Yunnan Villagers Capture and Set Fire to Forced Demolition Crew


From NetEase:

Construction Workers for a Kunming Logistics Center Clash with Villagers

October 14th in Jinning County, Kunming, during the construction of the “Jincheng Transasia Industrial Logistics Center”, construction workers and a number of villagers from Fuyou Village clashed. According to early reports, this has already led to 4 deaths and 10 injured. After this was reported to authorities, the provincial, city and county leaders rushed to the scene and made every effort to treat the wounded. The details of the incident are currently being investigated by public security organs [police].




Comments on NetEase:

战争之王一柚子 [网易浙江省杭州市手机网友]:

Only 60 years later do we discover…we’ve been duped…

该不该找兰翔 [网易广东省广州市网友]:

I’m seeing if I can comment.

1054523737 [网易云南省昆明市呈贡县网友]:

There are 3 tied up with rope who were burned to death alive.


There’s no more that needs to be said, everybody knows/understands.

宇宙de真理 [网易四川省乐山市网友]:

If the land belongs to the people, what right does the government have to sell the people’s land to other people? If the land belongs to the government, can I ask where did the government get the land from? Is it bought with taxpayer’s money or is it stolen from the hands of the people? If it is bought with taxpayer’s money, then this land belongs to the people and not the government, but if it was stolen from the people, then the government are bandits.

90t [网易浙江省杭州市网友]:

They killed one villager, then everybody got fed up and grabbed 5 running dogs present, who were all burned to death.

jiaowan008 [网易河北省廊坊市手机网友]:

The armed police are the tools of those with power and money.

zgame209 [网易河南省平顶山市网友]:

I saw this on Baidu Tieba, the 4 who were tied up were burned to death alive. So brutal. Fuck, if they have such guts, then tie up the boss and burn him instead.


What kind of news is this? Nothing was made clear.

莲花染尘g8t8 [网易安徽省合肥市手机网友]:

Socialism is good.

From Sina Weibo: (since deleted)

@darkmnum October 14th at Fuyou Village in the town of Jincheng, Jinning County in Yunnan Kunming, an fierce clash occurred between villagers resisting demolition and hundreds of people wearing police uniforms and using riot shields. During this incident, 2 villagers were beaten to death, 8 demolition crew members were captured, and among them 5 were burned to death by angry villagers. The villagers also captured large amounts of tear gas, riot shields and police gear. To resist the government taking their land, Jincheng villagers have already been defending their rights for two years, during which numerous clashes have occurred.








Comments on Sina Weibo:

READ  Men & Women


Support all people’s right to bear guns!


After seeing government personnel burned like that, it is very hard to cheer for the villagers!


Where there is oppression, there will be resistance.


This needs to be widely reported, forced demolition is illegal. During the course of social development there needs to be gradual understanding and compromise during conflicts, but people’s basic rights should be protected.


Local governments rely on selling land to make money, and the land they sell is the land of peasants appropriated at low prices. But, peasants also have to rely on their land to survive [make a living]. The conflict between the two sides leads to bloody forced demolitions.


This is clearly class conflict and class struggle.


Oh my god, is this what current society is like? For there to be such rampant villagers. However much hate you have, it shouldn’t result in using such extreme methods to kill people. Where is the law? When the clash happened, did no one call the police?


That the villagers retaliated and killed must be due to their anger reaching its limit. Some things cannot be solved by reason, because I’ve personally witnessed the violent law enforcement [brutality] of the chengguan. Seeing this makes me heartbroken and full of tears. If the villagers do not fight back, they’ll be beaten to a pulp by the police with weapons… This is the apocalypse!


Burned to death! What kind of hatred is this?


Chinese peasants are perhaps the easiest people in world to rule over and manage. But they are slowly waking up, this is without a doubt. People often say China needs democracy, needs rule of law, and those who say it are perhaps so-called public intellectuals who have woken up first. But in China, the people who push for democracy and constitutional government, including voting rights, will definitely be the peasants, not the intellectuals, middle class or the rich (the capitalist classes/bourgeoisie)…because peasants don’t have anything really to lose, apart from their lives!


Arise, those who do not want to be slaves.

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  • RickyBeijing

    Holy Shit, That’s crazy.

    Though this was interesting too:

    If the land belongs to the people, what right does the government have to sell the people’s land to other people? If the land belongs to the government, can I ask where did the government get the land from? Is it bought with tax payer’s money or is it stolen from the hands of the people? If it is bought with tax payer’s money, then this land belong to the people and not the government, if it was stolen from the people, then the government are bandits.

    • firebert5

      His logic is flawed. He assumes a free society in which the law is above the leaders rather than vice versa. In reality, everything belongs to the government, though they may be gracious enough to loan to the people for a short time so long as the government has no desire to use it.

      • RickyBeijing

        But Mao’s revolution was ‘a revolution of the people’. Mao promised to take the land from the landlords and spread it evenly among the people. Yet here, the people are trying to stay on the land they have always lived on but they are beaten from it by hired thugs, and in this case even riot police.

        Mao created a society which protects the very values he sought to destroy, and so history has repeated itself. I liked the duality in the comment which insinuated the cycle of history.

        • firebert5

          Yeah, I know. I was being a bit sarcastic. In all seriousness, there does seem to be a lot more active discontent happening in China lately. I’m not convinced that will become anything beg enough to make a lasting difference, but the possibility exists.

          • don mario

            i hope so. some party members deserve to be burned alive, thats for damn sure!

        • don mario

          except in maos time the government basically owned the land..

    • don mario

      well they usually work out some deal to send the people to a new house. i guess they couldn’t work something out between them in this case. its not stated, i’m just guessing.

  • Guest

    Chinese people hate each other more than the Japanese hate the Koreans.

    • TomWong

      This is one particular incident. In common sense, most Chinese people hate Japanese more their countrymen.

      • Jianju

        Well of course they do; they’re taught such hatred in school.

    • mr.wiener

      Hmmm…I think most Japanese don’t hate Koreans, they just consider them inferior, whereas what the Koreans feel for the Japanese …”hate” is too mild a word for it.

      • Sophia Dalke

        It’s easy for the Japanese to have a “milder” negative attitude considering that they were the invaders (more than once, and the atrocities in the Imjin War were actually WORSE than those during WW2), not the invaded.

        • mr.wiener

          No question of that.

    • Insomnicide

      It’s not self-hatred or some kind of ethnic hatred, but hatred for authority. Would you say the American revolution was fought by Anglo-Saxons who hated themselves more than others? No. It was fought because the authority were pressuring the common people to submit to their demands.

      • Troll_Wrangler

        It was fought because the Colonial elites and the British elites interests collided, it was sold to the commoner as a fight for freedom and liberty but there would be astonishingly little change for the vast majority of the common colonials, none for their African slaves, and there would be a new wave of invasion, subjugation and genocide for the first nations indigenous peoples.

        • Insomnicide

          That may be one pespective on why the war was fought, but however my point is that it has nothing to do with self-hatred. The Anglo settlers didn’t declare war because they hate their kind.

          • Troll_Wrangler

            you’re absolutely right in that regard.

  • Terrik

    The rational side of me thinks “Holy crap this is insane”

    The other side of me says, “You stood up for yourselves. Good for you.”

    • mr.wiener

      Agreed…They beat 2 villagers to death, nasty. You captured them and burned 5 of them alive…..Holy shit.
      Edit: The kid on the right in the 1st photo looks to be only about 16….I was hoping maybe he was one of the one not burnt to death, then I checked further down and recognized his black and white checked t-shirt in the photo with their faces pixilated out…I feel sick….No way of knowing if he was innocent of any atrocity, but he looks..looked so young.

      • Guest

        omg :'( i was also hoping he was one of the ones the villagers didn’t kill. how could they do something like that to someone who is virtually a child. :(

        • vincent_t

          That teenager might be the most aggressive in the demolition. That is the age you want to be “cool” and earn approval from peers. So that may be the reason the villagers didn’t let him go. Of coz, more likely is that the villagers were blinded by anger that they just don’t let anyone go.

        • Me

          James Bulger ring a bell?

      • Joe

        The sad thing is that none of those people are police, they are probably all migrant workers hired to beat up a bunch of farmers, so the lowest rung of society are fighting each other to death, while the people responsible like the local officials and developers keep their hands clean.

        • Foreign Devil

          People who oppress and kill their brothers for a few dollars are the lowest of the low. Hired thugs I have no sympathy for.

        • mr.wiener

          ‘Tis true.

    • lonetrey / Dan

      Took the words right out of my mouth.

  • xiaode

    looks like the beginning of a civil war!

  • ClausRasmussen

    Burning defenseless prisoners alive? Suddenly I side with the authorities

    • firebert5

      My only misgivings on that side is that they are equally ruthless.

      • ClausRasmussen

        >> equally ruthless

        No. There is a difference between brutality and barbary

        • firebert5

          There’s no difference when both result in death. However, I do agree that the law should be followed even if the cops are not following it. It’s another case of neither side doing right.

          • ClausRasmussen

            >> There’s no difference when both result in death

            I don’t buy that, it’s liberal relativism. The difference is intent

          • firebert5

            If that’s the case, which ones had intent based on greed?

          • David

            Well, I don’t think the villagers went to the developers home and started tearing it down. I am pretty sure the developers had the greed.

          • don mario

            the law should be followed if they are not following the law and they are destroying your home and killing your people…possibly you next? i don’t think the law will be a priority in this situation. more like rage, caveman survival instinct and murderous hatred.

        • mr.wiener

          This is all getting very medieval.

    • don mario

      its brutal yes, but try to understand their situation. they are just reacting in a human way. they have lost their homes, and others are being killed. what do they have left to lose? nothing. no home and it looks like they are worthless and will just be killed for nothing anyway. we could all react in the same way if put in that situation.

      • ClausRasmussen

        >> what do they have left to lose?

        Their moral high ground, their humanity, their dignity, their freedom to say “life s*cks” and move on and start a new life

        • Boris

          Without land and home, they have no life worth living. They are basically fighting for it right now.

        • Average Zhou

          coming from a man who is in no danger of losing his life or his home. sure seems easy to sit there and talk about moral highground and starting a new life.

  • kenhansen

    That was how communist peasant were fighting for their land against the evil nationalist troops before the liberation. See the irony?

    • Insomnicide

      You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

    • cataphrat1

      History repeats itself.
      The Chinese have a tendency of creating corrupt governments.

  • firebert5

    Looks like they’ve been driven to the breaking point. It can’t possibly end well for them though.

  • Markus P

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      • Brett

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    • Me


  • Amused

    “Only 60 years later did we discover…we’ve been duped…”

    Someone’s a little slow on the uptake.

  • 白色纯棉小裤裤

    Whereas in the US, when citizens are killed by police they never dare to fight back. They have guns but they are still sheeps.

    • mr.wiener

      Is that the sound of deflection I hear?
      I’d say that in America’s case they have successfully convinced a majority of the population that they live in the best country in the world…though this mask has certainly slipped over the last decade and a half.
      Perhaps 1/3 of the population of the US has guns and they are smart enough to realize in a shooting war with their own govt, their govt has more and bigger guns, as well as the fact that they trust their courts.

    • guest

      Bit of a straw-men argument.

      Firstly, there a force demolition crew which seems to cause more riots/trouble in China than in the USA.

      Secondary, there are loads of riots due to what is seen as unlawful actions by the police aka Rodney King Riots being one of the most famous ones. Also you get riots in China when the police have done similar stuff in China.

      • 白色纯棉小裤裤

        The fun fact is all of these riots targeted civilians, not police officers and government personnels. Police made us angry so lets kill some civilians and loot some stores. That logic is very interesting.

        • guest

          Same stuff happens in Tibet and Xinjiang too, protest against the government and police handing of matters, civilians get murdered and stores get burned and looted.

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            I don’t care what happened in Tibet and Xinjiang, that’s a different topic. In this story Chinese people fought back against police, seized andti-riot gears and killed government personnels. Have Americans ever done the same thing?

          • Alex Dương
          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            Throwing beer cans at police, really?

          • Alex Dương

            You mentioned fighting back against the police, seizing riot gear, and killing government personnel. It definitely meets #1, though #2 and #3 are not met.

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            throwing objects is not considered fighting back.

          • Alex Dương
          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            Want to know what a real fighting back is? This story and the Tiananmen incident where Chinese people fought the PLA armed with tanks and machine guns and killed over a dozen soldiers.

          • Alex Dương

            If you think it isn’t comparable, that’s your opinion.

          • don mario

            one of the reasons that yanks are allowed guns is to defend themselves from a fucked up authority regime if it ever happens right? seems they are protected partially at least. chinese on the other hand can’t even speak against the party as its illegal, considered destabilising the country or something like that. so i would say you lose out on this logic.

            even so its commendable for the chinese people to fight back – even though it was circumstantial and nothing planned you would have to assume. so i don’t see why you even need to bring usa into it or turn it into a china vs usa thing.. pointless nationalist rubbish.

          • mr.wiener

            How about the American war of independence?

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            If you want to talk about historical rebellions, America is still nothing compared to China.

          • mr.wiener

            Historically China has had rebellions because with each successive dynasty, by the time it gets to the third or forth generation people are fed up with them and kick them out. In the West we get the option to vote ours out every half decade.
            You can argue the political parties are Tweedledum and Tweedledummer , and it is a sham, but it has been a sham that mostly works.

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            I guess when American police kill innocent people, there is a voting system to put them in jail.

          • mr.wiener

            There is actually a system of checks and balances, which although not transparent enough, certainly is more transparent than China’s.

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            It is not about transparency at all. It is transparent that almost no police officers get proper punishments from killing innocent civilians. But what can the people do?

          • mr.wiener

            There are plenty of incidence of brutal cops being dismissed, fined and even serving jail time in the west. They have been sued by the victims or their families as well.
            Your argument seems to have veered between American oppressed people are pussies compared to the Chinese and that police in the US are not accountable.

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            “even serving jail time”
            a good one.

          • RickyBeijing

            I think your own stubbornness blinds you from the facts, simply to see what your inferiority complex wants you to see. You should just let this one go, little man.

          • mr.wiener

            How has this turned from a horrific murder by police and counter atrocity by villagers into one of you signature diatribes against ‘Merica?

          • Zappa Frank

            not talking that the main argument seems to be “Chinese are the real badasses”

          • Kai

            People bash China with the same dismissals all the time and it’s just as obnoxious. Just because you have a preferred generalization (here about cops getting away with their crimes in the United States) doesn’t make it reasonable for you to scoff at factual statements, much less sympathetic.

          • Kai

            The same can be said about China (and many other countries).

            What now?

          • guest

            “I don’t care what happened in Tibet and Xinjiang, that’s a different topic.”

            Really, gosh then why bring up the topic of “Police made us angry so lets kill some civilians and loot some stores. That logic is very interesting.”

            “In this story Chinese people fought back against police, seized andti-riot gears and killed government personnels.”

            No, the story says nothing of the kind about them being police what say it says “October 14th at Fuyou Village in the town of Jincheng, Jinning
            County in Yunnan Kunming, an fierce clash occurred between villagers
            resisting demolition and hundreds of people wearing police uniforms and
            using riot shields. During this incident, 2 villagers were beaten to
            death, 8 demolition crew members were captured, and among them 5 were
            burned to death by angry villagers. The villagers also captured large
            amounts of tear gas, riot shields and police gear. To resist the
            government taking their land, Jincheng villagers have already been
            defending their rights for two years, during which numerous clashes have

            If they were police it would simply say so, to me it sounds like local hired thugs.

            Still not convicted people fight back, what about the Waco siege or the MOVE shooting.

    • Me

      What is a sheeps? Is that like fishes and legos?

    • don mario

      its a world wide problem. but this is china smack, please keep the discussion related to the article. you can discuss the usa issues on

  • Raymond

    “Oh my god, is this what current society is like? There are such ruthless villagers, no matter how much hatred they should not use such extreme means to kill people, where is the law? During the clash did people not call the police?” This is what happens when you can’t depend on the police or the law.

    • Jahar

      Also, you can’t really call the police when it’s the government attacking the villagers.

  • David

    This must be more of those stupid people that certain commentators on here talk about. They don’t realize they are having their homes demolished so they can have wonderful new apartments worth so much money and they will be on easy street forever. Stupid country bumpkins.

    • SongYii

      Too many unfulfilled promises.

    • Don’t Believe the Hype

      more likely they are paid off a measley sum, enough only to get into another slum somewhere else.

  • Sum Ting Wong

    LOL. You just don’t get it. Your co-worker said so because it’s you, a foreigner, who told her the negative stuff about China. I’m sure the conversation would have been totally different if she was talking to a Chinese co-worker.

    The average Chinese understand what’s going on around them, they have much stronger opinions than you do, but they just don’t want a foreigner pointing fingers and telling them what’s going on.

    • RickyBeijing

      LOL!!! Condescension much?! Sorry, I’d like to give a serious repl,y but I just can’t see a way to circumnavigate your massive ego in one comment.

    • mr.wiener

      Get them drunk and it all comes gushing out.

    • don mario

      there is truth in that but …they still don’t give a shit as long as its not in their back yard. ultimately they have faith in the big brother CCP.

    • Don’t Believe the Hype

      fear or indifference toward ideas different than your own is a sign of apathy…and being brainwashed

  • AbC

    Two wrongs doesn’t make a right… Hope this tragedy at least acts as a wake up call

  • SongYii

    Holy fucking Jesus Christ.

  • Karze

    I understand the people anger and frustration. Its would have been more effective if they had done that to the officials instead of construction workers.

  • Irvin

    It’s ironic, ever after they got the shields and the gears they just thrown them on the ground and continue using pick forks. I would’ve loot it and improve my stats.

    • SongYii

      And that is why ultimately, these villagers are going to lose.

  • vincent_t

    Remind me of 1 thing I always read in China history: 官逼民反.
    In simple translation it means “the government is the cause of revolution”.

  • Gerhana

    I read this with the game of thrones theme song played in the background. Try it.

  • Nocturne


  • 白色纯棉小裤裤

    My point is American people are less rebellious against authorities. In America a kid was killed by police for no reason, the mother went to court, the officer found no guity, and everyone takes that. In China one man killed by police, fellow villagers fought back and killed several in return.

    • Jahar

      Americans have less cause to be rebellious.

      • 白色纯棉小裤裤

        The cause in this story is one man killed by police, and Americans have plenty of these.

        • Jahar

          It’s a story of a bunch of “police” attacking and killing 2 villagers so they can chase them off the land. This sort of thing never ever happens in the US.

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            It is the killing that matters.
            Maybe in the US civilians are killed in a civilized way so nobody is mad at the police.

          • Kai

            Killing by police happens in both places. Sometimes the contexts are similar, sometimes they aren’t. Both are instances of injustice. There are countless instances of the public decrying that injustice in both, to varying degrees. The authorities in both have at times responded to that public outrage and have at times not. When they have, they have at times appeased the masses and at times have not.

            There is no profit in trying to argue one being better than the other. That’s just petty nationalism. The only profit to be had is in arguing for improvements in both.

          • Jahar

            If this exact situation was happening in the US you can be damn sure people would be fighting back. Probably not burning people alive though.

    • Kai

      I don’t know why you want to pursue this profitless line of argument.

      There are countless examples of Americans fighting back against the authorities throughout its short history. All you would end up doing is arguing the intensity of American examples versus Chinese examples in escalating increments trying to prove one or the other side “better” when the simple fact is that people in both societies have resorted to violent resistence when they felt they had no choice.

      Second, you’re opening yourself to the compelling argument that maybe–just maybe–Americans are less rebellious against their authorities because they have LESS REASON TO BE. This ends up making China look worse, so you’ve just sabotaged your own quest to make China look better relative to the United States by pointing out some apparent aspect where Americans are perhaps “inferior” to the Chinese. Your eagerness to put down others just backfired on you.

      Think a few steps ahead in your arguments.

    • don mario

      its not comparable in any way! do you really think that rag tag crew standing in the back of a farm truck can compare to an armed and trained american cop? gettoutahere!

    • Sndhdjnfffnf

      Pretty sure that if a police kills your kid you can sue and win. So at least there is some compensation by the government.

  • simon

    note to self, never get into an argument with a yunnan villager. talk about an eye for an eye!

  • simon

    In all honesty though, these construction workers are just being told what to do by the developers who have backing by the government. So, rather than burning the construction workers (who are most likely also just villagers from another county) they should be burning the developers and government officers directly.

    ON THE OTHER HAND, it is also possible that the yunnan villagers are the ones to be in the wrong first. There is the scenario in which they have already been compensated in the past when the land was being retaken by the government but are wanting more and being greedy and wanting more realizing that the price of the land has increased significantly.

    The above scenario happened to my company, the land we own and have rights to develop had already compensated the villagers a few years back. Once construction began few years down the road, they suddenly decide that the money they received in the past was not enough, even with signed documents from the village chief giving consent to the use of the land. So all in all, it’s an all it’s a pretty screwed up society, who knows whose right and whose wrong

  • don mario

    this should be widely reported! the hong kong protests are huge news. this is just as significant imo. mainland chinese who are getting fucked over cannot do a peaceful protest.. they have no choice but to react in this brutal way. as another poster said, they have nothing left when you take away their house, what do they have left to lose?

    thats the problem with china, (and the rest of the world too.) people just want to take care of their own and live a life without conflict. they would rather live in ignorance to what is happening around them to others, until it happens to them directly, then they have no choice, they cannot ignore it any longer and people start getting burned alive in the streets.

  • don mario

    its quite true. they just don’t care. until it effects them directly, then they will change their damn tune.. nobody will listen by this point unfortunately..

  • Troll_Wrangler

    This is a case of one injustice being met with another,

  • In America, there is no way the Government can fully oppress its people because they most civilians own guns to protect themselves.

    There in China, civilians are disarmed of firearms. Just to show you a country that has the 2nd amendment is better than a country without one.

    If Chinese civilians had access to firearms, China could have true democracy and destroy their oppressive government. The people of Hong Kong could very easily earn their democracy if they fought with guns.

    Personally, I think bearing arms solves more problems than dismantling people of firearms. There would be less robberies, less oppression, maybe murder, looting, and fights if people know everyone is armed. Fear of getting killed by a firearm is a powerful tool to bring “peace” in my opinion.

  • Troll_Wrangler

    I didn’t consider myself to be “wrangling” you as you didn’t seem to be trolling just misinformed.

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