Young Girl Steals Chocolate, Dies

A 13-year-old girl Zhaohua (pseudonym) secretly stole some supermarket chocolate, and when a supermarket worker realized they asked the parents to come forward and pay. The supermarket wanted 100 RMB at the very least, but Zhaohua’s parents only had 30 RMB on them, so her mother went to get money. But while she was getting the money, Zhaohua climbed on top of a tall building and jumped from the 17th floor, dying on the spot. Some netizens have said “What supermarket is this! Such inhumanity! If you ask other people for a little chocolate, I think they’ll just give it to you.” There was also a netizen that said “You’ve stolen something but still think you’re in the right? We should raise our children’s delayed gratification abilities.”

Source: qq

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  • so sad!
    if i were the mother i would cry to death!

  • Foreign Devil

    Her parents must beat her pretty bad if she would choose death over punishment.

    • mzungu

      Guess, you must of been raised by trolls to say something like that. :P

  • I love Sexy Chinese girls

    “lose face” is the caused of death.

  • Alvin Lee

    Chinese netizens are fucking stupid. Its not about whether the girl thinks she is right after stealing chocolate (and committing suicide) but the supermarket and everybody around making such a big fuss and humiliating her family over chocolates that is the problem. Also cunts like that person who made that comment without even knowing/feeling/understanding any shit. Anyway, no harm done. Too many shitty Chinese alive anyway. I wish all of them would just die. Yeah just the shitty ones. What were you thinking?

    • James

      You are fucking stupid. Stealing is wrong. Unfortunately this girl also made the wrong and very sad choice. It is what it is.

      • Alvin Lee

        I may be fucking stupid but you are a fucking cunt. Stealing may be wrong but its not a major crime and she is young. My fucking government steals from people all the time, I dont see you righteous pricks do anything about it?

        • James

          good strawman argument dipshit.

          • Alvin Lee

            you started it first with the name calling keyboard pussy.

  • Toasty

    Something just doesn’t add up about this. Why were the parents in a supermarket if they didn’t have any money on them? Did the dad stay in the supermarket? Why let his daughter just run off? How did she get on top of a 17 floor building without anybody noticing? The vast majority of buildings Iv’e tried to get on top of have the door to the roof locked! How did she know where to go to get on the roof? Must have been the most intuitive 13 year old in all of China.

    It all just stinks of a cover up.

    • Jahar

      Well, they aren’t allowed to really report news, so this is what we get.

    • James

      The key word is majority

  • mrmop

    She stole yes, a crime maybe depends on the lawyer. The fact is she was a kid who jumped to her death because her family couldn’t afford to pay. She probably saw it as a sign as dishonoring her parents, what the article doesn’t mention is if she ate the chocolate or not. I don’t see the problem if she had simply returned it that’s the oversight in injustice.