Lei Feng Movie Debuts in Nanjing, Zero Tickets Sold

Young Lei Feng movie poster.

From Sina Weibo:

@财经网: Lei Feng Themed Movie Released in Nanjing, Four Showings Without A Single Ticket Sold: Yesterday [March 5] was “Learn from Lei Feng Day”, and a biographical movie named Young Lei Feng giving an account of Lei Feng’s life from when he graduated elementary school to the day he sacrificed his life debuted in Nanjing, resulting with an embarrassing “zero box office” situation where not a single person bought a ticket. An employee of the movie theater said, “We too are very surprised. Normally, a movie, no matter what it is, will still manage to sell at least some tickets.” (Yangtse Evening Post)

A Young Lei Feng movie still.

Young Leifeng Trailer:

Comments from Sina Weibo:


Nanjing, well done!


A bunch of assholes wasting tax-payers’ money.


Better an ugly truth than a false beauty [success].


Surprising? Couldn’t be more normal. Who would spend money watching this kind of SB movie?


Embarrassing, Lei Feng was my childhood idol.


It is also a record-breaking box-office result! So rare, have you applied for a Guinness World Record?!


I’d rather die than to watch Lei Feng or Jiao Yulu movies. I’d rather die than to watch Anti-Japanese War serials.


Super positive energy! I’m going to watch it!


A small thing, [but I] feel China can still be saved! [嘻嘻][嘻嘻]


Why spend money to go watch a false idol’s so-called deeds?


They can force middle school and elementary school students to go watch it, and then write about their impressions.


Yesterday, Changchun’s news reported that some volunteers organized to go watch it! And those volunteers were college students. I changed the channel right away!


Lei Feng is just a spokesman of a certain Party. His story is one primary school students can write from memory, so would anyone really want to buy a movie ticket to watch him wash the socks and fold the blankets for his teammates?


You all learn from He Shen, but you ask the common people to learn from Lei Feng! Suggest the government organize the officials, official second generations, rich second generations, real estate tycoons, NPC and CPPCC members to go watch it.


Can’t blame us, the plot distorts humanity, is disconnected with reality, and contains no entertainment value. If it were not for fulfilling a task [being required to go watch the movie], I reckon no one would spend 80 RMB for Lei Feng.


A brainwashing blockbuster…


Some people die, but they never really lived…


Organize wu mao to go watch it, and those who don’t will have 5 mao [0.5 RMB] deducted.


Because everybody knows, [a movie] that uses Lei Feng’s name is definitely going to suck!


There’s nothing to be surprised about. When China makes a movie like this, it’ll definitely going to be one that sings praises of the Party, without any meaning/substance at all. Look at those Americans’ Lincoln and how different it is.


Xinwen Liaobo and this Lei Feng movie, which one’s better to watch?


I think the goal of “Learn from Lei Feng” is to encourage people to do good things! The original intention is good! Educational material that’s aimed towards good/positive notions should be respected! We can combine it with reality and absorb good ideas/ideology. This society is in dire need of positive things, even if it’s brain-washing, as long as it [teaches people to] think of others instead of hurting them.


Reminds me of those photos of Lei Feng posing on my textbooks as a child, a pile of stuff about learning this idea and that represents that I simply could never figure out, simply a waste of my youth. Not until now do I understand why Hong Kong people resist these things. I just want to say: FUCK the spirits, FUCK the ideology, FUCK the represents, damn it, fuck off!!!


Since it’s propagating Lei Feng spirit, why not show it for free? Who would spend money to learn to do good things?


Comrade Lei Feng reminds me of the story of the little North Korean girl who drowned protecting a portrait of Kim Jong-il

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  • a movie where the main character do the laundry for the secondary character.

    • Ralphrepo

      I thought only the French could do a movie like that, LOL…

  • Alex

    I find this kind of thing quite contradictory when I see it.

    You can say “Good! People are waking up from their xinao(brainwash)”

    But then again, last month shit loads of people went out to destroy japanese cars….

    Let’s be positive, yes, they are waking up from brainwashing, BUT they still need something to let all their stress and discontent out, and nothing better for them than the japanese, since they’ve been watching warring movies about Japan since childhood.

    • Hongwu Emperor

      Because the Lei Feng movie didnt involve jap soldiers dying or anytihng about the ww2. therefore the people, (spec. fenqing) wouldnt go to watch that movie lol.

      besides, for many people out there, the ‘hate japan’ deal is not ‘xinao’ nowadays, like some red songs or lei feng stuff. it’s a deep rooted hate, forged in the depths of hell with the flames of doom ready to sear the flesh of an entire small nation. with thunders falling on the background of an ancient ruined fortress.

      this read as ‘total hate’. =X

      • Alex

        But why people don’t have that in many other countries that have been invaded?

        And wouldn’t it be a dreadful hate against any other nation too? Ok, yeah, they are racist, and they despise outsiders, but it’s not the same as with the japanese.

        It’s my understanding that while children in other counties are watching cartoons about morals, being civic, and other videos of the sorts, at schools in China they show kids propaganda movies about killing japanese, taiwanese(these less and less with time) and showing how much harm they’ve done to them and how heroic the CPC has been.

        Imagine watching that all the time since childhood.

        • Hongwu Emperor

          It’s not ‘happy-land’ in another counties too. In some places children got conscripted in armies (africa) another ones suffer from gender-based oppression (some nations in the middle east) another ones are getting extremely fat with junk food and have health problems they shouldn’t have at that age (some nations in the West), others are brainwashed by what random people say in the internet/social networks,etc etc.

          And chinese people naturally have more ‘grudge’ against nations that have invaded and stuff. China/its people wouldnt be ranting over Japan (specifically) if ww2 was against say; the soviets, or another nation.

          I don’t want to rally people saying ”let’s burn them to the ground” and other stuff, as that is going too far consider modern Japan is nothing but (technically) an US half-colony (they executed their military command,occupied their nation,stripped the divine right stuff from their emperor AND their constitution was written on US advice/command) so its basically harmless nowadays.

          Obviously the good thing would be let the hate aside and maybe meditate on this matter of whether hate benefits or damages a nation (post war hate situation lead to ANOTHER world war in Europe, anyone remember) but commies hate spirituality/religion ALSO right??

          • jcyin

            Korean kids HATE the japs

          • Ralphrepo

            Revive the God King MacArthur! Maybe he can write a constitution for China too? Failing that, maybe he can write a better propaganda script for Lei Feng? Oh wait… Wasn’t it him that wanted to nuke China back in ’51? Er… Never mind.

            Seriously, if anything, Chinese should have more of a grudge against the US; during the War to ‘Resist US Aggression & Aid Korea’ the US killed nearly a million Chinese (some say even more). The Japanese on the other hand, already had the spank put on them. After two hits with WMDs, even if China didn’t do it, I’m sure there was a lot of vicarious joy taken by Chinese the world over.

            As for this lack of social consideration that is pervasive these days in the motherland; I chalk that up to the single child policy; that edict alone altered the entire complexion of Chinese society. We have come from one of interconnected familial caring to one of singular adversary against the masses. Everyone in China these days has become an outcast with nothing to lose. The familial social and moral values espoused by Lei Feng thus, becomes meaningless. Just like Japan after the war.

            Hmmm… Maybe MacArthur isn’t that bad an idea after all?

          • Chang Liu

            Sure but US never invaded China, committed horrendous war crimes and a crimes against humanity, conducted biological weapons experiment on live subjects, rape, pillage and burn its way across China. 20 million Chinese mainly civilians died in that conflict. And now Japan has the galls to change their school text book to alter their role in the war to appear more peaceful! Segments of Hardline rightwing politicians still deny the Nanjing Massacre!
            Compare that with Germany, you see why China and Korea was justifiable still pissed at Japan.

          • Ralphrepo

            Twenty Million Chinese died in WW2? I would bet half that number were by the hand of their own people, and twice that many died during the Great Leap Forward. During the White Terror campaigns that lasted from 1927-1949, the KMT killed millions more of rural Chinese in an effort to stamp out communism. The communists were no better; dragooning local men and crops into their ‘army’ or else making stark examples of the populace. During the warlord era millions more died at the hand of their neighbors. And that’s just a simplistic look back at only one century. Chinese history is replete with so much death that if there is anything we Chinese can claim being historically good at, it’s in killing our own people. The First Emperor reputedly had nearly a half million prisoners executed in one night. Japan? Ha! They’re a bunch of late comer amateurs.

            Thus, the people’s ‘anger’ has become a tool of political expedience. Rather galling, indeed.

          • Hongwu Emperor

            I’ll not completely agree with you, but some of your points are good. Just the KMT ”scorched earth” policy killed the same amount of people by starvation (total burning of crops,etc) as the japanese ‘sanko sakusen’ (three alls) not counting other stupid thing such as Yellow river man-made flood (also happened many times in the past), KMT white terror, the CCP siege of changchun (civil war) and all the shit from the Great Leap onwards.

            talking about the past; atrocities always happened, be it in china, the roman empire or whatever else. I’m not talking about the past right now, although Qin ‘created’ China (unified, and from that day untill present day the concept of china as an unified nation was born,etc), and even Mao was f*cking jealous of the guy (he also wanted to be known as the supreme badass,etc)

            The point is that IF japan needs to suffer, so do the 20th century regimes that ruled China.

          • Ralphrepo

            Agreed. Chinese right now are suffering from a variety of things and most of it has to do with right, justice, lack of redress and corrupt governance; things that the Japan of today or even yesterday, have very little to do with. But, like I’d stated; to the average Chinese nationalist, politically, they’re really low hanging fruit.

          • movie goer

            i thought the Chinese were suffering from capitalism

          • Chang Liu

            Yes but capitalism with the right checks and balances can be bring prosperity whilst keeping rampant corruption and nepotism at a relatively benign level. Take the recent MP expenses scandal in the UK for example, people are getting up in arms about MPs claiming expenses for say a second home and most of them had to resign. That is in no way the same degree of corruption that happens in China. Although the kind of lobbying through the back door kind of political power exercised by American corporations and Banking institutions are pretty scary.

          • Hongwu Emperor

            another poison we need to find a cure. bring back dynasty!!

          • Chang Liu

            You are confusing 2 very different things. Chinese nationalism is bad, so is Zionism but don’t make the mistake of denying the Holocaust because you find Zionism unpalatable.
            My grand parents have lived through Japanese occupation. They are living witnesses to the atrocities and outright racism of the Japanese occupiers. My grand mother grew up in occupied Shanghai. The fact is even if the CCP used anti-Japanese sentiment to drum up support, it does not make that part of history all of sudden fiction or any less painful.
            Btw tell me honestly are you American? Because if you are I can see how you can arrive at such atrocious views.

          • Chang Liu

            Again I don’t understand how this is part of the equation. Are you saying civil wars are the same as foreign invasions?

          • Hongwu Emperor

            In matter of deaths,suffering and destruciton yes. Not so much on the ‘reputation’ against other nations,etc etc. but both are terrible, be it invasions from foreign scum like ww2 or brutal civil wars.

          • Chang Liu

            Dude, read a book on the subject is all I can say… I am not an expert and even the experts don’t agree. But that number is an estimate that is directly result of Japanese invasion. You gotta remember China is a very populous country. No doubt the civil war also killed millions. Are you justifying Japanese killings based on the fact China had many bloody civil wars? Did you think this through? So say you had a fight with your wife, it justifies your neighbour coming over the beat both of you? That is not cool dude.

          • movie goer

            the u.s never invaded China, but i think they comited horendous war crimes against humanity, conduct biological weapons experiments on live subjects, rape, pillage and burn its way across the world

          • lawgiver

            This is a little side track from the story… I’m wondering if you have someone who you consider to be a true friend from when you were in grade 1-6?

          • Chang Liu

            Wow, really? Something tells me you are still in the 6th grade.

          • lawgiver

            You are thinking too hard man. This is a simple question, I am not trying to suggest you are something. Actually I want to post this question for everyone to answer, but you sounded like you were born in the mid to late 70s and grew up in the 80s, like me.
            Like I said, side track from the story.

          • Chang Liu

            Nope born in the 80s baby!

          • Chang Liu

            What was it like in the 70s? I saw a film by Wang Xiaoshuai last year called 11 Flowers in English and Na Yi Nian Wo Shi Yi (I was 11 that year) in Chinese which detailed his up bringing during the Cultural Revolution in Guizhou as a kid. His parents where intellectual from Shanghai sent along side millions of others from coastal cities to build China’s interior during the 50s and 60s. Beautifully shot and fascinating.

          • Taizong

            Sure but US never invaded China

            WRONG, it’s called the BOXER REBELLION bro, 1900

            US was part of the 8 nation invasion of China.

            Women were raped and mutilated along the warpath, the most brutal soldiers were Russia and Germany’s. Russia stole the Outer manchuria territory from China (which they still hold today). Russia then murdered all Chinese (and Koreans) in their lands because they did not want the ‘yellow race’ there.

            Isn’t it strange how good friends Communist China is with the Russians who raped, murdered, and stole from China? The Communist government even said “we forgive you, keep the land you stole from us!”

            Or did your history books just leave that part out?

          • Chang Liu

            Dude chill out I am not sure you’ve been given the full picture in China. Say you are a great power and your dignitaries are being murdered by religious mobs and local government aren’t willing to do shit. Wouldn’t you send a peacekeeping force? Call it invasion if you want but the fact is US never occupied China. OK? Does that compare to Japan? say a few thousand casualties against 15-20 millions? Do the math. During WW2 US was China’s biggest backer against Japanese invasion lets not forget and without Nixon’s clandestine meeting legitimising PRC over ROC and Deng’s market reforms, there would be no modern China.

        • Chang Liu

          WTF are you on about? I grew up in the 80s and even by then there was western and Japanese cartoons on TV, Teenage Mutent Ninja Turtles and Saint Saiya. Have you been living under a rock? or just too lazy to check facts?

  • Rick in China

    “Sacrificed his life” – didn’t he die from like, a telephone pole falling on his head? While he was on the ground, able to move out of the way……. Oh, the sacrifice!

    • Rick in China

      Wait, worse – an army truck hit the pole….the same truck he was directing in backing up, and it fell on him – and he died.

      So he obviously couldn’t perform the job that every parking attendant does – “a little more left, ok, straight back now”..

      He was just a chump used by the CCP as a means to push propaganda that touted the ‘devotion’ to the cause. An unknown/dead/random orphan, his name was easily used for this purpose. I don’t get why anyone in this day and age still speaks his name other than to teach lessons about propaganda and social manipulation..well, maybe nobody does, and that’s why the film sold 0 tickets.

      • vincent

        The way he died makes total sense, that scene in the trailer where he’s in a truck, that retard driving him around wasn’t even watching the road :|

      • epic ending, I suppose when he died the scene will be surrounded by other soldier crying and reminiscing about him folding their blankets and stuff. “Lei Feng fold my blanket one time and I didnt even ask him to do it”. SInce its a propaganda piece, the propaganda team might want to revise and add hand-to-hand combat against the Japanese soldiers and make him shout “THIS IS LEI FENG!!!”. Dont forget to add him saving a beautiful Chinese woman from a drunken-arrogant-gold digging-sneaky-playboy laowai. When the girl offer to sleep with him as a reward, he refuse, because he did it for a nobler purpose.

        • Hongwu Emperor

          This is true.

          the movie would be called 300 lei-fengs then.

          then one random high-ranking jap officer comes to an communist party holdout during ww2:

          Lei Feng: First, what message do you bring??

          Japanese officer: earth and water. a small offering to our god-king, the divine Showa.

          Lei Feng: You’re surely wasting time! you came all this way just for some earth and water??

          Japanese officer: the japanese empire controls everything it lays it eyes upon! its army can drink the water of the entire Chang-Jiang!!

          Lei Feng: I don’t know. if a bunch of jazz-lovers (Shanghai) and democrats (the KMT) refused, why should WE agree?

          Jap officer: just as a token of submission to our god-king.

          Lei Feng: Submission? see? that is the problem! there’s only China, if you are not the best, f*** out with the rest of your army.

          Jap officer: Madman!! you’re a madman!!

          Lei Feng: you threaten my people with slavery and death!! you bring the heads of defeated Asian and European officers to MY city!

          Jap: This is madness!!

          Lei Feng: Madness?? THIS. IS. LEI FEEEEEEEENG!! *kicks the guy in the groin and sends him to the huge well/pit ahead*

          *at the same time, Lei Feng troops use the dadao to end the remaining troops and throw them too*

          See? that’s how propaganda should be.

          • mr.wiener

            I see what you did there. lol

          • More explosions. And big battling robots.

        • Next pitch: “Propaganda-nator 2: Judgement Dazed”

          Upon his deathbed, a scrap of Lei Feng’s hair is saved in the event that DNA cloning will one day be invented. It is… in the apocalyptic future. When Skynet becomes sentient. And Skynet is an online retailer. That causes the destruction of the free market, resulting in the untold financial loss of countless private enterprises. Chinese private enterprises.

          Luckily, time machines are also invented at this time, so cloned Lei Feng is sent back to the present in which he must protect the one person who can save the future: Warren Buffett. As these two bond together and have buddy adventures in which cloned Lei Feng asks Warren, “Why do you cry?”, they must do battle with the ultimate enemy: Lei Feng’s evil twin!

          It’s a battleground of propaganda as each Lei Feng whips out posters and banners trying to get the public to believe in their side.

          [in the trailer, copious use of explosions, slo-mo, flag-waving and Chinese Aerosmith]

          Megan Fox to star as Lei Feng’s hot girlfriend that he won’t bang out of respect for the revolution.

          Coming: Summer 2015
          (can’t be any worse than Mutant Turtles from space)

          • mr.wiener

            But what will his clones [good and evil] be doing? All their comrades laundry and directing traffic badly? What other feats was he famous for?

      • nitewings

        you know. the thing about propaganda is. you don’t have to believe in the propaganda part, the guy was still nonetheless a good guy, whether the stories r true or not. you can still be aspired to become a good citizen from it. even george washington stories are made up. big fucking deal. you don’t have to be a dick about it.

        • Alex

          Are you saying Lincoln was not really a vampire slayer?

          • nitewings

            no. of course lincoln was a vampire slayer. you don’t see vampires around anymore. that’s evidence right there/

        • mr.wiener

          At least you have some cool establishment heros [who still got to be rebels] All we have in Oz is a mad Irishman who shot a lot of cops and died in a shootout dressed in home made armour.

          • nitewings

            that sounds pretty epic

          • mr.wiener

            Ned Kelly, look him up. Point is he’d have been a complete villainPsycho if he tried pulling that off these days.

          • movie goer

            they sensationalise all kinds of villain/psychos in the west. look at billy the kid, bonnie and clyde, jesse james, the list goes on.

          • mr.wiener

            My point is, I Oz we have have no revolutionary heros or presidents that have achieved close to a sainthood. Only the bad and the ugly, not the good.

          • Chang Liu

            Shut up! Crocodile dundee is awesome!

          • Dr Sun

            and Ned Kelly

    • Stu

      This is what I never get about the Lei Feng story. There are other martyrs out there who were, y’know, martyrs, rescuing people and blowing stuff up… it’s freaking bizarre that the big one is a dude who got hit by a truck. I guess it suggests that it can’t ALL be made up, because you’d think they’d come up with a slightly better story.

      Also, his good deeds are kind of low-key too. Don’t get me wrong, doing odd jobs for other people is good and all, but it hardly seems national hero material. Although I guess since it doesn’t involve dedicating your life to healing leprous orphans or something it’s a nice low target for people to shoot for.

      • Eyeshagdurshisterooohyeah

        Splitz rage on about Lei Feng, can’t ever hear a bad word about him, but u r totally right, nothing very special about his actions in the real world. Nice of the CCP to want people to be like a fictitious character who does good deeds. I just don’t understand a place that raves on about such an obviously made up story, when in real life they would all run over their own gran to get to a few hundred yuan, despicable place. How to describe a place that starts out way below the sewer line and you fully expect (with its lack of morals among the general public) to go down the toilet ? Anyone ?

      • Rick in China

        The purpose of Lei Feng in my mind was that of creating a submissive and docile target life for the Chinese masses, one which bowed and devoted itself to the CCP without any recognition, and basically just did whatever they could to support the CCP in their effort regardless of how shitty their life was. A “Even though you all can’t do shit, you can be cleaners and cooks, farmers and servants, this is an aspiration everyone can live up to!”

        I don’t see any other reason.

  • linette lee

    ..A brainwashing blockbuster…

    In China they have brainwashing blockbuster…lol

    • movie goer

      what would you call red dawn? if you watch carefully, every hollywood film has some kind of propaganda embeded in it, and ever major producer and director plays ball according to the tunes of empire

  • BiggJ

    How high would one have to be to intentionally go watch this shit? Might as well sit and watch your grandmother do laundry for 2 hours.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    Damn, that’s real bad news for the idiot investor who put $$$ into the blackhole.

    • Stu

      Pretty sure the investor was the Chinese taxpayer, in one way or another. And they wouldn’t have had any choice in the matter.

  • SuperHappyCow

    If that first picture was the billboard cover, I’m not surprised no one went to go see it. Some asians just have CDDF(Chronic Disappointed Dad Face), and one’s going to see a movie where the main character makes you feel worthless just by looking at you every so often.

    • donkeykong

      Hmm, I always thought that face was CCDF (Chronic Constipated Dad Face).

  • Ralphrepo

    Proof positive that today’s Chinese have finally stopped believing in the party’s Santa Claus? I bet the party is now busy trying to get this onto torrents, hoping that somebody, anybody… will watch it, LOL…

    But seriously, this sort of thing is a harbinger of doom for the CCP, as other notoriously suspect versions of party favored ‘history’ is likely being viewed too, with as much interest, ie. credibility. Thus, the fragile house of cards has one less supporting pillar. It’s just a matter of time before the whole charade comes tumbling down.

    • Hongwu Emperor

      Before a government’s fall, usually many bad omens appear such as changes in climate,catastrophes,military or political fiascos,etc. =X

      • Ralphrepo

        Oh really? Well then, using that old traditional benchmark about the fall of dynasties; since the inception of this one, we’ve had millions of Chinese die from the Great Leap Forward, earthquakes galore (punctuated by shoddy construction, then burnished with political cover up), the expanding dust bowl, smog in Beijing, the ongoing and perpetual Tibet – Xinjiang military campaigns, Tiananmen Square, unsafe food… Oh, and did I mention nepotism, corruption and back room dealings on a par with the best eunuch driven plots of history? If she was alive, Cixi would have been so proud.

        We have to remember, that in the short 64 year history of this present communist dynasty many bad omens have already beset their rule. Heaven must be angry indeed.

        • movie goer

          millions die due to western imperialism, yet shills dont like talking about that. millions also died under the kmt regime, but silence on that too.

          • Hongwu Emperor

            This holds true.

    • movie goer

      the party’s santa claus is gone now, replaced by the capitalist santa clause, and the western multinational corporations are laughing all the way to the bank.

  • La Mano Gaucha

    I guess that mainland folks are starting to move on… Good for them!

  • Guest

    My Chinese name was Lei Feng. The Chinese people were too busy flocking to see a story about my life to the boring story of the nobody they’re depicting in their film.

    • Well, I went to delete this and post the corrected version, but apparently it only deleted my name from it. Lei Feng excels at being an decent Eagle Scout, not posting responses to a dirty-laundry airing website.

  • My Chinese name was Lei Feng. The Chinese people were too busy flocking to see a story about my life rather than to see the boring story of the nobody they’re depicting in their film.

  • Bolo

    Telephone pole in China kills Lei Feng
    Telephone pole in west makes a coyote’s eyes shatter and he’s back after a “beep beep”

  • Reminds me of those photos of Lei Feng posing on my textbooks as a child, a pile of stuff about learning this idea and that represents that I simply could never figure out, simply a waste of my youth. Not until now do I understand why Hong Kong people resist these things. I just want to say: FUCK the spirits, FUCK the ideology, FUCK the represents, damn it, fuck off!!!
    LMBAO fuckin HILARIOUS!!!! Chinese people are starting to wake up!!!

    • Stu

      Cynicism about enforced political education is hardly a new thing in China… I doubt a single student has been enthusiastic about those classes in about thirty years.

      • It may not be new….but the topic of this article it is very new!!! NO TICKETS BEING SOLD FOR A PROPAGANDA MOVIE IN CHINA!!!

    • movie goer

      yet hongers never seem to resist the pro-imperialist propaganda. thats why my respect for hongers was never really high. Chinese people are not starting to wake up. They’re more brain washed today than ever before. thanks to the internet, hollywood, etc. and the most brain washed Chinese are hong kong and taiwan. China made a big mistake when they let those savages back in.

      • You have it backwards….Hong Kongers and Taiwanese ALWAYS resist CCP Propaganda…and let those savages back in!? OMG too funny! As from what I’ve been seeing it’s the Mainlander flocking to Hong Kong and Taiwan to use and abuse the social government benefits. I don’t see nor haven’t met a HK’er or TW’er who’d give up thier citizenship to be a mainlander. Mainlanders are the ones who are called LOCUST!!!

  • monmon

    These comments are just amazing.

    • movie goer

      it’s amazing how so many comments can be made by 2 or 3 shills

  • narsfweasels

    One of the commenters brings up an interesting point: if the lie gets you to do good things, is it bad?

    From my point of view, yes. A lie is still a lie. A good deed remains a good deed regardless of the motivation, but if you are motivated to do it by a feeling that has been inspired through manipulation, you will be less likely to do it again once you have realised the truth.

    • Archie

      So Santa Claus is bad?

      • narsfweasels

        Oh, Archie, man, I hate to be the one to break this to you but, uh… look, sit down a minute will you?

    • mr.wiener

      If you’ve had the lie shoved down your throat all through your school days and beyond you are bound to rebel against it when it is proved to be a lie.

    • Truth is the truth, whereas a lie is something that someone will find the truth about at some point.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    They should of cast ANDY LAU, it would of been the #1 movie.

    • Wang that!

      He’s too old now…

    • Perfect: Lei Feng with abs. And bedroom eyes.

      • YourSupremeCommander

        The GAB would go literally BANANAS.

  • Fernando

    ENGLISH SUBTITLES! This movie’s director is a complete moron. At least some of us, laowai, could have saved you from such embarrassment. Don’t you think?? I hope some Chinese Film Directors consider including English subtitles for the debut of their movies.

    • Nick in Beijing

      Not a film were foreigners living in China are the target audience.

  • mr.wiener

    Maybe 30 -40 years late for this kind of film to have any impact.

  • jeffli

    China cinema and TV in one word – crap!

  • diverdude7

    I feel I must respond with an educated, erudite analysis/critique of this cinematic tour de force:

    It totally sucked donkey dick.

    • Chang Liu

      The director is no Leni Riefenstahl.

  • Chang Liu

    Lei Feng is a communist manufactured secular saint that nobody wanted to hear about. Goes to show how in touch the government is.

  • Alejandro


    Some people die, but they never really lived…

    Wouldn’t be better:

    Some people died, but he just wasn’t alive…

    Just saying, I use Chinasmack to study.

    Thank you!!

  • Daniel Tynan

    If the theatres want to make money they should air the documentaries about contemporary people’s heros like Ai Wei Wei or that lawyer . . lifung?? I forget his name. . the one who got arrested for trying to fight corruption and won a nobel prize. . or the official who got crushed under a construction truck for opposing a government land grab. Now those are interesting documentaries of modern day people’s heroes.

  • tonkotsu


  • movie goer

    i think if you block the entry of hollywood films, you will sell more tickets for domestic films

  • crimsonarmor

    LOL I can’t believe nobody watched it, not even the old generation like grandparents. I’m sure teachers will tell all the primary, secondary and high school kids to watch and learn from the movie. Who knows It may become a cult movie on dvd. LOL

  • I guess it is so bad that even the actors and the film crews did not come to watch on the opening day…

  • All I have to say is: Hahahahahahhahahahahaha!

  • Zhegezhege

    Lei Feng is a propaganda construct; a deliberate and planned imitation of Stakhanov.

    • ScottLoar

      Correct, but unlike manga or Disney characters this Lei Feng once the idol of millions is still believed real by most people who recognize the name.

  • trouse


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