Zeng Yike’s Response To Plagiarism Dumbfounds Everyone


Several days ago, Chinese BBS forums were busy with the discovery and accusation that former Happy Girls contestant Zeng Yike may have plagiarized the music of one of her “original” songs titled “Leo” from a Taiwanese musician. Go listen and compare here.

Now, Zeng Yike has made a statement, and her response to this allegation of plagiarism has left many people completely dumbfounded:

From Zeng Yike’s blog:


I can only say that I have discovered in the world another ‘Leo’,
and that its author
be another me.

Comments on NetEase:


Please, please do not come out again and pollute the environment. Our society needs harmony.


I have seen thick skin, but I have never seen skin as thick as your’s, Brother Zeng.


I am not a person who likes to criticize others, but if I do not criticize you, I would not be a person. This low…


The other Zeng Yike in the world would be [Sylvester] Stallone.


Let me borrow this thread to say something. NetEase editor, can you not post “Zeng Yike” abbreviated “Brother Zeng” images on the homepage?? The reason is because every time I see these photos I will feel upset/uncomfortable, my head dizzy, eyes blurry, nauseous, want to vomit, black out. You can put them in some corner of the entertainment section, and those who like them can go find them themselves. It is not necessary to put them on the main page and rape the eyes of netizen masses!!  Words from the bottom of my heart, I hope you will heed them! Wah…I must go vomit now…


A bunch of SB with nothing better to do spend their days attacking Zeng Yike. Zeng Yike is but a genius, not to be reproached by you SBs.


I especially want to hear Zeng Yike use a normal person’s voice/pitch to properly sing a song. As long as you are able to sing one line without singing off-key, I will support you!


Actually I feel it was Hunan Television that destroyed a girl who loved to sing!
If everyone does not like [her singing] then just keep it to yourselves! What did she do wrong that deserves all of China’s netizens abusing her?
Be considerate!
I too do not like her!



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