Xi’an Japanese Car Owner Beaten Video Exposed, Then Censored

A shirtless Chinese man attacks a Toyota Corolla with a metal u-lock during anti-Japan demonstrations in Xi'an, China.

A shirtless Chinese man attacks a Toyota Corolla with a metal u-lock during anti-Japan demonstrations in Xi'an, China.

From iFeng: (no longer available)

Video of Xi’an Japanese car owner who was seriously injured being beaten exposed

Recently a video of “9·15” Xi’an Japanese car owner Li Jianli severely injured in beating has been revealed/exposed. This video features a relatively complete recording of the incident, further restoring the truth. This video shows that after the Corolla was surrounded, Li Jianli had a brick in his hand protecting his car, had a conflict with the suspected criminal, and was knocked to the ground after being hit 4 times by the latter.

From Sina Weibo:

@李承鹏 [Li Chengpeng]: Although the video has yet again been deleted [censored], still I’m going to post a set of photos: Remember this face, it is this guy who used a U-shaped metal lock to brutally beat the Xi’an Japanese car owner Li Jianli’s head, while Li Jianli was even saying “I’m also Diaoyu Islands activist/supporter, I’m also anti-Japan”, but in vain, and the sound of bone breaking could be heard. Right now the right side of Li Jianli’s body is paralyzed, and has lost a part of his speaking ability. The most frightening thing was not the violence, but the violence being called natural and just. The Cultural Revolution was just like this.

Photos of the murderer.

Comments from Sohu:


So vicious, Chinese people are too capable of being vicious to their own compatriots! Pathetic, disgusting!


This was taking advantage of the anti-Japanese situation, probably yet another expression of anti-rich mentality rearing its head! If you’re going to smash a car, then just smash the car, why also beat people?! A perfectly good patriotic action was completely turned bad by you people! Severely punish the murderer!


In this kind of situation, why get out of the car at all? If it were me, I’d just drive the car and run them down. It’s clear that if you don’t kill them, you yourself will be killed. If you’re willing to smash my car, I’m willing to run you fucking bastards over!


Those who buy Japanese cars are all Chinese traitors.


I watched a little bit and couldn’t watch any further! This is truly a crazy country!


If Mao’s poison is not wiped clean, evil will always remain!

陈源Hensu: (responding to above)

Even with things already at this point, still there are people compelled to associate it with “Mao poison”, clearly with no good intentions. This kind of opinion will only negatively affect the case/situation.


Everyone be more rational, since they’ve already bought them [Japanese cars], just let it go. To still go and beat them up and smash their cars would be too unfair. They too have mothers and fathers, don’t treat them as less than human. They too have their own kids to raise, and everybody has their own difficulties, who knew Japan would again provoke China? I think every household has one or two Japanese products, except you just don’t know it. Let’s not have our own people beating up our own people, allowing Japan to look at us as a laughing stock.


In this land, not a single class [of people] is safe anymore. You don’t know whether or not tomorrow you will be deprived of your life. If we don’t fight the state/government for our own rights, our descendants will be like this as well.


There’s an anger in the hearts of many people living in the lowest rungs of China, and this thug is one of them. The one who who is the most heavy-handed is often the one whose life is the most frustrated in real life, taking the opportunity to vent. The funny thing is that it’s labeled as “patriotism”. Pathetic!


How deep must the hate be, to be so heavy-handed? Truly a scumbag. If he was sent to fight the Japan he probably would’ve knelt and surrendered long ago.


So many people at the scene yet not a single one stopped him, nor did a single person come out to grab the attacker. Truly disappointing.


Chinese people simply shouldn’t be buying Japanese goods.

沧海遇上你: (responding to above)

Beast! Master Kong [a well-known brand of instant noodles] is also a Sino-Japanese joint-venture, has no one in your entire family ever eaten it before? Better drag your parents out and beat them up a couple times! Then you’ll stop zhuang bi‘ing like this!!!


In the future, Japan doesn’t need to fire a single bullet, they only need to stimulate the G-spot of China that is the Diaoyu Islands from time to time, and the Chinese will massacre themselves, reducing the population by at least half. Truly a joke the likes of which have never been seen before in history!


Xi’an Police, whether or not there was a measure of indulgence and complicity in this incident is something you guys know clearly in your hearts. Let’s first put aside whether or not this is being responsible to the ordinary common people, let your leaders ask themselves if they were responsible to those police officers in your ranks who were injured. When you set up traps to arrest johns, you guys act so swiftly, and it only takes just a few minutes for your little vans to arrest and take them to the police station. Now it’s fucking September 26 already, but have you cracked the case yet? Have you arrested the attacker yet?


I think in the future when I go out I’ll carry a dagger with me, so when I encounter an attack from this kind of thug I can kill him myself, and not have to waste our country’s police force on issuing arrest warrants, tracking criminals, and holding commendation meetings~


SB, if you have the balls, dare you to go smash some Lexus or Infinitis? Only capable of bullying the ordinary commoner who owns a 100,000 yuan car.


His wife’s screaming voice haunts me! Imagine what it would be like if this kind of thing happened to you? Would I sit in the driver’s seat and without the slightest hesitation step on the gas pedal, ramming my way out of the crowd? Perhaps I would, because I’d protect my family, my possessions, and my life at all costs! Because *** [the Communist Party] is useless! If this happens, please forgive me. It’s not that I don’t have a conscience, it’s because the evil regime has made me into a devil!


Can’t believe that even now the beast has not been arrested! Way to go, Xi’an Police!


Chinese 2B, if you really have the balls, go to the Japanese embassy and kill Japanese people instead of just barking like dogs. Show some real balls and go hit Japan’s face [not one’s own].


Under such a circumstance and still protecting the car with a brick? Is the car worth more than your life?


The attacker is not anti-Japanese products, actually he’s just cynical/angry at this society.


Those who are on the wanted list are censored on all the major websites, what the fuck~~~
[Note: the police have issued an wanted list of those who have badly harmed people’s lives and possessions during the anti-Japan demonstrations.]


Netizens are so busy, already having to fight *** [the Communist Party], and now having to find the attacker.


Where the fuck did all the fucking cops go?! If this kind of person isn’t executed, it’ll just be a waste of China’s food every day! Cao! The 10 yuan tax money I pay every month is all going to feed this bunch of animals!


Good thing I watched this video this morning! Why was it deleted [censored]? Why are all the major websites not allowed to upload/post it? Could it be the doings of *** [the Communist Party]? I don’t understand the actions of all the major websites. For that kind of beast, scum, and bastard to actually be protected, China is too dark/corrupt. Is our Party seeking its own doom? It’s quickly losing popular support!


If he’s human flesh searched out, I bet the result may just scare a lot of the rabble.


*** there’s are both photos and a video, if you Xi’an police can’t catch him, what do we taxpayers feed you for?!


If he’s not punished. the government will sooner or later be punished by the people.

What do you think? When this kind of thing happens, who bears the responsibility? The individual? The crowd? The government? The society? Where do we draw the lines?


Written by Peter Barefoot

Peter is a born and raised Chengdunese who enjoys drinking with all his friends.


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