Young Students Hold Umbrella for Teacher, Netizens Attack

Young Students Hold Umbrella for Teacher, Netizens Attack

When two young students offered to hold an umbrella for their teacher on a sunny day, the teacher accepted the kind gesture. Someone saw the scene and took pictures, posting them online where they caused a commotion among netizens. The teacher, who is remorseful for her actions, has already been disciplined and says she hopes that being the topic of a netizen barrage doesn’t influence the two students’ lives. In the comments, some netizens criticized the teacher, while others chided netizens, saying that there is nothing wrong with a student holding an umbrella for a teacher.

Source: Netease

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  • WghUk

    Consent from both sides. What’s the problem?

  • mr.wiener

    Puppy love… I remember have the hots so bad for Miss Lamont in 3rd grade.

    • Did you get the Little Rascals in Oz? Miss Crabtree

  • avocado

    Respect? Do you really think they would be trying to carry an umbrella
    for an ugly chick or a dude? Nothing respectful about it.

  • sudon’t

    What happened to the translated Chinese comments? That’s what I read this site for. I don’t care what my fellow gwei-lo have to say.