“Zombie Meat” Being Sold to Restaurants for 17RMB Per Ton

“Zombie Meat” Being Sold to Restaurants for 17RMB Per Ton

In the past few days, journalists have been uncovering details about a massive shipment of expired meat intercepted crossing the Chinese border. Most of the meat came from stockpiles of food prepared in case of war, with a large quantity coming from America. Because the meat has oxidized over time, it appears black and cannot be sold directly to consumers, but after being prepared by restaurants, it is difficult for consumers to tell the difference. Netizens had a lot to say about the meat, which sold for an average of 17 RMB per ton, with one jokingly commenting “Waiter, I’ll have a 1980 cut of beef, and an ’82 Coke.”

Source: Netease

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  • Amused

    How is this economically feasible? Seems like it wouldn’t even be worth keeping the stuff frozen since this little money wouldn’t pay the power bills…

  • Bman

    What is it with China (smack) and all of these half stories???
    Who stores meat for that long? Who in America would sell it? Who paid to freeze it and ship it? Why aren’t these peoples’ balls hanging from trees!
    Or, to fit the crime maybe, Chinese need a new dish. Balls of dumb criminal soup.

    • 42

      China smack is news for the advanced and experiened, where people are encouraged to seek further information themselves, are you up for the challenge?