Yunnan Drought Photos: Fish Trapped In Dried Lake Bed

Serious drought in Yunnan, China.

Yunnan Drought - a dead fish inside a clod of dried mud.

From QQ:

Yunnan hit by severe drought: With fish already like this, what can people do?

In Luliang County of Qujiang City of Yunnan province, a fish buried in mud has its mouth wide open trying desperately to breath. Unfortunately, it is already dead, though it is frozen in swimming posture. Everywhere within the cracks of the dried-up lake bed are little fish that have met misfortune.

Leaving water-rich Nanchang, this journalist who is originally from Qujing City of Yunnan Province yesterday headed to the Dege Haizi Reservoir in Luliang County, the location of the drought. He stood transfixed by what he saw. This reservoir, once a 1.60-million cubic meter water body, is now utterly dried up, with palm-width cracks spreading all over its parched lake bed, some running as deep as 50cm.

A villager surnamed Zhang sighed, “Over the past 40 years, this lake has never dried up.” When the lake dried up, villagers came and took away the large fish. The smaller ones, took a desperately dove into the mud, eventually dying slowly as the lake’s water vanished. Seeing it is heartbreaking.

Luliang county, the No.1 plain and largest irrigation district in Yunnan, is always claimed as the granary/bread-basket of Yunnnan. Nanpan River, flowing through Luliang, is the upper reach of Zhujiang River. Up till yesterday, the area had had 126 consecutive days without precipitation/rainfall. 99% of the county’s sown area is affected by this severe drought, totaling 529,9000 mu [1 mu = 0.0667 hectares].

That day, the sky was covered with clouds, but according to the area’s weather forecast, rainfall over the next few days is not clear, and the severe drought may continue.

Close up of dead fish caught in mud clod.

Dead fish trapped in dried mud.

Dead fish's head trapped in dried mud during 2010 Yunan Drought.

Dead fish head, Yunan, China Drought.

A fish trapped in the cracked mud of a dried lake in Yunnan, China.

Chunks of dried lake bed in China.

A Chinese man holds up a chunk of dried mud from the lake bed.

Dried and cracked lake bed in Yunnan, China.

A Chinese man reaches deep into a crack at the bottom of a dried lake in Yunnan, China in 2010.

Crushed mud clods at a dried lake in Yunnan.

Dried and cracked mud clods are all that remain of a lake after a severe drought in Yunnan, China.

A dried lake bed at sunset in China.

Comments from Sohu:


Natural disater on the surface, man-made calamity underneath.


Nature is warning humans: You ruined the ecosystem for private interests, now it’s time to pay the price. The drought is just the beginning.




Establishing an arid/dry society.


Truly tragic/heartrending.

A dried lake due to severe drought in China.

Note from Fauna: Here are some additional translated Chinese netizen comments…

From Mop:


It is we ourselves who have ruined nature too much leading to her taking revenge, a result we caused ourselves, so only we can make up for it. Unfortunate innocent little fish.


MLGB, why can’t they continuously send water that way!!!


Better pray.
Praying for the drought area.


It’s revenge, why does it always first befall the poor people!


Believe in the GUO JIA [country], believe in the ZF.


Brother’s eyes are moist…


The photographs were taken very creatively, though I hope there will be less and less of this kind of creativity. Sigh, no matter who makes the mistakes, it is always the ordinary common people who must pay for it.


Rain, rain!!! Sigh…really very sad!


So many people above…, can be said to have good hearts, but how many of you can be said to conserve water? Who painstakingly uses the water left from washing rice to water plants or vegetables or similar. Maybe you will make excuses that you don’t grow vegetables or raise plants: Who painstakingly keeps the waste water from doing the laundry to flush the toilet? There aren’t many, right? Etc. Enough nonsense, I think for this kind of thing happening in the Yunnan area, the most basic reason is still driven by greed/self-interests, leading to homogenization of  vegetation, and thus a vicious cycle.


There are truly more and more disasters and calamities! Is it because we are getting close to 2012!?


Touched…this work must win a big photography prize.

Cracking dried lake bed in China.

More fish. chinaSMACK personals.


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