Yangtze Rescue Operation Underway After Passenger Ship Sinks

Yangtze Rescue Operation Underway After Passenger Ship Sinks

A passenger ship carrying 458 people which capsized on the Yangtze River after a sudden encounter with a cyclone has so far had 14 people rescued from it with an extra 5 confirmed dead. The “Eastern Star” met with tragedy at around 11pm on June 1, with its rescued captain and chief engineer saying the port side was lashed with high winds, suddenly tilting the ship and capsizing it within a minute. 3 helicopters, army and police have joined in the search and rescue efforts, with netizens urging haste due to the relatively few people rescued so far.

Source: Netease

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  • Amused

    Hopes, prayers, best wishes and anything that might work to these poor folks. Nobody deserves to die this way.

  • MeiDaxia

    So glad this story only got a twitter-esque line, rather than in depth coverage…

  • YourSupremeCommander

    You used the WRONG picture, again.

    • terriblemovie

      Wrong picture. Wrong tragedy. Wrong boat. Wrong country flag on rescue boat.

      Can this site get any more lazy?

      • YourSupremeCommander

        I think so, lets wait till tomorrow.

  • And that is a river you do not want to be in – filthy

  • David

    So you get a capsized cruise ship where 450 people are dead and it does not deserve a full article translation by a human. I give up, If this does not deserve personal attention I don’t know what does. Goodbye China Smack.

  • haha, if i were there, sure, i can suivive.
    i am very good at swimming!

  • Chaz

    Nothing to see here…move along…this is not June 4…boats safe…pilot error…we’ll execute him…relatives better shut their traps…we’ll compensate…
    Sincerely, Your friendly CCP PSB and Propaganda Departments…