Zhang Yimou Fined 7.48 Million for Violating One-Child Policy

Zhang Yimou

Zhang Yimou

From NetEase:

Zhang Yimou Fined 7.48 Million For Violating One-Child Policy, Remin University Professor: Not One Cent Should be Fined

NetEase Entertainment January 10 report — January 9, Zhang Yimou fined 7.48 million [RMB, ~1.236 million USD] for violating One-Child Policy. The breaking of the news saw a huge clamor of public opinion. Quite a few netizens believe the fine to be excessive, while Remin University professor and sociology scholar Zhou Xiaozhen also said bluntly during an interview with columnist “奥德赛发”: “Not one cent should be fined.” His reasoning is “reproduction is a basic human right”.

With regards to Zhang Yimou being fined 7.48 million, Zhou Xiaozhen said “since ancient times, having children is the right of husbands and wives”, “Zhang Yimou used special privileges [his fame/connections] to protect his human rights. He had three children, and if he didn’t have his special privileges, then he wouldn’t have been given hukou registrations [for his children]. This isn’t a fault of having children, it’s Zhang’s fault for having special privileges.”

Netizens also paid a lot of attention to this matter. According to a certain survey, 38.6% of people believe the punishment was too light, with Zhou Xiaozhen expressing in response, “first, not even a cent should be fined. If he has special privileges, we should combat special privileges. Him having a hundred children is his own business, a basic human right.”

With regards to the National Population and Family Planning Commission, Zhou Xiaozhen says there’s no need for it to exist, “Immediately dissolve it. The National Population and Family Planning Commission has already been dismantled, merged it into the Health Department. In the Health Department, it’s called the Health Planning Commission, and its responsibility is the healthcare of women and children. Go take care of your responsibility, improve the healthcare of women and children.”

Zhang Yimu wife Chen Ting
Zhang Yimou’s wife Chen Ting being interviewed.

Comments from NetEase:

timlaw [网易广东省韶关市网友]:

Strongly support this professor. It’s a pity that all he can do is talk about it [because he has no power to change it]…

网易上海市卢湾区网友 [撸到嗨哭湿烂]:

Just what breed is this beast? I’m thinking of raising one!

cunzai1234567 [网易广东省深圳市网友]: (responding to above)

Before flaming, can you first look at what the professor is actually saying??????? Can you not just look at the title before you start flaming?

网易上海市网友 ip:210.22.*.*:

What this professor said is quite correct. There shouldn’t be a family planning commission at all. I suggest the flamers finish reading the article before flaming!

timlaw [网易广东省韶关市网友]:

For those flamers who only look at the title without reading the actual articles, does anyone know how stupid you people are?

小咚咚 [网易广东省深圳市网友]:

When peasants [rural people] are unable to pay the fines for having too many children and their pigs and food are confiscated or their home even demolished by family planning commission people, how come this beast didn’t say something? Netizens, don’t be skeptical, this is all true things that have happened.

杀光5毛傻逼为民除害 [网易北京市朝阳区网友]:

After decades of not saying something, only saying something when it comes to Zhang Yimou. There’s nothing more to be said of this garbage’s behavior.

[Note: This netizen’s username is “wiping out wumao stupid cunts to save the people from harm”.]

网易江苏省连云港市手机网友 ip:58.223.*.*:

You motherfucking beast, how come we’ve never seen you come out to say anything when it is the ordinary common people being fined for having too many children?

王昱钦 [网易河北省邯郸市网友]:

When I had to apply for a birth permit, I had to go to the community committee, the family planning office, town affairs office. They all said it was the responsibility of the others and refused to handle it yet wanted to fine me 5000, saying it was because I didn’t get a examination on time. Examination NMB~! This is my first child~ Finally I had no choice but to find a government leader [use connections] before they would handle it. The family planning office is TM just a waste of taxpayers’ money, completely superfluous~!

xtdpwjd [网易河北省张家口市网友]:

Professors will only speak up on behalf of the famous, but who will do anything for the ordinary common people?!

What do you think? Is Zhang Yimou’s fine for violating the One-Child Policy too heavy or too light?


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