Yan’an Chinese Chengguan Officer Stomps on Young Man’s Head

Yan'an Chengguan officer jumps and stomps on a bicyclist's head during a fight.

Yan'an Chengguan officer jumps and stomps on a bicyclist's head during a fight.

From Sohu TV:

Yan’an Chengguan’s Barbaric Law Enforcement, Brutally Beat Young Man

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From Sina Weibo:

#Yan’an Chengguan#

Yan’an Chengguan’s Violent Law Enforcement Exposed, Chengguan Who Fiercely Tramples Store Owner’s Head is Temporary Employee

On the afternoon of May 31, around the neighborhood of Yan’an City Yangjia Ridge, a conflict happened between chengguan officers and store owners. As shown in the video, a group of men wearing chengguan uniforms beat a young man, with the young man knocked to the ground. One of the city management officers jumps up and heavily stomps on the young man’s head. Yan’an City Management Bureau responded that all personnel involved have been suspended from work pending investigation, with the chengguan officer who stomped on the young man’s head being a temporary worker.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


Bikers nationwide, repost/forward this, the male chengguan is called Shi Rui, and the female chengguan is called Zheng Yuanyuan, the two of them being a couple, members of the Yan’an Chengguan Squad’s Fenghuang Division, and live Yan’an City Xinming Village Fayuan Hill. These two are always throwing their weight around, typical thugs. Zheng Yuanyuan is the niece of Zheng Shiguo, secretary of Chengguan Squad, well-connected. If they were temporary employees, then the secretary of the Party Committee must also be a temporary employee! Severely punish the perpetrators!


Some friends have been asking me for my opinion on the Yan’an chengguan stomping on a citizen’s head with both feet. I’m answering them here: Chinese people have had two feet stepping on their heads for more than half a century. So I think, against this backdrop of a whole nation being stepped on the head with two feet, the disgusting thing with the Yan’an chengguan is not strange at all. Thank you.


The Yan’an Chengguan Building Has 30 Floors, Netizen: I Wonder How Many Temporary Workers Live Inside. There are about 2.16 million people in Yan’an City, and there are about 400,000 people in the downtown Baota District. Comment: A “Chengguan Building” like this, I wonder how many are there in China? Without question, this is definitely a building of corruption! How many street vendors’ hard-earned money has been confiscated and squandered by them? I reiterate: Chengguan should stop all sort of money-collecting [fees and fines], they can never tread the same old path as Industry & Commerce did.

Yan’an Chengguan Mansion.

[Note: The third video that plays in the video embed above features this building.]


Yan’an: “The sky of the liberated area is a sky of white terror…” This old revolutionary area used to be one of simple and honest people, but with as time changes 60 years later, Yan’an chengguan have swiftly mutated into a wild beast that does all manner of evil things, such as leaping up into the air with both feet and viciously stomping on the common people’s heads—-its level of brutality no less than that of Japan’s Imperial Army. When even a temporary worker is as brutal as this, then what must the regular staff be like? Government mouthpieces that only tell lies, do you yourselves believe the words you make up to placate the public? Yan’an, where a revolution once started…

The perpetrating chengguan and the victim.


Please focus on the nature of this incident, this is not violent law enforcement, this is robbery! (The bicycle that was taken [being impounded/confiscated] didn’t belong to some vendor who had placed it on the sidewalk for sale, it was the biker’s.) After the robbery was met with resistance from the victim, the criminal inflicted serious injury by stomping on the victim’s head. The impact on society is extremely bad. According to criminal law, he should serve at least 7 years in jail. -—Assuming the law isn’t a ball.

Comments from Sina:

手机用户 [福建福州]:

Song of the Chengguan: Find some leisure, find some time, drive a government car, and go out for a ride. Bring the ticket book, bring the credentials, bring the batons, and look around on the streets. Confiscated a cart of sweet potatoes in the morning, and had good free meal at lunch. Give the fines collected to the leaders to count, and let the leaders take their pick of the leather shoes seized. Always going out for a ride, going out for a ride, even if just to destroy a stall or to smash a bowl. The government doesn’t care how much we contribute to the city, a life of bullying street vendors ain’t easy either.

我是高小聪 [广东广州]:

While temporary employees are carrying out duties, they are the same as civil servants, they all represent the law enforcement unit. The perpetrator isn’t a temporary employee, nor a civil servant, but the Chengguan Bureau! Do you understand what is professional conduct and what is representative conduct? You yourselves have beaten up people, yet you always push the responsibility onto someone else, what thick skin you have [how shameless]!

米迦勒9527 [湖南长沙]:

Only suspended from work? Malicious assault doesn’t come with criminal liability? Who cares if you’re a regular employee or a temporary employee?

郭锋-金融与法律 [北京]:

Is there a different between contract-based employees and permanent staff when it comes to legal responsibility? No. Should the employer and the person in charge both be responsible for the professional conduct of their contract-based employees? Yes. Therefore, this kind of reason to shirk responsibility makes no sense.

sanose [广东湛江]:

Right now at this moment, I checked today’s headlines on Sina, three of them are concerning chengguan law enforcement: 1. Yan’an Chengguan Jumps and Stomps on Store Owner’s Head. 2. Third-Year High School Student Films Chengguan Law Enforcement with Cell Phone, Is Beaten & Injured & Will Miss Gaokao College Entrance Examination. 3. Chengguan Demands Relationship with Store Owner’s Daughter, Brings People to Beat Store Owner When Refused. The violent law enforcement and disregard for the law by chengguan has already become a grave sickness. If it continues to not be treated, I’m afraid…

Comments from QQ:

腾讯内蒙古网友 红都社区:

Nowadays, ZF only has temporary employees working, while the permanent staff are paid for doing absolutely nothing.

腾讯西安市网友 凭步清雲: (responding to above)

Which proves that the people have raised a bunch of pigs, and the pigs have in turn raised wolves, who have been ordered to attack the people! The pigs have gotten smart, no responsibility at all, which goes to show that the people are a bunch of morons! So if we stop raising the pigs and cut off the wolves’ escape, the people can live in peace!

腾讯徐州市网友 精彩:

The situation captured on camera fully shows the chengguan officers’ illegal law enforcement behavior, as well as shows the passing police officers neglecting their duty. That this kind of situation occurred in the Party’s holy land of Yan’an, I think this is a serious polluting of the Party’s holy land that he entire country’s citizens would disapprove of. As for the local government still not diligently investigating, just what are you waiting for? Truly lamentable!

腾讯鸡西市网友 ´简单生活:

Are you people still servants of the people? You’re nothing but a group of beasts!!! Thugs…

腾讯网友 海南青年 丶:

Nowadays, our own people bully our own people, especially these scums of society. They take tax-payers’ money while they bully them. What the hell is this? Wearing a uniform and bullying the common people everywhere, you are worse than dogs and pigs.

Comments from NetEase:

网易山东省威海市网友 ip:112.246.*.*:

Fuck your mothers. Can you people be a little more creative? Anytime something happens, it was the temporary workers who did it. Just because it was a temporary worker in your work unit, does that mean you leaders aren’t responsible? When your dog bites someone, you just put the responsibility on the dog?

易安贫嘴 [网易广东省阳江市网友]:

I already knew it would be a temporary worker, or did you think they’d say the leaders were responsible?
And fucking only in the Heavenly Kingdom can all responsibility but pinned on temporary workers. One of these days, we’ll let you beasts know what temporary workers really are.

石原夏織 [网易江苏省连云港市网友]:

Maybe he really is a temporary employee. These days, the regular employees all sit in their offices nice and comfortable, they don’t go to the front line at all, all just hiring some people they have connections with to be their temporary employees. It’s a stock-in-trade in this profession.

花开o [网易四川省乐山市网友]:

Chinese people’s archenemy is the “public power” that wears the coat of “country, nation, and people”. It can do anything, it can be anywhere, it does whatever it pleases, and it can’t be restrained by normal means, including the law.

他们都说我智商低 [网易广东省广州市网友]:

The greatest invention of the Heavenly Kingdom: The temporary worker.
Does anyone think this great invention has a chance to win a Nobel Prize?


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Peter is a born and raised Chengdunese who enjoys drinking with all his friends.


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