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    Woman Discards Her Food On Shanghai Metro

    A video from the Shanghai metro that has been uploaded to the internet has given rise to a lot of discussion. In the video a female passenger is eating chicken feet with the remains of the bones scattered about her feet in the carriage. After being met with criticism and being filmed by the surrounding […]

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    The Best VPN for China: Our Top 3 Choices (July 2017)

    After hours of extensive testing here in China, we’ve updated our Best China VPN guide to help you get around the internet censorship and unblock the web. If you are coming to China for work or travel, a fast and reliable VPN will be your most essential app for your smartphone or computer. A Quick […]

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    Chinese Tourist Bit By Snake In Thailand

    A video of a Chinese tourist in Phuket Thailand visiting a snake park and desiring to share a kiss with a snake has been met with much netizen discussion. She hadn’t yet kissed the snake when she was met with a ferocious and abrupt kiss on the snake’s own terms, which left her with blood […]

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    Child Given Mercury By Aunt Out Of Jealousy

    A 7-month-old child named Kangkang In Changde Hunan was deliberately fed the mercury from a thermometer by his Aunt, and is currently on the edge of death. His mother has claimed that she believes her baby was poisoned because her husband’s mother prefers this male baby over the alleged poisoner’s daughter. A netizen commented “Every […]

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    Young Girl Steals Chocolate, Dies

    A 13-year-old girl Zhaohua (pseudonym) secretly stole some supermarket chocolate, and when a supermarket worker realized they asked the parents to come forward and pay. The supermarket wanted 100 RMB at the very least, but Zhaohua’s parents only had 30 RMB on them, so her mother went to get money. But while she was getting […]

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    Businessman Swindled in Henan

    One month ago, Mr. Xiong from Zhoukou city, Henan brought 10,000 RMB to Xinxiang city for a little business, but didn’t realize he’d be swindled by cell phone fraud, have his money removed from the agricultural bank by the fraudsters, and call the bank and the police for assistance. Because he couldn’t figure it out, […]

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    Wuhu College Student Dies On New Year’s Eve

    In the early hours of the morning on New Year’s day a female college student brought to a hotel across the street from her university by two male classmates fell off the building to her death. Ms. Chen, the deceased, Mr. Ji and Mr. Wu were celebrating the new year around 2:44 AM, the three […]

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    Two Boys Beat Market Vendor Who Won’t Pay Protection

    At the entrance to a marketplace in Wuhan two boys faced towards one vegetable-peddling over 70-year-old man charging him “protection fees”. The old man gave them three RMB, but the boys thought it too little, and wanted five RMB. After being met with refusal the boys pushed him to the ground and stabbed him several […]

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    Man Wrongly Jailed For 20 Years Finally Released

    In 1995 a man named Yangming was accused of intentional homicide and put in jail for 20 years. In 2015 Yangming’s case came up for review with the high court of Guizhou, and he was pronounced innocent. He applied to the high court of Guizhou for compensation to the order of over 13 million RMB. […]

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    Poor Couple’s Second Pregnancy Ends Up As Triplets

    The first time a Zhen’an man’s wife gave birth it was to a boy, the second time it was to three boys. Nowadays, these triplets should be entering elementary school, but due to a lack of funds they must stay at home and play. When the triplets were first born, many people came to their […]

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    Chinese Woman Swallows Diamond In Bangkok

    A Chinese woman at a jewelry exhibition in Bangkok Thailand swallowed a 2 million RMB 6 carat diamond and unexpectedly apologized to the police officer in Japanese, the police used x-ray to locate the diamond in her large intestine and asked a doctor to take the diamond out using surgery. The interesting part is that […]

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    Street Performer Is A True Humanitarian

    One news article has given rise to much netizen discussion, on Yangjiaping street there is usually one man with obvious burn marks singing. This Shanxi youngster saved 13 people from a fire in 2006 and was badly burned in the process, but a pretty woman was moved to pity by his singing, and despite her […]

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