Xi’an Man Finds Baby Bear, Takes it Home, Feeds it

Xi'an Man Finds Baby Bear, Takes it Home, Feeds it

Xi’an resident Mr. Gao was driving when he saw an animal being circled by a dog, thinking it was a puppy he picked it up, put it in his car and took it home. He later discovered that it was a small black bear, and realizing he didn’t have the capacity to raise the bear himself, he called the forestry department. Officials came and took the bear, which is protected under Chinese law, and will give it a medical check, raise it until it is strong and then release back into the forest.

Source: Netease

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  • Amused

    I am genuinely surprised he didn’t eat it or evolve some money making scheme based around selling it.
    Possibly there are still decent folks about and I’m just a jaded ass?

  • Apothis

    “Release it back in to the forest”. Apparently this was written by someone who believes in fairy tales or who has never left the city…in their entire life.

    • Vance

      If they’re nice, God might arrange it so the released bear does not get eaten until after the PR cameras are done filming.

  • Ivan

    He could have painted it white and sold it to a zoo for a few million

  • WghUk

    Feeds it so that it grows up…then it’d be enough to feed his whole family!

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