Xinhua Wants Jeremy Lin to Give Up US Citizenship & Play for China

Jeremy Lin.

Jeremy Lin.

Today’s most popular video on popular Chinese video sharing website Youku currently has over 1.5 million views, over 6000 comments, and over 30,000 downvotes after just being uploaded yesterday.

The video features television presenter Tu Lei making fun of an article by Xinhua News, the official press agency of the Chinese government, for calling on recent ethnic Chinese NBA basketball sensation Jeremy Lin (Chinese name: Lin Shuhao) to join the Chinese national men’s basketball team for the 2012 London Summer Olympics…

On Youku:

Lin Shuhao: Xinhua wants you to go home to play basketball

The television presenter is sharing and responding to the following Xinhua news article:

On KDNet, iFeng, and many others:

Xinhua: Lin Shuhao [Jeremy Lin], please make up your mind, seize the opportunity, and take up Chinese citizenship

Xinhua, Beijing February 15 sports report. News Analysis: Demand for Lin Shuhao [Jeremy Lin] to join the Chinese men’s national basketball team high, there is hope, but much difficulty

Xinhua reporter Wang Yong.

Lin Shuhao [Jeremy Lin], this once unfamiliar name to Chinese basketball fans, has now like Yao Ming become a well-known basketball star in China. Lin Shuhao has recently had stellar performances in the NBA, resulting in increasing calls for him to join the Chinese national men’s basketball team for this year’s London Olympics. However, the difficulty of him joining the Chinese team is relatively big. […]

When interviewing the Chinese Basketball Association over the hot topic of inviting Lin Shuhao to join the Chinese national men’s basketball team, this Xinhua reporter learned that there are many obstacles, with the largest obstacle being the problem of Lin Shuhao’s nationality/citizenship. To become a member of the Chinese national men’s basketball team, Lin Shuhao would have to give up his current American citizenship and take up Chinese citizenship. […]

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If this “call” is to become a reality, it requires the Chinese Basketball Association to make practical efforts in attracting talent, and requires even more that Lin Shuhao to make up his mind and seize the opportunity. Yao Ming, as someone who is familiar with this overseas ethnic Chinese basketball player from Zhejiang province of China, said in an interview that if Lin Shuhao really could join, it would definitely help the Chinese national men’s basketball team.

The television presenter expresses obvious contempt for the Xinhua article saying, “I personally really wonder if that this journalist has previously written too many speeches for government leaders. Confidence is a good thing, but this is just wishful thinking.”

He then says China’s media still needs to train itself and that he personally prefers that Jeremy Lin stay in the NBA because having someone with “yellow skin and black eyes” successful in the world’s highest level of basketball competition is what Asians can be proud of.

Comments on Youku:


Fantasizing, once again fantasizing.


It is Obama who should take up Chinese nationality.


Shameless Xinhua.


You think Jeremy Lin has become retarded from playing basketball?


Saw a really niu comment: “He’s eating his food happily and you decide to go over there and say, ‘hey, want to come eat shit?'”


Can you not do such embarrassing things! Fuck! China!!


It’s Xinhua, you know how it is.


Xinhua, I really don’t know what to say…


Be careful, the Koreans might come out and claim Jeremy Lin [as their own]. emoticon

jay9433: (responding to above)

You’re right, who belongs to what country is not for us to decide, but for Koreans-simida to decide.


Even if he didn’t stay in America, he would go back to Taiwan to play basketball, how does this relate to the mainland??? I don’t get it…


If you have nothing to do, go demand the children of Chinese government officials to give up their foreign citizenship.


Motherfucking, is this embarrassing or what? Do you fucking want to be the laughing stock of our Taiwanese compatriots and all Chinese around the world?


Hahaha, this can be selected as this year’s biggest joke.


Stop making fun of Korea, the entire world is China’s.


He’d be a stupid cunt if he came back… So many people want to get out, and you expect him to come back~~~!!!!!!!!@@@!!!!@@@!!!@!


Xinhua, mental retards?


Does the journalist who wrote this article have Korean blood, thinking everything is his?


Stop being so embarrassing…


He [Jeremy Lin] is a smart person. With China’s government, culture, education, sanitation environment being so poor, who would want to come back?


This is the funniest piece of news I have seen recently!!!


How does Xinhua have such a stupid cunt of a journalist?


Nonsense, do Africans call for America’s black people to go home [to Africa]?


Truly crazy, he was born in America, how could it be possible?


“Make up your mind, seize the opportunity?” Lin Shuhao doesn’t even want to come to China to play basketball, and you make it sound as if Lin Shuhao is begging to come back.


Xinhua, stop embarrassing yourselves.


I’ve never seen such shamelessness! Pei!


This stupid…going back to mainland China to play ball? Even if he were to go back, it would be to Taiwan… Just leave it at ethnic Chinese, don’t make it as if all ethnic Chinese are the same as Chinese [nationals]…


Allow me to go out and say I am Chinese and even I think this is embarrassing!

Jeremy Lin.

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • Cool Matt

    Yeah. Leave the NBA for the CBA. That’s happening.

    • Harland

      No, to play for the Chinese national team in the Olympics – has nothing to do with NBA. Where was CBA even mentioned? The title is “Play for China”. Please try to read, duh.

      • Cool Matt

        My only goal was to destroy the sofa. Reading came second. And yet, by doing this, I became closer to becoming the very thing I was trying to stop.

        • Darth Sofa

          Join me and I will complete your training. If you only knew the power of the dark side….

          • JAYJAY


  • Cool Matt

    Okay, now I actually read the article. They have tried this before. For the FIBA championships, Taiwan wanted him to play for them, but it was rumored that China also asked him. According to Lin’s wiki.

    • Harland

      You see what I did there?

      • Cool Matt

        Oh yeah. I got it. Well played.

    • Young Man

      There is an answer to all this-

      If the Chinese would just allow people to have dual citizenship like almost everywhere else then plenty of Chinese Americans might consider becoming Chinese- not Lin though ‘cos his family live in Taiwan.

  • I’m contributing. Sold some GOOD SHIT to Xinhua. LMAO.

  • OR maybe He will take one for Taiwan? On the agreement that China will leave Taiwan alone FOREVER and give Taiwan independence. I would do it.

    • mr. wiener

      I’ve seen a good t-shirt of this in Taiwan already. It has Jeremy Lin on it with a map of Taiwan and the Taiwanese flag in the background. The caption at the bottom is LINDEPENDENCE. :D

      • Anonymous

        It’s interesting to see so many Taiwanese nationalist are using Jeremy Lin as if Jeremy Lin is the new spokesperson of the “Taiwanese not Chinese” movement.

        The truth is, in reality Jeremy Lin never see himself as Taiwanese, but rather identify himself as ethnic Chinese and proud to be one.

        Watch the youtube video below.

        Skip to 1.09 where he said it himself he is proud of being Chinese.

        So he self-identifies as Chinese, but makes sure you understand that his family comes from Taiwan. The point here being, he does not say, “I am Taiwanese.”

        Bottom line of course, he is a native-born American. Therefore, he is Chinese American.

        • staylost

          Right, but Taiwanese believe that they are the real China, and believe that China should return to them as a brother. The communist party should submit and return one China to the rightful ruling party currently in power in Taiwan.

          So Jeremy Lin probably meant Chinese, like the real China: Taiwan; not like the terrorists who have occupied the mainland with the help of the Japanese.

          • Anonymous

            Who cares about the politic between China and Taiwan. It’s what Jeremy Lin identify himself that really matter. Taiwanese nationalist should leave him alone let him decide it himself. He want to be seen as Chinese American.

          • Anonymous

            Jeremy Lin admit he is Chinese not once but TWICE. Here is another video where he said he is Chinese.
            Jeremy Lin: I’m Chinese

          • Patrick

            I think none of it really matters. Who cares except the person with who it really matters? I’m Irish (all of my family is) even if I became famous what does it matter what county in Ireland my family came from? Do people need to classify me as Irish-American? It really doesn’t mean anything.

            What impresses me most about this guy is that he’s a class act. Some announcer makes some off-handed remark about a chink in the armor (completely innocent) and the brigade started after him. The announcer was not pulling an Imus. Lin accepted the apology and takes it a step further to say he didn’t think it was intentional. These days people are too wrapped up in stupid, looks like there really is something to those Ivy league schools after all.

        • Chris N.

          Jeremy Lin went to Harvard and he’s ethnically Chinese. What I’m saying is that hes not just some average American who knows nothing about China. He probably very well understands the tensions and would therefore be careful how he answers questions like that. Saying hes proud being Chinese pleases everyone pretty well without hurting anyone’s feelings. It keeps all the options open. Plus, its probably not a big deal in his mind anyway.

          • anon

            It’s possible but I’m not inclined to believe he was particularly conscious about trying to please everyone. There are a lot of pro-Taiwanese independence “I’m Taiwanese, not Chinese” people from Taiwan, but there are also a lot who simply identify themselves as Chinese. His grandmother sounds like she came to Taiwan during the WW2/Chinese Civil War time (like many others), and he’s aware of his ancestors coming from China, so I highly doubt he has issues with his ethnic Chinese identity and heritage. Not all people from Taiwan reject their Chinese identity however much they may disagree or disdain modern mainland politics or proles. Many of them see China has very much part of who they are, identifying with the whole, fully aware of the complicated history of China and Taiwan. I just don’t think Jeremy Lin is consciously thinking “gee, I better be careful with my words here, don’t want to piss off the mainlanders”.

          • Anonymous

            I agree with Anon here. Jeremy Lin admit he is Chinese not once but TWICE. He definitely doesn’t do that to please everyone, but rather it’s a fact he is proud being Chinese. If you watch the video where he said he proud of being Chinese, he openly said it himself he is proud of being Chinese. The person who interview him never ask him if he think himself as Chinese or Taiwanese. Jeremy Lin just said it himself.Not all people from Taiwan reject their ethnic Chinese and heritage. Jeremy Lin probably got no problem admit he is ethnic Chinese and proud of being one.

          • dim mak

            Those things aren’t even mutually exclusive, people just can’t differentiate between ethnicity and nationality

            Unless you’re a Taiwanese aborigine you’re ethnic Chinese with Taiwanese nationality, controversial as that may be

            It’s like saying Malaysian/Singaporean of ethnic Chinese descent, of which there are many

            Since Lin has no Taiwanese citizenship, he labels himself an American (nationality) who is (ethnic) Chinese from Taiwan (background). Which is really more accurate than any of the political butthurt his fans claim him with

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    • Did Taiwan basketball team qualify for Olympics?

  • nereis

    Because he’ll definitely play for the Chinese team and be under the thumb of the draconian sports administration there over making millions of dollars in America, right.

    I also have have a nice bridge to sell you. Bitch loves bridges.

  • Ho hum

    Yeah, and I want Gisele Bundchen to leave Tom Brady and marry me, but…welll…likelihood….

    • tomtuttlefromtacoma

      I don’t know, can your coworkers catch passes?

  • donscarletti

    The only way you can ever tempt an American to come to China is that he will get more hot girls in China.

    In Jeremy Lin’s case, as a basketball star, the amount of hot girls he can nail in America is already extremely high. The amount he could get in China is also very high, but he would have to contend with the fact that his scoring potential as a guy who makes $X million a year playing basketball is exactly the same as a man who makes $X million a year in real-estate. This, undoubtedly is going to make him feel like less of a stud.

    So, personally, if Jeremy Lin was to seek my council, I would say: “nah”. Though when he is washed up and has like a good sized gut on him, he gets my green light and stamp of approval.

    • donscarletti


      Successful, rational, intelligent, pleasantly tempered and self-confident ABCs become chronicly insecure and moody the moment their feet touch Chinese soil. It’s endemic, like Anglo-Australians acting like twats in London.

      My theory about the typical ABC that becomes an expatriate in China is that through school he has the smallest dick in the locker-room and he always thought it was because he was Asian. But then he gets to China, goes into the communal shower and realises he’s still got the smallest dick compared to the Chinese around him and just goes nuts because he suddenly realises that race only ever counted for half an inch at most.

      My bet, if he did come to China within 3 weeks his performance will have slumped as he spends the majority of his time writing moody blog posts about self-identity.

      • Feces Masticator

        This is the best comment I have ever read. Bravo, well written. Extremely accurate.

        • Not From Here


      • mandrewsf


  • Shancouver

    Ya but LIN would get hot girls of all types in the US instead of just Chinese ones…….saw a bunch of white girls going crazy for him in the crowd…also some rumor about Kim Kardashian wanting a date with LIN.

    Sure she is a total skank but DAT ASS.

  • Meh

    This guy is American. Very funny China.

    • Rod

      Yeah, Chinese people are still stuck on the idea that if you look Chinese, you are Chinese. They don’t get the idea that you can be racially and culturally from two different areas of the world. I’d like to see Lin deal with all the smoking and spitting in the locker room in China. Ha. That’ll change him American faster than you can say Mc Donalds.

      • staylost

        Try asking Chinese whether Tibetans are Chinese, just like they are.

        If they say yes, ask them why they don’t respect their beliefs.

        If they say no, ask them why they are occupying foreign nations with similar reasoning to that which the Japanese used to occupy them.

        Also applies to Xinjiang ren…

        China will be a disappointment until the can realize that they are NOT “Han Nation” but are something more than that.

        • donscarletti

          The rationale is that as Chinese, they should believe in the same things as other Chinese.

          Namely Louis Vuitton for the girls, WoW for the boys, red songs for the old folks, all washed down with a shot of Red Star Erguotou while watching the Spring Festival Gala.

        • donscarletti

          Also, strange that in this context you use “Xinjiang ren”, instead of “Uyghur” or “Weiwuerzu” (hanyu pinyin), given you obviously don’t mean the Han in Xinjiang.

          • Alan

            Uighurs, and of course “hui zu” whose descendants are arabs/persians.

            Putin is trying to play the multi ethnic russia card, but much like in the old soviet union if you weren’t white you would say Russian….

          • staylost

            Actually, I don’t use weiwuer because the truth of the matter is out in Xinjiang, in the best of cases, there is a sort of positive multiculturalism that forms in communities of both weiwuer and han. It isn’t defined by the race of the people, but by the bonds of that shared experience.

            It is more complicated than “us & them”. They are you. Xinjiang ren.

            My hope is that China can soon join the leading nations of the world. But I fear the common race politics you’ll hear some people bring up (like the race warrior who wrote the original piece) are very bad news for China’s future. Keep Tibet & Xinjiang, but keep moving towards the behavior of a multicultural empire, not a racial enclave.

            Zhongguo jiayou!

          • donscarletti

            The group currently called “Hui” are descended from Han converts and largely follow Han culture apart from the religion. Uyghur are Turkic people from Central Asia. Hui historically meant both groups, including the Uyghur.

            Ah, so it’s not your choice of words that’s wrong, but just a rosy and naive view of geo-politics.
            Carry on then. May we all graze amongst the unicorns in the flowery meadows of your world.

          • Alan

            Uyghur are Turkic people from Central Asia. Hui historically meant both groups, including the Uyghur.

            Indeed. It can be evidence from looking at most uyghurs that they have more in common with Turkey than the hui. I still say the hui have an intermingling of persian though.

          • staylost

            So all you’ve got are insults, donscarletti? How nice it must be to feel correct just by berating other people.

            I realize how difficult it is out there, but I’ve been around the world, and the fact is that Xinjiang is rosy compared to many other places.

            What is done is done. But a nation has to choose its way forward. I’m hoping China can choose the one where it has the most power, the most rightful rule, and the most internal “harmony” as much as Hu Jintao has destroyed that word.

          • donscarletti

            They’re not insults. I am genuinely happy that have such a positive outlook about Xinjiang. I think you’re wrong, but it is nicer to be optimistic than cynical.

            But I think China has chosen the most productive of the forms of harmony out there. The post industrial western form of harmony, which is to endure and even promote division in the name of self determination and trying to promote unity without being bold enough to suggest any concrete unifying traits beyond the species level has not really done its power or prestige much good.

  • Interesting comments! Even Chinese distinguish between China and Taiwan being different countries, as well as the fact, that Lin is American.

    I’ve written about the Linsanity in Taiwan. So far, no such “official” calls for taking citizenship of ROC, but I’m sure many would love to see it :)

    My post: Linsanity in Taiwan

    • Anonymous

      Not sure why Taiwanese so obsessed with Jeremy Lin. Just because his parent is from Taiwan? Jeremy Lin himself stated he is proud to be Chinese, not Taiwanese.

      • 童子蛋

        because most of his relatives still lives in Taiwan
        plus he provides training camps for Kids in Taiwan during off season

      • B

        Yeah he comes here and have summer camps for young Taiwanese, his relatives lives in Taiwan and during a recent interview, because of the talk about his heritage . Lins father wanted to make it clear that the journalist mentions that Jeremy Lin comes from “Taiwan” in her report/article and so he/she did.

  • Ryo

    Giving up US citizenship for China citizenship is like giving up one of your nuts… or both… and one Chinese netizen said it best: “If you have nothing to do, go demand the children of Chinese government officials to give up their foreign citizenship.”

  • Shin

    Go look for another A-lister China. This guy is as Chinese as he is a fucking monkey.

    • Hey totally off topic response:

      Check out America everyone, white rapper saying “nigger” and mocking black people at CPAC. America, fuck yeah!

      • notorious

        just a couple of random nobodies in america. so what? They are not famous people. Just some rednecks from the south using rap to make a political statement and comments espousing their racist beliefs.

        they don’t represent “americans”. the reason these videos get a lot of views because it’s unusual. they probably live in a secluded redneck part of the country where they only see or interact with white people.

        • kaibotski

          And where do people who goes to Chinasmack and play comment police live? They are probably Nazi Jewish Taiwanese Tibetans Samolians living in Antartica and sell their bodies to Russian Antartic scienctists for interwebz access to have their voices heard.

          • fabulous

            I feel that maybe you didn’t get time to properly articulate your response to notorious’ comment. I for one am intrigued by the colorful nature of your comment and I’m sure notorious wouldn’t begrudge you a second chance at making a coherent statement.
            Have another try kaibotski.

          • notorious

            have to agree with you fab. Never said anything about not being able to show his video. I actually visited his link. Just saying that the people in it, are clearly not playing with a full deck ;o)

    • Neuchy

      so he’s 99% Chinese then?

      • Ray

        Does that make him 99% of any other race as well?

  • typingfromwork

    Yeah like that’s going to happen.

    Actually, here and now I declare Jerry the Linsation will come back to the glorious Motherland of Eternal Har-money (yes, sank you I am here all night), absolutely 100%- when he’s retired, already have huge numbers of hot bitches and moolars from Nike and Adidas, and will earn a six figure sum as a consultant (AKA get a fat pay cheque for doing nothing) of the Chinese national team. YES! Our most famous dragon son will be repatriated in the end! Glory to the Motherland!!!!

  • Dr.Bob

    Sorry china… He’s American. Even if he was to change its Taiwan…. Not Mainland

  • staylost

    China, you can have your own Jeremy Lin & your own Alexander Wang! You can even have your own Michael Jordan and Michael Jackson. All you have to do is become a multiracial democracy…

    Or you can keep begging for Taiwan & the USA’s table scraps.

    • themig

      Chinese guyhave been in many professional sports in America, is not a big deal. However, there is no reason to explain the hype surrounding Lin. He’s pretty good, but he’s only one good player in a league full of stars. So the media hype really has to be related to race in some way.

      • staylost

        Perhaps, but it has at least as much to do with New York ego-centrism.

        • themig

          i blame the zionist-republican style media alot more

          • staylost

            Why would they care about Jeremy Lin?

          • Patrick


            Obviously because the next wave of terrorists come in the form of 1st generation immigrants of Chinese origin. Islamic phobia is so last year…

        • Tony

          More likely that New York has a huge media presence and that the Knicks have sucked for so long that we worship Lin as a god!

    • Harland

      China has 56 races. And how does having an entertainment industry able to manufacture stars have anything to do with crapocracy?

      • staylost

        China has 56 races. How many of them are represented in the politburo? How many of them rank among China’s wealthiest citizens. Are all of these different races’ (just so you know, that isn’t the right word, but I agree that they do add diversity)
        cultures promoted equally with government funds?

        No one manufactured Lin or Wang, that’s the point. They chose for themselves and could have the opportunity without being manufactured. That is the point, right?

        The reason “crapocracy” works better is because the leaders of the country are relatively less powerful over a long time frame, thus letting the people of that nation suffer through fewer periods like the one China did under Mao. Less command governing means better opportunities for the average private citizen as long as some level of wealth distribution exists to prevent a shrinking middle class.

        USA sucks, you are right. It is just that most everyone else sucks more.

  • Kenny Chang

    Jeremy Lin stay put… america. it’s the place where the impossible is possible. your basketball life will last another 10 years the most after that what will u be doing …… in america even the black can become the president…why not someone yellow…u might be the next president of america, who knows but i dare bet if u go back to to china u wouldn’t even get a chance to be…….

  • big orange

    this guy’s born in america which makes him american by default. wtf china???? seriously. stop claiming something as your own.

  • MonkeyMouth

    this comment says it all……

    If you have nothing to do, go demand the children of Chinese government officials to give up their foreign citizenship.

    the one laughing the most is jeremy. especially next season when he is back to being a mediocre player again.

    Song of the Article:
    Inna Gadda Da Vida
    Iron Butterfly

  • Castro

    basketballs are big, orange, and round.

  • 童子蛋

    this is embarrassing for China
    it shows how ignorant those peoples are
    what does JLin gotta do with China?
    he wasn’t even from China?

  • Mademyday

    you know wut kinda shit xinhua is, obvious.

  • Kim Jung iLL

    As if money can buy anything. And as if the world is evolving around China. An American passport or citizenship is worth much more than anything. Having said that, Lin is never a Chinese. He is a true American.

    • themig

      Lin is an american second but a true pro-zionist evangelical christian first, which was why SARAH palin declared she was a fan of Lin’s also. Lin was quoted ” I give credit to Jesus”

  • Faydabakery

    To be honest, Taiwanese are both genetically and culturally Han Chinese.

    The theory Taiwanese having aborigine blood is just a myth.

    • themig

      the only aborigine people in Taiwan all look like Phillipinos

      • mr. weiner

        check their calves..that is the best indication

  • PK

    Un-fucking-believable, as an ABC myself I cold not even fathom myself
    doing anything like that let alone a remarkable talent Jeremy is. If claiming shit that’s not theirs is still the hype there’s plenty of Chinatown individuals in the States and elesewhere they can claim are “real chinese”!
    The article in Xinhua is disgusting beyond belief!

  • omocodttn

    wow, a consensus in thoughts and comments that is shared by Mainland Chinese and American (and possibly Taiwanese) netizens.

  • dim mak

    So basically, people are idiots who can’t tell the difference between ethnicity with nationality. Are you too dumb to make the distinction? Too scared to equate the two in front of white people? Both?

    Grow a spine, faggots.

    All ethnic Chinese anywhere should maintain full political loyalty towards one unified Chinese nation.

    • You are an idiot. The game is more interesting with more pieces on the board (just a conjecture.)

    • {laugh} Thanks, I needed a good chuckle. “maintain full political loyalty”?

    • staylost

      Right, all ethnic Chinese should bow towards the true Chinese government in Taiwan and push mainland China to submit for a unified China.

    • Anon

      I am not a “love it or leave it” person in general, but if that is your attitude, leave Canada.

    • GodsHammer

      Sorry FailTroll… do not pass GO, do not collect 50c. ;)

    • mandrewsf

      lol–skilled trolling right here

  • {facepalm} Please tell me this was a “parody” article and not serious? Then again, there are more than a few countries that will bend the rules to attract talent for the Olympics.

  • Cool Matt

    The guy is smart. So is the NBA. No way in hell either are going to pass up the chance make inroads in the Chinese market by denying his connections to the mainland.

    His quote saying “I’m proud to be Chinese, and I’m proud my parents are from Taiwan.” could have many meanings but no doubt it was deliberately diplomatic so that everybody could be happy.

  • DRaY


    • Xiongmao

      Honestly, it’s not that far off. If this Taiwan/American lad keeps this up and becomes one of the absolute starts of the NBA, ‘buying’ him for the Chinese national team for, say, 50 million dollars would easily be worth it for the sentiments, the national feeling, the China/Taiwan question and for Chinese sports in general. It would be money well spent.

    • lxpatterson

      Hahaha! Ai Wei Wei made millions selling art to the civilized world, none of that was worth a damn when they decided to imprison him. I’m sure he would trade all that for a nice US passport. The body of a 50 year old man no doubt regrets the idealism of the 20 year old art student (when he was studying nd living in NYC).

      • notorious

        when wei wei moved to america he slowly came to the realization that freedom is not granted or given as an inalienable right. Freedom exists because it is something we are all born with. he became “free” in the truest sense of the word with that realization and that is why he has no fear of his restrictive Chinese government.

        As we often like to say, power to the people. You can imprison a man, or even kill him. But you cannot kill an idea or a belief.

  • Xiongmao

    One of the first times I’ve seen so many netizen agree so broadly.

  • Stimpy

    Biggest issue here that hasn’t been mentioned: If the Chinese government want to attrach ethnic Chinese living abroad why do they not allow people to hold dual-nationality?

  • this is for all your ignorant mainlanders

    • Young Man

      All I’m seeing is an ad for a video game.

      As I’m reading this in Beijing I’m guessing that’s all the ‘ignorant mainlanders’ will be seeing as well.

      • 童子蛋

        i guess there are reasons why China blocks youtube
        so you people will believe whatever they say

  • Kim Jung iLL

    Jeremy’s ancestor is not Chinese, but Apes, does it means he need to eat bananas in the jungle? Why not all the cocky Xinhua guys go to the jungle and eat bananas first.

  • bscalled

    laughable – there is no better comparison in the “it’s like …..” metaphore, because it’s like leaving the NBA for the CBA.

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  • notorious

    I wonder if the Chinese government even knows that people want to leave, much less sacrifice freedom to go honor their heritage. China has many great things. It would be nice if they could work on their civil liberties. People would probably want to be there. I’m sure I’m preaching to the choir on that one.

  • notorious

    I just read this article today on yahoo:

    (Lin’s Plea to Taiwan)

    NEW YORK – After one more starry performance Sunday, New York Knicks phenomenon Jeremy Lin delivered a plea to the media in Taiwan where his grandmother and family live: Back off.

    More From Adrian Wojnarowski.

    “The special request I have is for the media back in Taiwan to give (my family) space, because they can’t even go to work without being bombarded, without people following them,” Lin said at Madison Square Garden.

    “I want people to respect their privacy.”

    His paternal grandmother, Lin Chu Muen, 85, lives in the Taipei region of the country, as does other extended family.

    [Related: Jeremy Lin’s high school inspired by Linsanity ]

    Lin, an Asian-American raised in Northern California and educated at Harvard, has become an international star since the New York Knicks inserted him into the lineup two weeks ago. He had 28 points, 14 assists, five steals and seven turnovers in the Knicks’ 104-97 victory over the Dallas Mavericks on Sunday.

    Lin moved to 6-1 as a starter and has elevated the Knicks back to .500 with a 16-16 record. As a starter, Lin is averaging 24.6 points, 8.9 assists and 1.9 steals.

    Lin also said he had no hard feelings over a corporate NBA partner website using an apparent ethnic slur in a headline early Saturday. He said he accepted the apology, and believed that there was no ill intent.

  • JPAX

    Surely they know he is Taiwanese-American?

  • Graeme

    To change nationality, you are ineligible to represent your new homeland for two years, so under no conditions would Jeremy Lin be able to play for any country other than the USA at the London 2012 Olympics. This is to stop countries importing top quality athletes for short term gain at large prices. Also one single player can not single handedly change the fortunes of a team based sport, he would be an extra asset but just another cog in a larger wheel.

  • Andy

    Hmmm. Land of the FREE, or land of burning bloggers ?? Hmmmmmm.

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  • Wayne Morris

    Hey Guys…Lin is an Indian,he belongs to India, he is neither Chinese nor American, Hey Lin come and join Indian Olympic Accosiation, your Indian brothers are proud of you.

    • Xiongmao

      I’m guessing India must be the country with the absolute worst Olympics record when it comes to medals weighed against population. Come to think of it, I can’t even remember ever having seen an Indian win gold in anything.

      • staylost

        True, but they dominate the guiness book of world records.

        That and they often produce very very good looking people.

        *Shah Rukh Khan rips shirt off again for no reason*

      • Young Man

        They only care about cricket and they’re pretty good at that.

      • 印度杰

        I’m a regular reader of China smack and appreciate what you people are doing!
        @Staylost : it suits you with your Staylost name as he is not Shahrukh Khan but “Salman Khan” voted 7th most goodlooking man in this world and you have the link for you and all friends to know more

        @:Fauna / HongJiang and only a few salutes for the day to you! You guys pretty honest and with valid reasons rest I think are just taking out their living/office pressure out on this website and doing cyber jam posting crap!

        @胸毛/xiongmao/雄猫/熊猫/凶猫: better google things before you say crap for rest of the world as their are people reading you from all over the world. I doubt cause people like such dumbsss Xiongmao they say Chinese are living on planet China where everything is avilable on baidu and in Chinese language but you don’t just take seconds before writing for minutes.

        Personally I will say FUCK YOU on your (I can’t even remember ever having seen an Indian win gold in anything) with a question with requiring no crap but a valid answer that who THE FUCK are you to remember and to see or to speak it out without knowing things?

        For what I will say FUCK YOU again because I do remember 2008 olympics Mr. Abhinav Bindra win Gold Shooting Men’s 10m Air Rifle

        @ Dear all Please here find here below list with year and name specified for your refrence and please FOR GOD SAKE read it XIONGMAO.

        2 Silver Pritchard, NormanNorman Pritchard* 1900 Paris Athletics Men’s 200 metres

        2 Silver Pritchard, NormanNorman Pritchard* 1900 Paris Athletics Men’s 200 metre hurdles

        1 Gold National team 1928 Amsterdam Field hockey Men’s competition

        1 Gold National team 1932 Los Angeles Field hockey Men’s competition

        1 Gold National team 1936 Berlin Field hockey Men’s competition

        1 Gold National team 1948 London Field hockey Men’s competition

        1 Gold National team 1952 Helsinki Field hockey Men’s competition

        3 Bronze Jadhav, Khashaba DadasahebKhashaba Dadasaheb Jadhav 1952 Helsinki Wrestling Men’s freestyle bantamweight

        1 Gold National team 1956 Melbourne Field hockey Men’s competition

        2 Silver National team 1960 Rome Field hockey Men’s competition

        1 Gold National team 1964 Tokyo Field hockey Men’s competition

        3 Bronze National team 1968 Mexico Field hockey Men’s competition

        3 Bronze National team 1972 Munich Field hockey Men’s competition

        1 Gold National team 1980 Moscow Field hockey Men’s competition

        3 Bronze Paes, LeanderLeander Paes 1996 Atlanta Tennis Men’s singles

        3 Bronze Malleswari, KarnamKarnam Malleswari 2000 Sydney Weightlifting Women’s 69 kg

        2 Silver Rathore, Rajyavardhan SinghRajyavardhan Singh Rathore 2004 Athens Shooting Men’s double trap

        1 Gold Bindra, AbhinavAbhinav Bindra 2008 Beijing Shooting Men’s 10m Air Rifle

        3 Bronze Kumar, SushilSushil Kumar 2008 Beijing Wrestling Men’s 66 kg Freestyle

        3 Bronze Singh, VijenderVijender Singh 2008 Beijing Boxing Men’s 75 kg

        IOC regards these medals as credited to India; however, International committees credit these medals to Great Britain.

        also link here if I did any mistake copy and pasting it.


  • Strangerland

    One of my Chinese ethnic friend (from non-mainland country)stated this:
    Ethnicity is different from nationality, political ideologies, and any other attributes. He is proud of his ancestry- of his bloodline, and his ethnicity. But all things politicals is not something that can be tautted with ethnicity in simple generalization. So if he meets anoter chinese descent- be they from hongkong, singapore, malaysia, taiwan, mainland china or anywhere across the ponds- then he’d feel brotherhood with them beyond the nationalities. Doesn’t meant that he’d identify with each countries’ politic&ideologies. it’s the feeling of sharing similar generic appearances due to same ancestral land(and quite possibly same ancestors thousand, hundred years ago) that bind them together- just like how white people, easterners, black people do when they come to foreign countries. Birds of a feather….

  • Big Ears Tututoo.


  • pada

    C’mon! Why not, if Apple could consider China as part of Taiwan?

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  • kodi

    Someone would have to have a couple screws lose to give up American citizenship to become a Chinese citizen. Nothing against the Chinese, it simply not a safe thing to do considering social pressures and instability. Even the leaders leave escape routes for when things go wrong. People are pouring out of that country every day for western countries, not to mention people willing to risk their lives to leave.

  • implement 2 citizen

  • Taiwan Expat

    Haha, I am an expat living in Taiwan. I showed this to my coworkers (all Taiwanese) and they got very angry. They say Jeremy Lin is American, but if he decided to “return home”, then he most certainly would come back to Taiwan (where all of his family lives).

    • mr.wiener


  • Fban

    Damn! Is this a news of something to make fun of Chinese mentality? Try to build or construct something useful stop fighting over what is not going to help you it’s bullshit.