Yunnan Junior High Schoolgirls “Forced Into Prostitution”

The front gate of the Yun county middle school involved, of students purchasing snacks after school."
The front gate of the Yun county middle school involved, of students purchasing snacks after school.”

From NetEase:

Exposed: Yunnan Schoolgirls Who Were Drugged and Forced into Prostitution Increases to Over 80

Summary: On the 3rd, it was exposed that dozens of schoolgirls at a middle school in Yunnan province Lincang city have been drugged and forced into prostitution. According to an insider, intermediary Xu X is a local powerful woman who forced schoolgirls into booked rooms to drink with customers, while drugging their drinks. Other information exposed claim the schoolgirls were given as gifts to government leaders for their use. At present, police have already launched an investigation.

Recently, an incident was exposed where it is suspected that dozens of schoolgirls at Minzu Middle School were drugged and forced into prostitution. An insider told that the students were given to government leaders outside of the county as gifts for their use.

December 3rd, this reporter contacted Principal Chen Hexin of the Minzu Middle School involved. He denied the prostitution but claimed there were indeed dozens of students who were taken out to pubs [restaurants, hotels] to eat, and that presently the local police have already launched an investigation. According to information from the Yun county government press office, at present, three female students have been discovered as having been sexually assaulted, two suspects have already been arrested, and the case is currently still under investigation.

They were given to government leaders as gifts for their use.

On the 3rd, an insider local to Yun county told that Yun county Minzu Middle School second year and third year [junior high] schoolgirls were tricked and coerced into prostitution, and were even given to leaders from outside the county as gifts for their use.

The insider also said the schoolgirls forced into prostitution were coerced by a female intermediary, that the female is surnamed Xu, under 30 years of age, and has done this multiple times. According to what the insider learned from a mother of a schoolgirl involved, Xu X first bribes several students while the rest who do not obey her are beaten. These students are usually invited to a KTV or pub [bar, restaurant, hotel] to dine and sing. “It’s said their drinks were drugged and, once drugged, they would be raped.”

The aforementioned mother claims her daughter narrowly escaped being [sexually] violated. According to the girl, over the past summer during a party she and several schoolmates held at a local KTV, they were forcibly taken to another booked room by Xu X.

According to her, “Because Xu X is rumored in school as having a lot of power/influence, when Xu X appeared, no one dared to disobey.” This schoolgirl also says they didn’t know who was waiting for them in the room they were being taken to, but they didn’t dare not go because “she (Xu X) is a powerful woman in Yun county, so how could we dare not obey?”

The aforementioned schoolgirl involved says there were approximately 20 male strangers in the booked room they were taken to, and Xu X demanded that the schoolgirls drink with them. At first, there were schoolgirls who were unwilling, but because they were afraid of Xu X, the schoolgirls ultimately drank. Fortunately for this schoolgirl, not long after she entered the room, she secretly contacted her family for help and was very quickly rescued from the premises and therefore did not suffer any violation.

“Xu is rumored as having a lot of power, so no one dared to disobey her.”

Afterward, the aforementioned mother and daughter involved said they didn’t call the police because they were worried of being met with reprisals. According to them, “So many people have suffered this misfortune. This Xu X is really bad. I’ve heard some children in middle school say Xu X takes some children from the school and hands them over to those men to be violated. and then gives these middle school students 50 kuai or 100 kuai. Afterwards, these middle school students won’t say anything at home, so there are also a lot of parents who simply don’t know.

According to a Yunnan TV investigation, an employee of the KTV where the aforementioned incident occurred confirmed seeing Xu X taking students to the KTV. According to the employee, the student were all forcibly pulled in and out [taken to and from the KTV], that Xu X had previously engaged in such activities, and that this was not the only instance.

Among the 30 Minzu Middle School students Yunnan TV interviewed, three knew of the school’s female students being forcibly taken out and forced into prostitution.

One government employee insisting on anonymity told that the story of over 80 schoolgirls being forcibly taken to a hotel for prostitution is very common, with some versions of the story saying it involves over 80 and others saying over 40. After the story leaked out, some parents of students at the school involved remain unclear about the truth and are all worried about whether their own daughters were involved. According to an insider, the local public security department [police] have also obtained a list of the schoolgirls suspected of having been forced into prostitution.

She gave the middle school students to these men to be violated, then gave them 50 kuai or 100 kuai.

On December 3rd, got in touch with Principal Chen Hexin of the Yun county Minzu Middle School involved. He denied that students were coerced into collective prostitution, claiming “it’s all community rumor-mongering, because if that many students were selling sex, what would our school be considered?”

According to him, the entire matter started with two students who ran away from home on November 2nd. That day, the school received reports from parents that their children had run away. Afterward, the school and police officers from the local police station collectively searched for them, until November 8th when the two students were found. After returning to school, teachers repeatedly inquired about their running away, and the two gave the account of having been taken out to eat and drink during the summer, probably involving over then schoolgirls, not the over 80 mentioned in rumors.

Additionally, Chen also denied the saying that the students were treated as gifts delivered out of the county for leaders to use. As for whether these students were forced into prostitution, he said the local police are already investigating.

With regards to the above incident, the Yun county Education Bureau also responded to the media stating that they will await the results of the official public security organ’s [police] investigation. Yun county Public Security Bureau Political Office Director Ma Wenhua told this reporter that after the incident, the public security department entered the investigation, that the investigation is still going, that preliminary investigation has revealed that there were indeed three students who were sexually assaulted, though not as many as rumored. Additionally, they have arrested two suspects who at present are still being investigated and prosecuted.

(Original title: Multiple Yunnan Lincang Junior High Schoolgirls Forced Into Prostitution, Police Launch Investigation)

Comments from NetEase:

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青雷 [网易辽宁省沈阳市网友]:

Since they’re junior high schoolgirls who were also drugged, why are they still using the word “prostitution”?

[Note: This reflects a consistent complaint and argument that sexual relations with minors should automatically be considered statutory rape precluding any notion that they “sold sex”.]

懒得评论了 [网易辽宁省大连市网友]:

Young girls were forcibly abducted, drugged, and sexually assaulted. But the old men of the government call this being forced to sell sex?
Old men, this is clearly the rape of young girls [underage girls]!
As a father, I’m shaking with anger!

要哥威武 [网易江苏省无锡市网友]:

With something this shameless, those involved must be executed.

绝望的骆驼 [网易重庆市网友]:

First fasten the label of this being “prostitution”. This way, the government leaders are suddenly innocent of any crime. At worst, they just have to switch their government position to somewhere else.

蹦级不栓绳 [网易河北省唐山市网友]:

Forced prostitution? Government leader, if I tie up your wife and rape her, then throw 200 kuai down, does that mean your wife was prostituting herself?

The front gate of the Yun county middle school involved, of students purchasing snacks after school."
The front gate of the Yun county middle school involved, of students purchasing snacks after school.”

From NetEase:

Yunnan Schoolgirls Forced into Prostitution Case: Leaders Previously Demanded It Be Covered Up As Long As Possible

On the morning of the 4th, The Paper ( reported the incident exposing multiple students from a Yunnan province Lincang city Yun county middle school suspected of having been drugged and forced into prostitution. On the night of the 4th, the Yun county government press office issued a bulletin claiming that the case has already been solved. Early morning on November 21st, suspect Xu XX and Huang XX were respectively placed under house arrest and criminal detention by public security organs [police]. Li XX remains at large with public security organs currently doing everything they can to apprehend him.

The bulletin states that on November 20th of this year, the Yun county Public Security Bureau received a report from the public claiming that two female students at Yun county Minzu Middle School may have suffered sexual assault. Upon receiving the report, the Yun county Public Security Bureau immediately opened an investigation, and on the same night arrested two suspects, Xu XX and Huang XX.

Through investigation, the unemployed Yun county resident Xu XX (female, 21 years of age) used coercion and enticements to deliver three schoolgirls from the county’s Minzu Middle School to Huang XX and Li XX to have sexual relations.

The Paper‘s previous report indicated that an insider said Xu XX was the intermediary and had taken girls from the school out and forced them into prostitution, first bribing some students while beating the rest who would not comply with her arrangements. Some students who were coerced and feared her “powerful woman” reputation locally in Yun county “did not dare disobey her.” According to CNR news, Yunnan TV, and other media reports, Xu X often convened students at the fast-food restaurant in front of the school gate to smoke and drink, and would gather taxis at night to come pick up the students.

As for just when students began being coerced into prostitution, the relevant information remains filled with uncertainty. A local insider claims students being forced into prostitution has already gone on for two to three years, but according to the school’s students, it was during summer vacation of this year that multiple students were taken to a KTV to eat and drink alcohol. However, official reports claim the earliest they learned of this was November 20th when they received a report from the public.

On the afternoon of the 4th, when The Paper interviewed the Yun county Education Bureau about the above matter, one of the bureau office workers said as early as August this year, there were widespread rumors of multiple junior high students at the aforementioned middle school being coerced into selling sex, but “local government leaders continuously wanted to cover up this matter for as long as possible”. When local media previously investigated the matter, “(government leaders) told us to avoid it, forbidding us from telling the truth.” However, the other side did not disclose who was ordering this. A Yun county individual in the media told The Paper that upon hearing rumors of students being coerced into prostitution, local journalists investigated, but the relevant news stories were ultimately not published.

(Original title: Yunnan Schoolgirls Forced into Prostitution Case: “Local Leaders” Previously Demanded that It Be Covered Up As Long As Possible)

Comments from NetEase:

dianaross [网易天津市红桥区网友]:

[Handling problems by] Covering it up as long as possible… is a common understanding now [among government wrongdoing]!

慎为 [网易山东省日照市网友]:

Still using the word “prostitution”. The severity of this incident is thus directly lowered several levels. These government leaders are hopeless.

网易四川省乐山市网友 ip:118.119.*.*

“Cover it up for as long as possible”, government leaders speaking honestly. The good of Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, and Euro-American society, the more people see, the more they understand, and will soon awaken.

网易福建省泉州市网友 ip:110.85.*.*

No need to cover it up, it’s okay, the government leaders merely spent a night in a brothel, and there was no rape.

相当的无语 [网易广东省东莞市网友]:

“used coercion and enticements to deliver three schoolgirls from the county’s Minzu Middle School to Huang XX and Li XX to have sexual relations.” Isn’t this rape? Rape means going to jail, while visiting prostitutes just means a fine. Calling rape “being forced into prostitution” is to intentionally side with the government leaders, to connive with them, and the children of those siding with them will sooner or later be forced into prostitution. Those who want rapists to go to jail, ding. You and I also have children, and those of you who see this and don’t ding, you children and grandchildren will also be forced into prostitution!!!

The location of the suspected prostitution.
The location of the suspected prostitution.

From NetEase:

Woman Who Forced Students into Prostitution: I Want to Do Big Things

The Mirror report (journalist Li Wenji) — This morning, the Yunnan Yun county government news office issued a bulletin regarding the “Schoolgirls Sexually Assaulted Case”, that the Yun county Education Bureau Party Committee Deputy Secretary and Minzu Middle School principal along with three others have been suspended from their positions to be held accountable.


Afterwards, an insider provided this Mirror journalist multiple screenshots from Xu Xiaodong’s friend’s circle [social media account] after the incident was exposed, in which she clamored/boasted: “Since you want to destroy me, I’m going do some big things before I’m done…”

This morning, the Yunnan Yun county government’s news office bulletin indicated that that Yun county Education Bureau Party Committee Deputy Secretary and Deputy Bureau Director Xu Yansheng was the government leader tasked by the education bureau to manage safety. In light of his shortcomings in supervising the management of school campus safety, the Yun county Discipline Inspection Commission has decided to suspend him from his position for investigation. Yun county Education Bureau Safety Office Director Li Shaohong was in charge of managing school campus safety. In light of his ineffectiveness, the Yun county Education Bureau has decided to suspend him from his position for investigation.

Furthermore, in light of Yun county Minzu Middle School Principal Chen Hexin’s position as the person primarily responsible for the school and his shortcomings in managing school safety, the county Education Bureau has decided to suspend him from his position for investigation. In light of Yun county Minzu Middle School Vice-Principal Lui Jinxiang’s position as the school leader tasked with school safety and his failures in managing school safety, the county Education Bureau has decided to suspend him from his position for investigation.

Screenshot of a social media post by suspect Xu X.

Comments from NetEase:

网易上海市手机网友 ip:101.229.*.*

The big things you did was to get rid of the government leaders.

网易新疆巴音郭楞州库尔勒市手机网友 ip:124.88.*.*

This woman is an idiot: She thinks just because she’s been a pimp for some government leaders or has herself slept with some government leader, she thinks she’s impressive now. To be frankly, she’s just a whore herself…

射楼下一身 [网易广东省广州市手机网友]:

Just wait for your bullet, as those government leaders aren’t going to let you live…

跟贴局特约洗脑员 [网易河南省郑州市手机网友]:

If after a time news comes out that you’ve organized prostitution in prison then I’ll really be impressed by you.

无人相伴 [榜上有名]:

Send her to a male prison for reform, so she can do~big~things every day!

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

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  • Gary

    Principal Chen Hexin … “it’s all community rumor-mongering, because if that many students were selling sex, what would our school be considered?”
    This typical Chinese “caught in the act” non-statement is clear proof he’s involved. Rather than some firm statement that the administration would never tolerate, investigate carefully, etc.

    • Foreign Devil

      Basically he is saying. . it can’t be true because that would make us look bad.

  • lonetrey / Dan

    Times like this, I always hope the adults involved get pimped out.

    Poetic justice.

    • Export them to a South African prison with the 28’s lol.

      • Small twon

        or prison in Texas.

  • Luke the Duke

    Point has already been made by most of the netizens but it’s ridiculous to the extreme to try and class drugging and raping someone as ‘prostitution’ just because they were given money afterwards.

    • lonetrey / Dan

      When in actuality it’s “unwilling/forced prostitution”… basically a shitty effort to make it seem less horrible.

      Like downgrading a rape victim to a corrupted prostitution victim. Because that makes it better.

      I think they’re so far off the path that they can’t see that there’s no distinction in their evil either way.

    • Foreign Devil

      In the west we’d call it a pedophilia ring. .since the girls are probably only 13 years of age.

  • lacompacida

    China is again developing. You decide what it is developing into. Brothel nation came to mind.

    • it has always been a brothel nation
      it’s just, supposedly, more classy in its brothel operations back in the day

  • Evil is everywhere and comes in all shapes and sizes…
    the problem with our world today is most people are overwhelmed and don’t want to be bothered; they just want to live their lives.
    You’re on your own…so trust in yourselves, teach/train your family/children, let them know they can always rely on You and you DECREASE the chances these monsters will harm Your family.

    • Jahar

      “You’re on your own…” this attitude is why these things keep happening. You’re not on your own. I’m with the good guys.

      • Good Guys?

        • Jahar

          The guys who aren’t bad, and don’t think we should all be left to fend for ourselves.

  • Motherfuckas need to leave the kids alone – Zhou En Lai

  • Paulos

    This was written roughly two-and-a-half thousand years ago:


    “The rulers of today only appoint family, crooked money, and pretty faces. How could these people possibly know anything about how to run the country?
    Good deeds go unrewarded, crime goes unpunished, and everything is backwards. This is how everyone got to be so detached and apathetic.”

    It’s amazing how far we’ve come… not!

    • Guest

      Mozi, the only down-to-earth Chinese philosopher. Beats Confucius any time.

      • ClausRasmussen

        Now you made me read up on him, he sounds like a surprising modern philosopher

        >> down-to-earth Chinese philosopher

        Being down-to-earth and a philosopher at the same time is a very rare combination. Machiavelli is the only Western guy I can think of that qualifies

        • Paulos

          He’s a pretty cool dude. This is probably better than the wiki, though:

          • A Touch of Sin

            You’ve brought back memories of many “in depth” (long as hell) Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy reading assignments in college. Good stuff.

      • Paulos

        Indeed. Nice catch.

    • Dr Sun

      your translation is wank

      this is what it means , it was the same in the Qin Dynasty as it is now, corruption,Evil ,guan xi and selfishness rules, the people suffer.

      • Paulos

        I disagree. The excerpt is from a triad of essays on meritocracy. The main idea isn’t that the rich are above the law, it’s that incompetent people are being placed in critical positions. Also, the essay was written before the Qin dynasty was even established.

        Overall, in terms of dynamic equivalence, I think I’ve got it right.

  • Just_Banlas

    Sounds like a bullshit story to me.

    • David

      So you do not believe any underage girls were raped?

      • Just_Banlas

        I don’t believe about half of what I read on Chinese websites, and think anyone who does is either a moron or woefully naive. What’s your point?

        • 내가 제일 잘나가

          What about it sounds like bs? It’s not like it is reporting flying pigs.

          • Just_Banlas

            I’m guessing you are not “woefully naive”…..

          • 내가 제일 잘나가

            Nope, just wordly-wise (and observant) enough to know that there are very much sick people in the world and they aren’t as rare as we want to believe…

          • Just_Banlas

            Worldly-wise doesn’t mean shit in China. It’s another planet. And this isn’t really very sick by Chinese standards, it’s merely highly questionable as being true.

          • 내가 제일 잘나가

            I have seen enough people from around the world (perks of living in one of the global hubs of the world I suppose) who are scummy enough to solidify the idea in my head that going this low is part of human nature tbh.

          • 내가 제일 잘나가

            Plus you didn’t answer my question.

          • Just_Banlas

            Because I assumed you weren’t naive, which suggests you are a moron. But, on second thought, maybe you are woefully naive. ActuallyI already answered your question. Mothe whole thing sounds farfetched to me, that 80 kids would be drugged and forced into prostitution and no parents got a whiff until well after the fact? Please. I said in the beginning, “I don’t believe half of what I read on Chinese websites,” especially in the beginning. Too much of it turns out to be trumped up nonsense, particularly stories that sound farfetched like this one. Over two decades in China, I can usually smell a bullshit story, and this one reeks. Furthermore, if a story about middle school students being forced into prostitution had a whiff of truth, it’s the kind of story that would attract Western media and news sources more legit than Netease, which registers lower than “tabloid” when it comes to being a source for legitimate news stories.

          • 내가 제일 잘나가

            Well, that wasn’t a very in depth answer (came across quite demeaning actually) so I am glad your explained more because that it was I wanted. Actual explanations to why you felt like that, not statements.
            How many kids are sexually abused on a daily basis? For e.g In the UK, it is said 1 in 4 girls have been sexually abused. Do you think all those parents know? Maybe you were lucky enough to have a great relationship with your parents where they asked you how your day was every time they saw you come through the door but not everyone has parents like that. Also, not every parent is out for their child, now THAT would be naive to assume so. You should know that. I bet you (if it is true) that at least the quarter of the parents knew and might have even got paid off. Plus the lack of trust in officials and “shame” might have stopped a lot of parents coming forward. You cannot just view it as a ‘well if I was in that situation, I would know or do this etc.’ type thing.
            And the Western media only reports on things that would effect them or are rare cases. In my country, you wouldn’t hear stories about child sex tourism, why? because it is nothing new. They want stories that will cause a international stir. And they are pretty much reluctant to tell stories that don’t effect them (or their economy) directly. They can report all about Ebola but they didn’t report about Congo wars that killed 5.4 mill people. They don’t report the clashes/uprising that are going on in Mexico at the moment. Only if the stories pick up a large amount of “hype”, do they bother to actually report because ratings/clicks. But I didn’t know about the netease thing so you could all be very right. Only time will tell.

  • UserID01

    As soon as the word “forced” comes before the word “prostitution,” then it isn’t prostitution at all. If it’s forced, it’s not consensual. It’s rape. This was the organized, perpetuated and repeated rape of underage children. No mercy for the perpetrators.

  • Teacher in China

    Disgusting. People with power in this country can get away with doing anything they want. Although I suppose in the end they haven’t actually gotten away with it, it’s fucking disgusting that they were able to use their power to coerce so many different people (taxi drivers, students, students’ families, etc) into making this happen.

  • FYIADragoon

    If there have been 80 students raped, I’m expecting 80 executions minimum. What we’re going to get is going to be something more like 10~20, because everyone else will get secretly scolded.

    • mr.wiener

      Do you get executed for rape?

      • FYIADragoon

        For raping children like this, I can only hope. But party officials usually get a variety of punishments since their screwups affect the image of the CCP, so I can’t really say for certain. Maybe just prison sentences instead.

      • Jahar

        Remember the lovely loophole for the rich. Its not rape if u pay them.

  • mr.wiener

    These allegations must be looked into , but it speaks volumes that Chinese are ready to believe and spread such rumors about their officials.

    • Rick in China

      The thing is though – which officials, exactly? Have any been named? Until names are named, it’s just rumours against the school…and the school board responsible for the ‘safety’ or whatever. I see nothing about any particulars of the rapist, however, I’m curious to see what the little pimp whore means by “doing big things”, if any of this is authentic.

      • Foreign Devil

        She probably means that she is going to name names. I hope she does.

        • A Touch of Sin

          Hopefully photos and videos as well, I think those have been rather effective in bringing down rapists/corrupt officials in the past.

  • monster

    have a daughter is so troublesome when think about it!

    • Jahar

      It was all done by sons and one daughter. I’d rather my child be a victim than a criminal. Idiot.

      • monster

        what i mean is i worry that someone will touch my girl some day.
        do not know what you are talking about.

        • jin

          It means he rather let his son or daughter get raped than having them rape others.

  • Some guy

    The sick thing is that those scum probably didn’t see what they were doing as being wrong in any way. They’re ‘important’ and entitled to do as they please.
    It’s just the fact they got caught and will lose face that makes it wrong in their minds.

  • Xio Gen

    A dragon lady madam. Jesus. It’s like the news is reporting on three different countries: the shithole backwater, the diaosi in the cities having crazy mishaps, and the nongs who are halfway between the backwater and the city. This reads like it should be coming from Vietnam. What an amazing country.

  • Jahar

    We need to teach them that money and power doesn’t give u the right to break the law.

  • Small twon

    Why Chinese people put up with this shit ? Go revolution !

    • Some guy

      What would be the point? People are still trying to get over the last one which let’s face it, wasn’t an easy time for anyone and whoever the new rulers ended up being would most likely be the same, or worse.

    • Amused

      Because they have “5,000 years” of this culture…

    • SuperLaowai

      That’s all they know, corruption. During all their history. And today they are all too busy trying to get rich to fight inequality and unfairness, they think this system through building guanxi is the fastest way to get rich, but not everyone will benefit from it and yes ultimately it will turn into a revolution, then the same type of system will emerge from it, same thing with a different name and elite. History is doomed to repeat itself, especially true in China where it did 30 or 40 times already in bloody revolutions. This time won’t be different, some dynasties had way more control over the people than the CCP can ever dream to have.

  • must touch brain

    Most everyone i talk to say that KTV joints are full of corrupt trash. If that’s true, why doesn’t the government just shut them down? I thought China is supposed to be obsessed with it’s own image. Oh wait… then the government wouldn’t know what to do for fun anymore. Never mind.

    • SuperLaowai

      Because those people are big names with big money and big connections. Everyone knows who they are, the police knows, the local government knows, the anti-corruption unit knows, but they can’t do anything because they are probably also tainted with corruption and exposing/denouncing somebody else would be at the risk of being so themselves, losing their position and end up in jail (if not dead). People in China think first about protecting their own arses than kicking someone else’s.

      • must touch brain

        I think that if Xi can take down tigers like Zhou, he can close down KTVs unless of course he goes there too. If so, he doesn’t care much about China’s image. After all, everyone knows how much Chinese men like to smoke and spit but very little has been done to change that. The point is, there’s so much that needs to be done if China wants to have a better image yet so little has changed.

        • Foreign Devil

          All the upper levels of government are corrupt. Using “anti-corruption” measures to take down those who directly challenge his power has worked out very well for Xi. He can get the publics approval while imprisoning or executing his rivals.

  • Amused

    So they shame the procurer and let the rapists walk. Welcome to China.

    • Rick in China

      I think the procurer, in this case, is far worse than the “johns”/rapists. They’re also apparently going to be doing a lot more than shaming – but rather, trying to build a case. You can bet if this bitch ends up guilty of what she’s doing, it wont be a slap on the wrist.

  • Irvin

    In all honesty, technically it IS 逼良为娼 (forced prostitution), but it can also be seen as rape at the same time. The line is blurred in this situation since it was a very thin line to begin with.

    • frimurer

      yeah. if they consented what’s wrong with it?

      • Xia

        They are minors. In the US it would be statutory rape by default, even with consent. Not to mention that there is clearly coercion in this case.

        • frimurer

          the US is forcing these laws upon every nation. doesn’t mean they are right.

    • Xia

      Doesn’t “forced” sex by definition constitute rape?

      • guest

        Taken from Chinadaily.

        “According to the 360th article of the existing Criminal Law of China, child prostitution carries a sentence of at least five years and a fine. This item gives criminals a free ride to escape rape charges. Any child sex abuse cases in which the suspect paid for the sex can be ruled as prostitution, whether the victims involved were coaxed, induced or forced.”

      • Irvin

        That’s an excellent question that you should ask the government.

  • Dr Sun

    “were given to government leaders outside of the county as gifts for their use.”

    For the use of CPC dogs, what a shock…NOT!!!

  • Xia

    Most commenters are jeering at what awaits the pimp woman, calling for a spectacle that is called execution. Yet they don’t mention that it’s the government officials who are the child rapists and really deserve to be ass-fucked in an American prison.

  • frimurer

    death penalty for consensual sex?

  • Qoaa

    I know where I’m going on vacation!

  • Astral Dansex

    Chinese man are known for having small manhood, this proves the rumors, only those with a 2 incher looks for underage girls who know close to nothing about sex