Xi’an Home Invasion Leaves 3-Year-Old with Fractured Skull

A 3-year-old girl lies in the hospital with a fractured skull after her home was invaded by a group of men sent to intimidate them into selling their house in Xi'an, China.


Violence is often used to intimidate “holdouts” into selling their homes on land that is to be redeveloped. Sometimes the thugs to do this are sent by the land developers, and sometimes they are sent by the local government. This was the second most-discussed article on NetEase yesterday…

From NetEase:

Xi’an Households Attacked for Refusing Relocation and Demolition, 3-Year-Old Girl’s Bones Broken

2014 July 20 early morning, Shaanxi province Xi’an city, two private residences in Andi village of Xi’an’s Baqiao district were attacked, causing varying degrees of injury to four adults, and a fractured skull to one 3-year-old girl, who as of this writing remains in a life-threatening condition. Photos: CFP


At around 3:30am on the early morning of the 20th, Andi villager An X was sound asleep in his home when suddenly he heard the sound of kicks against the door. He hurriedly got out of bed to find out what was going on. “When I opened the bedroom door, over ten strange men holding clubs had already entered my front door, casually smashing things in my home.”


An X says he quickly closed the bedroom door whereupon the men began attacking the door with clubs and machetes, soon smashing the door open. Several men charged into the bedroom and began beating them. “Several were beating me, while several others were beating my wife,” An X said.


An X’s neighbor Ms. Wang says she was woken up by the sounds of the door being kicked down and then heard someone say “turn off the lights, beat them”. Just as she was thinking of opening the door to go out and see what was happening, she was threatened by over a dozen men on the street to go back where she quickly urged her husband to call the police.


Because An X’s 3-year-old daughter Le Le (pseudonym) was on the bed at the time, An X did everything he could to protect his child. “I saw a knife and immediately grabbed it. My hand was cut while wresting control for the knife.” Yesterday, while waving his injured right hand, he said that even though he had done everything he could to protect his daughter, a club first struck him on his left arm and then struck the child’s head. “The child had been crying in fright but went silent after being hit on the head. When I looked, the child’s head was covered with blood, and she was unconscious.”


Upon seeing the child hurt, the people who had entered to beat them left in quick succession, leaving An X’s home in a mess. Him and his wife rushed to take their child to the hospital.

A 3-year-old girl lies in the hospital with a fractured skull after her home was invaded by a group of men sent to intimidate them into selling their house in Xi'an, China.

Li XX’s wife says it was about 1am when she was awoken by the sound of a door being kicked in and came out to see over a dozen men holding knives and sticks already inside the family room. “After being attacked, Old Li [her husband] wanted to enter the bedroom to get a stick to fight back, but was struck on the head, with blood flowing down. The men then entered the bedroom and smashed things before leaving,” she said.


Li XX’s neighbor says: “There were several dozen people on the street at the time, blocking the doors to the homes nearby, preventing the people inside from coming out, and threatening that those who come out would be dealt with [beaten] as well.” After the incident, Li XX’s relative arrived and accompanied him to the hospital. At around 2am, Li XX’s son accompanied his mother to the hospital to see his father.

Comments from NetEase:

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不稳定因素 [网易陕西省西安市手机网友]:

Those animals! Truly beasts gone wild!

清风泛舟 [网易广东省佛山市网友]:

Poor child! As one of 1.3 billion, do you know just how many among this [1.3 billion] are beasts wearing the human skin? More than you can imagine!

efd2220a5b746ff1eb7b873b [网易广东省深圳市手机网友]:

Severely punish violent [forced] demolitions and relocations!

小李0720 [网易北京市朝阳区网友]:

Poor child!!! Over a dozen people beating two adults don’t need to also beat a child, right?!! Do you people still have any shred of humanity?!!!

扬帆乘风 [网易四川省德阳市网友]:

Beasts, not even sparing a child!

网易广东省东莞市手机网友 ip:119.128.*.*

Would having a bit of humanity kill you??? Not even sparing children!

网易广西网友 ip:106.127.*.*

When it comes to incidents related to forced demolition/relocations, the police and media are always so useless/incompetent. In China, three generations of relations [to the culprits] can be uncovered when it involves terrorists, but when it comes to forced demolitions/relocations, the identities [of the culprits] are always unknown.

b19631963 [网易四川省绵阳市网友]:

That girl’s dad is covered in tattoos…pretending to be part of black society [organized crime, criminal gang] to scare people… Now he knows who’s the boss, right…?

网易陕西省榆林市手机网友 ip:124.115.*.*

Must be strictly punished, must not allow such violence, the government must give an explanation for this.

juyongqbz95 [网易山东省青岛市网友]:

All ordinary common people must rise up and kill land/real estate developers!

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