of good food and Chinese newspapers.

          • Mighty

            If I live in or near Chinatown there wouldn’t be a need to have the newspapers mailed. As I’ve told Whisker, I live on a fault line.

      • Terrik

        I’m not expecting real-time translation here.

      • Mighty

        I get Chinese newspapers mailed to my home much quicker.

    • Jimney Cricket

      In Shenzhen, I think. Engine got hot, caught fire, blew up. Same as here in Xiamen except this time they blamed some poor shmuck.

      • Mighty曹

        Haha… I was just being sarcastic because of similarities with an older news story. How long have you been in Xiamen?

        • Jimney Cricket

          Long enough to know that most of the 13 billion RMB that was paid to make the BRT went into private pockets

  • Karze

    This crime is nothing compared to 40 million Mao killed or thousands Deng killed in 1989.

    • Suddenly, the police investigators are blown back by a loud, bright light. They get up to see ashes swirling about in the air above them. The ashes form a tornado, focusing on the bus. Morgues start noticing that bodies are missing. Burn victims in the hospital wake up to a lack of pain and renewed skin. The ashes all flow down to the bus, reconstructing it to it’s original glory. The deceased rush back to life with a loud gasp, sitting up, scratching their heads. Thanks to Karze, hero of the Chinese, his mentioning of another statistic of people killed in another time in China has made this incident cease to exist.

      Three cheers for Karze!
      Hip hip!

    • TJDubs

      And your death shall be many times more insignificant than this!

      • iLL

        and your trolling will lead to laughter only by you

        • TJDubs

          How is that trolling? It’s most likely that Karze’s inevitable death will not even make it onto chinaSmack.

    • mr.wiener

      Look I’m not trying to say that never happened, but you are starting to sound like Cleo or one of the other Chinese trolls here.
      Your: “Mao killed millions!”
      is more or less like Cleo’s: “The Japanese raped Nanjing!”
      Or Jin’s: “The Western powers carved up China! [and I hate black people and peasants]”
      If you want any kind of credibility at all, stop doing this.

    • Jimney Cricket

      Oh…Mao…He was that evil 100ft robot that killed all those people. It’s quite possible that this guy Chen Shuizong, if he indeed did do it, probably killed more people than Mao ever did… dictators don’t kill people, people kill people.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    Can we start blaming Muslims?

    • MrT

      I always do and the Christians and Buddhist and most of all the Jews.

      Fuck all that lot off the face of the earth and watch the wars disappear.

      • mr.wiener

        We’d find other things to argue about. We always do.

        • Germandude

          Yeah, for example: How come the Dutch can’t win a world cup?

          • mr.wiener

            They still blame you for stealing their bicycles.

          • filabusta

            How come they can’t even compete? They have a good squad!

          • Germandude

            I agree. However, having Robben in your team is a death sentence.

        • MrT

          I disagree.

          • MrT

            see what I done there?

          • mr.wiener


      • Probotector

        How much death was caused by Atheism from the 20th century to present? How many did Communists like Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot and the Kims in North Korea kill in the name of Atheistic Communism? What was the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan from 1979-89 all about?

        • I don’t think the point of those people killing anyone was specifically because “we don’t believe in god, but you guy’s believe in other gods” or whatever other religion reason.

          • Probotector

            They were killing people for not believing in Communism, which is fundamentally Atheist in nature.

          • One might suggest that the “share the wealth” perfect-world ideology part of communism is a rather Jesus-y thing to do. But no, the Communists were not waging a holy war. They weren’t saying their non-existent god commanded them to do it. There was no promise of “if you die in battle for our non-god, you will go to non-heaven and have a bunch of virgins” or anything like that. It was purely political ideology. Very earthly things. There is no way you way you can look at them and say the reasons are in the same category as the reasons behind 9/11 or the Crusades or whatever.

            However, if you want to talk about any of the times they smashed a temple or something, yeah, that is religiously motivated. However, the overall conquest of these atheist baddies had no motivation from their atheism to blame.

          • Probotector

            I never said they did it in the name of Atheism per se, I said Communists, who are Atheistic, killed many people in the last century, because Mr. T claimed that religion was responsible for all wars. That statement is not exactly true, because Communism is of course responsible for much of the death that occurred in modern times too, and Communism is anti-religious.

          • Well yes, he’s wrong about it being responsible for all wars. It’s just responsible for the most absurd.

        • MrT

          I’ll take a stab at it.

          Lots and Oil?

          • mr.wiener

            There ain’t no oil in Afganistan.
            It’s sole value is strategic, or in the words of realestate agents:location, location,location.

          • MrT
          • MrT

            why do you think China there building….

          • Probotector

            Wrong. Afghanistan had been for a long time a puppet of the USSR, and they invaded because they wanted to defeat the Islamist Mujahideen who were trying to depose the pro-Soviet govt of Afghanistan at the time.

          • MrT

            so was to do with religion?

          • Probotector

            I think the fact that the Mujahideen were Islamist was incidental. The Communists just didn’t want any ideological challenge to their supremacy over the country.

          • MrT

            oh.so great.

        • Kai

          To me, religion and atheistic communism is all just ideology. People are willing to kill for ideology. Religion, politics, etc., they’re just subsets of ideology.

          • Probotector

            True, but Mr. T said only religion was to blame.

          • Kai

            Yeah, I should’ve made it clear I’m responding to the overall topic.

          • bert

            So? Everything is ideology then. People kill for Nike shoes. The condition of mankind is the reason everything ends this way. Nothing you or I can do about it. Just live your life with humility, shut your mouth and help those around you.

          • Kai

            I’m not sure why there’s a combative “so?” in there. I didn’t say “everything is ideology”, I said “religion and atheistic communism is all just ideology” because the conversation above was about whether religion or atheism has killed more people. Not sure why that remark rubbed you the wrong way.

            I happen to agree with you on the general notion of “the condition of mankind” being the root of mankind’s problems. However, I don’t think there’s nothing we can do, because I happen to think fighting our imperfections, even with the knowledge that it can never be eliminated, is still something we can do. It’s the idea that crime will always happen, but that doesn’t mean we don’t strive to fight it. In fact, living life with humility, shutting one’s mouth and helping those around you is the very act of fighting the human condition, the human condition of being judgmental, hateful, imperfect.

          • Jimney Cricket

            I’d kill for a nicely cooked veal steak… is that an ideology?

        • Joseph Matsuura

          I agree they did those horrible things.But they did not do it in the name of Atheism!They did it in the name of any other highly polarized ideology that is mostly based on stimulating their follower`s emotions!

          • Probotector

            I didn’t mean they did it “in the name of Atheism” per se, I said they did it in the name of Communism, which is Atheistic in nature. Communists are Atheists, and they killed a lot of people. Perhaps I worded it poorly.

      • bert

        yeah with your pure attitude I can see we have a lot to look forward to, you social Marxist scum bag.

        MrTeadouch is obviously around 24 years old and thinks he has a clue. Your a product of Western liberal forced mind rape and you don’t even know it, in fact you welcomed it with bight eyes and you still think you know the ‘right way’.

        • MrT

          Spot on!

          Is almost like we in the same room together!
          So great!

      • Jimney Cricket

        Dude, don’t knock Cambodian Buddhists. Those guys are so holy they’re awesome

        • MrT

          are they as awesome as HK Buddhists with Iphones?

          • MrT


          • Jimney Cricket

            Cambodian buddhists don’t own anything. They don’t touch money and they look after orphans. They have one job…they pray. Money is collected by volunteers who then buy food for them because they feel that even touching money will dirty their soul.

          • MrT

            Indeed awesome.

          • Jimney Cricket

            Best part is, if you feel that your son/daughter is not behaving well. You can send them to the temple for a period of time. No phones, computer, electricity or anything else. How’s that for object lesson

          • MrT

            I really need to book me a session there then.
            Something seriously wrong with the way my head works.
            Moscow is nice today.

          • Mighty曹

            Save yourself a trip. Just meditate and your mind is there. Better than any drugs.

          • MrT

            Listen to Digitally Imported, but tends to send me into deep trance state and im sure I will never wake up one day.
            Maybe this is just a deep dream..

          • Mighty曹

            Awesome if you can achieve that without dropping E’s.

            One of the best mixes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_cC2V0JmpCU

          • Boris

            You’re in Moscow? You poor f**ker!

          • MrT

            pay more here, China don’t really care about the US spying, they already got all the information they need from their own spy’s in the US.

            Also the chicks here are hot!

            Once i done a few of them I’m off to yet another secret location in the world where know one can find me…

          • MrT

            Honk Kong sucks also , full of Piggy eyed interbreeds.

          • Mighty曹

            The Thai buddhist monks are the worst. You will see them at Panthip Plaza (the mega level electronics/computer mall in BKK) buying the latest gadgets. Cambodian and Burmese monks are more devoted in that they won’t even wear a wrist watch, let alone own an iPhone, iPad or a laptop.

          • Claude

            The region is like this these days. I lived in Korea for a year and I watch the monks walking around talking on their mobile phones and driving around in their Hyundai sonata’s.

            I lived in Japan, also. The Japanese Buddhists are loaded. They have a phenomenal quality of life. They’re allowed to drink wine and get married and have kids. Young Japanese woman desire to marry into a top Buddhist monks family because the temple is handed down through the family. Inevitably the son inherits the family fortune and the temple. The Toyota crown etc…

            But.. Having said that, some temple are closing in North Tokyo due to economic hardships.

          • Mighty曹

            Japanese Buddhists are more of the Zen variety, which is a branch of the Mahayana school. But I’m positive the precepts of both Mahayana and Thereveda (to which I belong) Buddhism strictly forbid a monk from even touching a woman. I guess the Zen Buddhists exercise more freedom. Maybe I should convert if I decide to become a monk.

    • carmouflagger

      Done, now, lets blame all christians for the kkk.

      • Dr Sun

        no, lets just blame some so called Christians.

  • lonetrey / Dan

    I feel like the Chinese netizen who pointed out this was slightly accurate about the guy’s mentality: Vladimir Mayakovsky words: “When society forces you into a corner, don’t forget that you have behind you a way out, which is to commit a crime, and remember that this is not shameful.

    To be honest, I feel a little sorry for the guy who seems to have suicided by firebombing. Not as much as the clueless and totally irrelevant victims who had nothing to do with his life circumstances… but I guess at how he ended up where he was and I feel bad.

    Not everyone has that kind of day to day strength that the commentors demand of him. They say “Oh, you should’ve done this! How could you put these random people through this!”, but they forget it’s exactly that attitude that pushed this guy into a corner in life.

    It’s as if they don’t even understand what probably happened. Or don’t care. Or both. Which is possibly why it happened.

    • Misiooo

      Cannot agree more. This is the way society works and this is the price it has to pay for it. And that is random – well, what is not?

    • MrT

      na just a weak twat so many in China.

      No fcking responsibility here.

      Send em off to war with Japan or smt, make some use out of them.

      • mr.wiener

        Beware the wrath of the weak man.

        • MrT

          yea, they should all go kill them self’s.

          • mr.wiener

            Someone who has swallowed injustices all his life without pushing back is never going to go out by themselves.

          • I don’t see why they don’t blow up a police station or government building or something a little more injustice-inducing.

          • MrT

            because they are just plain and simple weak dumb fucks.

            In Afghan or Pakistan or where ever Muslims like to fck about, they just strap a bomb to them and send em on their way.

            They could use these dafts cnts and send them back a bomb or two, make some use out of them!

          • Kai

            Heh, just like some of the Chinese commenters said. However, suspect when it’s about wanting to exercise a measure of power, they’ve decided their odds of success are higher when it comes to random unsuspecting people than going after a police station or government building where there is more security, possible resistance, and thus chances of failure. Kinda depends on the person I guess and what their ultimate end goal is.

            That said, I think there have been plenty of reports about attacks on government offices too.

          • Jing Li
          • Yes, it happens, but this guy set fire to a bus full of random innocents. It’s like if Mighty kept picking on me and I randomly walked by and punched some non-registered “guest” use in the face and said “That’s what you get for picking on me!” And, I guess, punch myself in the face? Whatever suicide would be in that analogy.

          • Jing Li

            You have never lived under oppression, nor have all of the Chinese posting on this board.

            I don’t know why.

            But there’s no way you or I could possibly relate.

            There’s something I really want to say about my life… I just can’t… all I can say is, it’s a tragedy.

          • Jing Li

            I don’t know why this happened, why he did it, is what I meant by “I don’t know why”

          • So because he is oppressed, that’s an excuse to go oppress people on a bus? I still don’t see it as an excuse, reason, etc in any way shape or form. It’s an awful thing to do, no matter how horrible and oppressed this man’s life was before.

          • Jing Li

            Wars have similar results. Lots of innocent dead with with questionable motivations. I’m not defending what he did. I try to understand it, but can’t really. I’m pretty sure 20 years ago he didn’t think to himself “I can’t wait til the day I take my life and a bus load of innocent people.”

          • Yep, I agree. I am very much a make-love-not-war kind of person. And yeah, I understand all this psychological talk everyone is saying. I knew it before. My point, though, is not about WHY he did it, or why he chose these victims. It’s more about the fact that the moment someone decides to do something so horrific (no matter what his psychological state is) to get their message across, I will never give a shit about that person’s plight. If he had done this in a non-violent manner, I would be more sympathetic, for sure. Or, well, if he had good reason to use violence and use it against the proper aggressor, then yeah.

          • Jing Li

            Well, you and I are not likely to do that to begin with. I mean, living in Canada, we deal with this kinda stuff a lot. Not bombs, but our judicial system is very sympathetic to the “psychologically deranged” or whatever today’s politically correct term is. I’m gonna throw out a link to a story, curious about your insight into. I can’t understand how a jury could do this. I don’t find the incident similar, but I do find this discussion similar.


          • I believe he must have lost his grip on reality, and an insanity plea would be a correct one…I know he escaped jail time, but did he escape any other sort of reprimand? Was he forced to go to an inpatient clinic for his mental issues?
            I don’t know much about how Canada handles those sorts of cases, I just know in the US, there would be some sort of requirement that he be in some sort of mental health facility after that.

          • And I should have said in the first reply, I am just meaning to talk about these guys that choose to attack civilians. Like the kindergarten knife/cleaver/hatchet attacks or attacks on Batman movies or whatever.

          • MrT

            na seriously,the dumb fck cunts here bleat about the weakest sht they can. Always threaten to jump when sht don’t go their way.
            Fck em.
            They should have mass suicides in a controlled manor in the desert somewhere, sell it as a last holiday or smt.

          • mr.wiener

            How about a society that doesn’t stomp all over the people on the bottom of the pile?
            Not excusing this miserable idjits actions here though.

          • MrT

            let me know when you find it.
            I heard Bhutan is pretty good, no one topping them self’s there and they bottom feeders.

  • Claude

    I didn’t realize China had a social welfare system in place. I thought you were pretty much on your own or less you were an employee of the state.

    Could someone tell me more, please? Who is allotted this payment and how much?


    • Cluade

      A article in the Economist on the state of Chinese welfare.

      No job, no house, no welfare

      I remember during the Asian crises many Asians could rely on family. I visited both Korea and Thailand and had conversations about the crises with locals.

      • Paul Schoe

        @Cluade, the article that you refer to is from 1998. A lot has happened since then. During the last 10 years, China has rolled out a social security system that provides better health care and minimum income guarantees.

        These systems are still with thousands of problems. Such as inequality between government officials and the rest of the population, people with hukou in big cities and those from the country side, lack of enforcement on local levels where lots of money disappears. If you fall on the bad side of the equation (non-official in rural area), your ‘guarantee’ (if you are able to get it) can be below 500 rmb per month.

        So, it can indeed not be compared to some systems in the West, but steps are being taken, and given the numbers involved, progress during the last 10 years has been impressive. Still a lot to do though.

        Just like Claude (or are you one and the same?), I like to read more about these social developments in China.

        • Kai
          • Paul Schoe

            Yes, the dual-track pension system, as I said; still a lot to do (and the government realizes that this is one of the hot potatoes that they have in their hand)

          • Claude

            @Kai: Thanks, I’m new around here and haven’t seen that yet.

            Paul, it was a link to the La times on 30 mill Chinese living in caves. I strongly suspect you already knew that, you sound like an ol hand at China/Asia. Just thought I should provide a reference for my statement.

            Great posts, keep up the work.

        • Claude

          Thanks Paul, very informative. I am the same Claude but misspelt. Not my real name.

          70 RMB a month? That’s as little as $11 dollars. I couldn’t imagine.

          I read a couple of years ago there are 30 million Chinese still living in caves. I’m sure some are fixed up as well as the rural homes I’ve seen or as well as they could be. That would be one of the few ways someone could pull 70 RMB a month off.

          Sorry about that old article, pretty sloppy of me.


          • Paul Schoe

            Hi Claude, your LA Times link didn’t work for me. Could me a faulty address or it is blocked from within China. Don’t know.

        • Sounds like obamacare, ineffective and not thought out.

          • Paul Schoe

            Hi Banana, no need to discuss American politics on ChinaSmack. There are hundreds of sites in the US where you can do that.

          • Hi P, Can you tell trolls not to troll?

          • Paul Schoe

            Hi Banana, I can’t, but over the last 5 years these ‘discussions’ from the States have become so repetitive that it has become extreme boring. Hence my remark. ;-)

          • bert

            like everything on this site isn’t just another rehash of commentary on the crappy quality of life that Chinese build for themselves.

            Paul you are so smart and bald.

          • Paul Schoe

            Ah Bert, you feel that I am showing off my hairdo?

        • Harold Janson

          The “minimum income” guarantee is based on other things as well. It’s essentially means-tested. If you have a habit of trying to show off that you are rich or can afford to piss away large amounts that don’t make sense, and word gets around, it will be cancelled and it’s very hard to get back. 70 a month IS hard to live on, but it’s possible in the countryside. If you have housing sorted it’s possible. In Beijing it’s at 580 a month. That’s enough for basic living, hell, you can get meat a few times a month in addition to your veggies and rice, and still afford to eat out for breakfast like normal people. You might live like shit, but you’re not going to starve to death, and jobs, albeit possibly shitty are not hard to get.

          • Paul Schoe

            I agree that housing is the key. I know first hand that if you have your ‘housing’ arranged, and most farmers have, then you really need very, very little to survive here. And life doesn’t even have to be ‘shitty’, as ‘shitty’ is a relative term and depends much on what you are used to, what your neighbours have and what you yourself need to be happy.

            So the minimum income guarantee is a fantastic development. The problem remains that the further away that you are from Beijing, the higher the risk that you don’t get it. Not all the money issued by Beijing, arrives at its purposed destination. And as you state, once you don’t receive what you are entilted to (for example because, as a farmer you are totally oblivious of your rights and have no legal recourse), it is very difficult to change that.

            In many cases it are not the national laws and regulations that are insufficient, but it is (still) the lack of enforcement of them.

          • Harold Janson

            Yep, that’s the key to it. The laws and regulations are there, they are in place. It’s the lack of enforcement that causes the problems. That gap can be for any number of reasons. Be it a lack of information or local corruption. Providing that information is the right way to go about change, however it’s going to irritate those who benefit and profit from the lack of it. By “shitty” I am referring to the inability to access luxuries, however quaint. Not that you actually need it though, not to survive, not to be happy. If starting today, I cut out smoking, went vegetarian, unplugged the AC and fridge, buying my produce every single day instead of trying to have it keep, made all my own meals, swapped out my lovely 60w bulbs for CFL, stuck to boiled water and public transportation plus a bike… it is MORE than possible to live, even in Beijing for a few hundred a month and get on just fine. Stake out a claim of dirt in the park for veggies, and it’s possible to cut that down even further. Owning a home outright is the key to it all being possible. Having a hukou essentially requires that you have a place to live locally that is either yours or that of a close family member. No sane person in China goes the route of “only renting”.

    • Dumbledore

      The social welfare system is a joke and can barely buy you rice for a month even if you live in the countryside. My wife’s grandmother gets something like 160 yuan a month, which is basically nothing as of 2013. Yeah,, hard to find any trace of communism apart from in Beijing and the Can’t-own-land clause which earns the top brass trillions of yuan annually.

      • Dr Sun

        damn, sounds like being on welfare in the USA

        • bert

          hahaha. The most dong ya bing fu thing you’ve said this week.

          • Dr Sun

            well I haven’t said much this week,lol

    • Jimney Cricket

      It also depends on your previous job and you can do public work to increase this money…like picking up trash etc.

  • Aiya, why so selious?

  • 剑胆琴心

    another sad terrible news.
    but i am sure more and more will happen.
    no matter the gov good or bad.
    internet helps sickos stick together.

    • worst limerick ever

      • 剑胆琴心

        hahahaha!your so funny!
        how about this one?

        • mr.wiener

          try haiku.

        • As far as Chinese moral lessons go, I like it much better, has a better theme than “internet sickos sticking together”.

          Not to be critical, but it doesn’t rhyme.

          • 剑胆琴心

            i got a small puppy in street.
            it’s male.very tiny and fat now.very healthy,not picky at food.
            very smart,knows where to poop without my teach even.
            very quiet,even when you do shower for him.
            i give it for free.just want him to get some good luck.

          • 剑胆琴心

            see !

          • mr.wiener

            Aww cute, call him hotdog :)

          • 剑胆琴心

            haha,i call it duoduo.
            not sure if it’s rottweiler.very cute and smart.
            this morning i got up found out he pooped next to the toilet.how smart!he likes to play with my feet,i got a bit mad,then he got mad,ran into bathroom.pushed down broom and mop…haha,how cute!

          • Jimney Cricket

            …or Street BBQ

          • I find the phallic references overt, impinging upon a proclivity for categorical generalization towards a male infantilization. And yet the scatological sentiments rendering such a non-yonic ombre herewith delineate a joie de vivre that repugn such classification.

            That said, good luck on finding your puppy a good home.

            You should call him “Aspergers”. Or, “Ass Burgers”, same thing.

      • I will, for now on, read her comments in a cartoonishly Cork accent

        • 剑胆琴心

          how is your study?
          can you finish it ?
          why your so mean after i deleted you on qq?

          • Finished all that studying mess already. It went well. Thank you for asking!

            I’m not being mean. Well, not that mean. I was just calling you out on that other thread for being mean and insulting people on their appearances. I was reminding you of how much hate you got when you posted your own photo in the avatar, hoping that if you remembered it, you would remember how bad it feels to be insulted like that.

            …and I think you deleted me when you were being rude to me and I called you crazy, right?

            (PS the thing about the Cork accent wasn’t an insult to you, it was because Terroir compared your words to a limerick)

          • 剑胆琴心

            i will try to add you on qq again…
            your working or looking for job now?

          • Awesome
            I’m working, but I’m on a quest to change areas and work in the Pacific Northwest. So yes working and yes looking haha

          • 剑胆琴心

            good for you!
            your a pretty boy.hahaha!

          • Well, I never! I’ll have you know some of my best friends are corks.

    • Nah, the internet is for porn && the freedom of speech and anonymity until people decided they want to spy on every thing.

  • The commentary by newspaper: “Completely Insane People Like Chen Shuizong Must Be Put to Death By Society”.

    This is about a man who purportedly murdered other people and through which he killed himself in the process.

    Which suggests this is the first time application in which the starting pistol is also the murder weapon.

  • The Enlightened One

    Was it a deep and meticulous investigation? We need more investigation!

    Why do they repeat that word over and over… no shit, after something happens like this, usually there is an investigation…

    I think it is code for… “We don’t really know much about it now… so I will just fill space with… investigation… very deep… meticulous… this department… that department… investigation!”

    • Kai

      Heh, I was always amused with stuff like “relevant” this or “relevant” that. It’s just an convention (idiosyncrasy?) of Chinese press releases and reporting.

      • Jimney Cricket

        Code for…we have been pocketing all the money from the BRT so we didn’t have enough to ensure the busses were well maintained but we don’t want anyone to look at this too closely so we’ll blame it on some poor shmuck

  • Washington Bullets

    It’s hard to even think of anything to say in tragedies like this, where the perpetrator dies along with the victims. Nobody to prosecute. All that can be done is postulation as to why the individual did it. Now this is nothing more than a blame game, but I’m sure a lot of it as to do with someone being known for something, even though it was in their final act. I hope the survivors are able to make a full recovery and that those who lost loved ones are able to overcome.

  • Les Battersby

    it’s here!! now to read what the netizens got to say!

    • mr.wiener

      You’re Alistair Crowley now?

      • Beelzebub

        the devils own minion, are you a satanist?

        • mr.wiener

          Nope the only satanists I know are ex-catholics and I’m C of E, I always thought the great beast was a complete loser, an interesting loser though.

          • Beelzebub

            I’m C of E too, although the UK is pretty much run by satanists. I’ve also been to a masonic lodge once, and knew masons, but do not believe:freemasonry=satanism.

          • Dr Sun

            Any other sins you care to confess, my child ?

          • Beelzebub

            no my dear kuomintang boy

          • Dr Sun

            lol, don’t worry I stayed at a Holiday Inn once !

            Freemasons- satanists, nah they were the founding fathers that committed no sin, just ask the Native Americans and they were the supporters of “Thatcher the Destroyer” just ask the Miners, Masons are sin free.

          • Beelzebub

            No worries. But where are you now my dear boy? Mr Wiener I know a lot about him, old pals, you might say, but no, you, you are somewhat of an enigma to me? Masonry is a fraternal brotherhood, I much prefer the masons pulling the strings, than fundamental beardie towel wearing types.

          • Dr Sun

            you mean like the mafia ,Yakuza and the triads right- fraternal brotherhoods.

          • Beelzebub

            Bit different from the freemasons who are a generally gay lot, but yes, you are right, except none of that asian tatooing nonsense and trying to act macho dear boy, guffaw guffaw. How is the republic by the way and where are you now dear boy, in the stronghold itself?:D

          • Dr Sun

            well they might not be slaughtering thousands a day personally as the Knight Templar’s of the past did, now they own Halliburton instead and sell drones and smart bombs, but as you say a leopard cant change in spots.

          • Beelzebub

            And the difference is? Certain countries arm tyrannical regimes like Syria, yet dumb western companies still can’t wait to ply their wares in said sponsor of terror. Leopards, shouldn’t it be siberian tigers?!

          • Dr Sun

            I don’t actually think Halliburton (the masons) care who they sell the weapons to, probably to both sides is their goal.

          • Beelzebub

            The masons are a fraternal brotherhood dear boy, perhaps sun yat sen your father was one. Where are you now dear boy, Taiwan?

        • Jimney Cricket

          Crowley wasn’t a Satanist

          • John Hollingshead

            Different branches of Satanism, are there not dear boy?

  • Paul Schoe

    He, we got the answer from the local government:
    Xiamen has found the solution so that this will never happen again. They are so smart in China.

    Today the instruction was published that in Xiamen, from now on, you can only buy petrol in jerrycans if you provide full ID and address details.

    (nice side effect: on Xiamen island, motor cycles are officially not allowed, so they are often depending on buying in jerry cans. As there are still several hundred being used in the small village-like neighbourhoods to transport people from and to busstops, this might create a new grey market on which there is even less control).

    Remember Beijing, where for a while you could not buy knives or scissors without an ID? China, no problem so big, or bureaucracy can be put in place to ‘solve’ it.

  • Jing Li

    I’ve haven’t been to China in a LONG time. But I have always kept up with it’s news. And over the years, I’ve noticed that there’s been a few bombings. So, when I finally did return to Shanghai, I wasn’t surprised that they had security guards at every subway station and an X-ray machine to check bags. Not only that, every security station had a huge poster with photos of the aftermath of various bombings.

    What did completely shock me was that most people ignored the X-Ray machine AND the security guards asking to inspect bags. The guard would point towards the machine and ask the people to place their bags on the belt and the people would just walk right by.

    I was so surprised and curious by this, I stood nearby and watched them for about 10 minutes. I didn’t record numbers, but it seemed like about 1 in 10 people actually put their bags through the machine, the rest completely ignored them like they weren’t even there.

    “Well, that’s effective,” I thought to myself as I walked through security, ignoring the security guard and clutching my bag.

  • Jing Li

    “Through deep and meticulous police investigation and technological comparisons, as well as finding a suicide note in his home”

    Am I the only one that finds that really funny journalism?

  • Thor

    In the West (and elsewhere), some do the same but cover up their true motivations with so-called religious “reasons” (i.e. islam).

  • Dumbledore

    There’s a lot of hot air coming from the police and investigators here (as usual), but I still don’t see any proof it was him. “Suicide note” at home,, yeah right. Unfortunately, investigators tend quickly to focus on one cause/individual, then spend all their resources on following through. Confirmation bias, and it happens everywhere. Also I don’t exactly trust the police in China. Remember the bus blasts in Kunming a few years back? One year later, a guy walks into Salvador’s and blows himself up in the bathroom. Miraculously, the police manage to get a full, written confession on basically everything that has happened in SW China over the past decade before he dies. Pretty amazing considering he blew off both his legs, and got so shredded that he died within an hour.

    • Jimney Cricket

      Yay, somebody on here has started thinking. This whole story smells worst that rancid tofu. The fire didn’t explode the engine or the fuel tank…the whole back end of the bus is blown to shit and back…news flash… that’s where the engine and petrol tank are. He was supposed to have bought gasoline at a store, not a petrol station…yeah, I’ll run down to the nearest Yesstore and buy some. There are so many problems with this story that even some of the dumbest Chinese people I know thinks it bullshit

  • China Sucks

    look at the scum bags filming on their phones.Only in CHina.. Such low peasants!!!

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