“Xiaosan Gate”: Ex-Wife Posts Cheating Husband’s Sex Photos

Zhongguancun Xiaosan Gate Diao Lili sex photos.

Some reports have named this “Zhongguancun Xiaosan Gate” while others have named it “Zhongguancun Sexy Photos Gate“. Zhongguancun is often called the “Silicon Valley of China” and is located in northwest Beijing’s Haidian District.

From Baidu Baike:

Xiaosan Gate

Synopsis: In order to get revenge for an affair, the former wife of an IT company executive recently sent dozens of sex photos involving her former husband and the third party via email to many Zhongguancun companies [a technology hub in Beijing, known as the “Silicon Valley of China”]. The email not only exposed sex photos but also the “xiaosan‘s” true name, mobile phone number, MSN account, address, and many other personal information. According to the email, the “xiaosan” works in a Taiwanese software sales company.

The “wife” who sent this email said in the email that she and her husband had been married for 3 years, that their child is just over 1-year-old. After the child was born, she resigned from a foreign enterprise/company to become a full-time housewife. At first, the couple’s relationship was still very normal, but a little while later, her husband started to not return home at nights. After her husband began treating her coldly, this wife began checking her husband’s cell phone information and sure enough saw nearly 200 flirtatious text messages in his mobile phone. In order to be certain whether or not her husband was having an affair, the “wife” didn’t say anything, and under the guise of a headhunter called the number where the flirtatious SMS messages originated from, adding the other party on MSN, and even becoming “friends” with the other party. To investigate the truth, the “wife” several times even met the “xiaosan” for meals, and every time the other party swiped a credit card to pay the bill. Once while paying after a meal, the “wife” discovered that the pinyin [name] on the black gold credit card was her own husband’s name.

On day in 2010 December, the “wife” stealthily took the “xiaosan‘s” cell phone, and after looking through the text messages the “wife” discovered that the “xiaosan” was maintaining relations with multiple men, and that her own husband was just one of them. Also within the mobile phone were sex videos of the “xiaosan” with different men. After investigating the truth, the “wife” put the cards on the table with her husband, not expecting that though her husband appeared contrite, the “xiaosan” and her husband continued their relationship. This past Spring Festival, she and her husband signed a divorce agreement.

In order to get revenge on her ex-husband and the third party, after the Spring Festival holiday period ended, the “wife” posted dozens of sex photos involving her husband and the third party onto the internet. Amongst the aforementioned sex photos, many Zhongguancun white-collar recognized the female in the sex photos to be the female white-collar worker at the a certain Taiwanese software company in Zhongguancun whose real name had been exposed by the “wife” in the email. Many Zhongguancun company workers have named this incident “Zhongguancun Sexy Photos Gate”.

From NetEase:

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Zhongguancun xiaosan‘s indecent photos exposed, Diao Lili’s 36 sex photos wildly downloaded [circulated by netizens]

Xiaosan Information:

Chinese name: Diao Lili, English name: Cissy

[Birth date:] 1982 November 2

[Address:] Maliandao East Street, Courtyard 15, Building 6, #202

Mobile Phone: 13811125027



[email protected]

[email protected]

Currently works at SYSTEX.

Diao Lili’s RenRen profile page and other photographs: (click to enlarge)

Diao Lili's (刁黎黎) Renren social network profile page

Diao Lili photo.Diao Lili photo.Diaolili photo.

Diao Lili photograph.

Comments from China.com:


She’s alright, except her cunt is too dark… emoticon


It must be admitted, sometimes mosaics have obstructed the forward progress of humanity!


The face on top is nothing special, so I bet it is the mouth on the bottom that is more impressive.


None of my damn business; although, this wife is really incredible, investigating so thoroughly that she found out everything;

Comments from XiCi:


A rather pretty girl, how did she become this way?


Girls these days no longer have any moral limits.


Faint, this woman is very fearless/wild, having relations with several men.


What are people thinking these days?


This xiaosan is really incredible.

What do you think? If you were the ex-wife, would you have done this?

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  • Mechanized

    Needs more pictures.

    • Albino

      Uncensored too! I hate censored porn.

      • ptptp

        With your beautiful wife, you shouldn’t have to look at porn!

    • pervertt

      Pictures so blurry. Where did I put my glasses?

  • staylost

    So she is a free spirited girl who loves sex. Nothing wrong with that I suppose. The wife is pretty smart though, they should make her a spy.

    The husband on the other hand seems like a boring dog of a dog. They should put him in the stocks for a day or so. We should all be able to though some rotten vegetables & fruit at him too.

    • Albino

      How do you know? Most of the couples I know live separate lives, sleep in different rooms, do their own washing and are just house mates. And this is what it comes down to: “former wife of an IT company executive”. Maybe wife wasn’t putting out, husband got fed up with it not putting out and got himself a wife that will.

      Wife loses comfortable life and puts the affair online. As we see some care, others don’t. Life will go on, with ex-wife festering in hatred. Husband obviously doesn’t care that his mistress is sleeping with quite a few guys (I read a while go that a Chinese girl can have up to 50 prospectives). She might be a good lay, who knows.

      Conclusion: husband can enjoy his STD’s (if he’s as intelligent as the average idiot and doesn’t use condoms) and the ex-wife can enjoy her jealousy.

    • Tommy


      All those free-spirited, sex-loving girls who sleep with several married men and photograph the affairs.

  • bob

    where can i see some uncensored photos?

  • 文章的歌

    It’s only a Paper Moon
    -Nat Kind Cole

    you know it

    • darkandlovelykissedbythe

      Its Cheaper to Keep Her
      – Johnny Taylor

      Wonder how much she will get from the divorce agreement?

    • vince

      @ Kedafu its nat king cole my friend, also whiskey lullaby – brad paisley :'(

  • Jay K.

    If i was the husband of this situation, i would have said let’s participate in a 3 way conference!

  • Eu

    Sign, this xiaosan and the husband will be human-fleshed to no end. (Um, the ex-wife even saved the trouble for netizens to find the xiaosan’s true name!).
    This is exactly the scenario a lot of post-80s women fear. Get married, have a child, and even quit jobs for the family (funny, how their mothers never quit their jobs to raise them…), then discover your husband is cheating, even paying the mistress.
    Divorced Chinese women, especially with children, face a very difficult new dating/marriage market.
    Well, at least here the ex-wife divorced on her own accord; she wasn’t kicked out of house with no marital property (another things the female Netizens fear). And it’s not like this xiaosan actually wants to marry her husband.
    Considering the past wrath of netizens toward affairs (anyone remembering the story of the woman who killed herself after providing her husband with an education, only to discover he was cheating? Netizens even track their daily movements, it was scary), let’s hope they survive…

  • Mark

    And in other equally shocking China news, the sun rose and set, children went to school, and people ate food.

  • cdn icehole

    LOL. Hell has no fury like a woman scorned!

    Why do Chinese people use those weird English names? I have yet to meet any Japanese or Korean people that do this. I’m guessing that she couldn’t pronounce Cecilia and used Cissy instead. I met a Chinese women that recently immigrated to Canada and gave herself the English name of Minorsa. My first thought was “WTF?! Why?”. She picked this name by randomly mixing letters of the English alphabet. I didn’t laugh at her but was just puzzled by her decision.

    I think they should be happy with the names given by their parents unless you don’t like the name given to you. If you wanted to know this person then you should make the effort to know their name. If I lived anywhere in Asia I’d expect people to call me by my given name.

    • bobiscool

      While I kept my chinese name for over 10 years, most people don’t because it’s simply troublesome.

      I don’t konw if you ever experienced it, but it’s really annoying when these white people go like “how do you pronounce your name?”

      I’m say it.

      And then they say a few different version and they’re like “is that right?”

      I’m like it’s okay, since I know it’s a hard name to pronounce

      and then they’re like no no, I just want to get it correctly. And then they say it a few more times.

      And then I’m like it’s pretty close, good enough.

      and then they’re like no, no, it’s rude to say a person’s name wrong, I wanna get it right.

      and so forth.

      And no, I’m not being racist towards white people; in fact I think it’s a good thing they want to learn your name properly, shows they care, or at least is polite. But the problem is, chinese names are very hard to pronounce, not like Japanese names. I mean here are a few japanese names:

      ken, maria, erika, reina, risa. How hard are they to pronounce? Not very different from real English names anyway.

      Then again, I completely agree that some Chinese people give themselves really weird and random English names.

      It’s really funny.

      • “ken, maria, erika, reina, risa.”

        Those aren’t Japanese names, those are English names. Japanese names are like Hayao Miyazaki, Isao Takahata, Yasujiro Ozu. Very hard to pronounce as well.

        • bobiscool

          Ichijouji Ken from digimon is called ken, with ken written in kanji.

          there are several different ways of writing maria with kanji

          Erika toda and Erika sawajiri are famous actresses whose names are written in kanji

          Reina Tanaka and Risa Niigaki are members of Morning Musume, names also in Kanji.

          The reason I stress kanji is, if it was a borrowed name it would be in katakana, not kanji or hiragana. Names with a kanji are most likely real japanese names.

          Further, even the names you gave are not hard to pronounce.

          Ha-ya-oh Mi-ya-za-ki, ee-sa-oh ta-ka-ha-ta, ya-su-ji-lo, oh-zoo

          Since japanese only has 5 vowels, it’s easy to pronounce. Unlike chinese where the same pinyin can have 4 different sounds.

          *how does my comment look “a bit spammy”???!!!! It’s purely educational…

          • Andy

            Actually, not all Japanese words written in kanji are originally Japanese, before the 20th century a lot of the borrowed foreign words were also written in kanji, for example 倶楽部 – kurabu – club, 珈琲 – kôhî – coffee. Besides, in Japan you can use virtually any combination of kanji and pronunciation for one’s given name, so parents can give their child a Western name and write it in any kanji of their choosing (although usually they’d use the kanji that actually represents those sounds). Also some parents give their children typical Japanese names but written in hiragana or katakana instead of kanji, so you really have to analyze the name phonetically to judge it’s origin, not by looking at whether it is in kanji or kana to determine if it is Japanese or foreign.

          • bobiscool

            Which is why I said most likely.

            I don’t know the origins of such names, but there are a lot of people who have these names, especially erika.

            Even names like Yuki, kaho, kanon and Ai, they’re also very easy to pronounce. Well, maybe not the way a japanese person would pronounce it, but at least it’s a lot easier than chinese names where the sound is completely different from how it’s read in English, since PinYin pronounciation is different from the english alphabet

            interesting though, that the japs use the same words as the chinese for the two things you mentioned. Then again, probably the chinese borrowed them from the japs like telephone and all the other western stuff.

        • guizi

          Some Japanese parent give their children English name. But not like Tom or John. When using foreign name, they usually use names which can be easily written down in Chinese characters and pronounced easily. Perhaps such parents think it is cool and love european thing. I think it is strange. One more thing, mostly girls have such names, not boys.

          Ken is Japanese name. genuine. Also there are kenta, kenichi, kenzo.
          maria is not.
          erika is perhaps is not. Erika is European name? I dont know. Erika reminds me of a flower which is foreign though.
          reina is perhaps not.
          risa can be both foreign and Japanese. At first it sounds foreign but for girls name the sounds of r and s is preffered, and risa can be easily made by using these sounds. The sound of risa is clear and bright to Japanese people, and suitable to girls.

      • cdn icehole

        Whenever I encounter a non-white immigrant at work I ask them what their real names are if I find out that they’ve used an English name. I always try my best to properly pronounce their real names. I sometimes secretly record the conversation using my cellphone to cut down on the annoyance factor. I do notice if the new immigrant doesn’t take the effort to help in the pronunciation then you’ll get that annoying badgering from the locals.

        I mentioned this as I noticed only Chinese-looking immigrants follow this practise. Immigrants from India, Eastern Europe and Middle East do not give themselves an English name. Strangely I feel offended for them that they have to use an English name. It’s one thing to abandon some customs from your homeland (i.e. stoning your wife for adultery, etc…) to integrate into your new homeland and it’s another to abandon your identity.

        • bobiscool

          I don’t know if you realize this, but they don’t throw it away…

          To Chinese speakers they still use their Chinese names. Only to people who don’t speak chinese do they use their english names.

          I mean there are at least 20 chinese people who has an English name, but I don’t even know what it is. I know their Chinese names, though.

          It’s only so that people don’t try a hundred times to pronounce your name.

          And did you know that with the same qualifications, “John” is much more likely to be hired than “Abdul” or “XiaoXing”?

          • cdn icehole

            “And did you know that with the same qualifications, “John” is much more likely to be hired than “Abdul” or “XiaoXing”?”

            Yes, I’m aware of the study by UBC Economics Prof. Philip Oreopoulos. An unfortunate reality of living in Western countries. If the claims of this century belonging to the Chinese are correct, it would be interesting to see if the Chinese (or Indians) return the favour.

    • MBE

      You never met a Korean or a Japanese with weird English names? Have you heard of the South Korean national treasure, Rain? And that is a relatively normal name… You need to meet more people.

      How would you feel if your name is x-something, and the non-Chinese person respond by staring at it for two minutes and ask impatiently “so how do you say it?!” Or you don’t know if they are calling you or not…

      People like to create names. 10 “Jessica” or “Jennifer” is just not fun. African Americans are very creative to create nice names like Sharifa or Lakisha. Nobody wants to get the same names as others.

      It’s like modern Chinese women also cannot understand why American women take their husbands’ family name when they don’t have to. Why not just keep your own name? (notice the emphasis on “modern”)

      BTW, Cissy is the nickname of Draco Malfoy’s mother Narcissa Black (Sirius’ cousin). Her sister, the uber evil crazy Bellatrix, called her that in book 6 of Harry Potter.

      • cdn icehole

        “You never met a Korean or a Japanese with weird English names? Have you heard of the South Korean national treasure, Rain? And that is a relatively normal name… You need to meet more people.”

        No on both accounts. As for meeting more people, I try my best but there are only 34 million of us.

        “It’s like modern Chinese women also cannot understand why American women take their husbands’ family name when they don’t have to. Why not just keep your own name? (notice the emphasis on “modern”)”

        I wasn’t aware that modern Chinese women are keeping their own family name. Hopefully they don’t adopt the hyphenated family names which I think is ridiculous. My sister didn’t change her last name but didn’t use a hyphenated one either. However, her daughter took the husband’s last name.

        • bobiscool

          if you don’t even know this simple fact, you don’t really have any right to say anything about chinese people…

          you don’t know why they change their names, you just make a bunch of stupid assumptions and come up with a stupid conclusion.

          Chines people don’t use hyphenated names, unless it’s a white/chinese mix in which case they might.

          Women stick to their own last names. And in fact, a friend’s twin brother has different last names; one their father’s and one their mother’s.

          • cdn icehole

            “if you don’t even know this simple fact…”

            What simple fact? Were you referring to MBE’s statement that modern Chinese women are keeping their surname? Although I live on the other side of the Pacific Pond, I do realise that there are much more that I don’t know. Unlike the people South of the 49th Parallel, I also know there is a world outside of the Canadian border.

            “Women stick to their own last names.”

            If that is this century’s fad, so be it. My sis has followed that path. Her reasoning is that it was a PITA to change all the legal documentation that had her maiden name. Frankly, I don’t give a rat’s ass what she does with her last name.

            “And in fact, a friend’s twin brother has different last names; one their father’s and one their mother’s.”

            How alternative of them.

          • bobiscool

            I didn’t make that comment to call you ignorant or stupid.

            Of course there are a lot of things that you don’t know, and a lot of things I don’t know. But the point is, we shouldn’t make blind assumptions about things we don’t know.

            I mean it’s human nature to assume… but still. If you didn’t even kno that most chinese women keep their own family names, you really don’t know much about Chinese culture and how people think.

            I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. No one can know everything. But when you don’t know about something, rather than commenting on how sad Chinese people are to be so quick to abandon their names, I think you should seek to learn more first.

            Now, I am also making an asumption on your posts, of course. I realize I could be wrong, but the reason I feel offended is because your posts seem to imply that Chinese people are somehow all ashamed of their heritage and are more eager to change names and things like that than others. I don’t feel that’s true. I came to Canada when I was 7, but I am still proud that I am Chinese. Not that I’m racist against none Chinese people, I just feel that my Chinese heritage makes me part of who I am.

      • Stimpy


        All Chinese married women, modern or not, keep their surname. They don’t change it to be their husband’s.

        • carl

          I had to get a chinese name from my university in china when i moved there from sweden, but i was lucky because my name is Carl and thats a quite international name so i got my chinese name from Karl Marx.
          卡尔 (kaer) its prononced almost as CAR 车 so för the first days i thought that i was named after cars 车 , haha.

  • It seems as if some of these pictures were taken by a “third party”…

    • Jay K.

      like i posted in the above comment the more people the merrier the experience will be.

    • Not to rain on anyone’s excited threesome possibilities, but probably stills from a video or taken with a tripod.

  • GreenTea

    waiting on pusan playa
    for sauce.

  • xmcx

    At least the husband has a clue what he was getting into.
    From Western eyes, this tactic of “public shaming” has a few unwanted characteristics:
    -The relationship between two people is of no concern to those outside, including strangers in the street, readers of the internet, etc.
    -Bringing in those outsiders from the work related sphere is distinctly infringing upon another select group.
    -Of course wacko revenge jobs never helped anybody: what is the wife hoping to gain here?
    -The husband can presumably be let off if he bows three times. If not, walking through her bridged legs on all four while calling himself a dog will definitely solve everything and make her shut up, come back to cook and fulfill whatever unsatisfying, ungratifying, unwilling purpose she served in the home.
    Summing up: bringing in unrelated people, of course not solving the problem, but actually not gaining anything. And yet, this road of public shaming seems pretty popular with Chinese; the only spectacular thing here is the large number of photos, otherwise based on what I have witnessed personally, I imagine this sort of thing must happen several times every day.
    Am I the only one here rooting for the xiao3 (and the husband!)?

    • 吴兰

      No, you’re not.

    • Alikese

      And talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face. The wife quit her job, has a new born child and still decided to ruin her family life by humiliating her husband (and herself, by proxy). I don’t get that.

  • 吴兰

    Relationships are difficult and for Chinese they seem to be even more difficult than for others: the post-80s generation was raised by mothers whose only strategy was to have no expectations and simply ENDURE. But the post-80s Chinese women don’t want to simply ENDURE because they grew up watching American and home-made rom-coms and reading Cinderella stories. They are clueless, however, on how to construct a healthy and functioning relationship as such. The superstitions surrounding the Chinese family-life aren’t helpful either: get pregnant and stop having sex; have a kid and stick to not having sex; then bring your parents over to raise the kid with you and still stick to not having sex as it’s stressful with so much crowd in the house; spend little time with your partner because your mother-in-law demands your attention; stay in the house as housewife and restrict conversations to shopping and home-issues only – under the circumstances, we’ll see how long it will take for the best of relationships to crumble. The xiaosan industry is a prolongation of an ancient tradition of luxurious and refined “flowers of Shanghai” or Japanese geishas. That’s all there is to it. Situation will not change if people will not learn to build healthy and functional relationships – and let it be from Americans (who suck anyways) as China already has a higher divorce rate than any other country in the world.

    • China’s divorce rates are far below the USAs right now, but they are climbing fast.

      • McCurry

        Like rest of China stats, the divorce rate in China is probably super shady and foggy. Besides the Chinese possess the ridclous ability to endure. They care too much about face. Divorce will result in losing face and a lot of explaining to the parents and friends. They rather be stuck in a loveless and shitty marriage, then stir the pot something the Western world isn’t afraid to do.

        • Albino

          Actually they don’t endure, unless beaten or abused. Haven’t you ever seen older couples walking a metre apart? It’s because they’re only house mates, they do not live a married life. They never liked each other, never wanted to marry each other but were forced to under that term everything is justified by; culture.

          I’ve already posted this above but it’s the norm. In China love is money. No money, no love. There is no such thing as love, unless it’s shopping, it’s all financial desire and greed. In all my years here I have come across only one couple who actually really loved each other. Everywhere I look I see wife sleeping in her room with her 12 year old baby (FAIL) and the husband living his life, after having said FU to the wife.

          I have come to learn that when a woman says she wants her husband to be loyal to her she only means she wants her financial comfort secured. Only when it’s threatened do they lash out like the above wife.

          • 吴兰

            It’s just a matter of how you define “endure”. I’d say that living with a person you have nothing in common with only for the sake of keeping up the appearances is a form of ‘”enduring”. Especially that it’s the husbands that are kind of allowed to cheat while the women find themselves confined to serving the family and growing old without ever finding out what real sex, love, partnership,acceptance are all about. The money and shopping are the only consolation prize available. It’s a very harsh comment you made, Albino, but to an extent I agree. I have seen some truly noble exceptions to this rule though: I have met Chinese couples who loved each other and I have met Chinese people seeking divorce so that they both can pursue the dreams they found impossible to fulfill together. It’s all too rare though and I must admit the exceptions I have met were also exceptionally wealthy …

          • Albino

            I have also seen true love, I was wrong to say one couple, because actually it’s been two. One of the couples constantly battle their parents, because her parents think he’s too short (like she’s a giant) and his parents think her parents are too poor. They got married a few years ago and have a child together. They have stuck with each other through the tears, pain and misery their parents have caused. Their parents dislike one another so much they totally ruined their wedding day.

            But that is the exception. When I look around me all I see are gold diggers. I once knew a girl who made her boyfriend buy her a 600 RMB pair of Italian shoes she didn’t even like, but if he loved her and wanted to prove his love to her her he had no choice but to buy them. That, unfortunately, is the norm. It’s very sad but even among the foreigners I have met I can clearly see there’s no emotion in their relationships, which is why they’ve all delved in the bottle. Again the norm. Very sad, really.

            I will not accept that money is the only thing left in their lives. Considering I was once told that a man who’s more interested in women than money is a sexual deviant (regional saying only possibly).

            Also I will not accept that the wives do not cheat. I have seen many women go to ‘work’ at 23:00 dressed up very nicely… work, lol.

  • cheers12

    why hasn’t anyone noticed that her last name is 刁, which can be translated into fuck….

    • Strangerland

      Diao is slang word for ‘penis’ too, by the way…….but nowadays it also retain ‘cool’ as its new meaning, the same way with Americans go all ‘cool!’ over something. It’s Jay Chou, that Chinese singer who popularize that new meaning.

      • Get It Right

        Jay Chou is Taiwanese…

        • bobiscool

          … is there a need to repeat what the previous poster said?


          I don’t know what kind of a fantasy world you live in, but Taiwan is a part of China. Even the Taiwanese agree. Only that they don’t agree to be a part of the CCP.

          • ptptp

            One could also argue that it is independent now where Taiwan is the unofficial name of the Republic of China.

            It’s not as simple as you state – some Taiwanese people actually like the idea of Taiwan as an independent nation though they may not want to go to war over it.

          • john digmeme

            Why two systems of government? Why two Olympic teams? Why two different currencies? Why buy advanced weapons from the United States?

  • greater

    very bad husband…and wife is also cant regarded as good…why she exposed nude pics?? ok whatever the mentality of tht poor wife..only she can feel..im with wife…
    can we also get tht email or link to tht picshaha?

  • Of Canada

    Why punish the poor girl?? It is the husband who’s name and photos she should have spread around. . he is the one who cheated. . not the un-married girl. Though really she should have just settled the finances with him and moved on. Now all 3 will have ruined reputations.

    • 吴兰

      As I was repeatedly told both by Chinese men and women, being a mistress in China is a secure and well-paid job. You know you’re taking a calculated risk the moment you get into this profession, be it a part-time profession. It’s like being a call girl/ high street hooker in Europe. She’s not poor, this girl, and I’m sure that out of all three of them, she is the one who’ll land on her feet again the quickest.

  • JohnWayne

    I feel so bad for this guy’s wife.

  • Fman

    Good for him now he’s free of the wife he can enjoy the good life!

  • Tom Tuttle from Tacoma

    Brother needed a ho phone.

  • ShanghaiSteve

    Distribution of pornography is illegal in China. So is theft (mobile phone was stolen from the er nai). I believe that it’s also illegal to publish the personal information of a 3rd party. So the ex-wife has certainly broken a few laws by publishing these photos. Since divorce proceedings in China strongly favor the man, I suspect that the ex-wife will receive very little from the judge. She could possibly lose custody of the child as well. It would have been smarter to blackmail the er nai. As it stands, everyone knows that her husband cheated on her; the husband still has the er nai; the er nai still has several other “sponsors”.

    • Tommy

      The apartment complex I live in is nicknamed er nai city. Second Grandmother city. You can tell that to a taxi driver and he will bring straight here. Lots and lots of er nai

  • Irvin

    I really don’t get the merit of the purpose of a man getting a “xiao san” isn’t prostitution safer and less strings attached?

    It seem alot of men don’t understand the commitments and meaning of a marriage. Even if you fuck around outside, you should always go home to your wife. That’s my take in the matter anyway.

  • dim mak

    Who gives a crap
    I could go on imagefap right now and find like a million galleries of angry ex-s posting their spouses nudes
    Surely there are more interesting scandals/threads right now

  • Well I think she went a bit over the top and just acted rash, She never thought about the repucussions about how this could affect their child? I mean there is absolutely no way they will ever get back together after this.

    As for the girl involved in the affair. Is it really her fault? perhaps she didnt know the man was married and was just having some fun with guys. Shes young why not?

  • pengyou

    Well I bet this is a “publicity stunt”: the xiao-san would actually be a high class call girl and she can put that huge advertisement all over despite censorship.
    Someone add her on msn/call her to check

  • jiang

    ew i see private parts O_O

  • Koreansentry

    If she can’t make her hubby to make love to her then she’s useless. Just because of some lust, she doesn’t need to humiliate her hubby like this. Another reason I shouldn’t be looking at Chinese girls.

    • Larry Eugene

      Come to Texas where we like to make love to our own wives and girlfriends….

      • Jeff

        Texas!? the land of
        Steers and
        Brokeback mountain?


      • Jeff

        AND make love to sheep, steer, and cows

  • momm

    China Smack is disgusting

    why u post her real name here??

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    Wang’s love affair with actress Tian Pujun is seen as an example of how a “little third” has successfully worked her way from a “second wife” to the “first lady.”

    Hixiaosan.com, an online community for mistresses to share love tips

    China has a long history of concubines. The number of wives a man has signifies his success and social status. Little has changes in modern China. China’s double-digit development in the past 30 years have given rise to generations of wealthy and powerful men, who in turn, collect mistresses as their badges.

    These mistresses may be a destructive force to families, but they oftentimes play key roles in China’s development, both politically and economically.

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