Lei Feng Movie Debuts in Nanjing, Zero Tickets Sold

Young Lei Feng movie poster.

Young Lei Feng movie poster.

From Sina Weibo:

@财经网: Lei Feng Themed Movie Released in Nanjing, Four Showings Without A Single Ticket Sold: Yesterday [March 5] was “Learn from Lei Feng Day”, and a biographical movie named Young Lei Feng giving an account of Lei Feng’s life from when he graduated elementary school to the day he sacrificed his life debuted in Nanjing, resulting with an embarrassing “zero box office” situation where not a single person bought a ticket. An employee of the movie theater said, “We too are very surprised. Normally, a movie, no matter what it is, will still manage to sell at least some tickets.” (Yangtse Evening Post)

A Young Lei Feng movie still.

Young Leifeng Trailer:

Comments from Sina Weibo:


Nanjing, well done!


A bunch of assholes wasting tax-payers’ money.


Better an ugly truth than a false beauty [success].


Surprising? Couldn’t be more normal. Who would spend money watching this kind of SB movie?


Embarrassing, Lei Feng was my childhood idol.


It is also a record-breaking box-office result! So rare, have you applied for a Guinness World Record?!


I’d rather die than to watch Lei Feng or Jiao Yulu movies. I’d rather die than to watch Anti-Japanese War serials.


Super positive energy! I’m going to watch it!


A small thing, [but I] feel China can still be saved! [嘻嘻][嘻嘻]


Why spend money to go watch a false idol’s so-called deeds?


They can force middle school and elementary school students to go watch it, and then write about their impressions.


Yesterday, Changchun’s news reported that some volunteers organized to go watch it! And those volunteers were college students. I changed the channel right away!


Lei Feng is just a spokesman of a certain Party. His story is one primary school students can write from memory, so would anyone really want to buy a movie ticket to watch him wash the socks and fold the blankets for his teammates?


You all learn from He Shen, but you ask the common people to learn from Lei Feng! Suggest the government organize the officials, official second generations, rich second generations, real estate tycoons, NPC and CPPCC members to go watch it.


Can’t blame us, the plot distorts humanity, is disconnected with reality, and contains no entertainment value. If it were not for fulfilling a task [being required to go watch the movie], I reckon no one would spend 80 RMB for Lei Feng.


A brainwashing blockbuster…


Some people die, but they never really lived…


Organize wu mao to go watch it, and those who don’t will have 5 mao [0.5 RMB] deducted.


Because everybody knows, [a movie] that uses Lei Feng’s name is definitely going to suck!


There’s nothing to be surprised about. When China makes a movie like this, it’ll definitely going to be one that sings praises of the Party, without any meaning/substance at all. Look at those Americans’ Lincoln and how different it is.


Xinwen Liaobo and this Lei Feng movie, which one’s better to watch?


I think the goal of “Learn from Lei Feng” is to encourage people to do good things! The original intention is good! Educational material that’s aimed towards good/positive notions should be respected! We can combine it with reality and absorb good ideas/ideology. This society is in dire need of positive things, even if it’s brain-washing, as long as it [teaches people to] think of others instead of hurting them.


Reminds me of those photos of Lei Feng posing on my textbooks as a child, a pile of stuff about learning this idea and that represents that I simply could never figure out, simply a waste of my youth. Not until now do I understand why Hong Kong people resist these things. I just want to say: FUCK the spirits, FUCK the ideology, FUCK the represents, damn it, fuck off!!!


Since it’s propagating Lei Feng spirit, why not show it for free? Who would spend money to learn to do good things?


Comrade Lei Feng reminds me of the story of the little North Korean girl who drowned protecting a portrait of Kim Jong-il


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