Zoo Caretaker Licks Monkey’s Butt To Help It Defecate

Zhang Bangsheng, a zoo caretaker, licks the butt of a small Francois langur to help it defecate.

Zhang Bangsheng, a zoo caretaker, licks the butt of a small Francois langur to help it defecate.

From NetEase:

Caretaker licks monkey’s butt for an hour to help it defecate

Yesterday, Wuhan Zoo Monkey caretaker Zhang Bangsheng unbelievably used his tongue to lick a small monkey’s butt!

50-year-old Zhang Bangsheng used warm water to clean a small Francois’ Leaf Monkey’s buttocks, then began using his mouth to lick it, not stopping for over an hour, until the little monkey defecated a single peanut. Only after the peanut was defecated did Zhang Bangsheng laugh with satisfaction.

As it is understood, this small Francois’ langur is only 3 months old, and is the first Francois’ Leaf Monkey to be born in nearly 10 years at this animal park. The Francois’ langur is a rare primate from Guangxi and Guizhou and is amongst the nation’s most protected animals. Because it is so precious, the zoo gave it to model worker and high-level expert Zhang Bangsheng to care for and raise.

On the first day of the “May 1st” short holiday, Zhang Bangsheng let the small Francois langur enter the monkey exhibit for the first time to meet visitors so it can see more of the world. The next day, Old Zhang discovered that the little monkey had indigestion and difficulty defecating, and immediately became worried. Seeing peanut shells on the ground, Old Zhang immediately understood that visitors had definitely tossed peanuts to the small monkey, and the toothless monkey swallowed the peanut whole. If it does not quickly defecate it, it would endanger the little monkey’s life.

Because the monkey is too small, it wasn’t suitable to use medicine to let it defecate. The only way was to lick its butt, to prompt it to defecate the peanut, and so the scene at the start of this article occurred.

Comments from NetEase:

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Dedicated to one’s job!

阿塞拜疆BP机网友 [网易浙江省网友]:

If the person who fed it [the peanut] is discovered, punish him to lick the monkey’s butt.

网易加拿大网友: (responding to above)

That’s ruthless.

想什么呢你 [网易亚太地区网友]:

Other than licking, was there no other way? A good deed that makes people uncomfortable.

美丽的藏南 [网易广东省深圳市网友]:

This, is indeed a little difficult to accept. There must be some other method.

yishengzhizu [网易广东省广州市网友]:

Hubei people do have heavy/strong tastes, this isn’t me being discriminatory.

再次逼我改了尼称 [网易湖南省网友]:

No wonder monkey butts are always red…

truegarden [网易加拿大网友]:

I don’t know what exactly you’re doing, but it does look very niubi.

大狸子 [网易广东省河源市网友]:

This country’s people… sigh.

kevingmao [网易英国网友]:

You have my awe/admiration!!!

What do you think?

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • mr. wiener

    On the sofa, kissing monkey butt

    • Jeff

      Any peanuts come out?

    • Mao Ze Shenme Dong Dong

      You pay someone peanuts you get monk… oh hang on.

  • Che

    what the hell did I just read….

    • mr. wiener

      Some stupid people fed the monkey peanuts [which at that young age is like trying to pass shrapnel], so the zoo keeper out of fear of getting fired, or the most single minded determination I can imagine licked the monkey’s arse until he shat it out.
      Either way it left a bad taste in my mouth :P

      • Brett Hunan

        haha made me laugh. Thanks W.

        • mr. wiener

          I wonder if that tasted like bananas? I hope Ol’ Zhang doesn’t have a nut allergy.
          All future trolls will be instructed to lick the monkey’s butt.

    • Canadian_Skies

      but, wouldn’t a moist paintbrush have the same effect?

      Boy, the strange perversions masked as acts of heroic desperation these days.

  • coala banana

    i licked more then my fair share of girls assholes in my life, and while i wouldn’t go so far to lick a monkeys ass, I tend to say that when he follows one of my simple rules, which is : as long as its clean and looks nice i will let them sit on my face !….i can’t find anything shocking with what he did, except that it could be argued that there might be different and maybe even better methods to let the monkey defecate a peanut, then licking his ass for an hour….however, i think there is more to this story !

    • mr. wiener

      Ahh…but have you ever licked the butt of a girl as hairy as a monkey?
      [Seriously you actually stuck your tongue in a girls chocolate starfish? Did you have to get her to wash reealy thoroughly beforehand?]

      • coala banana

        please reread my post….i am an ass-man, therefor i have VERY strict pre-requirements set BEFORE i let her sit on my face. Hygiene and aesthetic outlook are two of them, which means that hairy assholes are definitely excluded from that ! And even if all pre-requirements are fulfilled, there is still the question how the asshole tastes. Depending on that i make the decision to lick it just from the outside or stick my tongue deep inside it !

        I am for equal rights, i had many girls actually licking my asshole and even feet, so why i shouldn’t lick some assholes too ? When i remember some girls i had, the married ones, I am pretty sure that they would never ever lick their own husbands ass, but they licked mine. Don’t like to offend any of the married guys here, but just in case you kiss your wives and it tastes kinda strange, or she kisses you more passionately then ever before then it could be that she just came from licking someone else’s ass. They do crazy shit when they like to take revenge ! I was quite often used as a tool for their own revenge !

        • “Depending on that i make the decision to lick it just from the outside or stick my tongue deep inside it !”

          OMG!! *passes out*

        • mr. wiener

          Hmm…I must remember to be careful what I ask for next time , as I just might get more information than I really wished for.
          Thanks for you concise and detailed answer CB. Needless to say , the next time you use foul language I will reply with “do you lick your girlfriend’s arsehole with that mouth?” :)

        • Dave

          Did it taste like Chicken?

          KFC….those secret herbs and spices….

          • mr. wiener

            Probably tasted like a little FLM, with a nutty aftertaste.

    • MassiveBender

      EEEEEWWW. I think more than one arsehole is more than your fair share. Maybe I’m a prude but is this what civilisation has come to? A squalid, decadent dystopia of ultra-consumerism and butt-hole licking? Is nothing sacred, not even one’s own anus?

      O Brave New World that has such people in it.

      • coala banana

        i don’t know about others, but i think that asshole licking is quite common. Can’t really give 100% accurate information about that how many women would have licked my asshole, IF they would have stayed long enough with me. But the ones which did are in the 10-20%, so i would guess another 20-30% would have done that too IF given more time to “develop”.

        Roughly speaking I am quite sure that nearly 50% of women lick a man’s (or another women’s) asshole at one point in time.

        I think that the percentage of man in general could be equal to that of women or slightly higher.

        I don’t think that modern times has something to do with it. I am sure it has happened in the ancient times even more then now. Its just how humans function given the ability to control their bodies and genitals better then all other animals. Humans make a fucking science out of everything, even ass fucking and butt licking. At a particular period in my young life, I had let girls walk around for me with butt plugs in their asses all the time. For whatever reason they did EVERYTHING i asked them to do…..thats one of the reasons i could never ever have a series relation. After everything i have experienced and witnessed in my life, even provided that i would not become so fast bored of a women like i am now, and provided that i would really had the desire to live in a serious relation, I could still NEVER trust any women, considering the fact of the hundreds i had and all the shit they pulled of. Thinking about that all of them are now married and have their own families, without their husbands/partners knowing about their background, is indeed strange.

        “O Brave New World that has such people in it.” ???

        they might be more then you actually think ! Fuck, actually YOU could be in the minority !

        • Shylock

          I really do worry about the mental state of both you and these ‘girls’ who you are talking about.
          Are you sure that you are not just having these really realistic, sadistic and sick wet dreams? Which the tiny part of your healthy brain has now become so fucked up by that it has decided that all of these things you have imagined must be real. This healthy part of your brain is now screaming out for help, hence you thinking that it is actually acceptable to write complete garbage on websites such as this, just so every once and a while someone can remind you that you are actually maybe a little mentally ill.
          Although I could be completely wrong and you could be spending all your money on really desperate and constantly flying high as kites ladyboys or prostitutes.
          I would LOVE to know where you are getting your statistics from.
          I wonder though if you have all these girls falling at your feet and your such an amazing guy and they give you and you give them amazing sexual pleasure, why don’t any of them stay with you?

        • h3ll

          Maybe they did everything u asked for because they loved you , so I don´t see anything weird from them ,maybe you were not the right one for them and for some of them you just were an experience as they were for you,at a young age people tends to try things out then one is able to decide what is better for them.
          I think you just need to be rejected by a woman then she would get your attention,so predictable.

    • waihang

      Waihang: “Hast du Haare in der Nase?”

      Coala Banana: “Wieso?”

      Waihang: “Ich habe welche am Arsch die können wir ja zusammenknoten”

  • Brett Hunan

    Thank you Fauna. This story is a breath of fresh air (not literally of course). Needed a break from serious posts and this was perfect.

    • Mao Ze Shenme Dong Dong

      I call bullshit on this one. It is just a photo of some guy waving to his wife at the zoo and Flippy the wonder monkey jumped in the way.

      Some one picked this photo up and thought it would be funny to claim that Wuhan people are monkey ass licking peanut munchers.

      Although the statement would be true, the actual basis for this cliam would be a fallacy.

  • Winterbitten

    Why not just use a warm/wet cloth? It’s what people do for cats and dogs…

    • B

      It was a win win situation mmmkayyy..

  • Jeff

    I lick my chinese girlfriend’s ass on a regular basis but I hope she never shits a peanut in my mouth.

    • Mao Ze Shenme Dong Dong

      I 腚 that!


    How you “freaky” in Cantonese…..?

  • Made In World

    So this is how you become famous…

    • bscalled

      lol – very funny.

  • Gay Azn Boi

    Rimming is fun!

  • Fu ZhiGao

    Real devotion. Butt couldn’t they have thought of another way?

  • Nillig

    Wouldn’t it have been just as effective to use a soft, warm cloth? Or a finger? Or something that wouldn’t require tasting a monkey’s anus? I’m pretty sure they make tools for the purpose of relieving constipation, which would have worked here. The only conclusion I can draw here is that this guy enjoys licking anus.

  • Anon

    I feel like this is some kind of commentary on the real China story of the moment.

    • terroir

      To suit the metaphor better, maybe if the little monkey was a 50ft-tall gorilla. And the butt was made out of the shattered shards of glass of a huge mirror. And the peanut was the inevitable re-birth of an ever-youthful Dick Clark.

      • mr. wiener

        I think Dick Clarke is busy being sodomised by the scaley and multi headed peni of satan’s hellhounds as we speak in penance for producing the “Donny and Marie” show.

  • hacienda

    licking the monkey’s butt for over an hour?
    somebody was watching & timing it the whole time?
    i hope nobody was filming it too.
    the end is near, the meteor is coming.
    oh the humanity

  • Castro

    Damn dude ! I’m not the smartest guy in the world, but didn’t u catch on somewhere in your 5 decades that licking the anus of a creature is very, very strange, disgusting, weird, odd, gross, sick, indecent, grotesque, stupid, and no offense, but makes u look like one of the grossest people living.
    Have some fkn sense man !

    • Little Wolf

      Yeah….but I think termites digest wood by having another termite licking its asshole. 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 termites can’t be wrong.

      • Castro

        interesting factoid. who woulda thunk it !

        • Little Wolf

          I just remembered when my house in Hawaii had to be tented and fumigated, the guy from the company told me some strange things about termites. But I was incorrect why they licked each other’s ass as I found this under “10 COOL FACTS ABOUT TERMITES”

          3. Termites feed on each other’s feces.
          Termites aren’t born with all that bacteria in their gut. Before they can start the hard work of eating trees, termites must obtain a supply of microorganisms for their digestive tracts. They engage in a practice known as trophallaxis, or, in less scientific terms, they eat each other’s poop. Termites must also resupply themselves after they molt, so poop eating is a big part of life in the termite mound.

          I should also mention that upon returning to the house 3 days later I was required to dig a trench around the house to keep the ants away from the smorgasbord of dead bugs and animals. The gas had killed every living thing in the house. The floor was covered with rats and lizards(poor geckos) a coupla mongooses, giant centipedes and a shocking array of critters that I never saw in my life compelling me to sleep in my shoes for the next few days. If people really knew the daily life and death struggles going on inside their walls and under the floorboards 24/7 they would never be able to sleep without medication. It’s a fucking bloodbath.

          • Foreign Devil

            You live in Hawaii? Damn your lucky to be living in Paradise on earth! Well minus the termites of course.

          • Little Wolf

            Not anymore :-(

            For some reason I moved to the other Paradise On Earth, Hangzhou.
            City slogan: “Just as there is paradise in heaven, there are Suzhou and Hangzhou on earth.”
            It’s a lie.

            Now, excuse me…it’s time for my daily primal scream session. If you’re ever in the area you might hear it, along with the sound of a giant vacuum sucking away all my hopes and dreams.

          • Foreign Devil

            Little Wolf you must be crazy to move from Hawaii to Hangzhou. . even though it’s China’s “garden city”.

            I’d rather be a poor man living in Hawaii and surfing and windsurfing than a rich man in Hangzhou, breathing in that toxic soup.

          • Little Wolf

            Can’t argue with you there,FD. I don’t know what the fuck I was thinking at the time. I just need to tough it out another year or so. If you happen to get back before me can you swing by 167 Waipuilani Drive in Kihei and see if my truck is still parked there? Thanks!

  • bscalled

    after that he went home and kissed his wife

  • Castro

    hey mister, I’m constipated.

    • Medical Advisor

      Your big ass need a dildo instead.

      • Castro

        go lick a monkeys butt.

  • yesyes

    “Oooohhh Ooooohhh Aaaahhhahhhaahhhhaahhhh Yyyeeaahhhhhh, Little Weiner, I like it when you do me like that.”

    “Yes Big Pu.”

    “Oooohhh Ooooohhh Aaaahhhahhhaahhhhaahhhh Yyyeeaahhhhhh, Little Weiner, I’m ready for a reach-around.”

    “Yes Big Pu.”

    “Oooohhh Ooooohhh Aaaahhhahhhaahhhhaahhhh Yyyeeaahhhhhh, Little Weiner, I’ll never forget the first time I had a Mei Mei lick my brown button. I didn’t even ask her. She just started lick lick licking. Oooohhh Ooooohhh Aaaahhhahhhaahhhhaahhhh Yyyeeaahhhhhh.”

    “Yes Big Pu. Why you no get Mei Mei to lick you brown button now?”

    “You do a better job Little Weiner. Oooohhh Ooooohhh Aaaahhhahhhaahhhhaahhhh Yyyeeaahhhhhh Never forget, if you want a top bj you must get a man to do it, if you want top brown button lick you need a man too. An old American Vietnam war vet told me this once. He’s right, but it’s true, he was as crazy as a shit-house rat.”

    “Yes Big Pu.”

    “Oooohhh Ooooohhh Aaaahhhahhhaahhhhaahhhh Yyyeeaahhhhhh, my essence is ready Oooohhh Ooooohhh Aaaahhhahhhaahhhhaahhhh Yyyeeaahhhhhh yeah yeah Oooohhh Ooooohhh Aaaahhhahhhaahhhhaahhhh Yyyeeaahhhhhh.

    “Big Pu.”

    “Yes Little Weiner.”

    “You do me now?”

    “No way!!!! That’s disgusting!!!!”

    • mr. wiener

      Now I REALLY have a bad taste in my mouth :P

    • Little Wolf

      Aha! A unique spin on the “tastes like dogshit, good thing we didn’t step in it” joke.


  • MrT

    Wonder what is wife going to think when she sees these photos.

  • Regina.

    How does licking a monkey’s ass help is defecate?

    • Made In World

      Ancient Chinese secret?

  • Big J

    I bet this guy’s wife’s asshole is super clean.

    • hacienda

      that is his wife.

  • 平凡人

    Is it really necessary? Are there no other alternatives? Could it be a publicity stunt? Well whatever it is, looks like we have a real “ass licker” here.

  • kisstheass

    hahaha the article made my day!!!
    guess, that must be some kind of fetish!!! the uncle is just doing a regular foreplay !!!
    possible there is some really action behind the scene… animal & human porn !!!

  • typingfromwork

    Veterinary science 103: how to help animals with digestive tract problems.

    No wonder there are so few vets in the world. Must be a tough exam.

  • jeffli

    The Zookeeper could have just sucked the peanut out in one go!

    I mean drench the little furry bastard ( not referring Weiner or Cloaca..lol) in cooking oil, give his date a little massage, blow a little air in it, then suck.

    POP! out it’ll come like Cloaca at gay Mardi Gras!

    Standard procedure for anal “extractions”.
    Obviously the little monkey had been eating to many vanilla pods and was tasty!

    • Made In World

      I’m seriously not trying to pick a fight… but you seem like you have experience in this

  • Made In World

    Y’know, I loved making jokes at this story, but my wife (who is Chinese) made a comment that kinda shot me down. “You always complain that Chinese are selfish and greedy, here is a man who was not, and you make a joke…”

    I kinda feel bad now. She’s right… unless this was his ass ticket to fame…

  • mouse

    Ive read somewhere that people do this with puppies (lick their assholes to get them to shit) so I guess its not that unheard of it. Still fucking gross tho

    • mr. wiener

      A wet tissue works just as well.

  • eattot

    is he just totally sick?
    anyone dared to suggest this kinda solution, if unluckly i were the caretaker, i would kill this monkey directly…
    stupid ass everywhere, why not just put some sex gel on this monkey’s ass then let it drink some coke…

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  • Li Peng

    Why shouldn’t this man lick the monkey’s butt? Chinese people have been licking the communist party’s butt and eating the defecation for decades, so this is no different.

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  • lonetrey

    Didn’t even read this. Kill it with fire >:[

  • andywattbulb

    It took an hour. How can you tell if it was the butt licking that helped?
    Anyway, we all give/like rimjobs. Good work! Give that man a peanut.

  • Made In World

    I just found out this was, indeed, a publicity stunt for a new flavor of ice cream… wait til you see the promo posters

    • Little Wolf

      I was kind of thinking a new flavor of Snapple myself. But I’ve been out of the loop for awhile.

  • Foreign Devil

    Isn’t this how diseases like AIDS are created?

  • Olrik

    I think Zhang there could get a job working at my office…

  • steve

    my wife would like to meet that mam she said he will do for me hehehhe

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  • Cyrus Howell

    ” Wanted Zookeeper:
    2,000 RMB per month and all you can eat.
    Must love peanuts.

  • No way, people are doing just crazy thing these days. I can’t even think of getting my mouth any closer to his butt.. OMG discusting!!!

    • Please fix the spelling… I wanted to say “Disgusting”.

  • mw

    He should have used an oral dam.

  • Troy Hart

    Did he eat the peanut as it came out? I bet you that monkey can’t wait to eat another peanut!!!

  • chengdude

    Highly endangered & state protected species + rare birth in captivity + model worker + potentially life-threatening situation + already tried Option 1 = monkey butt-licking

    …adds up for me.

  • Rob

    Wouldn’t be faster to suck the peanut out–with a straw?lol

  • Rob

    Hate to hear what he has to go through if the little monkey needed to pass a kidney stone!!!:)

  • This page just got the COLBERT BUMP!

  • Spudnuts

    “The Ballad of Zhang Bangsheng”
    By Spudnuts

    Born on a mountain top in Jiangxi,
    Raised in the woods so’s he knew every tree.
    Monkeys all around as far as he could see,
    Licked a howler’s baozi when he was only three.
    Bangsheng, lao Zhang Bangsheng, Lord of the Primate Realm.

    When he lost his dad to a complication
    Arising from a peanut lodged in constipation,
    He fell to his knees and swore in aggravation,
    He’d wield his mighty tongue to fullest functionation.
    Bangsheng, lao Zhang Bangsheng, his tongue was like Excalibur.

    Lao Zhang got a job at the Wuhan Zoo
    To feed a bunch of monkeys and monitor their poo.
    He often made a hot pot to serve to his crew,
    Foreshadowing the following verse by putting peanuts in too.
    Bangsheng, lao Zhang Bangsheng, the monkey licking happens NOW…

    And then one day, a leaf monkey got jammed
    By the same accursed nut that undid his old man.
    So he dug deep inside and summoned his glands
    To moisten a monkey’s butthole, but not with his hands.
    Bangsheng, lao Zhang Bangsheng, he probably could have used a cloth.

    The crowd gathered round to observe the buttle-scut.
    The venue was packed, it was tongue versus nut.
    For sixty long minutes, he moistened that butt.
    In the end, the verdict was rendered, it was open, not shut!
    Bangsheng, lao Zhang Bangsheng, the Man Who Don’t Know Fear.

    He went off to Congress and served a spell
    Licking up the government and laws as well.
    Took over Beijing, so we hear tell,
    Cuz politicians enjoy balloon knot service as well.
    Bangsheng, lao Zhang Bangsheng, seein’ his duty clear.

    When he come home, his starfish lickin’ was done,
    He knelt at his dad’s grave, and looked to the sun.
    He choked out a whisper, as the tears did run:
    “I did it for you, pa. But, I’ll admit I had fun.”
    Bangsheng, lao Zhang Bangsheng, he was kind of in to it.

    His land is biggest, and his land is best
    From grassy plains to the mountain crest
    He’s ahead of us all in meeting the test
    Followin’ his legend right into the West
    Bangsheng, lao Zhang Bangsheng, he’s inside of all of us.

  • Briza

    Most people have to figuratively lick ass at their jobs everyday. This guy at to literally lick ass.

  • Briza

    Most people have to figuratively lick ass at their jobs everyday. This guy at to literally lick ass.

  • Dalaomei

    I guess if the monkey is protected and you can’t eat you can lickt the shit out of it, literally!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dalaomei

    I guess if the monkey is protected and you can’t eat it you can lick the shit out of it, literally!!!!!!!!!!