Young Couple Prosecuted After Video of Campus Romp Goes Viral

Young Couple Prosecuted After Video of Campus Romp Goes Viral
Earlier this year, a short video of a pair of mainland exchange students engaging in “extremely open behavior” at a Hong Kong university went viral.Because of the attention the video was getting online, the story was picked up by Hong Kong media, and then the police, who decided to prosecute. The 18-year-old girl admitted to participating in sexual behavior in a public place, and was sentenced to 12 months of probation for the campus romp. The 19-year-old boy pled not guilty, and his trial will continue.One humorous netizen asked “Are rooms in Hong Kong that expensive?”.

Source: Netease

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  • the thirst is real

  • mr.wiener

    Never was the comment “get a room” more appropriate.

    • Vance

      But what can you do when love strikes? When you gotta, you gotta!

  • Money is Everything

    shameless dogs~

    • Bman

      Come on let’s try, u know u wanna ;)

      • Money is Everything

        try your head!

  • donscarletti

    1) Yes, rooms in Hong Kong are THAT expensive.
    2) That’s hot.

  • Amused

    Hope that curb-booty was worth it.

  • WghUk

    Mainlanders should really take a look at themselves before they complain why Hong Kongers are harsh to them.

  • Bman

    This man obviously had no sense. Im sure there’d be dozens of darker spots all around.

    OR, maybe they’re just a bit kinky and brave enough to be watched. Regardless, i would much rather see that than the urine I see coming out of people onto the street every day.

  • Jahar

    I’ve crossed the “lewd behavior” line a few times, but these guys really put me to shame.

    • Amused

      Dude, this is a whole new level. That red rail there looks like part of a bus stop to me….

  • sudon’t

    What, no link to the video? How can I form an opinion without seeing it?