Young Man Offers Love and Litchi, Rejected

Young Man Offers Love and Litchi, Rejected
A young man in Xi’an on a pedestrian bridge used over 100 litchi to make a heart and confess his love for a girl. The girl ate the litchi he opened before saying “you are too childish, let’s speak later” turning around and walking away. The man was very surprised at her refusal, and said that he will do better next time. Netizens say that if he used 100 diamonds instead he’d definitely succeed.
Source: qq

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  • DC

    look at her getup vs his getup…destined for failure from the get go

    • mr.wiener

      Equal parts desperation and wistful thinking.

  • DD Bear!

    i wish someone does this for me even once !
    but i wont say yes!

    • Vance

      I don’t know. It doesn’t seem like it works. The guy in the article did not get the girl, and you say if someone does it for you, he won’t get you either. I think maybe a man would try something else.

      • DD Bear!

        you wanna do it for me ????

        • Vance

          Sure, but would you take apples? I don’t think I can get litchis here. But you said you would not say yes anyways!

          • DD Bear!

            yes, i will!

  • Necrogodomega

    Typical in China these days with the youths

  • Foreign Devil

    She wanted money for the bone breaking procedure they do in China to get taller. He is kneeling and almost as tall as her and she is on stilt shoes.

    • DD Bear!

      yes, you know her better!?
      NOSY DOG!

  • firebert5

    Silly student. Chinese girls don’t want love. They want money. And maybe a little litchi. She did eat some of it after all.

    • hess

      ‘Chinese girls don’t want love. They want money.’ Generalize much?

      • guest

        Problem is, then phases such as
        “I would rather cry in a BMW than smile on a bicycle.”
        Hit a resonance with Chinese youth, although unfair, you are going to get people who generalise at first glance.

        Although it doesn’t mean that Chinese women shouldn’t stride for a “better” life.

        • Vance

          If people take that phrase to heart, they will be crying in their BMW’s.

    • Doge Wallace

      I just read another story recently of a guy proposing with a dozen or so exotic cars and she still turned him down. So you’re wrong.