Young Entrepreneur Uses Car Fleet To Propose To Sweetheart

Young Entrepreneur Uses Car Fleet To Propose To SweetheartA young entrepreneur used a fleet of flashy cars to propose to his college-freshman girlfriend in Guangzhou University City. The 90s-born youngster dropped out of school to start a business, and after some success decided to pop the question to his junior-high-school first love- mainly due to fear of her being snatched away by her fellow students. The car fleet formed a love heart, and even played “Wedding March” via their horns. The young man hopes to marry his girlfriend “Tingting” after she graduates. Many netizens believed he had been born into his wealth instead.

Source: qq

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  • 羡慕嫉妒恨!
    some girls they are so lucky! they meet their love so young, no need to waste youth and deal with rubbish mfkers. especially after school, most guys are very snobbish.
    especially in sh, if after these white snob dogs know the girl is from sh, they cant wait to dream to lick them.

  • Zappa Frank

    Another love with Chinese charterstics. Based on money. No wonder the psicopatic here is envydious….
    In the same page there is a link that clearly shows if you do the same with fruit instead of mini coopers and porche it doesn’t work. Nobody will say you are lucky to have someone that loves you but they will look down upon you for being associate with a weirdo

  • I used to think there was only one Tingting, but I guess it is a common name in China…

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