Young Girl Steals Chocolate, Dies

A 13-year-old girl Zhaohua (pseudonym) secretly stole some supermarket chocolate, and when a supermarket worker realized they asked the parents to come forward and pay. The supermarket wanted 100 RMB at the very least, but Zhaohua’s parents only had 30 RMB on them, so her mother went to get money. But while she was getting the money, Zhaohua climbed on top of a tall building and jumped from the 17th floor, dying on the spot. Some netizens have said “What supermarket is this! Such inhumanity! If you ask other people for a little chocolate, I think they’ll just give it to you.” There was also a netizen that said “You’ve stolen something but still think you’re in the right? We should raise our children’s delayed gratification abilities.”

Source: qq

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