Young Man Kills Wife With Scissors After 2 Months of Marriage

Young Man Kills Wife With Scissors After 2 Months of Marriage

Ge Yifeng, an Anhui man born in 1990, killed his wife after only 2 months of marriage. Citing a poor relationship with his in-laws, and depression caused by living in Beijing, the man said he simply couldn’t take it anymore. One morning his mother-in-law was insulting his family, and his wife gave him the cold shoulder. They began to argue, and in a moment of pent-up rage, Ge picked up a pair of scissors and killed her. After realizing what he had done, he called family members, telling them he had killed his wife. When they didn’t believe him, he posted a picture in WeChat’s Moments saying “This marriage is finally over.”

Source: Sohu

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  • redgirls

    What a feckin coward!

    • I don’t know how close you are to Chinese parenting, but when you educate a kid with pre established answers to everything added to blind submission and obedience to his elders, this is what you get when you put them in a situation like this without ever having taught them how to solve problems on his own. It was an answer that wasn’t provided by grandma or grandpa. This is very likely to keep happening since most of them have never been taught to figure shit on their own, see, this is what happens when they finally get the chance and have the will to decide without previous consulting to their parents, they fuck up. He’s not a coward, he’s a victim of being raised as an idiot.

  • where’s the photo Amanda?

    • redgirls

      true, Master Chief,, i mean Amanda? i mean cortana??

  • DD Bear!

    should never marry a guy from poor family that has to live inside wife’s house.
    only poor or weak guys do this.

    • you mean like commenting on a forum thinking they are better than others?

      • DD Bear!

        what i said offend you?
        it’s true that only guys from poor family that can not build house or even no land to build house do this in china. also if a guy is strong enough, you think he would live with girl’s family also have to tolerant her parents all the time?

        • lonetrey / Dan

          So… poor people don’t deserve to strive for marriage/happiness then?

          • DD Bear!

            not about this.
            a talented guy at least can afford the rent instead staying in girl’s house, make money as a slave.
            it’s true that we chinese look down 上门女婿, they have to listen to girl’s family all the time, also work hard, girl no need to do anything.

          • DD Bear!

            not about that.
            but it’s true that only poor guys do this in china.

        • moop

          ummmm no? assholes do these things. mentally unstable people do these things. i’m surprised you havent killed anyone yet

          • DD Bear!

            you live in your wife’s house? even dare not to fart? that’s why the reason you hate what i said so much!

          • moop

            nope, i own a home and 300 acres of land in the US. your values are pure shit

          • DD Bear!

            i do not care what u say!
            if you have a daughter you can let her marry a guy then live in your house. maybe one day when his tolerance and anger jump to the high point, what u wish to me will happen to you and your daughter.
            it’s a good way to release your curse and anger.

    • Mario Yu

      You sir are a prime example of the fucked up ideologies that is implanted into kids grown up in communist china.
      Why aren’t you strong enough to topple this joke of a government instead of believing in all those garbage you learnt in politics class

      • KamikaziPilot

        Sir? Haha, believe it or not that’s a female you’re talking to. A psychotic, babbling, insecure, low self-esteem female, but a female nonetheless.

      • DD Bear!

        it has nothing to do with politics, why you are so angry!
        it’s said several cases that poor live-in-husband killed their wives. coz they live in other’s house, they do not get any real respect at all.
        some real cases.
        1, married a better family, coz can not make good money, got dumped.
        2, married a previous whore, nobody here tells the truth, he is from poor place, people here only take him as a joke.
        3, married a deaf ugly girl, coz he is really useless, so only listen to whatever the girl’s parents all the time.
        4, married a stupid lazy girl, girl cheated so he hit her once badly, got beated by all her family badly, to stay here, only can tolerant.
        really, only poor guys do this in china.

        • j

          Really, you arent very bright at all. How do you think about the crazy English guy kicking his ptegnant wife in the stomach. Is that how the rich people do it? Im confused.

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