Young Woman Slapped By Old Man Over Bus Seat

Young Woman Slapped By Old Man Over Bus Seat
A young woman traveling on a packed bus was slapped in the face by a 70-year-old man after she expressed her discontent over him scolding her for not immediately giving up her seat. Bus driver Mr. Peng said that he requested passengers to give way to the man after he boarded the bus, but the girl probably didn’t hear as she was playing with her phone at the time. With other passengers having to intervene to stop the old man continuing his attack, the “beaten” Ms. Luo felt considerable grievance over the incident. Some netizens felt that not giving way isn’t necessarily wrong.

Source: Netease

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  • mr.wiener

    Politeness is given ,not expected in China. Acting like an entitled bitch is wrong anywhere.

  • Jahar

    Hence proving his unworthiness.

  • Bman

    Can’t blame her for trying to ignore her environment; that’s how people cope in China. Sure, we should stand up for the elderly, but If you’ve got the energy to beat young girls, you’re able to stand. It annoys me to no end the people who elbow and push their way past me at Mach 2 as soon as those doors open on the subway…
    People sitting quietly and ignoring me are my friend.
    This seat situation in China is f-ing bizarre! I read the more you sit, the younger you die. So maybe giving up your seat is actually murder :S

    And since when do bus drivers announce elderly people entering the bus?? I ALWAYS see people jump up when an elderly or pregnant person wants a seat. Nobody ever announces it.

  • Zappa Frank

    those articles are getting worse… here even the city/village/province is unknown..

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