Young Girl Argues With Anti-Chinese French On Airplane

From Mop:

Chinese origin MM‘s heart very pained: On my flight, I reproached French people who discriminate against China!

It was on the plane to Paris, three weeks after the Olympic flame was obstructed in Paris.


Next to me was a Westerner, his companions were also all around me. After takeoff, their conversations helped me determine their identities: a group of French tourists returning to their country.

This American airline company’s route to Europe very rarely has Asian flight attendants. So when an Asian stewardess began providing refreshments, everyone was surprised. A French guy sitting near me started his French-style romance, charging the Asian stewardess and saying: “This beautiful young lady is Japanese right?!”

The young lady looked at him and then looked at the five star red flag pin/brooch on her uniform before politely telling him: “No, sir, did you see this? I am Chinese.”

Suddenly without words, his expression cooled, giving people the feeling that he would have continued being enthusiastic had the lady responded that she was Japanese. The stewardess also felt his sudden change, turned her eyes to me, and asked me what I wanted. I used English to reply her.

As soon as the service cart continued forward, that French guy may have felt that what he just did was a little arrogant, and said to me “Sorry, the past few days that flag has been everywhere in France, I truly have had enough! What are they trying to do!”

Without waiting for him to finish, I hurriedly said: “Sorry, sir, I also come from that flag’s country.”

Perhaps he did not expect this, so his expression became a little stiff. He icily looked at me, and then turned to his food before him.

Afterward, as if I did not exist, he and his companions treated this airplane like a Parisian road-side cafe, chatting and drinking, pressing the stewardess call light, opening the window shades of the passenger cabin and allowing the sun to shine in.  I controlled my temper, and used my expression and body language to communicate my displeasure, plugging my ears with earplugs in front of them. I need to rest! I politely said to my neighbor: “Can you please close the window shade?”

I truly did not imagine he would answer me like this: “Sorry, young lady, this window seat is mine, the plane ticket was paid with my money, you have no right to request this of me!”

I was stunned for a long time, not knowing what to say!  This is the self-proclaimed friendliness, generosity, pursuit of romance and freedom of the French people? So what they were pursuing was their own freedom! I did not want the remainder of my journey to be spent in this kind of atmosphere, and concluded that their inhuman behavior was deliberate against us Chinese. I decided I may not be able to argue with them but at least I can avoid them!

Getting up, I walked to the work room at the back of the passenger cabin, and started a conversation with my distant compatriot. Aside from some small talk, she told me about her work experience. She said that amongst her work assignments, the France route gives her the most headaches because the passengers are too wanton, do not listen to the flight attendants, continue to walk around when the fasten seat belt light is on, that it is common for them to ask for 4-5 things each time they want something, and it is as if they have been wronged if it things are not done this way. Not only this, and perhaps as a result of of smoking, their mouths are very smelly. I said to her that people say Chinese passengers are also very difficult to handle. She said that the route between China and America is 14 hours, the route between America and France is 8 hours, and in comparison, Chinese passenger’s behavior is far better than French people. If French people were to sleep for that long of a time, it would be impossible to enter the passenger cabin [due to bad mouth odor]! She also said that she must admit, America is the country with the best personal hygiene in the world, the passengers basically do not have any mouth odor.

We chatted like this. I told her about what happened with my neighbor. She said, “there are all kinds of people, do not worry, you can come sit in the empty seat in the very last row.”

At this moment, my neighbor and several of his companions also come over! They were probably also tired of sitting. Upon seeing us two Chinese chatting, he provokingly said to another stewardess: “Chinese people are so pitiful, living in a country without freedom, look at the Communist Party’s masterpiece, brainwashing their own citizens, such a large country not allowing other religions to exist…”

At this moment, I could not endure it anymore! I asked him: “Have you been to China?”

“I do not even have the desire to go!”

“Then do not say anything!”

“You have no right to ask this of me!”

“You have even less right to make such personal remarks about what you do not know!”

“Young lady, do not be angry, can you understand why so many young people unscrupulously assemble on other country’s territory, expressing their dissatisfaction with everyone in the country? If this is not having been brainwashed, what could it be?”


“You truly do not understand modern China. Do you know the background these young people grew up in? Let me tell you, they are the 80s generation that were born after China’s reforms. Almost all of them are the only child in their families, whose parents provided them with everything they could. They are a self-confident, self-centered, generation with their own way of thinking, having grown up listening to Western popular music and watching Hollywood movies. They do not feel that they are inferior to others, so when they discover their own motherland being looked down upon by others, without anyone’s incitement or brainwashing, they automatically/voluntarily stood up for the honor of their motherland!”

“Even so, they cannot do whatever they want in other countries? Who welcomed them to come?”

“I think their “page-ant” [probably means march/demonstration] and assembly is legal. Otherwise, the French would not allow it.”

“No politics, no politics.” Another flight attendant wanted to break us apart, asking the French guy across from me: “Tell me about the good places in Paris, I want to see museums?”

The French guy’s eyes flashed, and introduced some like the back of his hand before finally saying: “Us French collect precious artwork from various countries in the world, including the home country of these two young ladies–China gave them to us.”

I could not take it anymore, and stared at him: “Why would Chinese people give their own art to your France? They were stolen by your ancestors!”

“Nonsense, us French people would never do this kind of thing!”

“Oh really? Do you know Victor Hugo?”

Surprised, he said: “He is the pride of our people! You also know him?”

I did not understand his surprise, and carefully said: “He previously said in his essay: ‘One day, two robbers came to China and brutally plundered the Old Summer Palace. They killed people, started fires, and committed all sorts of atrocities. The name of these two robbers, one was England, one was France.’ May I ask, who is France? How many Frances are there in the world?”

In the face of my interrogation, he actually said: “Impossible, I am not an uneducated person and I have never known of this kind of thing!”

“Come say that to me after you have gone home and checked the library! A people unwilling to face their own faults has no future. I only admire French people who are like Hugo!”

“A true French person does not buy other country’s luxury goods!” a female companion of the French guy said to me.


Tit for tat, I said: “If you are referring to your LV bags and perfume, why not say this to the English and Americans? You are envying Chinese people! If I am not guessing wrong, a woman like you needs to save for awhile to buy an LV bag. Look at Chinese people, when they buy one, they buy half a dozen or a dozen so of course you are uncomfortable. The most important thing is that the Chinese people did not steal, that they fairly buy and sell, that they paid money! If you are a true patriotic French person, why are you flying on an American airline! Go fly your own French airline!”

They started to use French to shout, I was so angry I began to shake, so I pushed aside a path to return to my seat, grabbed my hand luggage, and returned to sit down in the empty seat in the last row all in front of their hateful eyes. At the time, had there been a gun in my hands, I think I would have immediately shot them all! Ignorant arrogant French guys!

That compatriot gave me a paper towel and said to me: “Thank you, without this uniform, I would have been on your side.”

My tears wantonly dripped down, did I win this argument? If I did, why would tears be all over my face? My heart was very chaotic, very pained. For my motherland full of hardships, I pray that she can truly become strong!

Comments from Mop:


When did the 5 Mao start writing novels?


Watching politics evolve is like watching the circus,
Just the year before last was the China-France friendship year, but it has become like this now?
What will it be like next year?
Circus and political turmoil, which one does the lou zhu like to watch?


What you did was very right. I am proud to have a compatriot like you. If I were you, I too would have done what you did. I support the LZ.


I support~~~absolutely must ding…I do not feel one bit what is so good about foreigners! Especially France.
My geography teacher said, France is an irrational, only knows “romance” country.  Not worth mentioning!! Lou zhu, next time it would be better to just pretend you cannot see these people. Ignoring them would be the biggest humiliation!!!


Why is our China always disliked, bullied, by people? Why? ~~~ Are our Chinese people bad??


No matter if it is true or false, it makes people even more angry!


French people, if you are unlucky enough to encounter them, you can fully understand the French philistine mentality.
Personally speaking, I am more willing to deal with Swiss or Americans.
I do not even want to say.
They always think the entire world owes them.


With regards to this MM‘s behaviour I express admiration.
I hope all of China’s sons and daughters can be like this! Do not lose your self-respect in the face of foreigners!


Mop friend, most French people are not bad people, only a little mentally retarded.


I am giving my “topic reply virginity” [first time replying to a BBS post] to a beloved person who reveres the motherland. LZ, let me tell you a piece of good news: Our generation will make our motherland strong and powerful, I am sure of it!


France, a pompous country~ taught a lesson by Germans twice yet still no progress.


What he said was not wrong,
Chinese people have indeed been brainwashed.


Sigh…France’s appointed president, I still rather like.
This Sarkozy is completely a NB…completely losing all of the French people’s face…letting the world’s people all know that France is also completely insensible and unreasonable country…


First, I will not talk about the authenticity of this post.
French tourists just recently won first place for the world’s most disliked tourist amongst the service industry.


Support. Recently, I have seen many things that have also given me impressions of France that were different from the past. I have decided that after learning French and there is an opportunity, I will refute the French face to face.

Comments from BBS:


Our disgrace/shame comes from our elders. I hope it will not happen in the future!


You stupid cunt. Those studying abroad in France are a bunch of corrupt official’s sons and daughters, including you. Are we Chinese people more wealthy than the French? French people only need to save half a month’s money to buy LV, but Chinese people buying half a dozen each time? If [those Chinese are] not corrupt officials then what could they be? If you are Chinese, then do not buy any French things. Trash begging to be fucked like you must be a French-Chinese [Chinese person with French citizenship]. If you really have the courage, give up your French nationality. Our motherland welcomes you.


[referring to above comment]
Extremely well-said. Your father being a [corrupt] official within the country [China], yourself outside of the country driving BMW sports cars, going on vacations, being “patriotic”…this kind of life, I would love to just dream about it.


France is where freedom originated, so it is normal for French people to enjoy freedom. Lou zhu‘s self-esteem in the post was too strong! It would have been better to just treat them as foolish people.


There is nothing wrong with liking freedom. Also, other people saying that Chinese people have been brainwashed, lied to, and have no rights is not wrong either. You yelling at people on an airplane again confirms that you are ignorant and have been brainwashed, that you have not experienced much outside of the country. Embarrassing!!!


The most ignorant yet brainwashed idiots are all those double-crossers, those scum and small people who not only do not help their own but build up others with their eyes wide open! A compatriot no matter how wrong is still your compatriot. No matter how civilized an outsider pretends to be they are still an outsider. This should be understood clearly.


France is really amusing.
There first lady is a whore.


Good job~! If all of China’s youth can be more like you, China will become even stronger!


France did good, extremely good, just great, helping China’s young generation experience the West’s pride and prejudice,  helping them wake up and work harder.


I can only say that prosperous and powerful China makes ignorant Westerners envious! I support the lou zhu!

UPDATE: Many people automatically believe this story is fake. Are you sure? Please see the original author’s blog posts: 飞机上的爱国架 and 最弄不明白的是人!



Written by Fauna

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