Donation Gate: Zhang Ziyi’s Missing Earthquake Donations

Zhang Ziyi Fraudulent Donation Gate

Have you heard of Zhang Ziyi’s “Donation Gate” [诈捐门, zha juan men]?

From Tianya:

Zhang Ziyi, the earthquake donations, where did they go?

The “Ink Splash Gate” posts are always at the top, so I believe a lot of people, like me, are curious about Zhang Ziyi’s fund-raising efforts after the May 12th Sichuan earthquake.

[“Ink Splash Gate” is when some people splashed black ink on a big Zhang Ziyi poster advertisement last December.]

I know Tianya’s human-flesh search is very strong, so let’s find out the truth together.

If any Zhang Ziyi fans know the whereabouts of the relief money, then please don’t hide it — post the location.

The facts will not be made clear unless they are disputed, and the truth will not be apparent unless it is sorted out.

This post will only be dealing in facts.

Commenters, please post links to videos, news, pictures or the source so people won’t think you are making it up or altering it.

Will anyone take this pledge?

Comments from Tianya:


I have the same questions!!!!!!!
Making money off a national disaster!!!
May god strike you down!!!!


I’ll help with a ding, I want to know the truth.


As a Chinese person, I simply must ding this post.


I really want to know the truth


Even though from the beginning I personally thought that not knowing the whereabouts of the money raised at the Ghana film festival was very suspicious,

I still hoped that the Zhang fans could post evidence to the contrary, because, I can’t bear to see Ziyi Zhang, the ultimate female Chinese actor, doing something like embezzling the Sichuan donations!


I’ve been following this since page 2… it’s page 13 now and still no Zhang fans have provided an explanation… Sigh…


Ding this up.


Disgusting cockroach of a whore.


What did she do with the money? Spent it herself???
What of your character!!


If you make money off our nation’s disaster, your whole family should die.


Awaiting the truth. To tell the truth I am hoping she’s not a liar. But if she is, then the people of Sichuan need to tell her to cough it up!!!


I’m really suspicious of this international whore star’s character!


Why don’t you first ask the ZF [what happened to the Sichuan money]?

A follow-up post on Tianya also from the same poster:

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Zhang Ziyi soliciting donations.

Re: Zhang Ziyi, the earthquake donations, where did they go? Enclosed a reply from the Bureau of Civil Affairs

I made a phone call and a “Mr. Z” answered the phone.
What follows are his replies:
They didn’t know anything about the location of Ms. Zhang’s contributed funds.
Also, he said to me that because Miss Zhang Ziyi established the foundation in America,
even though she was raising funds in the name of the Sichuan Earthquake,
because of her establishing it in America,
the Bureau of Civil Affairs can do nothing.

If she really did not donate the money,
then we can only judge her from a morality standpoint.

Another thing is, at the time of the earthquake, all the (accounts) of various major forums and media of stars donating
were not actually provided by the Bureau of Civil Affairs. The Bureau has never contributed anything of the like.
So, this news is probably fake.

Perhaps there are some aspects the Bureau of Civil Affairs also did not ask about.
I suggest we consult other organizations of authority

I suggest waiting for Ms. Zhang to come out before making a final verdict.

But, I really will never believe her again.

If there are any questions about the content of my phone call, everyone can call and ask [themselves].

Civil Affairs Bureau # 01058123137

Those cursing me with SMS text messages, you guys can continue.
But I truly have a clear conscience.

A statement from Zhang Ziyi:

Zhang Ziyi Donation Gate

To media and friends:

Hello everyone,

The past several days the media and internet have been requesting explanations about the whereabouts of donations made for the Wenchuan earthquake at the Ghana film festival. I welcome these requests, and I will relay the [current] situation of the aid funds with all truthfulness.

What the 2008 Wenquan earthquake did was deeply traumatize all Chinese. Being Chinese, I really hope to be able to do everything in my own power and ability to help my compatriots in the disaster area. At the time [of the earthquake], the situation was extremely urgent. So, in a very short period of time I set up a provisional “Ziyi Zhang Foundation” in California. Due to the fact that most of the donations came from kind-hearted foreigners verbally promising to donate, the process of pursuing donations and fulfillment of pledges is extremely difficult — as any philanthropist will tell you. But, from the beginning to the end, I have never given up.

All along, I’ve been working with the specialized charity organization “Care for Children” in preparations for the setting up of the “resource center”. “Care for Children” has been in charge of project preparation, investigation and verification. Whenever the item is approved, all the donations to the “Ziyi Zhang Foundation” — no matter how much they are — will be used in the establishment of the “Relief Center”. The rebuilding of a disaster area is a long-term process, and we need to be patient in our wait. After everything is in order, I believe those who promised to donate money will follow through on their own commitment. At that time, we will announce all the facts, and publicize the details of the books.

I want to thank everyone from all walks of life for their interest in this charitable organization, and I welcome your oversight at any time.

Zhang Ziyi

2010 January 28

Zhang Ziyi in a black outfit.

Zhang Ziyi’s latest response, on Netease:

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Zhang Ziyi: “Did not steal donations, only lacks experience”

March 12th (early morning), Ziyi Zhang finally came out in the open and granted an exclusive interview, responding in detail to the torrent of suspicious questions from netizens. She denied any “donation theft” or other illegal acts. However, she did admit that she personally “lacks experience” in handling charity events. She also explained that she was unable to respond to the public’s inquiries because she was involved with the private matters of donors and needed to confer with a lawyer.

See also:

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  • “Zhang Ziyi crying over award dropout or Sophie’s Revenge?” (Danwei)

Note from Fauna: There are also many rumors that there are people, a group, who are intentionally trying to hurt Zhang Ziyi’s reputation.


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Zhang Ziyi holding PRC flag.

Girls and inexperience. chinaSMACK personals.

  • Mike Lee

    Yo, I’m first?

  • JoE

    Could everyone stop using “Gate” for any kind of scandal please? It just sounds really really stupid when you see “-gate” five times in one month coming from Chinese or Chinese related news.

    • Dual

      I say we call this JoE GATE.

    • FYIADragoon

      They literally say it with a gate everytime though. If you want to go on mop and complain about it be my guest. I’m curious where they got this from though…

      • maximoe

        Hey dragoon, I believe the word is just a simple tool of communication to create a sensation. Anything outrageous becomes a gate and anything that someone would like make outrageous becomes a gate, simple media sensation.
        They got it from “Watergate”. A break-in at the US Democratic party Building “Watergate”, which caused a big media scandal.
        Haha Dual, entertaining! Classic Internet bashing-gate. Suxs that JoE wont shoot back!

    • Zictor

      Actually, it isn’t only the Chinese. Quite a few scandals were called “Gate” Brazil too. But we use it more when referring to botched attempts rather than any form of corruption.

      • Alex

        It’s pretty lame when countries like Brazil and China mock Watergate, I could understand Switzerland doing that but not those countries.

  • travismurphy

    andrew if ur here, rip er m=0 )

  • whichone

    People should find out where the donations are, but instead of waiting for the facts, and using common sense – that someone like Zhang Ziyi really doesn’t need to make money this way – most of the netizens are quick to jump on the moral superiority wagon to point fingers at her. I wonder how many of those pontificating actually donated to earthquake themselves.

  • Peye

    Where did the money go ?? The money went most likely where the money in these cases always goes. To the lawyers/accountans and salaries of the so called administrators of these funds. Besides that, most of the pledges for donations are bogus and never come through. Registered in California says it all.

    • Booger face

      Can’t someone in the USA access the accounts under the “freedom of information act” or some similar hooha?

      Why should it just be Chinese accessing paper trails in China? If they/we find all recieved funds were transferred to China through the foundation then it would be easier to focus blame on the parties involved and warrant an internal Chinese investigation (haha.. yeah right).

      Just knowing which national borders the ‘missing’ money is located within will make a difference. I am sure AUDI has no problems with embezzlement.

  • FYIADragoon

    “I still hoped that the Zhang fans could post evidence to the contrary, because, I can’t bear to see Ziyi Zhang, the ultimate female Chinese actor, doing something like embezzling the Sichuan donations!”

    The HIGHEST level of a Chinese profession making money of off the suffering of other Chinese? SURELY YOU JEST

    • maximoe

      How come the ZZ fans are being asked for evidence??? Why in the world would they have pictures of, yeah exactly of what? ZZ stealing the money and transfering it to Switzerland?
      This is the most constructed piece of sensationalist internet journalism, if you can even call it that, storytelling fits better I guess, that I have come across.

  • Zhangsan

    Stupid, stupid, stupid. Do they actually believe ZZY needs to make a pittance sum off this? A petty million or so RMB? Really?

  • ralphrepo

    One really has to look at the old standard of “Action Speaks Louder Than Words.” I’m sure that with Ms Zhang’s fame and stature, if she really was into “helping” victims of the Sichuan earthquake, she would be doing a heck of a lot more than just getting herself good face time on television. She should follow the example of actor Sean Penn, who’s putting his own life and career on hold while he’s helping to set up camps for the hundreds of thousand homeless and displaced in post earthquake afflicted Haiti.

    In essence, Zhang illustrates the problem with many within the media; they all talk big about something that has moral resonance. However, very few of them can actually walk their talk. Her lament that she cannot honor her pledges because of “foreigner’s” failing to live up to their promises falls flat with me.

    Miss Zhang, It was from YOUR mouth. So either PUT UP or SHUT UP.

  • 250

    I can’t believe people think that just because her name is on it, she is the one in charge on running it. These are the same people you think Jay Chou drinks milk out of a kiddy size box.
    Is Zhang Ziyi really the most corrupt person they can think of right now?

  • Rick in China


    First of all her man is *ridiculously* wealthy, I can’t imagine she’d be trying to snake some small amount of funds in a situation like this.

    Second of all and most importantly, I’d wager the majority of the people finger pointing and “demanding” answers were not the same people who donated through her charities as is often the case with losers on the internet trying to publicly lambast celebrities to feel as if they have some sort of justifiable moral high ground.

  • Shanghairocks

    she hardly have any boobs …

    • Xero

      I know! That is the most upsetting thing about this whole issue.

    • kongshantai

      ding! strongly ding!

  • zammo hung

    i’d use her shite for toothpaste-gate

    • Booger face

      Nasty… but stimulating +1

    • Gross

      Sick ****ing bastard.

  • This has been blowing up on Chinese bbs forums for awhile now. My wife is all up in arms about this and from the sound of things, China’s already crucified her. It does seem like an ultra bonehead thing to do, especially for chump change, so that casts a lot of doubt on the legitimacy of all this, but who knows, maybe she had a Gucci shopping emergency.

  • David Thooi

    This is only one of the many scams linked to Wenquan Earthquake committed outside China by unscrupulous people like Zhang Ziyi that have been uncovered. Like the rest of the other cases that happened which I know of so far, Zhang Ziyi took advantage of the situation and exploited on the generosity of unsuspecting donors on the pretext of seeking donations from them.

    This is a premeditated crime, very well planned out and well executed outside China in order to avoid arrest and prosecution under China law. I am not here to pass judgement on Zhang Ziyi, but I am sure most of you would agree, as one could easily tell from her media interviews and her media statements that she is not truthful at all.

    Let me highlight that there are specific legal provisions in the law of the United States of America, which requires an organiser of donation drive, to ensure that the charitable body or organisation set up to collect donation fund must be bona fide in purpose and must be appropriately constituted in compliance with provisions of the law. In addition, it is compulsory under law to appoint an independent Public Accountants firm to act as Auditors. Under the law of the United States of America too, it is mandatory of the Auditors to furnish audit reports to the authorities overseeing such activities on a periodical basis, until such time the fund had fully wound up and ceased operations, to report the status of the fund, and to express a true and fair view on the overall management of fund received from donations.

    I strongly urge that a strong representation be made immediately through the good office of the Ministry of Foreign Affair of the Peoples Republic of China in Beijing, to the relevant authorities in the United States, and request these authorities over at the United States to initiate investigation on Zhang Ziyi, the organisation and the other people who were involved.

    Justice has to be done and must be seen to be done in this case. We should not allow these bunch of crooks who had cheated so many of our unsuspecting donors to scot free. Punishment has to be meted to serve as a lesson for others too.

  • Sherlock Holmes

    Check her underpants. If she stole the money, you will find it there, just like my famous story, “The mysterious case of the busting bloomers”.

    – Sh

  • Goodness

    Don’t you worry Holmes I would happily check her underpants for the missing money. For the good of the Chinese earthquake victims of course.

  • Tahamoto



  • Alemania

    She’s fucking a Jew – what do you expect?

  • hitman

    Do you know that her charity org is illegal and after the missing cash surfaces only then she went to register her charity organization.. clear indication someone in her org is trying to cheat the public…
    She also claimed the chinese gov hasn’t approve her application to build schools until Nov, 2009…
    You believe her bull shit..

  • whatever

    “Also, he said to me that because Miss Zhang Ziyi established the foundation in America, even though she was raising funds in the name of the Sichuan Earthquake, because of her establishing it in America, the Bureau of Civil Affairs can do nothing.”

    Anyone who has been anywhere near a charity in China, or knows anything about the charities that are trying to get things done in China and Sichuan will know how hilarious this statement is.

    I am sure if it were possible for her to reasonably register her foundation here (and to conduct work under the kind of supervision the Bureau of Civil Affairs conducts) she would have done so. It is almost impossible and even if it can be done, there is almost never a tax deduction offered and “monitoring” is more like having them approve your every move, basically making you paralysed or forcing you to spend donations on work that saves the government money. Who would donate to a charity like that?

    The same sort of questions are being asked about the money that was donated to the Chinese Red Cross, which, by the way, is a governement organisation in China.

  • LOLZ

    As much as some people here want to believe that ZZY is being punished because she is dating some white guy (actually a jew, so olive I guess), that’s unlikely the case. If you actually read through most of the posts you will see that no one even talked about who she is dating. A lot of Chinese people are simply upset that she is trying to make some money off a disaster, similar to Americans’ reaction to Wyeclf Jean trying to make money off his Haiti earthquake charity.

    There has been a lot of speculation as to why ZZY is being skewered by the Chinese press. I just read this article which makes some more sense. It said that ZZY pissed off two well known people in the entertainment circle, one is a fellow female “international” celebrity, and the other the owner of some major movie studio. The female “international” celebrity donated money to ZZY and was hoping to cast ZZY into some movie deal which the former had invested a large amount of money on. However due to ZZY’s bad management of her image the movie deal is lost along with the investments.

    ZZY made her second enemy when she caught the guy cheating on his wife with some famous reporter, and proceed to tell the wife that the husband is cheating on her.

  • Sorry, I don’t believe, because she always changes in speech.I think she is not true.

  • she is a liar!

  • Julia Chen

    I don’t believe what she said at all!

  • mandy

    after 2 month of silence, everything could be covered up before she showed up to the public . why she can’t simply provide a audited statement instead of those words.nothing is better than a solid evidence.

  • Lucy Smith

    She is cheating!

  • aqua

    I personally believe that the amount of the fund raised claimed in ZZY’s recent interview sounds more reasonable.

    But why wouldn’t she tell the truth at the time when she was accepting a couple of Chinese Charity awards in 2008?

    By accepting those awards, she has directly approved this amount of 1million raised funds.

    So she can not blame people for being suspicious now as she gained fame with an exaggerated figure to begin with?

    A price to pay.

  • werdhb

    ZZY always cheat and lie. I can’t believe her explaination any more.
    Shame on her.

  • d

    She is a liar, a fraud.

    • Booger face

      She is part of the rebel alliance and a traitor! Take her away!

  • lakeice

    she is a shameless woman, she got countless reputation by fake donation on 5.12 earthquake of China, but can not provide the list of the accounts of her donation fundation untill 2 years later, where is the money? miss zhang?

  • sarah

    she keeps the donations in her account for 22monthes, but she saied that she want to help the earthquake victims when she raised funds from foreign countries. Why she did not send the money to the victims until present?

  • davey

    where is the honesty in the country? donation is a good thing, but can you see she has done a good thing? NO! she lies to the crowd. all the people who can’t abear her dishonesty only want to say “no” to all the things about her…….

  • metielo

    you can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.

  • sabrina

    all of us want to know and have the right to know the truth. but she still keep silent about the dubitante,she is afraid of being found out!i will never believe Zhang,she is a liar!

  • joy

    all of her words are nonsense, a blower girl!

  • joy

    nonsense, a blower girl!

  • Davionknight

    You guys are outrageously dim witted.

    Before you jump into conclusions about what happened to that few million RMB, think about the billions of RMB that poured in from all over the world. What happened to those donations? Last i heard some wenchuan officials bought a spanking brand new fleet of cars for “official” use. Then again, whats new?

    And secondly i honestly doubt ZZ will want to give up her stardom over a few million bucks.

    • CT

      No you’re outrageously dim witted to think that she would do this.

  • fireworks

    Rich people often setup foundations not to just benefit charities but to avoid paying tax or tax minimization. Zhang could have incompetent people working for her who were siphoning the donations for their dodgy purpose or Zhang has hidden it for own gains and just acting dumb.

    Anyway, most actresses aren’t known for their intelligence. they are known for acting and boning the rich old farts.

  • chris crocker


  • She would have to be pretty stupid to raise money for charity then take the money for herself.

    I think what has happened is she has had a lot of pledges for money then she told the world how much she has raised. Without waiting until she has actually got all the donations in.

    So she is in a situation where she is chasing people to honour their pledges while the money she has got is sitting in a off shore bank account.

    Meanwhile people are wondering where the money is. If she is guilty of anything it would be mis-management and going about it the wrong way. And also accepting praise before every bean has been counted.

  • Chris O’Brian

    Three months, Zhang cannot show her Foundation activities and explain the fund raised in France and the US. It is certain that Ziyi Zhang foundation is mismanaged and that she got major awards and advertisement contracts based on false facts from her news releases in 2008. Even worse,Zhang probably already spent the charity on the luxury condo that she jointly purchased with her then fiance Aviv Nevo after the earthquake. Sometimes, people are stupid. I remember some Hollywood star stole something out of a store in California?