Xiao Yue Yue Becomes Latest Chinese Internet Celebrity

Xiao Yue Yue drawing.

From Baidu Baike:

小月月 [Xiao Yue Yue] is the main character of a post by Tianya community netizen 蓉荣 [Rong Rong]. [The post] gives an account of Xiao Yue Yue and her “boyfriend” 小W [Xiao W] visiting Shanghai, with Rong Rong being the host entertaining them/showing them around. However, in the span of two days and one night, they encountered incomparably complicated and miserable experiences, because it turns out that Xiao Yue Yue is a stupefying woman [“极品女” is a little difficult to translate, it is a woman who is very stupefying, unbelievable, shocking, outrageous, annoying, even obnoxious, a woman who is atypical in a very noticeable way] of legendary proportions. [In fact,] she is considered to be the most stupefying woman ever known to this day, with netizens quickly prostrating before her in awe.

Netizens quickly prostrate before Xiao Yue Yue in awe, even forming a “Worship Yue God Religion” organization.

Xiao Yue Yue becomes famous.

[Image shows “小月月” (Xiao Yue Yue) suddenly becoming very popular on the internet]

From QQ:

Stupefying girl “Xiao Yue Yue” becomes famous online, netizens wonder if it is a hoax/publicity stunt

Recently, Tianya netizen “Rong Rong” (microblog) posted on that website describing the events of her high school schoolmate “Xiao Yue Yue” visiting the Shanghai World Expo during the National Day holiday, allowing “Xiao Yue Yue” to suddenly becoming an internet celebrity. In the post “Thanks to such a stupefying friend for giving me such a tragedy of a National Day holiday, detailed gossip for posterity”, “Rong Rong” uses tens of thousands of words to describe how she was “astounded/stupefied” by Xiao Yue Yue.

This post was posted October 5th at 11:45 in the morning, and at the time of this writing, that post’s views have already exceeded 6,800,000 views, with 35,957 comments. [At the time of this translation, that post has over 17 million views and over 57 thousand comments over 564 pages.]

“Xiao Yue Yue” over the past two days has been a hot topic on various major forums, it causing even larger waves on Tianya itself.

Over the evolution of this matter, even though “Rong Rong” repeatedly claims that the incidents are real and the people are real, there are still many netizens who feel it is a fake/hoax, with a publicity team behind the scenes.

From Mop:

Stupefying Girl “Xiao Yue Yue” Visits The World Expo Comic Edition

“Stupefying Girl Xiao Yue Yue Visits The World Expo Incident Complete Version”. I saw a niu person post a comic version, so I’m reposting it here. Netizen “把忧伤藏进”: I managed to avoid/duck the Sister Feng phenomenon, but I simply can’t resist the onslaught of the Yue Religion.

Xiao Yue Yue visits the Shanghai World Expo comic.

Xiao Yue Yue visits the Shanghai World Expo comic.

Xiao Yue Yue: “Darling! Why is your [pubic?] hair straight?! Why?!”

Xiao W: “Fuck! I was born this way!”

Xiao Yue Yue: “Then why is mine curly?”

Xiao W: “I…I fucking permed it straight!”

Xiao Yue Yue visits the Shanghai World Expo comic.

Xiao Yue Yue visits the Shanghai World Expo comic.

Xiao Yue Yue visits the Shanghai World Expo comic.

Xiao Yue Yue visits the Shanghai World Expo comic.

Xiao Yue Yue: “Tell me, if I cut a hole on the bottom of this, would it be even more sexy?! If you saw it, would you get excited?!”

A human flesh search found…

From Xinmin:

Tianya’s “Xiao Yue Yue” becomes famous, photos exposed

Xiao Yue Yue?

Xiao Yue Yue is very very very popular right now on the Chinese internet.

UPDATE: EastSouthWestNorth has provided more translations about this story. Unfortunately, it is blocked in China right now so I have copied some parts below:

From Wenxue City:

On October 5, the netizen Rong Rong began a series of live updates to a post entitled “I thank this obnoxious friend for bringing me such a dismal National Day.”

According to Rong Rong who is working in Shanghai now, she was a high school classmate of Little Moon Moon. “We share memories of our youth.” Xiao Yueyue is a kindergarten teacher 150 cm tall and 80 kilograms in weight in Wuhu city, Anhui province.

During the National Day period, Little Moon Moon came to Shanghai with her new boyfriend Little W. Little Moon Moon’s mother asked Rong Rong to look after them.

“I was somewhat excited. After all, I am always excited to see people from back home. I am working by myself in Shanghai, and I look forward to meeting some home folks,” Rong Rong said.

But Rong Rong never anticipated that she and Little W (the boyfriend of Little Moon Moon) would run into a series of shocking disasters such as Little Moon Moon chanting poetry, attempting suicide, etc during the next two days and one night.

The story began officially on October 3. According to Rong Rong, Little Moon Moon’s train arrived at 10:30am in Shanghai. “I waited until 11:10am without seeing them. She did not answer her phone and she did not reply to text messages. I thought that something bad must have happened to her. I was worried.” At 11:15am, Little Moon Moon called Rong Rong and told her lazily that they had already gone to the hotel and were resting.

Rong Rong then began to describe the various actions of Little Moon Moon. At the time that this news report was finished, that live broadcast post had reached 356 pages (including comments). Rong Rong’s last entry was about Little Moon Moon drinking water.” That entry was made at 9:27pm on October 7. “I went out to deal with some things.” “I don’t know if this post will reach an ending on this day.”

The humorous and suspenseful story quickly drew interest, leading to Internet hit phrases such as “Floating clouds, everything is just floating clouds.” Little Moon Moon has become an Internet phenomenon which continues to brew.

At this time, netizens have set up pages for Little Moon Moon at the Baidu Encyclopedia and the Baidu Post Bar. There is even a “Little Moon Moon” study group. At the same time, Little Moon Moon has been elevated to be the most far-out woman ever, inspiring a new virtual group known as the “Moon Worship Religion.”

Netizens also made a complete catalog of all the things that Little Moon Moon used (a grey sweater, the red high-heeled shoes, Rejoice shampoo, the banana, the congee with thousand-year-egg and thin pork meat), the persons that she came into contact with (the illegal taxi driver who took them to the Bund, the security guard at the hotel, the hotel front desk female receptionist) and the places that she visited (the Bund, the Temple of the City God, the Nanjing Road Pedestrian Walk, the Meters Bonwe shop.

Our reporter went to the page for the Little Moon Moon Study Group. The page is divided into “Analysis of the persons,” “Progress report on the human flesh search,” “Vulgar sociology,” “the Little Moon Moon affair as an experiment in communication” and other sections. There were also two chat groups, of which the first is already fully subscribed while the second one has 425 members.

Some netizens continue to conduct “human flesh search” on the persons involved in the affair. But it is no longer important whether Little Moon Moon is real or fake. For example, in the Little Moon Moon Study Group Chat Group 2, netizens are just interested in forwarding, describing and expanding on all the awful things that Little Moon Moon did.

Here are some excerpts from the live broadcast post [The post was updated over time by Rong Rong]:

Little W thought it was getting too embarrassing. So he said half jokingly, half seriously: “If you continue like this, then I am leaving …” I thought, “Good, that’s the way. It is a crime to let her scream and roll on the ground like that …” But I never imagined … Little Moon Moon began to howl! Yes, she began to howl! Yes, she was howling even as she wiped her tears from the wailing!

She said, “AI YA YA! My foot hurts and you don’t care! AI YA YA! You don’t love me! AI YA YA! You are a perfidious man. AI YA YA! You are the unfaithful husband Chen Shimei. AI YA YA! You made a promise to me but you can’t keep it.”

At that moment, I thought the air stopped. There were only crows over my head. GUA GUA GUA.

Little W could not stand it anymore. He held a grim expression, stood up and said, “Where did you put my bag? Give it back to me so that I can go home.” At that moment, Little Moon Moon suddenly smiled! Yes, she smiled! She changed her expression quicker than in Sichuan “Face Chance” theater! Really, it was so quick that I can’t even remember that she was howling just before.

Later I understood why Little W put up with her. Their parents knew each other. Since the parents of Little Moon Moon had World Expo tickets, they all wanted their children to go to the World Expo and get to know each other.

Little Moon Moon sat down in a flash. Then she tossed her LV bag to my side. She began to do her hair. As she did it, she said to be in a haughty tone: “As for me, my advantage is that I am too pretty. You just saw it. The eyes of the men in Shanghai followed me. They want to flirt with me. HMMM! I despise Shanghai people.” Little Moon Moon was talking about the dirty old man who was following her.

Little Moon Moon then whispered: “Actually I like Shandong people. Also Henan people. It is so nice to hug onto some muscle …” Then she played with the table cloth: “It is a pity that I already have Little W. I have to be faithful, even though I am so pretty and so many people court me. But I am faithful. I am the legendary Liang Shango. If Little W doesn’t want me, I will go and be buried with flowers.”

Little Moon Moon had been very spirited. But after seeing Little W, she immediately turned into the complete opposite. She — please, everybody, don’t be shocked — she actually began to recite poetry! Yes! She was reciting poetry! She pretended to have fainted, but she was whispering poetry lines. I vaguely heard: “The flowers wilt, the flower petals cover the sky in white. The broken red silk bunting, who is there to pity me?”

Slowly, she leaned over and put her head on Little W’s shoulder. Little W had already moved away and was occupying just one half of the chair. But over the course of saying those two lines of poetry, she managed to slowly creep her way over to his shoulder. When she finished reciting the lines, her eyes were even glimmering with tears.

She whispered to Little W: “Who will pity me? Who will pity me? If I should die, will you pity me?”

Little W tried to inch away slowly. From his small plastic bag, he took out a cigarette and fumbled to light it.

So we finally managed to finish the meal. Little Moon Moon said that we have to hurry over to the Temple of the City God. She said that she wanted to buy a Little Dog Dog. I was nonplussed. Little Dog Dog? There is no Little Dog Dog at the Temple of the City God. Then she said, “No, it is a Little Bear Bear.” I was even more befuddled. Little Bear Bear? Dead or alive? She continued to whine, “No, not Little Bear Bear. It is Little Lovely.” Oh dear mother, what is Little Lovely?

I used my imagination to link Little Dog Dog, Little Bear Bear and Little Lovely together. What is it? She laughed at my ignorance. She was shaking her body while she yelled at me: “Girl, you are so stupid! It is Haibao (note: the Shanghai World Expo mascot)!”

It finally dawned on me! I was really ignorant! Haibao was the fusion of Little Dog Dog, Little Bear Bear and Little Lovely!

So I, Little Moon Moon and Little W marched towards the Temple of the City God with a large bundle of panties and bras in hand.

From Daqi:

Investigating the details of the Little Moon Moon case.

I was re-reading the story this morning and I came across this sentence: “Sadly, Little W and I got on the Number 2 Line, transferred to the Number 1 Line and rode all the way to the terminal station.”

I suddenly remembered: According to the announcement from the city government, the Nanjing East Road station on the Number 2 Line is closed every day from 15:15 hours between September 29 and October 3!

According to the post, the event took place after 9pm on October 3. How did they manage to take the Number 2 Line? The next stop west of Nanjing East Road is People’s Plaza, which was the transfer point to the Number 1 Line. They wouldn’t need to make any transfer there. The next stop east of Nanjing East Road is the Lujiazui station. If they walked to the Lujiazui station, they would need to swim across the Huangpo River first …

So I sent a SMS to Rong Rong at Tianya to ask for an explanation. No reply. I re-read the more than 100 pages of comments on that Tianya post. Someone had asked a similar question to no avail.

As someone who lives only a five minute walk away from the Nanjing East Road station on the Number 2 Line, I went down to the Meters Bonwe shop tonight.

I asked the store guide whether she saw this woman on the night of October 3. The store guide said: “Are you talking about the one who tossed the underwear around? Many people have asked me already. No such thing took place …” I was not completely assured, so I asked the security guard. He said: “I know what you are asking about. It is unlikely to have occurred. During lunch today, we discussed this matter among ourselves. But it was very crowded that day. It is possible that we didn’t spot it.”

So I reserve my opinions with respect to Meters Bonwe.

But I am disappointed. Apart from this store guide and this security guard, any other witness would be telling each other if this extraordinary scene actually took place.

I also walked down to the Babela restaurant on the sixth floor of the Hongyi Plaza.

The service worker was very excited: “AI YA! That business! We received many calls today about it! But what happened! We searched on the Internet, but we couldn’t find it!”

I remembered this sentence: “The young Babela guy looked at me worriedly from behind with a walkie-talkie in his hand. Mother’s cunt, why can’t I pay my bill?”

So I asked: “Is there a skinny male service worker holding a walkie-talkie?”

They said: “Ha ha ha ha! We have never used any walkie-talkies ever since we opened business here!”

I was ready to faint!

They comforted me: “But we do have skinny service workers …”

I explained what happened to them, and I used my mobile phone to show them the story-only version of the story on Douban.

When they came to: “We reached the entrance of the Babela restaurant. There were a lot of people. The Babela receptionist gave us a card with the number 311,” they got excited and said: “Let us check the record on the evening of October 3.

So I checked the waiting list on the evening of October 3. There was no number 311. I said feebly: “Can I take a photo?” They said no. I understand that because this was their internal record. But I told them: “Don’t throw it out.” They said alright.

That’s it. That’s how far I got.

October 12th UPDATE: Rong Rong has been human flesh searched. The stories are not real and as some Chinese netizens suspected, she was hired by Tianya for this publicity stunt to increase Tianya’s popularity/hype.


Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.


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