Young Woman Eats Seeds On Subway, Older Woman Cleans

Young Woman Eats Seeds On Subway, Older Woman Cleans
On the 8 line of the Shanghai subway, one woman eating melon seeds threw the shells under her seat, so an older woman beside her unsuccessfully attempted to persuade her to squat and pick up the seeds. After the seed-eating woman got off the train, the older woman cleaned under her seat for her. A few netizens expressed that the seed-eating woman was dressed well, but her inner qualities were low, and praised the older woman.

Source: qq

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  • hyuugasaki
  • lacompacida

    I am glad the younger generations of Chinese carry on the ancient cultural heritage, and not interrupted by those older uncivilized people.

    • WFH

      oh shut the f up…your posts are as annoying as your profile picture.

      • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

        Well that was totally out of left field.

        • WFH

          haha… I’m all about shock and awe..

          all he does is whine about how morally bankrupt the Chinese are and it’s getting really old

  • Chaz

    Just another day in the People’s Republik of Me, Me, Me

    • Alex Dương

      So are they collectivist Commies or selfish individualists? Make up your mind, bro.

    • WFH

      right…so that old lady must’ve been Japanese?

      • mr.wiener

        Good people do live in China too.

        • WFH

          I need to work on my sarcasm..

  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    An entire generation of spoiled kids inheriting the nation from their parents.

    This is going to be good…

  • WghUk

    Modern Chinese society is all about oneself.

  • Zappa Frank

    people often cut their nails in the subway…. you can complain about seeds, but really is far from being the worst thing you can see

    • Danny Abbasi

      Right! They’re just some seed husks, and she took the trouble to put them under the chair, and the subway carriages get cleaned at the end of each day (I guess). It’s hardly a big deal what she did.

  • helsic