Young Chinese Children Shining Shoes Behind Tourist Trap


From Mop:

After 10pm at night, we tourists were pulled to an essential oils company recommending shopping. Upon exiting from the back we encountered several children cleaning/shining shoes, the oldest only being a little over 10-years-old, the younger not yet 3-years-old. Begging “uncle, auntie”, saying each shoe shining was 2 yuan, many tourists could not bear it and all allowed them to simply wipe a bit before giving 10-year, 5-year, but no one gave 2 yuan. Seeing these children the tourists all signed. Everyone take a look, this was taken at night, so the quality is not very good, but this is definitely real.












Comments from Mop:


Everyone tell me, what kind of society is this?

And those little street-side begging children on the streets

just seeing them makes the heart sad!!

Don’t even know if we should give money or should not give money!!


I really want to say, the money you gave will not even go into their hands. The more money you give, the more children like these there will be.


Why is it like this?
It feels exceptionally unfair.
What are those government officials doing with our tax-paying people’s money?
This kind of children cannot peacefully enjoy their own childhood
and what more are working here
it is them who are lamentable
or is it our entire country and people lamentable???


The rich are too rich, the poor too poor. Bullshit socialism…going backwards…when we return to the original/primitive society this kind of thing definitely will not be seen.


When I was their age, I only knew how to play all day. Who knows if these children will become strong businessmen in the future, coming into contact with money so young.


Very obvious that there are adults organizing them, and those people are exploiting society’s sympathy/compassion.

In the end, it is still a problem of the gap between poor and rich.


A country with trillions of US dollars in foreign reserves, a country that maintained double-digit economic growth for 20-30 years, a country that took foreign reserves to invest and lost hundreds of billions of US dollars, can spend hundreds of billions for an athletic event [Olympics], can contribute to other countries’ earthquakes and flus, a country that can help Africa and South America, a country whose civil servants are over 20 times that of developed countries, a country whose regulations stipulate a compulsory junior high school education that actually has children who cannot afford to attend even primary school, still shamelessly brags that this is the national conditions of China.

I am very curious, how can this kind of country’s “go-vern-ment” have the face to go promote people like Cong Fei and Bai Fangli [two people who donated a lot of money to help students go to school]. They are sick people and old people, and should already be enjoying the welfare this “go-vern-ment” should provide them! However, these people who should already be enjoying the welfare this “go-vern-ment” should provide them are actually doing the work that should be the “go-vern-ment’s” responsibility, for the “go-vern-ment”, when the “go-vern-ment” itself already completely has the ability to educate and help improverished children attend school?

I am already feeling embarrassed for you government officials. Yet you guys still have the face to say you are moved by their achievements! Bullshit moved!


This thing definitely did not happen, our country has already become well-off, each and every citizen are all very blessed/prosperous, living very harmoniously! This is definitely fake news!


Read, Wen Jiabao handle.


The Party’s policies are good, but the execution is too bad, no one supervises! River crab!!!


Everytime I see these kind of pictures I sigh deeply.
This is society.
People like us simply are powerless.
We can only hope for their future to be a bit better.


Harmonious society, right?
Harmonize it.
Everything OK.
Trash capitalism, is it better than us?
Does their milk powder have melamine?
Are their government officials richer than our government officials?
Are they able to play hide the cat [hide and seek]?
Are they able to do three push-ups?
Are they able to go hit soy sauce?
Do they have city managers?
Are they able to make 70 km/h knock someone 5 meters high?


Everyday I see this kind of thing, every time my heart is shaken, but, our power/ability [to change things] is truly too small, although…if helping them is no loss for you personally, then don’t hesitate! But if your ability has its limits, take care of yourself first, and do not create more problems for society and others!


I am very miserable, I do not make enough money to pay taxes.
I am very happy, because I do not have to give my own money to support cadelle beetles [government officials].


Even a highly developed country like America has slums/ghettos.
The government’s duty is to make every effort to eliminate poverty…
but our government…

What do you do when you see this kind of scene?


Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.


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