Young Student Helps Woman Up, Is Accused Of Assault

Young Student Helps Woman Up, Is Accused Of Assault

One girl in Huainan helped a fallen elderly lady off the ground and to the hospital, but upon arrival the old woman and her family claimed that it was the girl who injured the woman. The family also claimed that if the girl hadn’t hit the old woman, why would she have accompanied her to the hospital? The girl arrived at the police station and has filed a report including public witnesses and photographs, but the scene of the incident had no security cameras so the police are still investigating. Netizens feel this old woman’s actions are without shame, and that this kind of person should be put in jail.

Source: Netease

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  • JeeWizz

    Fucking cunts. No wonder people are left to die in the streets. I don’t understand why they don’t just record the incident like they do with everything else in their lives.

    • KamikaziPilot

      Even if they record the incident the “victim” will most likely say the good samaritian hurt them before they started filming. Not sure about the law in China but people who file these lawsuits against good samaritans need to be punished to send a message that this won’t be tolerated.

  • guest

    Does China have a malicious prosecution tort?

    Its needs a law that allows people to counter sue for damages, when they are falsely accused of some thing through the courts, not that what I think is happening here only a claim that she should help not a legal action against the girl.

  • Muhammad Nabil

    Another girl goes down into the drain.Next time,if she finds a dying person on the road she won’t help.
    Seriously these laorens should fix their head otherwise the youth will also become like them and follow in their footsteps…most probably they have already.

  • Realist

    There should be a cut and dry law: if there isn’t proof that this person caused the accident, then it’s assumed that s/he didn’t; innocent until proven guilty. I don’t understand why they don’t have this law; what kind of shit arguments do you have to listen to daily at the police station if people just argue without evidence and you have to guess who’s right or wrong in each case? That law would solve everything!

    On a funnier note, I wonder if an old woman has ever went out into the street, laid there for 12 hours with no one helping her up/ falling for it, and she just cursed, got up, and went home LOL

  • Drone

    In 20-30 years, all of these scumbags will be dead and China will be a better place for it. In the meantime, the country must establish strong laws that discourage this disgusting behavior.

  • wangdaning

    Well, China doesn’t have the story of the boy that cried wolf. Eventually, even when someone does hit someone and help them, no one will believe they were actually hit by the person.

  • Amused

    This is why when you go to help someone up in China you should always be ready to introduce them to your friend Dr. Martens if they latch onto you and start caterwauling.
    And few stomped out assclowns and people could go back to being decent folks again.

    • Bman

      “stomped out assclowns…”
      So eloquent, made me grin :)

  • Foreign Devil

    For the record. . I helped an old man up in CHina who tripped right next to me on some wires snaking across our pathway at Emei Shan. Did not hesitate to help him up and he was very grateful even giving the “pranam” bowing gesture. No big deal!

  • coljac

    This sort of thing might be a case of selective verification – any story where this happens becomes huge news and outrage, but if somebody gets helped up and no fuss is caused, nobody will ever hear about it. Who’s to say what the ratio between the two types of incident really is?

  • Zappa Frank


  • deredeo37