Zhuhai Flash Mob Remembers Michael Jackson’s Death

Over 240 Chinese spontaneously broke into dance at a shopping plaza in Zhuhai, China in memorial of Michael Jackon's death.

Over 240 Chinese spontaneously broke into dance at a shopping plaza in Zhuhai, China in memorial of Michael Jackon's death.

From Youku:

Hundreds of people form flash mob in Zhuhai to remember MJ

June 25th afternoon at 6:45pm, at the Zhuhai Hai Tian Cheng Plaza [in Guangdong province], a flash mob of over 240 fans appeared before the public eye to perform a Michael Jackson dance, with many city residents taking out their mobile phones and cameras to capture it on film.

This flash mob was formed in memory of Michael Jackson’s death two years ago on 2009 June 25. Michael Jackson remains popular amongst many Chinese. The above video is amongst the top 10 most viewed videos currently on popular Chinese video sharing website Youku, having reached over half a million views since being uploaded a day ago.

A copy on YouTube:

Can’t see the above video?

Comments from Youku:


Am I first? 赞无语


赞 Sofa.




Could it be that I’m sofa?


MJ we will always love you!


A bunch of fools.


MJ, a perfect angel, killed by sinister popularity.


Much better than the flash mobs two years ago. MJ, [I/we] will always love you!


Not synchronized at all, and there are a lot of people in there who can’t dance. Sigh, losing face for our Zhuhai!!! MJ has been tarnished!


I don’t understand why MJ was popular, other than the moonwalk. His lyrics were bad, and what more, he was like a deviant always getting surgery. This kind of person dying was inevitable.


Other than not being synchronized, there’s nothing much. Michael Jackson is quite pitiable, with everyone cursing him as a pervert who acts indecently towards children when he was alive, yet all loving him after he’s dead.


Not as good to watch as that foreign group of people who danced in a plaza. Foreigner onlookers also will applaud and cheer. [But] Chinese onlookers are so shy/bashful, only looking on. That said, the spirit [of the flash mob’s performance] is commendable/praise-worthy!


This garbage stereo system! Garbage sound quality! Totally tarnishing MJ’s music!


Regardless of whether they danced well or not, everyone was just using this method to remember Michael, please respect these dancers. MJ rest in peace.


汗 A bunch of mental retards, wasn’t Michael Jackson just a man? His dancing was mostly disgusting crotch-grabbing, his singing was more or less those 3 charity songs, which after getting sung so much by groups of retards have become the 3 big charity songs [probably referring to songs like “We Are The World”], and so he became self-satisfied, coming out and being self-important. I don’t know why there are this many retards who are his fans. I’m afraid of his style/manner infecting you all, affecting your future prospects. Everyone stop being his fans. Thank you, I’ve finished what I wanted to say~ Please everyone support me!

Crotch-grabbing. Personals @ chinaSMACK.


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