Xuzhou Government Outlaws Human Flesh Search

"iPhone Girl"

From NetEase:

In recent years, the “human flesh search” has received widespread attention from netizen’s because of its ability to advance issues. But according to “Yangzi Evening News” report, on January 18, the “Xuzhou City, Computer Information System Security Protection Ordinance” was passed by seventh meeting of the 11th Naional People’s Congress Standing Committee. The ordinance expressly provides that: Other’s private information may not be exposed on the internet. This regulation also explains that the “human flesh search” consistently used by netizens is also prohibited.

Other details about the law:

  • The ordinance will come into effect on 2009 June 1.
  • Forbids unauthorized dissemination of other people’s private matters, disclosing or making other’s information available online.
  • The publisher, communicators, and other violators can be fined a maximum of 5000 yuan.
  • In serious cases, the punishment can be forbidding using the computer to go online for half a year or forbidding the use of a computer
  • Privacy includes personal information, including age (especially for women), personal or family property and composition, income, residence, wages, etc. and especially interpersonal relationships.
  • “The regulations also stipulate that those providing internet access to the public such as internet bars, hotels, and related establishments should install security  systems approved by the country, that records the internet user’s true identity and relevant internet-usage information. These records must be stored for no less than 60 days and cannot be be deleted or changed during this time. Upon violation, the public security department may give  a warning, a 1000-10,000 yuan fine, and in serious cases can revoke operating licenses.”
The Free Tibet supporter who attacked Jinjing in Paris.
Zhou Jiugeng, corrupt government official.
Lin Jiaxiang, perverted government official.

Comments from NetEase:

Only government officials are allowed to commit arson, while the peasants are not even allowed to light lamps. [The authorities are allowed to commit big crimes but the normal people are not even allowed to do what is reasonable/necessary.]
If you stand correctly and sit correctly [do nothing wrong as a government official], would you be afraid of human flesh search engines?

The leadership is angry again.

You only need to see a government official to know he is oppressing the common people!

Seeing what happened to that Nanjing government official, Xuzhou’s bosses/masters are unable to sit still [are worried for themselves].

“The regulations also stipulate that those providing internet access to the public such as internet bars, hotels, and related establishments should install security systems approved by the country,” Yet another opportunity for ill-gotten gains!

As long as it [human flesh searchs] is used reasonably and correctly, this is also our right as citizens.
Haha, the might of the internet cannot be bound by his little little city.

Higher authorities using their magical rights to oppress us, afraid afraid afraid afraid afraid afraid! What are they afraid of? Their guilty conscience?

Human flesh searches is an embodiment of the common people’s right of expression and right of supervision. One reason why this kind of embodiment has a big impact upon some people in society is because the common people do not have better channels embodying these two rights.

Human flesh Xuzhou…everyone go!

Chinese government officials serve to fight against the Chinese masses.

The people have the right to know the truth.

Shut down the BBS discussion forums, take away the internet, return to the past, and everything will be good!

See which leaders drew up this law, and human flesh search them.

All the rights of The People’s Republic of China belong to the people.

Whoever made this proposal is the corrupt official. An innocent person definitely would not come up with this kind of suggestion.

Comments from QQ:

This is a ruling of a despot, right? Afraid to end up like Commissioner Zhou, right?

It is only 5000 bucks! No big deal! Unable to use the computer to go online for half a year is no problem, at worst just use the cell phone [to go online], and if even worse, I can use PSP to go on, okay! Half a year later is yet another hero! Resolutely and clearly “say no” to this oppression of  “human flesh searches”.

They are afraid.
But they are not afraid enough.
We must make them more afraid.
We must make them terror-stricken.

Legislating this kind of law, is it the wish of all the people of Xuzhou? Is the National People’s Congress representing the people’s will!!! As a Xuzhou person, I feel ashamed! 9.6 million Xuzhou people firmly oppose!!!

It is time to consider how to use human flesh search as a means of public supervision.

Having done too many guilty things, using this as an excuse, so how come train tickets still do not have a real name system? [Why start a real name system (identification) for the internet when it has not yet been done for train tickets to fight against ticket scalpers?]

I will not human flesh search in Xuzhou, but I should be able to if I go to Zhengzhou, right?  If I cannot in Zhengzhou, then I will go to New Jersey, and then see what you can do about it…

Xuzhou, this will make you famous.
If there was nothing wrong, what would you be afraid of?
No 300 taels of silver buried here. [A Chinese idiom, refers to revealing something when trying to deny something].

I represent all the people from the rest of the country in expressing our sincerest condolences towards Xuzhou!!!

The person who drew up this regulation is going to be screwed.

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