Zhang Xinyu Wears Traditional Cotton Northeastern Dress to Cannes

Zhang Xinyu Wears Traditional Cotton Northeastern Dress to Cannes

When Zhang Xinyu wore a traditional Northeastern Chinese cotton dress to the Cannes film festival, it caused a huge stir online, with many criticizing the dress and lambasting its designer. Hu Sheguang, the designer of the dress, said “It’s cheap to make, and doesn’t take much time. If a dress can stir up the world like this, is that fashion? I think that’s exactly what fashion is.” Some netizens had other opinions, with the top voted commenter saying “It’s not that Chinese people think it’s plain, it is plain. The people who wear it are plain, and the dress is plain.

Source: Netease

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  • Amused

    Ok its not the acid this time, the sofa from my dead grandma’s house in Florida IS alive, and DOES walk among us…

  • donscarletti

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    American Netizen (3244 Likes)

    Which foreigner said it was beautiful?

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    不是中国人觉得土 是本来就土
    穿的人土 衣服也土

    Jiangsu Province, Taizhou City Netizen (3244 Likes)

    It’s not that Chinese people think it’s rustic and unfashionable, it IS rustic and unfashionable, the wearer is rustic and unfashionable, the dress is also rustic and unfashionable.

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    Hunan Province Changsha City Netizen (3244 likes)

    “Beautiful” your grandmother’s thigh (like “beautiful my arse”)

    • Jahar

      The one where you said “rustic and unfashionable,” is that the one they translated as “plain?” When I read “plain”, I couldn’t figure out what is wrong with “plain.”

      • donscarletti

        Yes, same passage.

        “土” (dirt) is an extremely harsh word to use when describing anything related to fashion or culture. It doesn’t mean dirty or low quality as in English, it means “rural”, “backwards”, “ignorant”, “tasteless”.

  • terriblemovie

    Looks like pajamas that girls wear at sleep overs.

  • bujiebuke

    kill me…

    – runway model

    • Idk what’s up with the bullshit pictures lately… why use stock photos that have nothing to do with the actual article? Huh huh they’re both fashion doe huh huh huh. Knock it off “editors”.

      If you look at the picture in the original article I think the woman and the dress are both beautiful and elegant. Sometimes less is more. You don’t have to have shiny bits on everything for it to be aesthetically valuable.

      • bujiebuke

        Your right, there’s nothing similar with the original photo and the stock photo used. I guess I’m just going to have to click on the actual links from now on.

  • A dress with legs?

    Scandalous. Ok, back to work now.

  • When I lived in Heilongjiang in 2006, those outfits were quite standard for team-building events; women got the cat-headed ones and we got zebras.

    I still can’t play tug-o’-war because of that…