Young Schoolgirl Beaten, Thrown To Her Death By Teacher

A Chinese schoolgirl was beaten with a metal reinforcement bar in front of her class by her history teacher before he threw her out the window of her fourth-story classroom. Her name was Zhang Yaoyin, she was 11-years-old, and she died.

The description of the original video on Youku:

The Education Department gives strict orders forbidding teachers from hitting students. However, on September 20th afternoon, in the #12 Middle School in Yongzhou City of Hunan Province, a very heinous act occurred. A history teacher not only used a metal reinforcement bar [for buildings] to beat a student in the classroom, he also used his bare hands to throw the beaten student off the fourth floor of the school!

The five story tall #12 Middle School in Yongzhou City of Hunan Province, China.

This incident happened in 2006 September 20 and the video was uploaded to Youku two years ago. However, a recent topic on Mop featuring the Youku video brought new attention and new comments.

Here is what happens in the video:

0:54: The girl victim’s clothes stained with blood and covered with flies, some of her teeth that were knocked out, her shoes, and hair.

1:09: The girl victim’s name is revealed as Zhang Yaoyin, 11-years-old, and the male history teacher who killed her is Li Henyi, 28-years-old.

1:32: A classmate of the victim describes what happened (see below).

From QQ Education, “Teacher beats up girl in classroom, then throws her from fourth floor to her death“:

The classroom where 11-year-old Zhang Yaoyin was beaten by her history teacher.

Witness: At the time, the teacher grabbed her hair and slammed it into the desk, about 5-6 times, and then slammed her head into the desk behind her 5-6 times. When she then fell to the floor, the teacher also used his foot to step on her head, about 2-3 times. Then from his pants pocket he took out a metal reinforcement bar this long and used it to hit her.

Reporter: Hit her where?

Witness: Hit her head. There was a lot of blood.

Between the desks of this classroom where 11-year-old Zhang Yaoyin was beaten by her teacher are bloodstains.

Witness: After being beaten, she stopped moving. The teacher picked her up, said he was going to send her to the infirmary, then walked to the window, opened the window, and threw her down.

Reporter: So he threw her out in front of the entire class?

Witness: Yes.

2:12: The classmate says at one point the class leader stood up and begged the teacher to stop hitting.

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2:20: A bloodstain that some posters on Mop said looked like a penis.

2:37: Shows trail of blood to the window.

2:46: Bloodstains where the girl hit the ground.

2:58: The victim’s mother explains she did not see and know it was her daughter at first.

The rest of the video explains that the news spread quickly and the local police department promised to make a quick and thorough investigation.

This CCTV video report was posted on the Xinhua news website earlier this year in 2008 May. It may contain more graphic images than the above video.

CCTV news report footage of Zhang Yaoyin's body after being thrown off the fourth floor.

Comments on Mop:

Devil!! If this teacher is not a devil, then he’s possessed by the devil!!!

Dammit, how can there be so many inhuman things?

A life for a life! Investigate? bullshit!

Deviant. Human scum.

Why is there such a beast of a “people’s teacher”? Looking at the flies licking the bloodstains on the victim’s personal effects, I suddenly feel that life is so fragile. The life of the girl who died tragically is freeze-framed in her youth. I hope in the other world, she can have a happy life.

That history teacher must have been Korean,
who while teaching history must have seen the book say that everything was invented by China,
and thinking to himself that clearly everything is actually from Korea, he got too angry.

Today’s hooligans have changed occupations to many different jobs: teacher, professor, expert, doctor, police, manager, congressman.

I am also a teacher but I do not hit students, at most admonishing them to study hard, usually no more than three times, to avoid the student getting annoyed.

Murderers owe their lives…
Hopefully the investigation will not reveal him to be mentally sick.
Otherwise that little girl will have died for nothing.

Too ridiculous.
How could anyone throw someone off a building?
This bastard teacher really should motherfucking die.
Let the hooligan police beat him to death.

The teachers of some places have really bad characters, hitting and scolding students. When I was in primary school in the past, I saw a teacher break a pointer, throw a student’s schoolbag off the second floor for not doing their homework…too violent.

Let us first listen to what the teacher has to say. If there is no problem, immediately hang him outside Shenzhou 7 [the recent Chinese space rocket with the first Chinese spacewalk].

What is going on? Cannot eat in peace, cannot send our kids to school, even the most basic things people need cannot be guaranteed. The things happening in this country are worrisome.

I think China’s laws need to be changed.
The matters that piss the people off, should be given to the people to handle.

Chengdu Newspaper said: His colleague reported that he has had mental problems in the past, and has been arrested and sent to the mental institution by the police before. But Li Hengyi’s middle-school superiors do not admit this.

A history of mental illness? Bullshit…how can someone with mental illness history become a motherfucking teacher…do we send our children to school so they can be abused by mentally sick people?

These teachers have gotten used to hitting students, they no longer have any feeling.
When they are not in a good mood, they start becoming aggravated, this is not something that motherfucking happened by chance.

Not possible, we are now already a harmonious society, this kind of thing could not possibly happen, must be an illusion.

If it was sudden madness, then how do you explain the metal reinforcement bar? Who goes to work with a metal reinforcement bar? Clearly it was planned in advance!!

If this teacher is determined to be mentally sick or schizophrenic and does not get the death penalty, then I know that this world has no justice!!!

A picture of Zhang Yaoyin.

Comments on Youku:

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There are too many of this kind of trash teachers in the world. There are only a few teachers who really want to properly educate every student, and not only treat well those students whose parents give the most money or have good grades?!! ~Those whose grades are only average and whose parents do not give money, usually sit in the back row of class. Trash.
Although my middle school teacher broke a student’s hand before, but at least no one died!

Why did not the entire class get up, go all out, and fight the teacher~ 愤怒愤怒愤怒

Schools even accept mentally sick animals now…

When I was small, I was punished by the teacher before. At that time, I was still small, and the teacher was still sacred in my heart. Now if the teacher dares to do anything to me, I will make sure he dies a horrible death.

I really wonder if this “teacher” came from a mental hospital, simply too brutal. The education department really needs to reflect upon their hiring practices. 难过

Faint, there are still these kinds of teachers now? Letting him die would be too nice, let 1.3 billion people each step on him twice every day!

If this kind of teacher is not executed, I swear I will never watch China news ever again. 愤怒

When we are criticizing teachers, has anyone noticed what our children have become? I can only say when the entire society is bad, the responsibility rests on the whole society.

The teacher is also a person, he also has limits to his patience.
Always saying the teacher is bad,
Are the students completely innocent?
Why was only she thrown out? Why was no one else thrown off the building?

School administrator initially insisted that the teacher, Li Hengyi, had no prior mental illness history.

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In later reports, the teacher explained what happened: The schoolgirl was picking her fingernails in class and when something from her fingernails flew and hit the teacher, the teacher hit her. However, when the girl responded by calling him crazy, he lost control.

The victim's mother holds a picture of her daughter and cries.

There teacher also admitted that he had mental problems before. A few years before, police arrested him after he was seen holding cooking knives in both hands screaming that he wanted to murder. The police then sent him to a mental hospital. However, after coming out, the school let him continue teaching.

There were other incidences of him hitting students for questionable reasons. Despite these, the school principal still denied knowing that Li Hengyi had mental problems or that there were no complaints/reports.

Zhang Yaoyin’s mother:

I had prepared a meal waiting for her to come home to eat, but now she is in a coffin, and can never come home again.

The school paid the girl’s family 200,000 RMB.

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  • SniperWZ

    Whatever happened to the teacher? Death sentence or life imprisonment in a labor camp would be appropriate here…

  • Veer Left

    constant beatings. Break some bones, then let them heal….almost. Break them again. Repeat ad nauseum.
    I am so filled with loathing upon hearing of this story…I almost puked reading it and am now in a mild rage of my own. What madness must possess this man to do all those acts of violence against a small child?

  • Chinamerican

    Why would the school allow this man, who has showed multiple signs of violence, to work with young children?

  • will

    hmm are the human flesh search engines going to get activated?

  • Gaoshan

    The school should be punished for allowing a proven insane person to be around the children.

  • krdr

    Yes. It is schools guilt. Also, it is a guilt of school inspector. And Ministry of Education, ’cause teachers wages are low. But what about picking the nails. Who would be pick nails on the class? A student of uninteresting teacher with no authority

  • Kieran

    Welll… what happened to the teacher?

    The family *did* get paid good, though, 200,000rmb is a lot (assuming their income was average)

    • bando

      Is it really appropriate to put monetary value on life? But I guess T.I.C. (This Is China)

      Man should had never been hired to begin with.

      • Luisa

        This kind of things do not happen only in China. I live in Italy and 2 years ago I also had a mentally unstable teacher. Though he did not kill anyone duiring his classes, he did stab and kill his parents during summer break. T.I.I ( This Is Italy)

      • Alex

        What are you talking about? If this happened in Canada, Italy, Hungary, Switzerland, Great Britain, USA, Australia, basically any other nation of whatever caliber, the parents would have been compensated by either the school board, or some other government department. What’s with the “T.I.C.” comment by the way, sounds a bit racist…

  • Veer Left

    The school should pay. How is this the fault of the teachers family???? WTF is the matter with the logic in this country? (yes I finally asked THE question)

    • Fike2308

      Does logic even exist in this country?

      I don’t think it does…..

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  • krdr


    The school is one that gave job to the teacher. They didn’t check his medical records. The School Inspection didn’t check his medical record.
    By your logic, Soong Ching-ling should go to jail, ’cause her sister was married to Chang Kai-shek?

    In China, today, people still paying for crimes of their relatives and ancestors. Those people are punished not from government, but from other people. If my uncle committed the crime, I would feel consequences for decades, no matter how I was disguised with his crime.

  • Derrick

    Am I the only one who thinks there is something odd when so much energy is expended on arguing over whose fault it is but none really spent on offering sympathy to the child, her parents or bemoaning how incredibly violent the crime was? Also – how could the kids not do anything?

  • Derrick

    Veer left is right, btw – how could the family be blamed?

    Of course, it all comes back to the mainlanders’ rarefied sense of shame and honour.

  • *shocked* That man is psycho.

    Derrick: The kids were probably too shocked, traumatized to do anything.

    Something ticked the teacher. But I can’t imagine what.

  • dave

    Too horrible. Poor girl and family.

    I am shocked that the students were too fearful to stop the teacher. Is this what the Chinese mentality has been molded into? I hope for a change.

  • Wagoboy

    So sad…. I shed a tear from this story. I hope the teacher suffers a lifetime for this

  • Ms_Chief

    This is a terribly tragic loss of innocent life. It’s hard to believe it could have happened anywhere in the developed world. Treatment for people with mental health problems in China is woefully inadequate. As many patients can’t pay for treatment, they are left untreated amongst us, posing a real danger to society. I don’t think it’s helpful to focus on punishment, rather we should direct our efforts on tackling the root of the problem.

  • Veer Left

    This ISN’T really the developed world. It’s developing, but in a horribly imbalanced way. Ms. Chief.

  • feel really sorry for both the girl and the teacher.
    male teachers in china are poor,especially in inland provinces, and they usually feel inferior to others.
    So when even a litte girl dare to ingore, some definitely will loose self-control.

  • Ms_Chief

    Veer Left – I’m afraid I didn’t make my sentence very clear. My statement meant to say that something like this wouldn’t happen in developed countries (take USA, Australia, Europe for example) where there is a better system for dealing with mental health. China needs to develop a better system to protect people like the schoolgirl.

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  • mispellled

    oh my fUCKING god, thank you SO much for making this website!

    I also know some chinese, and wish that i can do awesome stuff like this in the future!

  • Hi mispellled,

    I am happy you enjoy this website. Thank you for visiting. We will try our best.

  • Robert

    This is indeed a sad and tragic event. Unfortunately too many people consider violence as the first answer to a problem even in the most developed countries (and commentators to this article).

    The teacher should suffer the consequences of his actions, and his actions are those of someone seriously deranged. If the principal and administration of the school knew of a violent history they should share blame, be released from their positions and be investigated for their complacency and negligence. Their first priority should be the well being of the children placed in their care.

    My condolences to the family who have experienced a parent’s worst nightmare and to the students and friends who experienced this tragedy. My respect for the class leader who was brave enough to stand and demand the teacher stop.

  • feel so bad…

  • Lëzen

    It escapes me how anyone can give this guy the benefit of the doubt. So what if he’s mentally unstable? Just because he MAY not have had any control over his actions doesn’t mean that those actions shouldn’t go unpunished.

    Serial killers with antisocial personality disorder are left unable to feel empathy, thus leading them to commit the heinous acts of violence that they do. And yet THEY always get life in prison/the death penalty, even though THEY’RE mentally ill. Why should this waste of human life be treated any differently?

    A wise person once said: “Whether or not you are able to control your own actions, you are still RESPONSIBLE for them.” Let’s not forget that.

  • Ann

    The class leader shows potential for leadership with deep moral grounding and courage. I hope he gets praise for his heroic act althoug unsuccessful in stopping the violence visited upon this helpless 11 year old girl. The other children were most probably scared out of their wits and were speechless. The principal should be investigated for negligence and incompetance. The deranged teacher should be kept in asylum for the rest of his life if treatment is not available. Beter be safe than sorry.

    I shed my tears with the mother and I feel rage against the loss of this innocent girl’s live.

    Quoting krdr:
    “But what about picking the nails. Who would be pick nails on the class? A student of uninteresting teacher with no authority…”
    I assume you mean the girl was disinterested in the lesson and the teacher has no authority over her? Are you condoning the teacher’s violence. So, if the girl was picking on her finger nail and not paying full attention. Are you justifying the teacher’s violence. The authority the teach has is to call her to attentiion and by making the lesson more interesting, engaging as all teacher should. That what a teacher’s author should be, not beating up students and claiming it to be behavior correction. It is violence and abuse, plain and simple of a adult against a child.

  • krdr


    I assume you mean the girl was disinterested in the lesson and the teacher has no authority over her? Are you condoning the teacher’s violence. So, if the girl was picking on her finger nail and not paying full attention. Are you justifying the teacher’s violence.

    I didn’t understand “condoning” word. I suppose you said that I tried to justify teacher? No, I didn’t said that. I said that teacher was bad teacher.

    Our comments are on same line.

  • gogo

    I bet she didn’t think he’d actually do anything when she was smarting off. I also bet she learned her lesson. As well as her class.

  • Cat

    I am quite shocked by the little value placed upon this child’s life. Having been a teacher for over 8 years in the USA, I have never once heard of such a heinous crime served so grossly toward an 11 year old student regardless of gender. Of course, in the USA there are laws, background checks, fingerprinting, intensive interviews, and the like, which try to ensure proper educators within the school system.

    At this time, I am teaching in Korea and discovered this news in the paper. I am flabbergasted by the lack of quality control when it comes the safety of children. Especially in schools. It perplexes my logical mind that people could hate life so much to chew up an innocent and toss her out a window. Human Rights! It saddens me to know that not all societies feel the need to protect their people or value their citizens rights.

  • Ron

    OMG! That guy should be charged with first degree murder!

  • This is premeditated murder. He knew he was going to kill someone when he put that thing in his pocket. What kind of teacher… what kind of person… carries a piece of steel like that in his pocket?

    I don’t care if they have labeled him insane. He was responsible enough to tie his shoes. He was responsible enough to get himself out of bed and make it to work on a regular basis. Now, suddenly, he’s not responsible for his actions?

    Kill this man. He can never again be made safe for society.

  • Link

    Another byproduct of China’s public school prison system (it really is a concentration camp), where students are abused and their childhoods destroyed by a system that only cares about performance and money, not about children or their well-being.

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  • wowLOOKNewVideoAboutTheTRUTH
  • I just can’t come to a conclusion that a normal person could do something like this in broad day light and in front of so many witness. I don’t believe the girl could anger the teacher to the point where his animal rage took over.

    I would have to say the teacher was possess by an angry evil spirit.

  • bash

    i am a teacher too here in jiangxi eventhough i hate my sudents it never come up in my mind to beat and KILL my students!!! devil monster inside you uneducated teacher!!! as if you havent been there hope that will happen to you!!! YOU ARE A WHOLE SHIT!!! bastardo!

  • endya a

    i think that the bastard should die he has not right to what he did to that sweet little girl, no one has the right to do that to a 11 year old girl his ass should be put to death for what he did to her. i hope that he will have guilt for the murder of that poor sweet litle girl

  • He should feel how it was to be beat up and killed like he did to a little innocent girl, by being done the same thing to him but not let him die. they should do it many times to him. I have read that the little girl was picking something under her nail. and something that was under her nail flew in the teachers face. and then the teacher hit her in. and then the girl called him crazy and then the hell started.

  • michelle

    Thats just mean. I would have got up and kicked the living shit out of the teacher.Thats just not right. Also why would he have metal bar in his pocket?

  • michelle

    Also gogo you are sooooo messed up. If you think she learned her lesson by being killed you should have been the one who got thrown out of the window!!!!!!!!!! And i feel realy sorry for the mom because she didnt even know at first that her daughter was killed. For the teacher if i had saw your picture i would track you down and show you how it feels also i would throw you out the window alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lorraine

    What in the world was that teacher thinking! To throw a child out the WINDOW!! I know exactly how she feels. To think that the schools would alow a teacher like that to teach children. If I could I would track down that evil disgusting person and sew him. Then I would torture him and then I would make sure he was still alive and take him to the top of that school and throw him of the roof and I would go down there and pick him back up and throw him out of the same window that he threw the girl out of. And the mother! To lose a daughter so young is just cruel! Its not right that there are people in this world that would even consider to kill someone! Even if he didnt mean to kill her he still did. Just the thought of hurting someone so young turns my stomache. To think she died that way! Falling toward your death and know its coming! I hope shes happy on the other side. And I also hope that her family is o.k. and that the evil cruel teacher was fired,sent to jail and slowly tortured and then that he was sent to hell.

  • Tommy

    Can anyone explain to me why when something good happens in China, Chinese people say “isnt China great” “Chinese people are so clever” but when its something bad they make a reference to the world being bad?

    “There are too many of this kind of trash teachers in the world”
    “does not get the death penalty, then I know that this world has no justice!!!”

  • Jay

    What is wrong with the chinese schools these days…I am very fortunate to be living in the united states of america. although i am not a typical chinese what is; what is wrong with their school system? And those other videos of a group of chinese girls beating on one…these things make me not proud to be chinese(im sorry to say)
    and also what good of a reason would u have to beat up a little girl? i mean come on there is no reason to do so. Even if the girl was being a little bitch there is no reason to beat her to death and then make sure she dies by throwing her out the forth floor. this is just dumb

  • Den

    So that’s it? No further news? Probably nothing else done (except to declare him “mentally ill” and allow him off of his crime with no punishment)? Almost a year ago that it happened. Congratulations, China! Excellent! Keep blaming all of your problems on Japan, Korea, whatever else the government has brainwashed into you since birth, but your lack of modern worth as a society is still obvious to the world. No one ever mistreated Chinese the way other Chinese have, not only now, but historically always. This story makes me sick. China’s lack of justice, especially toward the most defenseless, makes me sicker.

  • Fike2308

    What a “harmonious society”….

  • Alan

    What a “harmonious society”….

    Indeed, no wonder they don’t give a shit about hiring FT’s with no background check, when they let Chinese teachers with mental illness into the classroom.

    Standards, implementation….something sadly lacking in education here

  • rambutanjuice

    if he is declared mentally sane in the momment of insanity..then its first degree murder..Death by the noose from the same window he threw this poor girl by the victim’s father..street justice rules!!..anything less then death is a mockery to the society

  • I need more information. This is a sad case.

    Sorry to say but this kind of thing between a teach and student would not happen in America to the point where the teach kills the student and throws her out of the window OMG!

    Can anyone give me any information on the teacher. Is he in jail? Has justice been served for this poor girl.

    DAMN! Her mother said she had made dinner and was waiting for her to come home. That really touched me.

  • John

    What to be investigated? This is horrible.
    Just hang the person

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