Lenovo Commercial Plagiarizes Funny Japanese Fanta Ad

Lenovo "Spicy Teacher" commercial - teacher dresses like Bruce Lee.

Lenovo "Spicy Teacher" commercial - teacher dresses like Bruce Lee.

An old advertisement that has recently been spreading again on the popular Kaixin001 social network as “If the teacher were to dress like this, would students still doze off? (students must watch)“.

The advertisement is from Lenovo. It has been viewed over 250,000 times on Ku6 with over 2700 comments. On Youku, it has been viewed over 750,000 times and is titled: “Funny! Lenovo’s Spicy Teacher – Creative/Original Advertisement – If the teacher were to dress like this, would students still doze off?

Comments on Youku:


Like a Japanese drink commercial.


MD, yet another plagiarized large piece of trash. Had I known I wouldn’t have ding‘d.


Plagiarized a Fanta drink commercial.


Shanzhai version of the Japanese Fanta [commercial], and what more, not as funny as the original.


This is what [class/teachers] should be like.


Japan’s Fanta commercial, and so completely plagiarized but still calling it “original”? What do you want me to say, do you understand what shameful is? When Chinese people are cursing Japanese people, we should first take a look at what we ourselves are like/what we do, our novels copying Japanese manga, our television dramas copying Japanese dramas, our commercials copying Japanese ones, copied so completely yet slapping on “original”…our skin is really TM thick like a wall.


Can you be a little original…shameful, so shameful…don’t always shanzhai
If you’re going to shanzhai, don’t shanzhai like this…treating us like we don’t know the internet.


Having been on Youku this long…this is the first time I have voted down on a video…
Plagiarized so completely and so perfectly.


The most shameful thing in advertising is to copy another person’s creativity…


Plagiarized! Shameful! Embarrassing!
Those who make advertisements but have no creativity are simply garbage!


I rarely comment, but I feel shameful just being with you plagiarizers. Losing face for Chinese, copying little Japan’s commercials. Even if Lenovo were to die, I would not buy it.


Very creative!!! What I’m talking about is Japanese Fanta~~

This is the Japanese Fanta commercial from 2008:

Two “making of” videos that include two more funny commercials not included in the above video:>

Invisible Teacher Version

Lobster Teacher Version

Exciting teachers. chinaSMACK personals.


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