Xidan Girl Sings “Angel’s Wings”, Becomes Famous

From Youku:

Recently, a video titled “Xidan underground tunnel girl sings ‘Angel’s Wings'” was warmly received by the internet. Various famous BBS discussion forums and websites immediately reposted this video, while this video’s star was named “Xidan Girl” by the vast majority of netizens. On the 3rd, journalists discovered from Qinghua [Tsinghua] University, Beijing University, Renmin University, and numerous universities’ BBS that “Xidan Girl” has become the focal point of discussions amongst various university forums. Overnight, “Xidan Girl” has already spread to the various corners of the internet. Even netizens have started human flesh search engines, hoping to uncover “Xidan Girl’s” mysterious veil.

From ChinaPet:

…The Xidan Girl Phenomenon…Recently Very Hot Very Hot

In 2009 January 26, a netizen named “alucard77117” uploaded onto Youku a video titled “Xidan underground tunnel girl sings ‘Angel’s Wings'”. In the days after being uploaded, traffic to the video swiftly increased. Beginning from January 31, the traffic shot up and on February 2, it reached its craziest speed, going up 10,000 views each minute. Furthermore, it was swiftly reposted on various major BBS discussion forums, and ranks amongst the fastest rising search engine keywords.

The song sung by the Xidan Girl is An Hu’s “Angel’s Wings”. Using her own sweet singing voice, she made it unforgettable to the people passing, and was named “Xidan girl” by netizens.

February 3, Beijing Evening News reported this news, and at the same time was reposted on Sina News, CCTV, and other famous websites.

Around 6pm on February 3, the number of views for Xidan Girl’s “Angel’s Wings” exceeded 3 million, and was “ding’ed” over 2.2 million times, but afterwards the number of views and “dings” were reset. (link to picture evidencing the count:

But afterward the number of views continued to rise.

At present, the internet only has two videos of the Xidan Girl singing:

Angel’s Wings

Do Not Let My Tears Spend The Night With Me

This song is desolate love, is a clear ideal. Sung by Xidan Girl, the music gained an emotional element, rather than just technical expression.

Xidan Girl’s identity has not been confirmed at present, but according to “非我非非我” (this person is the first person to post information, 2008 December 20 posted on Sina), Xidan Girl is surnamed Ren. Netizens went to Xidan underground tunnel to wait for her but did not discover any traces of Xidan girl.

But everyone please note: Xidan Girl is neither “Jiang Hanning” nor is she “Pei Lina”! Although there is very little information concerning her, it is also very difficult to distinguish between real and fake! However, I believe there will be a day the Angel [Xidan Girl] will appear before us! So, everyone please provide reliable information!

Xidan Girl’s name “Ren Yueli” still needs to be confirmed.

The following was a reply posted to a topic about Xidan Girl on Tianya by a netizen with the username 只能说抱歉 [“Can only say sorry”] who says he is the person who filmed the girl and is the “alucard77117” who uploaded the original video to Youku:

Actually, this is a very simple thing, why did it cause such a big storm like this? I am very perplexed.

I called the girl, and before I had finished speaking, the girl hung up. Actually, I really wanted to apologize to her. If everything that has happened has negatively affected your life, I feel very sorry.

Later, I also sent the girl some text messages, apologizing to her, even understanding that she does not want to be known on the internet, and her reasons for not wanting to become famous. Due to privacy, I cannot disclose the content of the text messages, but in general: Because she is from a poverty-striken mountain area, but because she really likes music, she has not giving it up. Her father and mother have always been working in the city, tuition was too expensive, so she dropped-out and went to the city to play guitar and make money. Several years ago, a family member became sick and whose body has continuously not been well. She had wanted to participate in a televised competition, but it would require spending a lot of money and time, so…she does not want to become famous also for this reason. The basic thing is this, and the rest I cannot say.

The internet is indeed pretty frightening, so I hope everyone can draw a lesson from this. Before filming someone, it would be best to first get their permission because not everyone wants to become famous. They are all ordinary people, and do not want to change their own lives because of the internet. Here I apologize to the girl!! I hope everyone can stop bothering her, we have already affected her normal life.

A copy on YouTube:

Can’t see the above video?

A post on Sou Fun has a few extra videos of “Xidan Girl” but the third one is not certain.

Comments on Youku:

If I were there, I would have thrown her my entire purse! 难过 So good~

Actually, the voice coming out is still relying on this tunnel’s echoes! 汗!!! If she were outside, it would only be average! You can tell just by listening! Actually, the effect is just turning up the microphone’s reverberation!

Brothers [in reply to the above comment], with everyone going one way, you dare go against the current, are you not asking to be yelled at?

Beautiful, moved my soul. Seeing netizens listening to it 30 times at once, I did not believe it.
I did not imagine I have listened over 20 times already.

Really good, a pretty voice to move people, rouse people.
Thank you, and then I hope this website can restore the original number of views [that was reset/lost]. If something was done wrong, netizens would most likely not forgive, because there are more video websites than just you guys. I still wish you can adopt netizen’s suggestions!

Truly beautiful, there are very few songs that can move me.

无语无语无语 Over the past few days, I have listened over 30 times each day.

Truly sung with emotion, like she is sharing her own experiences…

I hope I can continue to hear your songs. If you do not want to enter the entertainment business, and only want to peacefully sing for yourself, you can still find a stable job, for example an administration job. Come out, let us help you. If you want to be yourself, I think everyone would respect you.

I registered/signed up just to support her! Such a warm and clear sound, gives people a “from the heart” touching feeling! Every day I have listened so many times!

赞, stealthily asks, do you/does she have a boyfriend?

These few days, I have been listening on repeat~~and have not felt the least bit sick of this song~~I believe many people are probably like me~~ quietly waiting for the angel in their heart to appear~~

Actually I feel she should not go make albums,
because her voice is natural, without imperfection.
But if she puts out an album, there definitely will be fabrication,
and what she sings out in the end will no longer have this kind of feeling.
Although this kind of singing is not the most ideal, it still very easily moves people.

Sigh, it really makes people sad…
From yesterday to today I have been continuously listening, continuously listening…
Angel, hurry and reveal yourself.
Nobody wants to hurt you.
If you want to live quietly,
just reveal yourself for a moment only and tell everyone how you’re doing,
and then everyone can relax and be okay.

What should be said has been said by all of you, but I still want to know where she is right now? I hope she is doing better!! We all wish her good luck!

I feel there discussion is meaningless! The only truth is her attitude of persevering with music and being positive towards life moving everyone today…

A “ding” each day makes me feel like I have gotten a little comfort. Yueli, bless you. You are singing “Angel’s Wings” but you are using an angel’s voice. 赞

I have been listening to this song since the day before yesterday, and do not know how many times I have heard it.
The more I listen to it, the more sad and depressing it is.
Heartfelt wishes that Ren Yueli will have a smooth future, without having to be a roaming musician.

Having studied music for 8 years…suddenly realize I am like a clown…it sounds so beautiful…finding myself unable to find the right adjective…feeling…yes, feeling…other people’s singing all lack this kind of thing…

I do not hope she will be discovered by dirty humanity, hoping that the pure angel will always be preserved in the heaven of everyone’s hearts.

Must be “ding” up!
This voice is truly too beautiful, giving people a kind of unexplainable feeling! Is it warmth? Or something else. It does not matter, I will just say, The “niu” year [year of the cow] truly has a lot of “niu” people! I hope your future goes smoothly! When you album comes out, I will definitely buy it!

“Ding” [up]: 513,686. “Cai” [down]: 1483. When has Youku had this kind of “battle formation?” [means there are a lot more “up” than “down.”]

I have come back yet again to listen. I have listened N times, but I am angry that the 2.8 million popularity [views] were lost, otherwise if we included the current popularity [views], it would already be over 4 million.

Seeing people talk about it so many times, I felt it was unbelievable, but, I did not imagine I would have listened over ten times…

You reset over 2 million comments, so I will “ding” 20 million for you. 赞赞赞

I hear you are very unwilling to become famous, but there is nothing you can do~ who told you sing so good?
In this universe, to be able to hear such a clear, such a natural sound, feels very good.
Ever since a friend told me about your video, I have watched it for two straight days, really, there is nothing for me to say.
It sounds so good, very clear.
You are that angel.

What do you think of Xidan Girl?


Written by Fauna

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