Yulin Dog Meat Festival Controversy and Conflict Escalates

A large number of police is at the scene.

A large number of police is at the scene.

From NetEase:

Yulin Dog Meat Festival Conflict Escalates, Large Number of Police On Scene to Maintain Order

On the night of 2014 June 21, in Guangxi Yulin, at a dog meat restaurant near Jiangbin Xinmin Road, a conflict happened between several dog lovers local diners that resulted in one of the diners’ mouth being bloodied. This incident attracted a crowd, and the two parties in conflict were also taken away by the police in a hurry. Reporters of this article arrived at the scene of the incident that night at a bit after 10pm and witnessed a large number of police and police vehicles guarding the area, while people were looked on in twos and threes talking about the incident. A Yulin man surnamed Lu told reporters that the incident happened at a little past 8pm. At that time, several out-of-town dog lovers for some reason came into conflict with the diners that developed into physical violence. He personally saw that the diner’s mouth was covered with blood. Another onlooker told reporters that when nearby diners and city residents learned that this diner had been injured, they very quickly gathered. As of 10:50 that night, police were still persuading people at the scene to disperse. Pictures are of the scene of the incident.

A large number of police is at the scene.

A large number of police is at the scene.

A large number of police is at the scene.

Two pro-dog eating banners are being displayed.

2014 June 21, Guangxi Yulin’s “Lychee & Dog Meat Festival” took place as planned amidst the protests of dog lovers. A kitchenware merchant hung up banners that read: “Thank you for letting our countrymen see the spirit of unity among the people of Yulin”, “We respect [support] lychee & dog meat culture [tradition], and love and respect the law even more”.

Two foreigners are welcomed after they sampled dog meat.

Picture is of local residents looking on and seeing off two foreign friends after they sampled dog meat.

Two foreigners are welcomed after they sampled dog meat.

Two foreigners are welcomed after they sampled dog meat.

People are eating dog meat.

Photo is of crowded Jiangbin Road large where dog meat restaurants are concentrated. Despite protests by dog lovers, the locals eat dog meat as they please.

The overly crowded streets outside of dog meat restaurants.

The overly crowded streets outside of dog meat restaurants.

The police is maintaining order on the street.

Local police forces were increased to maintain order.

The overly crowded streets outside of dog meat restaurants.

Nearby residents watching the bustling scene from above.

Comments from NetEase (1 & 2):

网易北京市朝阳区网友 ip:114.243.*.*:

Can [you dog lovers] treat your parents better than you treat dogs? Everyday, your parents only eat vegetables, conserve water, conserve electricity, while fucking still have money to spend on dogs~

网易广东省广州市网友 ip:61.140.*.*:

Take a look at Bai Yansong’s shows on CCTV, over 70% of netizens support the Dog Meat Festival. The Dog-Worshipping Cult’s law-breaking activities have already sparked the people’s wrath. Now the Dog-Worshipping Cult is starting to attack people. This can no longer be tolerated. On a national TV show back in 2011, Professor Zhao Nanyuan of Tsinghua University said: animal rights activists are another form of terrorism. While Korean scholar/author Li Chengxian expressed that according to a survey, 70% of Korean men and 40% of Korean women have eaten dog meat, and that the conflict over eating dogs in China is exactly the same as it was in Korea back then. Today, 70% of Koreans agree that dog eaters and dog lovers should [be able to] co-exist.

送子和尚 [网易河南省郑州市网友]:

The best way to solve this:

Cook a big pot of delicious dog meat, and place it in the center of the dining table. First, have the dog lovers go around the table in a circle to say farewell to the dog’s remains, while presenting the elegiac couplet: ”Lovely doggies, you will live in our hearts forever!”

Then, dog eaters sit down around the table, face the dog meat and pray in their hearts: ”Dear doggies, you will live in our stomachs forever!”

Then the host declares: the farewell ceremony is concluded. Man your positions. Begin eating! Begin crying!

Soon, with the diners gorging themselves and the dog lovers wailing, the scene is one that is both harmonious and lively…

清风泛舟 [德国球迷]:

Do dog lovers love only dogs but not people? Dog lovers using violence, what the hell?! Preserving diversity of culture is better than being extreme.

高级五角 [英格兰球迷]:

Dog meat is delicious, I also eat it!! But I still hope our country will issue policies concerning the supply chain of stealing pet dogs to be sold for slaughter and meat!!!

I hope dogs can be like pigs and cows, raised on farms, to be sold for their meat!!!

正义鹰派他爹 [网易陕西省渭南市网友]:

They are all descendants of Xiaotian Dog [Erlang Shen‘s pet], understandable…

夏小阿碗 [德国球迷]:

Why not protest against eating pork? Why isn’t there anyone protesting against eating ducks, chickens, or cows? Aren’t dogs the same as pigs, cows, sheep, and chickens?

woshidabaichi1234 [网易河南省平顶山市网友]:

Make light of traveling from afar to save dogs. What kind of mentality is this?

jinkem [网易浙江省金华市网友]:

Cows and sheep also cry, how come I never see these beasts protecting them? Seems like it is necessary to eat some dog meat to piss off these hypocrites.

网易广西南宁市手机网友 ip:180.136.*.*:

I’m going to Yulin and eat dog meat tomorrow.

网易广东省广州市手机网友 ip:117.136.*.*:

Dog fans, how about spending more of your time taking care of your own parents?

网易陕西省宝鸡市手机网友 ip:124.116.*.*:

Damn, you hurt people for the sake of dogs? So JB crazy.

网易广东省中山市手机网友 ip:183.32.*.*:

At the anti-Dog Meat Festival victory meeting, a reporter asks a senior representative of the dog fans: ”Both your father and your dog fall into the sea, who would you save?” The audience suddenly becomes serious. How could he ask such a question? All the dog fans crane their necks with their tongues hanging out waiting to hear the representative’s reply. “Of course I’d save the dog!” the representative answers resolutely. The audiences is in an uproar, with one after another commenting, how can he be so unfilial? Seeing everyone’s misgivings, the representative immediately continues: ”Because my father is the dog!” The audience is deeply moved by the representative’s wit, and endlessly applaud.

天不平辰 [西班牙球迷]:

Because of the uproar by dog cunts’ [dog lovers, animal activists, but here referring specifically to certain extremists], I’ve come to know a place called Yulin. Because of the uproar by dog cunts’, I who never thought of eating dog meat have had this idea of actually giving it a try. Because of the uproar of dog cunts’, I’ve come to realize the sadness of fighting for dog rights instead of human rights. Because of the uproar by dog cunts’, I’ve come to realize that dogs are some people’s parents. Because of the uproar by dog cunts’, I’ve come to realize that some people are worse than dogs!

Everyone, please be my judge, what do you think of my parallelism above?

锋戈一击 [网易广东省广州市手机网友]:

Beat these hypocrites to death.

红红的月经常挂在天上 [网易上海市手机网友]:

There’s no use reasoning anymore, fuck those fucking dog loving cunts~

送你的那些花儿 [网易山东省淄博市手机网友]:

A bunch of hypocritical stupid cunts.

网易河南省周口市手机网友 ip:182.112.*.*:

Other people eating dog meat is what business of yours?


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