2 Young Men Kneel Before Dead Dog For 1 Hour In Suzhou

In Suzhou China, a young man is forced to kneel before a dog on the street he had accidentally hit and killed as compensation to the dog's owner.

Young man in Suzhou kneels on the cold ground before a dead dog he had accidentally hit and killed.

From Sohu, QQ, & Mop:

In Suzhou, two youths forced to kneel for one hour on the street before a dog they had accidentally hit and killed

Summary: Two young men driving a green postal van accidentally hit and killed a pet dog while driving past a building; facing the dog owner’s demand to either pay 5000 yuan or kneel before the dog for 1 hour, the two young men chose to kneel after being hit. After the police arrived, the young men and the dog owner said they have already privately settled the matter and do not want the police to get involved; About 1 hour later, the dog owner carried away the little dog’s corpse, and after being helped up, the two young men left without a word…

An old saying says: “Men kneeling is gold [men should not casually kneel down].” However, the day before yesterday, while traveling, a van accidentally hit and killed a pet dog. Witnesses say that when faced with the dog owner’s demand of either compensating 5000 yuan or kneeling down before the dog’s body for 1 hour, the two young men in the van, unable to afford the compensation amount, and after being beaten, chose to kneel down. What more, once they knelt down, it was for 1 hour, and no one amount of persuasion could persuade them to get up before the time was up.

This pet dog was accidentally hit and killed by the young man kneeling before it.

At the scene:

Having hit and killed a small dog and without money to pay compensation, the driver was forced to kneel

With the guidance of someone who knew what happened, this reporter found the scene of the incident —- in front of building 62 of the Mabanghuayuan neighborhood. This reporter could see that this happens to be an intersection, and that there are quite a lot of vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

A man who refused to give his surname said that at around 12 the day before yesterday, as two young men driving a green postal van passed by building 62, a small dog rushed out from building 62’s hallway. It happened very suddenly, and I imagine the driver also did not see the little dog running out,” this person said, and according to his estimation, the postal vehicle’s speed was not very fast, only about 30-40 km/h, and absolutely did not intend to hit the small dog.

After the accident happened, the two young men in the van got off to see what happened, and at this time, everyone discovered that the small dog had been run over and killed.

“After the dog had been hit and killed, several people who heard what happened rushed down from building 62.” Mr. Guan just happened to be passing by, and says he very clearly saw what happened. He said, the several people who had rushed down claimed that they were the dog’s owners, and amongst them as a man, about 20-years-old, who was very angry after seeing the dead dog, and got into a fight with the young man who was driving.

Mr. Guan said that several people came down from upstairs

[They] demanded that that young man immediately produce 5000 kuai, otherwise he was not allowed to leave. “The dog owner said the dog cost 4000 kuai, that they have raised the dog for some time, so they wanted the driver to pay an additional 1000 yuan, for a total compensation amount of 5000 yuan. Where are the two young men supposed to immediately get that much money? Hearing the young man say that they don’t have the money, the dog owner then demanded that the young man kneel for an hour as compensation.”

The young man who wanted money even kicked the young driver, and perhaps feeling helpless after being kicked, he knelt down,” Mr. Guan said. The other young man seeing this also knelt down with him.

According to an auntie [older woman] who witnessed this, the two young men persisted to kneel in the cold wind, her husband even ran over to persuade the young men [to get up], but with no effect. At this time, she called the police, but after the police arrived, the young men and the dog owner said they’ve already handled the situation privately, and don’t want the police to get involved. About an hour later, the dog owner carried away the little dog’s body, and the two young men were helped up but left without saying a word.

Two young men kneeling before a dead dog as a crowd watches.


Many netizens believe the dog owner had crossed the line

The Suzhou “human kneels before dog” incident also aroused a lot of controversy online. A lot of netizens made posts and comments on the internet expressing various perspectives, engaging in “verbal arguments”. This reporter found that some people sympathized with the two young men who knelt before the dog, condemning the dog owner; but there were also people who sympathized with the person whose dog was hit and killed, supporting the “kneel to the dog” demand. This reporter collected some netizen’s comments:

卑微的喷壶:If it were up to me, I would choose to kneel! Actually, this incident only shows one thing, which is that people these days lack tolerance/forgiveness. This goes for the dog owner as well as the young men who knelt down.

huawuque07: Is it that some people are too arrogant, too overbearing? Or is it that some other people are too cowardly, lacking will? This requires our entire society to reflect upon.

星夜1219: This world is really too crazy.

遗失了千年: Simply idiots who have run into a crazy person. You can refuse to kneel. Just let him call the police.

愤怒的天蝎: The dog owner should kneel with them, as a guardian who neglected his duty [to his dog].

网友乙: Humans and dogs should be regarded differently.

网友丙: Why not call the police? Is the dog owner not responsible at all? Where is your leash?

苏州海之澜: What this dog owner trampled upon was not their dignity but the dignity of their kind [dignity of people]. One should be modest, to be reasonable and forgiving/compromising. If you have the money to raise such an expensive dog, then you don’t lack the money to buy another one.

Reporter interviews the dog owner

What to do if you have no money to pay compensation? Kneel and we’ll call it even then!

After the incident, a Jiangsu television reporter happened to pass by the scene and went to investigate this “humans kneeling before a dog” farce. This reporter found a relevant video news report on Suzhou Net, where the dog owner and the television reporter had this exchange:

Reporter: If he hit the dog, why not just pay compensation, why does he have to kneel here?

Dog Owner: He won’t pay.

Reporter: Why?

Dog Owner: No money.

Aside: Because the other side says they don’t have money, the dog owner demanded the car owner to kneel before the dog for 1 hour and their debt will be canceled.

Dog Owner: I’m not forcing them to pay money, nor asking them to do anything.

Reporter: Just asking them to kneel here?

Dog Owner: Yes.

Reporter: And if they kneel, then they don’t have to pay money, right?

Dog Owner: Yeah! If something happens, it has to be resolved, right?

A video news report:

There were over 40,000 comments on the Sohu article itself.

Comments from Sohu:


Men kneeling is gold. Dog owner, you crossed the line, this is absolutely immoral/unethical [unreasonable].
The incident happened suddenly, so the driver must not have had time to avoid [the dog]. Since it happened nonetheless, proper methods should be used to resolve it. That the dog owner demanded that they kneel severely violates his rights. The young guy should use the law to protect his rights, and the dog owner should apologize.


The dog owner’s moral/ethical upbringing is very poor, this is too wrong. It is not as if the small dog was hit and killed intentionally. Compensation is deserved, but you shouldn’t ask that they kneel. Young man, you can use legal channels to protect your rights.


This dog owner was using his position to bully others. Human flesh search this garbage, everyone criticize him to death!


The problem of people’s morals/ethics these days should get more attention.


If it were me, I’d just run. It is just a beast. You kneeling down does not only make you lose your own dignity, it also loses face for your parents.


If it were me, I would just beat up the dog owner.


At most towards one’s father and mother, but towards a dog also? What kind of morals/ethics is this!?


That is a car crossing, not a dog crossing. Strongly demand that the dog owner pay the car wash fee, the startling fee, and the fee for a Taoist priest to get rid of the bad luck all totaling one hundred thousand yuan. If no money, then kneel before the car for 20 hours.


This is just how Chinese people are, always thinking that human life is more valuable than animal life, never thinking that humans are just an animal too, and that there are only humans speaking here [whereas if animals were involved, they would disagree]. So, those here loudly criticizing the kneeling, loudly criticizing the dog owner for being so ignorant + selfish + poor character + being no better than a pig or dog, they don’t understand that Heaven sees all life as equal, and are lousy people as well. This kind of person will sooner or later do something that harms society, and afterward will say it is no big deal. And what more, they account for no small portion of the population, so I finally know why Chinese people are so uncaring, because of these kind of people. Another problem: The lack of legal recourse! If the dog owner could more easily and accessibly get just handling from the law, then he would choose this seemingly extreme and unfair method. After reading this, I can only sigh. Society’s sadness, Chinese people’s sadness.


I don’t think the dog owner’s actions were wrong. The dog was his property, and the dog was run over by this person, which is like his property being destroyed/ruined by them, so according to reason, he should ask them to compensate him. If they have no money, then what’s wrong with using a method of compensation they can accept? Is it necessary for so many people criticize/curse dog owners, to curse the wealthy? Do poor people not own/raise dogs? Don’t almost all families in the countryside raise dogs, and even though they eat leftovers, [their families/owners] would just let you run them over, right?! These two young guys didn’t do anything really wrong either. True men know when to stoop or stand, and in the future will accomplish great things.


Men kneeling is gold, 5000 yuan per hour. If kneeling down got one money, I bet a lot of people would fight to kneel down. This is society, how do you want to change it? What are you!?


I am a dog owner too and this matter can’t be only blamed on the person who hit the dog. Who told you to go out without leashing the dog? The dog may not be that smart, but does its master have to be so stupid too?
He hit and killed the dog, so of course he should pay compensation, but it doesn’t have to be like this. If he has no money, he can help the dog owner do something, help bury the dog. Anything would be much better than this ridiculous thing.


Do you think it was wrong for the dog owner to request that the young men kneel before the dog for one hour instead of paying monetary compensation?

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