Youth Beaten to Death By “Child of a Government Official”


From NetEase:

Hunan Youth Allegedly Beaten to Death by “Child of Government Official”, Suspect Apprehended

Xinhuanet Changsha February 8 report — On the night of the 7th, an internet post spread about a “Hunan Liling 24-year-old university student was beaten to death in Changsha by a second-generation government official civil servant”. This reporter learned from the Changsha municipal police on the 8th that police have already detained the criminal suspect Guo X and requested that the prosecutor’s office approve the arrest.

The internet posting claims that the 24-year-old victim Xie X was from Hunan province Liling county, and had graduated from university in 2013. On the afternoon of the January 30th, Xie X was bitten by two dogs in Changsha city Meixihu park. Police were involved to mediate. However, when the police left, the dogs’ owner “went crazy in beating up the victim, causing extremely serious damage to the victim’s head”, and on February 4th, Xie X died despite medical efforts. The internet posting also indicated that the assailant Guo X was a Changsha “civil servant” and “child of government officials”. The internet posting was filled with words and images, intensely worded, and quickly attracted attention.

This reporter attempted to contact the poster through the contact telephone number in the post, but the phone was never answered. On the 8th, this reporter obtained information from the Changsha police about what more or less happened in this incident: On the afternoon of January 30th, the victim Xie X was bitten at Meixihu Park by suspect Guo X’s dogs (Guo is a Changsha Safety Supervision Bureau employee). At around 5pm that day, at the front of the Yuelu district Guangshaling Hospital, the two had an argument over the issue of compensation, with Guo X beating Xie X before fleeing. After being examined by the hospital, Xie X had internal cranial hemorrhaging, and died on February 4th despite medical efforts.

With regards to the internet poster’s accusation that “the police use all sorts of reasons to not arrest the culprit afterward”, Changsha police replied that the their Yuelu sub-bureau had opened a case and began working on apprehending the culprit that very day, and through Guo X’s relatives, induced Guo X to surrender himself on February 1st. At present, police have already detained Guo X in accordance with the law, and as of the 6th have sought approval from the prosecutor’s office for his arrest.

As it is understood, after Guo X was apprehended, both sides under the supervision of the Justice Department have already come to an agreement. According to the agreement reached by both sides on February 5th, Guo X’s family will compensate the victim’s family for medical and other expenses totally approximately 840,000 yuan [RMB].

Changsha police indicate that people are equal before the law, and any person who violates the law must be punished by the law, so Changsha police will investigate and prosecute the suspect’s criminal liability in accordance with the law and regulations.

According to a separate report by Southern Metropolis Daily, a netizen recently posted information that Hunan Liling 24-year-old university student Xie Benzong was bitten by two dogs in Changsha Meixihu Park, demanded compensation from the dogs’ 31-year-old owner Guo Bin, and in the process was beaten until his skull was cracked by Guo Bin, later dying from his injuries despite medical efforts. Because the internet posting claimed Guo Bin was a “child of government officials”, it attracted widespread attention. Changsha’s Guanshaling police station confirmed today that Guo Bin had indeed beaten Xie Benzong over a dispute resulting in him dying from his injuries despite medical efforts, that the police have already apprehended him, and have applied for his arrest from the prosecutor’s office.

Today at noon, this Southern Metropolis Daily reporter contacted the internet post’s poster Wu Haiyu, who claims to have been Xie Benzong’s girlfriend. Wu Haiyu says that on the afternoon of January 30, Xie Benzong was bitten by two dogs while at the Changsha Meixihu Park, with wounds on both his left and right legs. When demands for compensation were hindered, Xie Benzong called the police, with the Guanshaling police station dispatching officers. Because both parties could not come to terms at the time, police soon left.

Wu Haiyu claims the after the police left, Guo Bin, the owner of the dogs, refused to pay 600 yuan in compensation, and was preparing to drive away from the scene. Xie Benzong stood in front of Guo Bin’s car blocking the way. Infuriated, Guo Bin got out of the car and, in front of his own minor child, began beating Xie Benzong. After a heavy blow, Xie Benzong collapsed without getting back up. Guo Bin then viciously kicked Xie Benzong’s head and chest.

Afterward, Guo Bin drove away, while Xie Benzong was taken to the hospital by a friend who had rushed over. He was placed in the intensive care unit for his grave injuries and that night, the Guanshaling police station launched an investigation into this matter. On January 31st, doctors announced that Xie Benzong was brain dead, and announced his death on February 4th.

the Changsha Municipal Public Security’s official microblog @长沙警事 posted this afternoon: Around 5pm on January 30th, an intentional injury assault occurred in front of Changsha Hexi Guanshaling Hospital. Xie X (male, 24, from a city in Zhejiang province) was bitten by dogs owned by Guo X (male, 32, an employee of a Changsha city employer). A dispute occurred over the matter of compensation, in which Guo X injured Xie X and fled. Afterward, Xie X was taken to the hospital where medical efforts were unsuccessful resulting in his death on February 4th.

@长沙警事 indicated that after the incident, the Changsha Municipal Public Security Bureau’s Yuelu Sub-Bureau immediately opened an investigation and sough to apprehend the suspect, successfully compelling Guo X to surrender himself to authorities on February 1st, and on the same day detaining him. After Xie X’s death, police immediately organized relatives from both parties inviting them before judicial authorities to negotiate a settlement, with a compensation agreement being reached on February 5th. As of February 6th, police have already sought approval from the prosecutor’s office for the arrest of suspect Guo X.

With regards to the so-called “child of government officials” issue, Guanshaling police state that Guo Bin is an ordinary worker and that the police are enforcing the law fairly. Moreover, according to Xie Benzong’s girlfriend, Guo Bin’s party voluntarily compensated Xie Benzong’s family 840,000 yuan.

Comments from NetEase:

安德烈耶娃我不能放弃原则 [网易上海市网友]:

Netizens must be given an explanation. Public security organs should not discriminate, with everyone equal before the law.

网易云南省昆明市手机网友 ip:117.136.*.*

Surrendering means he can’t be given the death penalty. And they say worked [to apprehend him]. More like they gave him a chance [to avoid the death penalty].

forrestpan [网易北京市网友]:

Looks like it was definitely the child of a government official.

网易河北省邢台市手机网友 ip:218.11.*.*

They could’ve apprehended him immediately, but they refused to do so, and instead persuaded him to surrender himself. This is all so that his sentencing can be more lenient. Talk about really looking out for him. The conclusion: Because of surrendering himself and proactively compensating the victim, he will be convicted of the crime of accidental injury resulting in death, sentenced to three years, with a reprieve of two years; or perhaps the crime of creating a disturbance (and the victim died from a sudden heart attack or stroke), sentenced to one year of detainment. 840,000 is just a single day’s worth of income for his father. Fuck, a person’s death beautifully handled.

kerrylhs [网易河南省安阳市网友]:

If it weren’t for the internet’s oversight, we would really never know the result of this!

网易广东省广州市手机网友 ip:14.30.*.*

The assailant should pay with his life, as no amount of money can purchase back the university student’s life. Otherwise, this society will forever without limit have people with money and power harming the lives of others as they please.

大吴越国护国公 [网易浙江省杭州市手机网友]:

Not apprehending him and instead having the child of a government official to surrender is lessen his crime/sentencing.

番茄炒蛋儿 [网易浙江省温州市手机网友]:

Not going out to apprehend him and instead “persuading” him to surrender, talk about touching one’s emotions [being considerate for the suspect].

网易湖南省娄底市网友 ip:175.2.*.*

“Changsha police replied that the their Yuelu sub-bureau had opened a case and began working on apprehending the culprit that very day, and through Guo X’s relatives, induced Guo X to surrender himself on February 1st.”

Such a vicious crime, why didn’t they immediately apprehend him instead of persuading him to surrender? Is it so that he can fully exploit his “surrender” [to lessen his punishment]?

自由皮卡 [网易重庆市江北区网友]:

A crime committed on January 30th, with January 31st completely wasted, and inducing him to turn himself in on February 1st. Whatever the case, it can be said he surrendered, and thus be given lenience.

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