Zhou Insists South China Tiger Photos Are Real

In 2007, a Chinese peasant named Zhou Zhenglong claimed he took pictures of the South China Tiger in the wild although this tiger is supposed to be extinct. Many Chinese netizens did not believe his photographs were real (see above) many people debated this online. This was soon called “Tigergate.” The photos were later proven to be fake and Zhou was arrested, convicted, and sent to prison earlier this year. He recently came out of jail, and has made a statement: “The tiger pictures are real, and are not hoaxes”

From Tianya:

After coming out of prison, Zhou Zhenglong suddenly made a statement, verbatim: “From the eighth to ninth month of 2007 of the Lunar calendar, I tailed/tracked the tiger. On 27th of the 9th month , I lived in the mountains for two days, there was light rain. Following tracks/footprints to the site where wild pigs had been eaten, I saw the tiger’s rear half. I got a picture, but the camera was no good, and it did not develop. It was a mature tiger, a female tiger, because the footprint was large. Prioer to the 3rd of the 10th month, I was continuously in the mountains. While tracking on the mountain the morning of the 3rd of the 10th month and shortly after 4:00, I saw a young tiger. All four pictures have large variations [each picture should be noticably unique], and in total, I had two encounters within the span of a month. Here, I state, the tiger pictures are real, and are not hoaxes. Statement: Zhou Zhenglong. 2008 winter month 22.” Inscribed with Zhou Zhenglong’s fingerprints and signature seal.

This statement was photographed by Zhou Zhenglong’s daughter and transmitted online to Beijing Normal University Professor Liu Liyuan.

Zhou Zhenglong's statement that his South China Tiger photos are real.

Comments from Tianya (1 & 2):

Looks like life in prison is not bad, he still wants to go back in and live there a few more days.

How can he still dare to say that?

Gone crazy!

Who made this person this crazy? It was this society!

What game is he playing on paper? Take another picture and I will believe it. What I care about is the tiger, not Zhou Zhenglong.

Maybe Zhou Zhenglong has really gone crazy.

I really hope the tiger pictures are real, I really hope wild South China Tigers have not become extinct, I really hope Zhou did not lie to people, I really hope the tiger Zhou discovered will jump out and say you have all wronged Zhou, there are too many things I hope for. It is almost Christmas, so hurry and make a wish.

If the tiger pictures are real, then what is there that is fake?

Mainland China’s Chen Shui-bian.

I think during the time that Zhou Zhenglong vanished, he was not actually in prison, but rather maliciously mending his photoshop [pictures].

The punishment is even faster/shorter than American dramas, it was how many days? The second part is already beginning?

“Tiger Zhou’s Redemption”, season two’s exciting debut!!!

What is wrong with the surname Zhou! “Zhizun” Zhou, Minister Zhou, Zhou Zhenglong!

Everyone please consider, maybe Old Zhou really did see the South China Tiger. The only thing is that he has not yet been able to get a picture. And he cannot accept it.

Going on like this, I have already lost all sympathy for this person.

This should be 2008’s final performance/act. This year has truly been too exciting, not uneventful at all, too magical.

Cousin, why did you come out and find trouble again? I thought we already agreed to give you two cartons of Nanjing 9-5 “Zhizun” cigarettes and a Vacheron Constantin. So now you think it is too little? Then how about you name a price?
[a watch brand, this is a joke about the Nanjing government official many netizens criticized for smoking very expensive cigarettes and wearing very expensive watches]

This time I definitely will not attack Tiger Zhou, and will instead support him!
If Old Zhou does not fight/make a big deal, we will never know the truth of this matter.

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Written by Fauna

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