Yan’an Chinese Chengguan Officer Stomps on Young Man’s Head

Yan'an Chengguan officer jumps and stomps on a bicyclist's head during a fight.

From Sohu TV:

Yan’an Chengguan’s Barbaric Law Enforcement, Brutally Beat Young Man

Note: The above 1:38 video is part of a playlist. The longer 6:38 “full version” of the video automatically plays after the first one.

From Sina Weibo:

#Yan’an Chengguan#

Yan’an Chengguan’s Violent Law Enforcement Exposed, Chengguan Who Fiercely Tramples Store Owner’s Head is Temporary Employee

On the afternoon of May 31, around the neighborhood of Yan’an City Yangjia Ridge, a conflict happened between chengguan officers and store owners. As shown in the video, a group of men wearing chengguan uniforms beat a young man, with the young man knocked to the ground. One of the city management officers jumps up and heavily stomps on the young man’s head. Yan’an City Management Bureau responded that all personnel involved have been suspended from work pending investigation, with the chengguan officer who stomped on the young man’s head being a temporary worker.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


Bikers nationwide, repost/forward this, the male chengguan is called Shi Rui, and the female chengguan is called Zheng Yuanyuan, the two of them being a couple, members of the Yan’an Chengguan Squad’s Fenghuang Division, and live Yan’an City Xinming Village Fayuan Hill. These two are always throwing their weight around, typical thugs. Zheng Yuanyuan is the niece of Zheng Shiguo, secretary of Chengguan Squad, well-connected. If they were temporary employees, then the secretary of the Party Committee must also be a temporary employee! Severely punish the perpetrators!


Some friends have been asking me for my opinion on the Yan’an chengguan stomping on a citizen’s head with both feet. I’m answering them here: Chinese people have had two feet stepping on their heads for more than half a century. So I think, against this backdrop of a whole nation being stepped on the head with two feet, the disgusting thing with the Yan’an chengguan is not strange at all. Thank you.


The Yan’an Chengguan Building Has 30 Floors, Netizen: I Wonder How Many Temporary Workers Live Inside. There are about 2.16 million people in Yan’an City, and there are about 400,000 people in the downtown Baota District. Comment: A “Chengguan Building” like this, I wonder how many are there in China? Without question, this is definitely a building of corruption! How many street vendors’ hard-earned money has been confiscated and squandered by them? I reiterate: Chengguan should stop all sort of money-collecting [fees and fines], they can never tread the same old path as Industry & Commerce did.

Yan’an Chengguan Mansion.

[Note: The third video that plays in the video embed above features this building.]


Yan’an: “The sky of the liberated area is a sky of white terror…” This old revolutionary area used to be one of simple and honest people, but with as time changes 60 years later, Yan’an chengguan have swiftly mutated into a wild beast that does all manner of evil things, such as leaping up into the air with both feet and viciously stomping on the common people’s heads—-its level of brutality no less than that of Japan’s Imperial Army. When even a temporary worker is as brutal as this, then what must the regular staff be like? Government mouthpieces that only tell lies, do you yourselves believe the words you make up to placate the public? Yan’an, where a revolution once started…

The perpetrating chengguan and the victim.


Please focus on the nature of this incident, this is not violent law enforcement, this is robbery! (The bicycle that was taken [being impounded/confiscated] didn’t belong to some vendor who had placed it on the sidewalk for sale, it was the biker’s.) After the robbery was met with resistance from the victim, the criminal inflicted serious injury by stomping on the victim’s head. The impact on society is extremely bad. According to criminal law, he should serve at least 7 years in jail. -—Assuming the law isn’t a ball.

Comments from Sina:

手机用户 [福建福州]:

Song of the Chengguan: Find some leisure, find some time, drive a government car, and go out for a ride. Bring the ticket book, bring the credentials, bring the batons, and look around on the streets. Confiscated a cart of sweet potatoes in the morning, and had good free meal at lunch. Give the fines collected to the leaders to count, and let the leaders take their pick of the leather shoes seized. Always going out for a ride, going out for a ride, even if just to destroy a stall or to smash a bowl. The government doesn’t care how much we contribute to the city, a life of bullying street vendors ain’t easy either.

我是高小聪 [广东广州]:

While temporary employees are carrying out duties, they are the same as civil servants, they all represent the law enforcement unit. The perpetrator isn’t a temporary employee, nor a civil servant, but the Chengguan Bureau! Do you understand what is professional conduct and what is representative conduct? You yourselves have beaten up people, yet you always push the responsibility onto someone else, what thick skin you have [how shameless]!

米迦勒9527 [湖南长沙]:

Only suspended from work? Malicious assault doesn’t come with criminal liability? Who cares if you’re a regular employee or a temporary employee?

郭锋-金融与法律 [北京]:

Is there a different between contract-based employees and permanent staff when it comes to legal responsibility? No. Should the employer and the person in charge both be responsible for the professional conduct of their contract-based employees? Yes. Therefore, this kind of reason to shirk responsibility makes no sense.

sanose [广东湛江]:

Right now at this moment, I checked today’s headlines on Sina, three of them are concerning chengguan law enforcement: 1. Yan’an Chengguan Jumps and Stomps on Store Owner’s Head. 2. Third-Year High School Student Films Chengguan Law Enforcement with Cell Phone, Is Beaten & Injured & Will Miss Gaokao College Entrance Examination. 3. Chengguan Demands Relationship with Store Owner’s Daughter, Brings People to Beat Store Owner When Refused. The violent law enforcement and disregard for the law by chengguan has already become a grave sickness. If it continues to not be treated, I’m afraid…

Comments from QQ:

腾讯内蒙古网友 红都社区:

Nowadays, ZF only has temporary employees working, while the permanent staff are paid for doing absolutely nothing.

腾讯西安市网友 凭步清雲: (responding to above)

Which proves that the people have raised a bunch of pigs, and the pigs have in turn raised wolves, who have been ordered to attack the people! The pigs have gotten smart, no responsibility at all, which goes to show that the people are a bunch of morons! So if we stop raising the pigs and cut off the wolves’ escape, the people can live in peace!

腾讯徐州市网友 精彩:

The situation captured on camera fully shows the chengguan officers’ illegal law enforcement behavior, as well as shows the passing police officers neglecting their duty. That this kind of situation occurred in the Party’s holy land of Yan’an, I think this is a serious polluting of the Party’s holy land that he entire country’s citizens would disapprove of. As for the local government still not diligently investigating, just what are you waiting for? Truly lamentable!

腾讯鸡西市网友 ´简单生活:

Are you people still servants of the people? You’re nothing but a group of beasts!!! Thugs…

腾讯网友 海南青年 丶:

Nowadays, our own people bully our own people, especially these scums of society. They take tax-payers’ money while they bully them. What the hell is this? Wearing a uniform and bullying the common people everywhere, you are worse than dogs and pigs.

Comments from NetEase:

网易山东省威海市网友 ip:112.246.*.*:

Fuck your mothers. Can you people be a little more creative? Anytime something happens, it was the temporary workers who did it. Just because it was a temporary worker in your work unit, does that mean you leaders aren’t responsible? When your dog bites someone, you just put the responsibility on the dog?

易安贫嘴 [网易广东省阳江市网友]:

I already knew it would be a temporary worker, or did you think they’d say the leaders were responsible?
And fucking only in the Heavenly Kingdom can all responsibility but pinned on temporary workers. One of these days, we’ll let you beasts know what temporary workers really are.

石原夏織 [网易江苏省连云港市网友]:

Maybe he really is a temporary employee. These days, the regular employees all sit in their offices nice and comfortable, they don’t go to the front line at all, all just hiring some people they have connections with to be their temporary employees. It’s a stock-in-trade in this profession.

花开o [网易四川省乐山市网友]:

Chinese people’s archenemy is the “public power” that wears the coat of “country, nation, and people”. It can do anything, it can be anywhere, it does whatever it pleases, and it can’t be restrained by normal means, including the law.

他们都说我智商低 [网易广东省广州市网友]:

The greatest invention of the Heavenly Kingdom: The temporary worker.
Does anyone think this great invention has a chance to win a Nobel Prize?

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  • Ricky Beijing

    I swear, this will someday end up just like turkey is now, or Egypt was two years ago. I understand that Chinese people fear their government and are afraid to step forward but at some point someone will step up and kick the shit out of a Chenggaun for something like this, leading to nationwide riots and possibly even revolution.

    • mr.wiener

      The Chinese govt don’t fear their govt anywhere near as much as their govt fears them.

      • slob

        Yo dawg

        • …have I got the car for you! It’s a perpetual motion machine that runs on the fuel of its own fear!

        • Mighty

          Pimp my karma!

          • Gerardo Ferrer

            mighty I think he is in prison in mexico.

      • lonetrey / Dan

        Derp, Chinese people you mean?

        I suppose parts of Chinese govt do fear other parts of the Chinese govt.

        • MrT

          What he means is, Chinese get away with far more here then else where. Because the government is sht scared they will riot up.So avoid conflict with the people at all costs till it gets really out of hand.
          I’m pretty well stunned at what people get away with here.
          Far to much freedom.
          If you fuck about in front of coppers in the UK you will get hammered for it. All thou the courts are pussies unlike Chinese courts.

        • Mighty

          edit: “The Chinese don’t fear their govt anywhere near as much as their govt fears them.”

      • Rick in China

        That may be true in some sense. But keep in mind, the real reason China keeps bolstering their land-based army and rotating their soldiers around towns far from their home-city (as learned by TAM when they refused to go to blast on their own locals) is not to defend their borders….but to quell uprising.

        The PLA is _many_, and should an uprising occur…you can bet their name would be ironic at best :D Unless they’re liberating civilians from their lives.

        • Les Battersby

          Interesting. I was in tianfu square recently, had to go to the cop shop, noticed the whole place was on lockdown surrounded by traffic cops and a more military branch of cops who looked like anti terrorism or swat or something. No chance of anything going down there!

          • Rick in China

            Was it last week? Between around Thursday and Sunday?

            The Fortune summit was here, and security was in force everywhere…subways, for example, were searching -every- person..leading to several-hundred people line-ups to get through the card swap. :D

          • mr.wiener

            Gone are the days when drunken foreigners could go down to the big portrait of mao at the entrance to the forbidden city and photograph themselves mooning mao before escaping into waiting taxis.
            I’m sometimes surprised I survived my 20’s

          • neriosd

            Wait, …what…?

          • Rick in China

            Or push past the guards in-front of the US embassy saying “I’m American!” and urinate on the front gate at a friend’s dare, while he yells “SUPPORT SUPPORT” – those were the days? I guess.. :D

          • Les Battersby

            Hi Rick, It was before that summit that was held. But yes, I could “feel” that security was tight.

    • lonetrey / Dan

      “Asia Spring”, eh?

      • That is a fantastic name for a new up and coming porn debutante.

        • Rick in China

          How about “yellow spring” – a film focused on golden showers?

          • Mighty

            That ‘s more Japanese-esque.

          • Now, with that name I feel as though it’s an Asian pride thing – like Asian bros coming together and tapping into the wellspring of fraternity and solidarity.

      • Alphy

        Did you see how freak out the government got when there were SMS going around to gather up around the Arab spring time? They called it “Jasmine Revolution”. There were so many police in People square in Shanghai, they even took away all the chairs from cafes around the area. I heard they did similar things in Beijing.

    • Alphy

      There are already riots every year. They are just spread across China, and are not organized. Most of them are over things like force demolition and abuse of power. Unless the government really step up and mend the public trust, your prediction may actually come true when a large incident happen. My money is on when the real estate bubble burst, there will be hell to pay.

    • DonnieBrasco

      check a few post back, someone actually split a chenguans head with a forkpitch, diagnose: sudden death. not that this kicked of anything

    • May 4th comes once a year, and on some years more than once.

  • Terrik

    If only Chinese would riot against corrupt chengguan as they did against Chinese driving Japanese cars.

    • slob

      They don’t see it as the hand that’s pushing them around, only as the hand that feeds them. So why would they bite?

      • SuperHappyCow

        I hope this is not a critique of communism, as shitty as communism is. Western countries are often the same.

        • Mighty

          Not a critique just ‘shitty’. Clever back handed slap.

        • slob

          In an ideal world, absolute communism is an excellent way of living. It’s just that every time a country adopts the system, human error plays into it and then we have acts of greed, envy, selfishness, corruption etc. If humans thought like robots about life and the ways of doing things to sustain itself and continue as a community for the benefit of all and not a few, communism would work. Unfortunately we have emotions. So I’m not bashing communism, just the hands that are pushing the controls. It’s like saying as shitty as some things in the USA are, it doesn’t mean democracy is the problem, it’s just the problem of those in power.

          • Are you on drugs? An ideal world? Where there is no self determination or ability to pursue what it is that you want to do? To produce what you want, when you want and how you want for as much or as little as you want?

          • Paulos

            I get what you’re saying, but wouldn’t any situation work in an ideal world? IMO, it’s in our best interest to get rid of inefficient systems any chance we get:

            If I tell my football squad to line up 8-1-1 and they get routed by a team using a simple 4-4-2, they’d be crazy not to fire me or at least ask me to try something new.

            Of course, if the players are threatened with imprisonment or forced labor if they challenge my authority as head coach I guess decisions get a little more complicated…

          • SuperHappyCow

            USA has identical problems to what you mentioned, though. It’s because the people suck, not the systems. So really, I think we agree.

      • ericsson

        yeah !! that’s called submissive

    • Zappa Frank

      you suppose chinese capable of indipendet thought… stop dreaming

    • Gordon Gogodancer

      They would if they could

      • they would if they were taught by their parents to do so, but Chinese parents are too afraid of losing face to their children finding out they’re good for nothing.

        • Monkeekong

          i don’t think it has anything to do with face as much as getting fucked with by the government.

          • And that happens worldwide. I apologize for the generalization.

      • Monkeekong

        it all comes down to “am i willing to risk my life for whatever i believe in?” and “is this a good time to do it? what do i have to gain/lose? is it worth it?” “have i made enough of an impact to stir up the people around me into joining me? or am i going to be singled out and taken down?”
        These are all realistic questions you gotta ask yourself before you try to be a hero. because if you are gonna stir the pot you better be ready to go all in.

        • moody

          tell that to the Tunisian who set himself on fire.

    • Monkeekong

      if that happened the government would get involved. chinese people are very afraid of their government. memories of my grandpa getting taken away for “reeducation” is still fresh in my mom’s mind. even to this day chinese people really watch what they say lest attracting the wrong attention. You have to understand, a lot of chinese people know very well the situation they are in.

  • mr.wiener

    Oh god, not that “temporary worker” wheeze again.
    Still, nothing new there, I’m starting to think that Chinese people can only tell the difference in who is ruling them by the different types of footwear stomping on their heads.
    Old Pu:” Do you still remember what it was like with all those red guards?”
    Old Chang” Yes!……awful weren’t they? Smashing everything, beating all the teachers to death…always accusing you of being a capitalist roader…barbarians!”
    Old Pu “Yes..yes….At least they wore slippers when they stomped on your head though”.
    Old Chang:” True, true. Not like the Chengguan these days”.

  • MrT

    basically Chinese men all over, when they got numbers on their side they get big and brave, other way round they role around on the floor crying and wailing begging for mercy.None of them got a real fight in em.

    I stopped some taxi drivers doing the same to a homeless guy whose bed for the night was next to there taxi pick up spot.
    All i needed to do was go stand next to the poor guy they were kicking in the head.
    They soon fcked off.

    • mr.wiener

      Whilst I commend your actions, your 1st paragraph:

      “basically Chinese men all over, when they got numbers on their side they get big and brave, other way round they role around on the floor crying and wailing begging for mercy.None of them got a real fight in em.”

      ….Could be said about anyone

      • Probotector

        No, in China everyone really does hide behind they’re numbers. They never fight fair. However, get one of them on they’re own and they’ll not do anything.

        • Sam

          If only all wars where thought on a fair fight basis.

          • MrT

            yea look at Afghans, all the sht is against them, don’t see them rolling over like pussies.

          • Probotector

            Who’s talking about war? I’m talking about everyday life.

        • mr.wiener

          Chinese are just like everyone else….only more so.

          • lonetrey / Dan

            When you say “more so”, I thought you meant “that specific quality is amplified and more pronounced in Chinese men”… but now I realize you mean “there’s more of them, so a higher rate of incidence”.

          • mr.wiener

            Actually I meant both.

          • Boris

            Are you saying no-one should wear Lycra, but that Chinese people UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should wear it? If so, I agree wholeheartedly.

      • MrT

        not seen it before but i do come from the UK, pretty sure Aussies have go a fight in em as well.

    • lonetrey / Dan

      Everyone does this though, don’t they? Not just specifically Chinese men …. >_>;

      • MrT

        er no.

        • MrT

          I will add to that, two PLA from the local barracks walked past, i thought ah great these taxi drivers will get it now, but no they strolled on past with none of my business look on there chops.
          Pretty disgusting i thought.

    • laduzi

      I watched a fight between two Chinese guys near where I live and it was comical. they can’t fight. I am not saying some Chinese special forces guys who are sic foot 4 can’t whoop your ass, but everybody here seems to thnk they know kung fu or something. It was a real fight and one guy is hoping around doing these goofy kicks and not guarding his face with his hands, his hands help all wide and then these long swooping blows that an old lady could block or avoid… but the other guy just stood and took them! Didn’t know how to block them. Then the guy gets out his cell phone, and while getting weird kung fu kicks for 25 minutes he tries to call his friends who owe him favors I guess to come help him. It has to a mob on one here or nothing gets done, and when the mob goes to town it often bad news and you’re lucky if the victim can be identified after the stomping. Thugs and goons man.

      • slob

        I’ve seen a fight between a taxi driver and a mini van guy where the taxi driver pulled off his belt and started whipping the guy’s legs while the other dude just sat there talking on his phone pushing him away. Have also seen quite a few in bars grabbing bottles and glasses threatening to hit others with it, which is lame because I don’t often see – actually have never seen – proper fist fights. It just seems more comforting winning a fist fight than resorting to using weapons because it’s more manly. It’s almost as though the repercussions of losing a fight fairly are worse than the benefits of winning the fight unfairly here in terms of face value. In Australia it’s the other way around – you win a fight using a bottle in the bar or asking friends to help, you’re called a fucking coward. You lose fighting like a man, you get respect.

        • bob

          haha and you are proud of being violent bogans fighting to prove manliness? a weapon is RATIONAL, which is why there are 1.35 billion Chinese and only 20 million bogans.

    • Quentin

      you saw a few chinese guys ganging up on someone, so apparently all of them are like that?

      that’s assuming this story isn’t just your justice fantasy you thought up because you were bullied in school

      • MrT

        yea i was bullied at school by people like you.
        Soon changed thou when i left.
        People like you then poo their pants.

      • Alex

        how old are you?

  • Sam

    Stupid untrained city security just as bad as American policemen who shoot, stomp etc on people as well.

    • neriosd

      what does america have to do with this event speciffically? LOL, next you may also incriminate APPLE because the video was taken using an iPhone,…maybe….just maybe,,,,LOL.

      I like how you think SAM, i really do…

      • Sam

        Nothing really, apart from it happens in both cultures. Is it only shocking that it happens in China, is that what your trying to say?

        • Ooop, look, the event disappeared since you pointed out that people have been abused by power in one more other cultures. Good job, I bet the bicycle man would love to thank you.

          • Mighty

            I’m going to play their game and see how it goes.

        • neriosd

          What gives SAM,that is not what I said at all…

          Yes, it happens in both cultures, actually it extends to more than two cultures in this planet where such kind of violence have happen.

          Right now we are commenting on CS because it shows happening in China.

          The antropologic connotation seems interesting to us who have known/expericed to some extent a series of variables from the chinese society and culture.

          In my case, after a few years of living in China, I have learned to detach my analysis or observations of facts&events in the heaven kingdom by benchmarking with what happens in America because as my aussie friends like to say TIFC (This Is F’n China). Love the expression by the way, LOL…

          Anyway, I sensed deflection on your initial statement as of ” this is not a big deal, and we should not be shocked about it because it happen in America” (please correct me if I am wrong on this).


      • SuperHappyCow

        I love how people used the same argument about OWS, when OWS protesters weren’t protesting rich companies, but rich companies that committed fraud and tanked the global economy.

        Hey, learn how to distinguish between commas and periods, thanks.

        • neriosd

          Ok, point taken……
          but no promises on future posts…LOL,,,,,,,

    • Chinggis was here

      Yeah Sam, tell it like it. China good, Merica bad. M’kay.

    • Monkeekong

      you are right of course, America police would do worse in a way. They would arrest them on the spot and slap them with a $2000 fine/court costs. At least in this case most street vendors has a chance to get away. Only in special circumstances would something like this happen, and it’s easily preventable if the street vendors would just run away or apologize profusely. There is no way to apologize to American cops, when they have their mind set on fucking with you, they are going to fuck with you full-force unmercifully. Honestly I prefer Chinese police/chengguan to the heavy handed rule of American cops. At least chengguans only have skin and bones instead of guns and tasers and handcuffs.

      • I_knocked_up_eattot

        totally disagree with you. If this happened in America or any other developed country, the officer would be held accountable and not labelled as a “temporary worker”.

  • Judy

    I say if the man who is getting stomped on has any internal bleeding, the police department shall pay for hospital bills.

    If its worse than that, I highly suggest the man and his family sue the cop or shall i say suspect cops for all the money they have in the bank as punishment

    • lonetrey / Dan

      Shouldn’t they be paying for hospital cost regardless, now that this action has been exposed? I know any other time they could get off scott free, but videographic evidence is harder to dodge.

      • Sam

        He should be

        Sued for costs
        and arrested on “suspicion” of carrying out a crime.

    • Mony Xie

      But the police department’s money is the citizens’ money.

      • Nana Osaki

        I would play dumb and act like I had no idea it belonged to the citizens.

  • Probotector

    Is this all that Chengguan do?

  • Chinkicide

    Goddammit. Beating chongz AND getting paid for it?
    How can I be a chengguan?

    • mr.wiener

      I’d beat you for free moron.

      • Chinkicide


    • Mighty

      The Moderator should beat your ass out of here.

    • SuperHappyCow

      Okay, probotector, time to lay off the sauce.

      • Probotector

        Again, not me. Let’s see, if your comment was meant seriously, did you ever think that maybe there are others on this site who dislike China, and that it’s not the same guy jumping around using different user names? It your comment was meant sarcastically, then no one’s going to get the joke, because they don’t know who I am. This guy will just see your comment and think “what the fuck is a probotector?”, and then think you’re just weird and stupid.

        • But really, though…what is a probotector?

          • Probotector

            The European name for the NES game ‘Contra’.

          • teafs

            no wonder you’re a virgin

          • Probotector

            Uh, good one?!

        • SuperHappyCow

          Why are you calling names?

      • Probotector

        Jin Ch’in • 9 hours ago
        Michelle Obama’s absence at US China summit: Chinese reactions

        “This is what you get when you give black people some “power”… Its a dinner for a few hours no one is asking her to go to Africa to pick cotton (which is what she and her kind should be doing)”

        Dear SuperHappyCow,

        This is what racism looks like. How about trolling him for a change?

    • YourSupremeCommander

      How to apply, step one jump from the roof of a 20 story building, if you live, you can skip the kindergarten diploma part. If you failed, come back here and I will tell you step two. Now beat it shit face.

  • lonetrey / Dan

    A temp worker…. good job newbie, way to try and impress your peers by fitting the stereotype. -_______-

    • Mighty

      ‘Temporary worker’ is an excuse officials use for cover ups.

  • BiggJ

    What the hell was going on?

    • Mighty

      Just a Chengguan auditioning for ‘STOMP’.

  • 剑胆琴心

    chinese men lack backbones…the whole society is like has been castrated.
    china should import more films from Quentin…
    damn it.from what i know,people in my province are much more violent.

    • SuperHappyCow

      America/GB/etc are the goddamn same.

      • Chinese men in those countries? I guess. I haven’t fought any around here. Certainly not in Great Britain, since I’ve never been there.

        • SuperHappyCow

          Nah, I was talking about he countries, particularly the U.S.

          • Well, sure, nations do not have spinal columns. They are just masses of land with imaginary but real borders.

    • le petty violence is what I usually see.

      • 剑胆琴心

        what’s that, so cute??

        • A furry bandit of genus Procyon named ‘coon. Also commonly known as the racoon as I prefer to call it rat bastard.

    • Monkeekong

      it’s not that they lack backbone but do YOU dare stand up against the almighty force of the Chengguans? Did all those Jews lack backbones when they were deported by the Gestapos in Nazi Germany in Kristallnacht?

      • Can’t remember my username

        Check Warsaw Ghetto uprising, Sobibor and Treblinka Death Camp uprisings and the Beilski Partisans and consider the Jews were fighting back against highly trained, motivated, organised and well-armed SS Totenkopf.

        So in answer to your rather strange post, no! It’s also quite obvious that the Jews had rather ‘large balls’

        Comparing some fat, drunk ‘almighty’ Chenguan to the Nazi SS is disingenuous at best.

        I watched and was appalled by the great Han ‘Kristallnacht’ against the ‘small Japanese devils’ about 6 months ago, and the Japanese didn’t stand up. But I certainly wouldn’t consider the Japanese lack backbone. That event certainly made me reconsider my opinion about the Chinese government and any empty ballsack that supports the CPC

        • Monkeekong

          you missed the point entirely

          • Probotector

            No he didn’t, he called you out on your flawed analogy.

          • Monkeekong

            Yes he did.

      • Mighty

        “Did all those Jews lack backbones when they were deported by the Gestapos in Nazi Germany in Kristallnacht?” appears to be a rhetorical question with the implication to suggest “no they didn’t (lack backbone)”.

  • Mighty

    But of course, a “temporary worker”.

  • Alphy

    This is another perfect example where it proofs China lacks the rule of law. Did you see how the cop car just drove right by even after the biker asked for help by blocking the street? It doesn’t matter if the Chengguan has temp worker or not, if your organization has personnel who broke the law there are still liability. Where does it say that as long as you hire some thugs as temp, you can do whatever you want? Do they not subject to the same laws? I have yet to see Chengguan management being blame for any of their “management” issues.

    • DonnieBrasco

      and then the Chinese students want an apology from the vice president for saying China has no functioning legal system.
      pa… wait for it.. THETIC!!! woohoo

    • 白色纯棉小裤裤

      Since China lacks the rule of law, the police have very limited rights when they do their job, unlike in America where they can shoot and kill people legally for not following instructions.

      However this lack of rule of law turns out worked very well because in the end less people were killed.

      • Chinggis was here

        Hey panties, still fighting the good fight I see.

        ‘China lacks rule of law’? I think you should re-evaluate that comment, because according to the CPC China is a land ruled by law.

        Naughty, naughty panties.

  • Cinimod

    Why is the woman lying on the floor at the end of the video? And was she supporting the chengguan at the beginning? Other than the usual chenguan street beating it’s hard for me to tell what is going on…

    • moldavidian

      Totally agree. If she also works at the bike shop, why would she beat the hand that feeds her? Maybe she has a secret relationship with chunky chenguan?

  • whaaa

    Why this story no longer in the front page??

    • Mighty


  • Marcus Black

    he went “to town” on that guy. hahaha. chengguan used his fat to wrestle the dude to the ground haha.

    • moldavidian

      Maybe fatty was just jealous because he doesn’t have a bike and some free time to get rid of that fat. Being fat is frustrating. Gotta take it out on someone.

  • Mighty

    白色纯棉小裤裤 says, “This is nothing compared to American police beating and shooting unarmed citizens”.

    • YourSupremeCommander

      I would love to get inside those 白色纯棉小裤裤.

      • Mighty

        She told me ‘it’s wet’.

        • YourSupremeCommander

          even better!

      • 白色纯棉小裤裤

        So do I.

        • Mighty

          That’s hot ;)

    • 白色纯棉小裤裤

      Now you have a good point here. An incomplete list shows that the US police have shot and killed atleast 587 American citizens in 2012.

      Chinese Police and Chengguan altogether is nothing comparable to American police.

      • Can’t remember my username

        Panties, panties panties. Again with the ‘but in America..’

        As I’m in China, the article is about China and the website is called China Smack, try this:

        “Dui Hua estimates that 5,000 executions were carried in China in 2009, down from 7,000 in 2007 and 10,000 a year in the 1990s. As many as 6,000 people were put to death in 2010.”

        Well at least government approved murder here is decreasing. China number 1! Jiayou Jiayou.

        • 白色纯棉小裤裤

          Well, that was Mighty’s point, I just backed him up with some evidences.

          And estimation is not evidence, so your accusation is a bad argument.

      • Probotector

        Do you know the circumstances of these 587 ‘police killings’? You are aware that America is a generally more violent society than China? That would kind of explain why police executing a criminal is both numerous and trivial, compared to a ‘thug for hire’ Chengguan dashing someone’s brain on the sidewalk in order to feel authoritative. Typically, in America, the cops shoot to kill when a suspect is armed and a danger to the public; typically, in China, the Chngguan beat people up so they can feel macho or something.

  • Beijinger in Beijing

    this is so quintessentially china. down to the weak ass punches, the crowd of bystanders, and the people lying on the ground pretending to be dead.

    learn to fucking fight, chink faggots.

    • YourSupremeCommander

      what a stupid fuck you are.

    • SuperHappyCow


      • the ace of books

        Probotector getting drunk is only the start of his evening…

        • Probotector

          Meaning what, exactly?

      • Probotector

        He’s not me dickhead

  • Andi

    Why don’t u people demonstrate against all of this?

    • Monkeekong

      tiananmen square 1989

      • Chinkicide

        Wow… it was so… so memorable and effective. I could feel the winds of changes. The good old TAM’89. Life is so much better since.
        Hehhe. ^,^

        • Monkeekong

          Just saying that’s what it was about. And sorry man your life will always suck no matter what happens. hehehe ^,~

  • Jin Ch’in
    • Incredibly, after posting these links, the bicycle man jumped up, cleared from all headaches and other damage. As the memories of being assaulted quickly faded away, and the event ceased to ever have happened, he smiles and thanks you, Jin, for rescuing him. It was you, Jin, who posted these links and made the event in China completely disappear, never having happened! Congratulations, dude!

      • moldavidian

        Yes. Congratulations, Jin. You’re my hero.

      • Jin Ch’in

        If you want to keep bashing China that’s fine and be blinded by your own country corruption and human right abuse history all you like. This case is about one person hitting someone else and injuring him.

        The abuser did not abuse because of the Chinese government or being Chinese. He is a criminal who did a criminal act just like any other criminals around the world.

        There is nothing wrong with the CPR or their policies it has

        help control inflation

        help hundreds of million from killing each other

        help the rest of the world live a nice middle class life due to cheap labor and low currency.

        Help USA stay afloat with trillions of USD in loans

        help African have an industry mining, manufacturing, building etc

        China is one of the safest country and as a foreigner less likely be robbed or killed like in NYC Bronx or Rio etc

        If only the rest of the world would follow in China lead..its a bitter medicine the west do not want to endure so they happy to pretend their own society is prefect.

        • mr.wiener

          This is what the Chengguan need, an emergency response unit to pull up and pour out of their SUV [or off their segways] after the Chengguan have finished tapdancing on some poor unfortunate’s head.
          And start talking over their loud speakers:
          “Nothing to see here folks…Happens all the time in America”
          “Don’t fall for the western propaganda that your government doesn’t care for you”.
          “China is still the no.1 nation in the world…and getting better every day…safest place in the world”.

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            This will not happen in America.
            What happen in America would be shooting and killing.
            587 American citizens were shot and killed by the law enforcement force last year.

          • zi_ni_ma_13

            but just imagine what it would be like in china if guns were legal…..

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            There is a huge number of privately owned guns in China prior to 1980s, its not like the end of the world either.

        • Wait, so you’re saying the chengguan didn’t jump on the guy’s head?

          • Mighty

            Nah, just 280 pounds of China’s Grade-A pork landed on the guy’s head.

        • Chinkicide

          Would you mind repeat this comment of yours in Chinese? With 汉字,简化字?

    • Ricky Beijing

      Just Jin, comparing apples to oranges like he has some enlightened view of the world that we can’t see without his help.

      ….Because a riot at a G20 conference is the same as having rentacop jump in your head so he can steal your bicycle.

      God you’re a fucking tit.

      • Jin Ch’in


        so he killed someone by bashing them and the court found him not guilty if this happened in China cries of CORRUPTION would be deafening

        The guy in story was only hurt but when western police bash a victim its usually to kill.

        How many blacks and Aboriginals in police custody have been murdered?

        • mr.wiener

          Is that the sound of deflection I hear?

          • neriosd

            Welcome to the Jin Ch’in Show,….LOL.

        • Can’t remember my username

          Speaking of empty sacks… It’s JIn. Ah yes, the traditional argument by the defender of the sacred motherland response. But in (insert country here)..

          Your constant fall back to tu quoque fallacy is wearing thin.

          1. In China corruption is rampant, he won’t be charged with anything.

          2. Do you have evidence that ‘Western Police’ are trained to beat victims to death?

          3. Quite a lot and its deplorable. However, the deaths in custody are not covered up, its made public knowledge, an inquiry is usually launched by the government and those who carry out such an offence are charged.

          4. The article is about China/Chinese security thugs and apparent absence of any rule of law in China, not about ‘but in ……..’

    • Monkeekong

      Jin, as a Chinese who immigrated to the United States I can view the nature of the comments from both points of view (as an American or laowai and as a Chinese) and I don’t see most of these comments here on Chinasmack as unreasonable at all. You shouldn’t take offense whenever someone comment on something they see on here that they connect to in their own lives living in China, because, quite frankly, when I was in China I could see the faults there a lot more clearly, too. I think being indoctrinated in American society helped make those faults a lot more apparent and they are definitely faults. China has a lot to learn from America but that’s not to say America is perfect either. Both sides has the goods and the bads but I don’t see anyone on here saying that America or western civlization is somehow superior to China. I can see how living as a laowai in China can be difficult and some of that stems from misunderstanding or whatnot. Some westerners just can’t seem to understand why Chinese people feel certain ways towards westerners and why there is always mistrust. It’s the same thing when some white Americans would say something along the lines of “oh my ancestors enslaved your people but it was 400 years ago so just get over it” towards African Americans. I can write an essay to why this view point is wrong but this is where the core of the problem comes from. I guess my point is some people just can’t put themselves in other people’s shoes no matter what and they come off pretty offensive but what can you do.

    • Mighty

      I’m rather perplexed. Is your twisted mind accommodating your distorted view of the world or is it the other way around?

  • I sometimes think these chengguan are just taking it out on the pedestrians since they are usually spineless and probably being bitched around by their wives. Wearing a uniform finally gave them a power trip.

    • Rick in China

      Um….of course?

      When you grant the uneducated and unenlightened power, the result is always the rampant abuse of power.

      The Chengguan are literally the same uneducated class they’re abusing. Now they’re given sticks, and feel like they’re superior to the same people they once milled around with – the result is always going to be terrible.

  • coldraindrops

    even the uniforms are thuggish. These uniforms are designed not to be tucked into the pants, and are also examples of imitation police uniforms

  • the ace of books

    You know, there’s two things I can think of for the “temporary worker” schtick:

    1) prevarication tactics


    2) intentionally hiring people on temporarily (even if it’s only like 2 hours less than full) in order to be able to “legitimately” call temporary worker when there’s a crime.

    Either’s possible (and possibly both are true), and neither get any wiggle room in this situation. Why?

    if 1): people know it’s an excuse being trotted out for display, and won’t trust you, and therefore you lose face.

    if 2): basing a hiring policy on the kinds of excuses one needs to make in order to “save” face is worse, since it’s institutionalising the lie.

    Either way, calling “temporary worker!” is a fail that’s just directed back towards the institution, and it not only looks bad, it makes people lose trust in chengguan.

    (Not that they had much to begin with…)

  • moldavidian

    If Chinese communism was born in Yan’an, maybe it should die there. This would be a good place and time for a new beginning. Also, i wish there was more to the story than just some thugs confiscating or stealing a bicycle. What is their justification?

  • M.N

    People check this video out which i saw on Youku.http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNTY4NzU5Mzky.html?f=19372924&ev=4

    • Paul Schoe


    • mr.wiener

      We’ve all seen the vid of Yeye being killed and all those arseholes walking past her. What is your point or was that your idea of titilation?

  • winterbitten

    I’d like to know why the bike was being taken and some more information.

    It seems like the dude said something to that chick who’s boyfriend or husband I guess started the altercation once the bitch tried hitting him. As a note I hate women who try and hit men and get away with it cause of their breasts.

    The police in general don’t seem well trained as far as fighting goes. It really looks like a bunch of thugs just trying to beat someone. Which is actually kind of good because if they had better skills I’d be more worried for the general population.

    Considering how often this stuff happens I’m really surprised there aren’t more people just going nuts. I mean it’s like a Rodney King beating every day somewhere here. Maybe it’s not fair for me to use him as an analogy because I ne ver saw the beating personally but it always comes to mind in these situations.

    Anyway generally though, it’s pretty dumb to hit any form of police officer regardless the situation. Bad things are just going to happen no matter what. It’s not fair, but he has to expect something like this to happen the moment he starts pushing or touching anyone related to the police force. So with that in mind people should really just start going all out if they’re going to start an altercation. Cause a stomp like that could easily kill the man and I would be surprised if he comes out of this fully functional.

  • So the Chinese built a great wall to keep the barbarians out. Now they’ve developed a system that seems to breed barbarians into their own society. Nice going. Way to waste your time building a big wall.

    • Monkeekong

      ok well, first of all, the wall was built to keep Mongols out. “Barbarians” was just a synonym for outsiders. The Chengguans are barbarians, for a different reason obviously, but the wall wasn’t intended as a way for China to erase barbaric behavior from within China. I know you probably understand this but your comment made no sense.

  • grovesman

    Off topic:

    I’ve mainly been a lurker here over the years posting only a few times. But I am happy to tell everyone that I am I’m headed back home after 7 long years in this bewildering place called China.

    I wish all expats in China the best. Take care.


    grovesman (aka Brett)

  • ….
    Now we get to see who voted comment up. It takes away the mystery… the game of guessing which one of us voted the controversial comments or who voted up your own comments. No more voting mysteriously…

    • qwpdoi


    • mr.wiener

      You can vote up your own comments?!?
      I wondered who it was voting for Jin.

      • hover thy mouse over the upvote button, but press it not, and ye shall see a bubble o name o scurvy whom upvoted yee. Arrghhh

      • Aye, but there still be the mysterious “guest” phantom voters.

  • ericsson

    those security guards really look like losers




  • x1sfg

    China needs a Battle of Concord & Lexington, fast. Or another Tianmen protest, but with weapons.

  • hacienda

    why are the sheep complaining about the actions of their so called elite?

  • Dr Sun

    That corset the uniformed dog is wearing, is not working

  • dumbledore

    Oh my,,, the “temporary worker” response again. They never learn do they?

  • S

    What the F is the point of chengguan? What benefit to soceity have they ever provided?

  • Gerardo Ferrer

    fire the officer and force him to pay the hospital bills.

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