Xi’an Police Launch Surprise Anti-Vice Raids

Xi’an Police Launch Surprise Anti-Vice Raids

On August 20 Xi’an police carried out an unannounced crackdown operation aimed at dealing with people connected to illegal sexual activities in Yuhuazhai district after repeated complaints from local residents. 19 squads investigated a total of 70 rented rooms and 360 inhabitants, arresting eight and detaining four. The raids followed previous secret reconnaissance of foot-bathing parlors, dance halls and streetwalker hotspots. One netizen said of the news photo, “What are you covering your faces for? Show them to your future husbands, and remember to ask for a house and car when marriage time comes.”
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  • 老外 or 假洋鬼子?

  • Amused

    Hahahaha! There are whorehouses literally side by side with cop stations in Xi’an, and I shit you not.

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      The cops are their best customers

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    This is an English website. Why are you posting in Chinese?